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mind grind_prelims_Set 6

  1. 1. 1. Currency of South Africa?2. Green Revolution: Crops; and White: Revolution: Milk. The significant rise in production of which commodity is referred as `Yellow Revolution ?3. Easy one: “Imagine a World Without free Knowledge” - this slogan was used by Wikipedia and several other smaller sites against protest of what?4. Code names for what : Sparta, Snowball, Chicago, Nashville, Millenium. (Hint: Easy question, just look around)5. What is the name of brother of mario(character in game)6. Identify the logo – 2 Marks7. Which actress started her acting debut with film Parineeta for which she won Best Debut Female Award.8. Name the annual fair of Rajasthan that is famous for its camel trading event...?9. Which Indian state is the largest producer in the world of the golden coloured Muga silk ?10. Anandmath, Durgeshnondini and Kapalkundala novels were authored by which Bengali writer ?11. The Saint of Gutters.12. . Called a little mouse by the Chinese, Elephant’s Trunk by the Swedes, A Spider Monkey by Germans and a Snail by Italians. We know it by a different name. What is it?13. What connects Sourav Ganguly, Farokh Engineer and Clive Lloyd concerning their international first class cricket career? (think county)14. What connects Timex, Acestar-underwear range and Manmohan Shetty’s film Victory?15. What does TEN stands for in ”TEN Sports”?
  2. 2. STARRED QUESTIONS 16. ***The person in question was born in 1821 in Jura, France. In 1835, he moved to Paris. The trip from his hometown to Paris was over 400 kilometers (249 mi), and he travelled the distance by foot. On his way there, he picked up a series of odd jobs to pay for his journey. There, he became an apprentice Layetier (French for trunk/bag maker) to prominent households. Because of his well established reputation in this field, Napoleon III of France appointed him as Layetier to his wife, Empress Eugénie de Montijo. Through his experience with the French aristocracy, he developed expert knowledge of what made a good travelling case. It was then that he began to design his own luggage. Who am I talking about? 17. ***Identify this cricketer recently In news:  One of top Wisden Cricketer of year, 2000  Top Test Player as well as ODI player at the inaugural ceremony of ICC awards.  The only Player from his country to score two back-to-back centuries in the World Cup. 18. ***The Battle of Antietam (or Sharpsburg), the bloodiest day of the American Civil War, was lost by the Confederate forces in part because of a colossal blunder. What was it?