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Mind grind 2013

  2. 2. PRELIMS
  3. 3. 1X is the only album ever released by the collectiveknown as The Millennium during its lifetime (thoughthere have been several compilations since the groupsdemise).X has gained notoriety throughout the years as beingthe most expensive album that Columbia Records hadreleased by that time, though critics generally agreethat the money was well spent. It is now generallyconsidered to be a classic of sunshine pop.Hint: We have just started, commenced or ... ?
  4. 4. EGINS
  5. 5. 2.The winner must return this trophy before the next years Open, andreceives a replica in return to keep permanently. Three otherreplicas exist – one in British Museum at St. Andrews, and two usedfor travelling exhibitions.Each year, the winners name is engraved on this trophy before it ispresented to him. The BBC Always shows the engraver poised tostart work, and the commentators liked to speculate when he will besure enough of outcome to begin.In 1989, Mark Calcavecchia famously said, “Hows my name going tofit on that thing?”In 1999, Jean Van de Velde become the first player to have his nameerased from the trophy, which was subsequently won by PaulLawrie.
  6. 6. laret Jug
  7. 7. 3.Anatomically, they are facial muscle deformity. They may becaused by variations in the structure of facial muscle knownas zygomaticus major. The bifid variation of the muscleoriginates as a single structure from the zygomatic bone,and as it travels anteriorly, it then divides with superiorbundle that inserts in the typical position above the cornerof the mouth. An inferior bundle inserts below the corner ofthe mouth.They may appear and disappear over an extended period.Most cultures considers them a sign of attractiveness orveracity. They may be genetically inherited.
  8. 8. IMPLES
  9. 9. Google Doodle in honor of whom?
  10. 10. ARHART, AMELIA
  11. 11. ID, preferably by the name he would be now known as world over?
  12. 12. RANCIS I, also accepting Jorge Mario Bergoglio
  13. 13. What is being Talked About here, which got to Beta Phase in January of 2013?
  14. 14. RAPH SEARCH
  15. 15. 7.One of the origin of the word can be traced to the fact thatin Ancient Babylon, the Brides father would supply his son-in-law with all the mead he could drink for a month afterthe wedding. (Keep in mind that their calendar was lunar)However, Merriam Webster Dictionary reports theetymology as from the "the idea that the first month of themarriage is sweetest".Today this idea has become synonymous with voyage, apractice which originated from the Indian elite and spreadto Europe from there on.Which term are we talking about?
  16. 16. ONEYMOON
  17. 17. 8. ConnectGodfatherShawshank RedemptionDark KnightStar WarsLord of the Rings:- Fellowship of the Ring
  18. 18. Only movies ever to reach the first rank in MDB top 250 list.
  19. 19. Born in Barking, east London, X attended EastburyComprehensive School[12] and played for local Sunday Leagueside Senrab, which also feature future Premier League playersSol Campbell, Jermain Defoe, Bobby Zamora, Ledley King andJlloyd Samuel.[13] As a boy he initially was part of West HamUniteds youth system, joining them as a midfielder in 1991.[14]He moved to Y at 14, playing for the clubs youth and reserveteams. It was due to a shortage of central defenders that he wasmoved to centre-back, the position he plays today.X also has sued ITC for wrongful use of his photograoh.
  20. 20. ohn Terry
  21. 21. Minimalistic movie poster for which movie ?
  22. 22. ungfu Panda
  23. 23. 11.X is a fantasy adventure novel published in 2001.This novel which has sold more than 10 Millioncopies worldwide was initially rejected by at leastfive London publishing houses. The UK edition wonthe Man Booker Prize the following year, BoekePrize 2003, Asian/Pacific American Award forLiterature in Best Adult Fiction for 2001-2003.In 2010, Barack Obama wrote a letter directly toauthor, describing X as "an elegant proof of God,and a power of storytelling."
  24. 24. IFE OF PI
  25. 25. 12.What connects these name from SportingWorld? James West  Scott Duncan Ernest Mangnall  Walter Crickmer, Jack Robson  Tommy Docherty John Chapman  Dave Sexton Herbert Bemlett  Ron Atkinson
  27. 27. 13.Due to his military genius, some historians havedescribed X as Napoleon of Persia or SecondAlexander. It is said that exactly 274 years ago i.e in1739, on March 22, his forces slaughtered 20,000to 30,000 Indians in single day, and only retreatedafter taking diamond studded Peacock Throne aswell Koh-i-Noor and Darya-ye Noor diamonds. Thisplunder was so rich, that X stopped taxation forthree years in his kingdom.Identify X
  28. 28. ADIR SHAH
  29. 29. 14Give the common answer to following questions:1. X is an art form in which performers perform a dramatic work combining text and musical score, usually in theatrical setting. It incorporates many of the elements of spoken theatre such as acting, scenery, and costumes, and sometimes includes dance. It is considered part of Western classical education2. Y is a research project that started in 1994 at Telenor, and was first released publicly with version 2.0 which only ran on Windows. In an attempt to capitalize on Internet connected handheld devices, a project to port Y to mobile device platform was started in 1998. Today, while Y enjoys only 1.3-2.6% share in PC market, it has largest market share in it segment in mobile sector.
  30. 30. PERA
  31. 31. What connects all these brands?
  32. 32. What connects FCB to NGO whose tagline is “UnlockingHuman Potential” ?
  34. 34. Connect the Turkish Stamp to the building Shown.
  35. 35. ED CROSS
  36. 36. Which single company connects the said brands… and is known as“Entrepreneur behind entrepreneurs.”
  37. 37. With its range of highly successful investments, Sequoia Capitalestimates that around 19% of NASDAQ’s value is made up of thefirms they have invested in.
  38. 38. What is being shown here?
  39. 39. ITANIC Voyage route
  40. 40. 20.“In the fabulous ages of ancient times the appellations of ….... weregiven to the ____, as being the names of their principal heroes anddivinities. In the present more philosophical era it would hardly beallowable to have recourse to the same method and call itJuno, Pallas, Apollo or Minerva, for a name to our new …........ Thefirst consideration of any particular event, or remarkableincident, seems to be its chronology: if in any future age it should beasked, when this last-found ___ was discovered? It would be a verysatisfactory answer to say, In the reign of King George the Third.Ultimately, though this did not pass through, as this name did notprove to be be popular outside Britain. Another suggested nameswere Herschel in honour of its discoverer. However, today it isnamed after Greek God of Skies, which is a kind of anomaly, sinceother discoveries of same type are named after Roman Mythology.
  41. 41. RANUS
  42. 42. According to the legends, X was founded by Lord Shiva. InSkanda Purana, there are 15,000 verses devoted todescribe the glory of X. In one verse, Hindu God Shivastates: “The Three world form one city of mine, and X is myroyal palace therein.”X is also home to Lord Parshva, the 23rd Jain Tirthankaraand the earliest Tirthankara that is accepted byHistorians, in the 8th Century BC.Also, Lord Buddha is said to have founded Buddhismaround here (526 BCE) when he gave the firmsermon, “Turning the Wheel of Law”, at nearby Sarnath.Name this city, called as holiest of holy, and also known as“the oldest living city on Earth.”
  43. 43. ARANASI
  44. 44. 22Connect:A. "First in War, first in Peace, and first inthe hearts of his countrymen.B. Instant Coffee.C. District of Columbia
  45. 45. ASHINGTON
  46. 46. 23ST Coleridges poem, “Kubla Khan, or AVision in a Dream. A fragment”, popularizedwhich term, whose meaning today is “anidyllic, exotic, or luxurious place.”This is also the name of Bill Gates futuristicprivate estate, a mansion in film CitizenKane, and subject of several other musictracks
  47. 47. ANADU
  48. 48. 24. “X" was written in a Rockfield studio in Wales called theQuadrangle, where A began working on their debut album, B. One nightafter finishing recording "Shiver", the lead single of the album, the bandtook a break and went out of the studio.Outside, there were few lights onand the stars in the sky were visible and "just amazing", according to thesongs co-producer, Ken Nelson. He told the band to look at thestars, which they did. Lead Vocalist was inspired by the sight and thesongs main melody, consisting of a chord pattern, popped into his head. Atfirst, he did not take it seriously "as he relayed the tune to the rest of theband in his worst Neil Young impersonation voice". He has said, "The songhad the word stars and that seemed like a word you should sing in a NeilYoung voice." The melody "started off a lot slower", according to thedrummer, and it sounded like a Neil Young song. Not long after, despite nottaking the song seriously, vocalist’s idea worked out when he haddeveloped the tempo of the verse.
  49. 49. • X is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer based in Arteixo, Galicia, and founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera. It is the flagship chain store of the Inditex group; the fashion group also owns brands such as Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Uterqüe, Stradivarius and Bershka.• It is claimed that X needs just two weeks to develop a new product and get it to stores, compared to the six-month industry average, and launches around 10,000 new designs each year. X has resisted the industry-wide trend towards transferring fast fashion production to low- cost countries. Perhaps its most unusual strategy was its policy of zero advertising; the company preferred to invest a percentage of revenues in opening new stores instead. This has increased the idea of X as a "fashion imitator" company and low cost products. Give me X
  50. 50. Zara
  51. 51. FINALS
  53. 53. RULES• +20/-10 on pounce• +15 for direct
  54. 54. 1.From 1956-58 Chemist Fredrick Baur created its "saddle"shape, which is mathematically known as HyperbolicParaboloid.Another Researcher restarted Baurs work, andaccording to the patent is inventor of X.And Then Gene Wolfe, a mechanical engineer, known forScience fiction and Fantasy novels, developed themachine that makes them.Today, allegedly, their design is reportedly aided bySupercomputers to ensure safe aerodynamics.
  55. 55. And The Answer IS :
  56. 56. 2.In original, their:Alternate Nicknames are Macky, Micky, Mucky, andMocky.Personalities are: Chaser, Ambusher, Fickle, StupidAlternate Personality: Urchin, Romp, Stylist, CrybabyIn American,Personalities: Shadow, Speedy, Bashful, PokeyWhat Am I talking about?
  57. 57. And The Answer IS :
  58. 58. http://www.googlewhack.com/
  59. 59. And The Answer IS :
  60. 60. 4.1862: Novel came out, and have very diverse critical reactions, mostlynegative.1909: A silent film based on novel.1917: Only a portion of novel was included in screenplay, but some of mostfamous scenes were there including "Bishops Candlesticks."1934: 4 and a half hour film based on novel, which is considered by critics tobe the greatest adaption of the novel due to its in-depth development of thethemes and characters.1935: 1935 Film nominated for Academy Award for Best picture1982: French Drama. It entered into 13th Moscow International Film Festivalwhere it won Special Prize.1995: French. Set in France during first half of 20th Century, it concerns apoor and illiterate man Henri Fortin who is introduced to X and begins to seeparallels between it and his own life. Won Golden Globe Award for BestForeign Language Film.2000: French television Miniseries.2012: British Musical drama Film. Won four BAFTAs, several Golden Globes; 8Academy Award Nominations - and won three of them.
  61. 61. And The Answer IS :
  62. 62. 5.Xkcd, once displayed several comics for asingle day, (some more pics on next slide,what was the occasion?
  63. 63. And The Answer IS :
  64. 64. It displayed different comic strips based on your location, referrer, browser andseveral other issues.
  65. 65. 6.Give Connect!
  66. 66. And The Answer IS :
  67. 67. 7.X made a film satirizing Y. Y considered Z as public enemy number one.Once, X told Z "They cheer me because they all understand me, andthey cheer you because none understand you.“X had four spouses over his lifetime.It is believed that Y had six female lovers, though he married butonce - a marriage which lasted only one day.Z married twice, and his dalliance with women were welldocumented.Y had putted both X and Z on his personal hit-list, but it is allegedthat he secretly admired the love public held for X. Zs decision toput his signature to certain letter was in part due to his fear that Ywill succeed. Z later told his close confidant that signing that letterwas one of his lifes biggest regret.
  68. 68. And The Answer IS :
  69. 69. 8.Give the funda behindGodwin’s Law, which in2012, become officialentry in OxfordDictionary, edition three.
  70. 70. And The Answer IS :
  71. 71. Godwins Law: prov. [Usenet] “As a Usenet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.” There is a tradition in many groups that, once this occurs, that thread is over, and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever argument was in progress. Godwins Law thus practically guarantees the existence of an upper bound on thread length in those groups. However there is also a widely- recognized codicil that any intentional triggering of Godwins Law in order to invoke its thread-ending effects will be unsuccessful
  72. 72. 9.ID. Bonus for all ID’s and connect.
  73. 73. And The Answer IS :
  74. 74. Robert Hannsen : FBI agent who spied fro Soviet Union andRussia for 22 years. (in exchange of $1.4 Million) – described as“possibly the worst U.S. Intelligence disaster ever”Aldrich Ames: Before Hannsen, he was top spy for Soviet Union,working in CIAJulius and Ethel Rosenberg: Passed Atomic bomb secret toSoviet Union. Only case in US History, where those accused ofespionage were executed.
  75. 75. 10.Which city’s ceremony is described here:"The ceremony took place on the appointment of a new ruler. Before taking office, he spentsome time secluded in a cave, without women, forbidden to eat salt, or to go out during daylight.The first journey he had to make was to go to the great lagoon of Guatavita, to make offeringsand sacrifices to the demon which they worshipped as their god and lord. During the ceremonywhich took place at the lagoon, they made a raft of rushes, embellishing and decorating it withthe most attractive things they had. They put on it four lighted braziers in which they burnedmuch moque, which is the incense of these natives, and also resin and many other perfumes. Thelagoon was large and deep, so that a ship with high sides could sail on it, all loaded with aninfinity of men and women dressed in fine plumes, golden plaques and crowns.... As soon asthose on the raft began to burn incense, they also lit braziers on the shore, so that the smoke hidthe light of day. At this time, they stripped the heir to his skin, and anointed him with a stickyearth on which they placed gold dust so that he was completely covered with this metal. Theyplaced him on the raft ... and at his feet they placed a great heap of gold and emeralds for him tooffer to his god. In the raft with him went four principal subject chiefs, decked in plumes, crowns,bracelets, pendants and ear rings all of gold. They, too, were naked, and each one carried hisoffering .... when the raft reached the centre of the lagoon, they raised a banner as a signal forsilence. The gilded Indian then ... [threw] out all the pile of gold into the middle of the lake, andthe chiefs who had accompanied him did the same on their own accounts. ... After this theylowered the flag, which had remained up during the whole time of offering, and, as the raftmoved towards the shore, the shouting began again, with pipes, flutes, and large teams of singersand dancers. With this ceremony the new ruler was received, and was recognized as lord andking."
  76. 76. And The Answer IS :
  77. 77. • +20/-10 for every question on buzzer.• Wrong answer continues the buzzer• Long connect goes as slides 1 to 3 :- +30/-15 slides 4 to 5 :- +20/-10 slides 6 to 7 :- +10
  78. 78. Long Quinnect 1
  79. 79. 1.What is X?X is a shallow body of water separated from alarger body of water by barrier islands or reefs. Xsare commonly divided into coastal X and atoll X.They are common coastal features around theworld.X is derived from an Italian word, which refers to the watersaround Venice, the ”X of Venice”. The Italian word is attested inEnglish by at least 1612, and had been Anglicized by 1673 A minimal poster of a popular movie with a very similar name
  80. 80. 2. connect fffffddddddddddd
  81. 81. 3According to Oxford Dictionary the word X is defined as:adjective1 familiar with and at ease in many different countries andcultures: his knowledge of French, Italian, and Spanish made himgenuinely X.Including people from many different countries: Immigrationtransformed the city into X metropolis2(of a plant or animal) found all over the world. X is also a Hotel in Las Vegas larger pic on next slide
  82. 82. 4.Connect
  83. 83. 5.Connect
  84. 84. 6Historically, the ritual encouraged young women to walk up a flight ofstairs backwards while holding a candle and a hand mirror, in a darkenedhouse. As they gazed into the mirror, they were supposed to be able tocatch a view of their future husbands face. There was, however, a chancethat they would see a skull (or the face of the Grim Reaper) instead,indicating that they were destined to die before they married. In thepresent day, the summoning ritual requires that the lead participant mustnot look directly for X, but at their own image in the mirror.What are the young women trying to summon?
  85. 85. 7Cuba is the birthplace of X. Some historians contend that African slaveswho worked in the Cuban sugar cane fields during the 19th centurywere instrumental in the X’s origin.There are several theories behind the origin of the name X.One such theory holds that name relates to a Cuban seasoningmade from lime and used to flavor dishes.Another theory is that the name X is simply a derivative of "a littlewet” the diminutive of "wet”.Many variations of X have since been introduced andpopularized, such as:Dirty XApple XX RoyaleVirgin X
  86. 86. The Blue Lagoon
  87. 87. Nixon WatchesWatergate Hotel
  88. 88. Cosmopolitan
  89. 89. Manhattan Metro lines Twin Towers Memorial
  90. 90. B-52
  91. 91. Bloody Mary
  92. 92. Mojito
  93. 93. Cocktails 7.1. 3. 5. 2 4. 6.
  94. 94. Long Quinnect - 2
  95. 95. 1.Cricket at the X began in 1882 when the Pickwick Cricket Clubassumed formal ownership of the ground. The first internationalmatch held was in 1895 when Slade Lucas side visited theisland. The first Test match was held in January 1930, whichresulted in a draw. Since the genesis there have been a total of43 Test matches played on the X, 21 of those matches won bythe home team.
  96. 96. 2.On 1 October 2004, the X Clubhouse was virtually destroyed by fire. At that stage itwas known as Liberty Life X,but as from the 2008/09 season BIDVest took up thesponsoring of the ground, thus it became its present day name of BIDVest XStadium. End names Corlett Drive End Golf Course End
  97. 97. • In 1946, an in-form Mushtaq Ali was dropped from the Indian team selected to play an unofficial test against Australian Services XI. Following crowd protests (with slogans like "No Mushtaq, No Test"), the selectors brought him back to play.• Rioting occurred at the ground during the 1966/67 West Indies and 1969/70 Australian tours.• 16 football fans died in a stampede after a derby league game between A and B on 16 August 1980
  98. 98. 4.In 1995–96, the X was renovated by architect Nayyar Ali Dada forthe 1996 Cricket World Cup. Dadas redesign was done in theMughal style, with red, hand-laid brickwork and arches. Dadaalso had plastic seating installed in place of the existing concretebenches. The lower portion under the stands was enclosed andconverted to shops for boutiques and offices. X was the first inthe country to be equipped with modern floodlights having theirown standby power generators.
  99. 99. • A panoramic west view of the MCG in August 2009 during an AFL match between Essendon and Hawthorn.
  100. 100. • Kensington Oval ,Barbados
  101. 101. • Wanderers
  102. 102. • Eden gardens
  103. 103. • Gaddafi stadium
  104. 104. • Wankhede
  105. 105. • MCG
  106. 106. • Lords
  108. 108. 11. Also known as Messier 31, M31, or NGC 224A character from her book A tragedy written by EuripidesGreek Mythological Princess
  109. 109. And The Answer IS :
  110. 110. 12.Founded by two former Facebook employees, AdamDAngelo and Charlie Cheever, this Palo Alto based siteboasts more than half a million registered users. Alongwith Dropbox and Airbnb, this site has been named amongthe next generation of multibillion dollar start-ups by NewYork Time.In 2010, DAngelo and Cheever were among five names“Smartest Engineer” in the “smartest people in tech” byCNN.Name this website, which is predicted to become largerthan Twitter, and has a main competitor in Reddit.
  111. 111. And The Answer IS :
  112. 112. 13.X is 525 m deep, 1200 meters in diameter. The air zone within this mine is closedfor helicopters - a few accidents occurred when they were "sucked in" bydownward air flow.X (4th in the world in terms of depth) has a diameter of 1,200 m and is thesecond largest excavated hole in the world.
  113. 113. And The Answer IS :
  114. 114. Mir Mine or Mirny Mine
  115. 115. 14.Xs iconic status has made it a synonym for evil in popular culture.Psychiatrists have even considered him as a useful example to explainBorderline Personality Disorder (BPD) to medical students. A grotesqueof X looms over the east face of the Washington National Cathedralsnorthwest tower. Xs story in Y movie has been compared to signifiersof African American racial identity, and his dissatisfaction with his lifehas been compared to Siddharthas before he became GautamaBuddha. A Mexican church advised Christians against seeing Y becauseit portrays X as a Jesus figure. Y is a 1999 movie nominated for 3 oscarsand is the first film of a popular prequel trilogy.It was written anddirected by George Lucas.Identify X and Y
  116. 116. And The Answer IS :
  117. 117. X= Anakin SkywalkerY= Star wars: Episode 1-ThePhantom Menace
  118. 118. 15.During the height of The Great Depression, X and his gangrobbed over a dozen banks. He escaped from jail twice.He escaped custody by jumping from one state toanother. His Escapades were widely exaggerated andreported by the media. Once the government demandedfederal action, J.Edgar Hoover used X and his gang as hiscampaign platform to launch the FBI.Who is X?
  119. 119. And The Answer IS :
  120. 120. John Dillinger
  121. 121. 16.What’s the phenomena of a song being stuck inyour head called? The length of the song variesfrom 15 to 30 seconds and this cyclical nature maycause endless repetition, unless some way toachieve a climax that breaks the cycle is found. Thesong has usually high, upbeat melody, andrepetitive lyrics that verge between catchy and annoying.It’s Clique from the german word Ohrwurm.
  122. 122. And The Answer IS :
  123. 123. Earworm
  124. 124. 5. Connect17.Connect
  125. 125. And The Answer IS :
  126. 126. Celeb Kids Blue Angel Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin The Edge Kal-El Cage MilanBlue Ivy ShakiraBeyonce
  127. 127. 18.The Invisibles is a cult comic book series created by GrantMorrison. It debuted in 1994. The makers of a certain film X film have never acknowledgedThe Invisibles as an influence, even though they had invitedthe comics creator Grant Morrison to contribute a story fortheir website. Morrison -- who actually liked X says he "wastold by people on the set that Invisibles books were passedaround for visual reference."Quite a number of scenes and central concepts of X aresimilar to the ones in The Invisibles and X went on to win 4OscarsGive me X
  128. 128. And The Answer IS :
  129. 129. 19. Identify the sportsman
  130. 130. And The Answer IS :
  131. 131. The one and only Shaquile o Neil
  132. 132. 20.What is specialabout this list ?
  133. 133. And The Answer IS :
  134. 134. World’s costliest streets(top 10)
  135. 135. RULES ● A question with four hints ● First hint is most difficult, second easier and so on... ● If you crack the question at 1st hint: +40, 2nd hint: +30, 3rd: +20, 4th +10. ● A question can be attempted only once. ● DONT shout the answers.
  136. 136. 1.a)In 1921, X opened his first shop in Florence,specializing in leather goods, and quickly built areputation for quality, hiring skilled craftsmen towork in his shop. This is how the House of X wasfounded.During the 1930s, X became inspired by horse racing,a popular pastime, and started designing thehardware for his leather goods to resemble horsebits and stirrups.
  137. 137. b)In 1947, X introduced the brand’s first iconicbag, the “Bamboo bag”, a saddlebag featuringbamboo handles, which is still a company mainstay.Y and his wife Aida Calvelli had a large family, sixchildren in all, though only his sons –Aldo, Ugo, Vasco, and Rodolfo – would later takeroles in leading the company toward popularity –and a LOT of drama!
  138. 138. c)In the early ’90s, X’s image was tarnished whencopies of its wares began popping up everywhere. Torestore the company’s luxury image, the companyappointed American designer Tom Ford as ArtisticDirector in 1994, a position he kept until 2005. Fordis largely credited with turning the X brand around.
  139. 139. d)The X brand involves more than just theireponymous fashion house. X Group is a collection ofdesigners who specialize in high fashion luxuryretail. The members include X, Bottega Veneta, andYves Saint Laurent, as well as Sergio Rossi, StellaMcCartney and Alexander McQueen – what a club!Today, X is run by Patrizio di Marco, president andCEO of X, Frida Giannini, the main designer for X,and Robert Polet, who is president and CEO of the XGroup.
  140. 140. And the Answer is:
  141. 141.  Gucci/Guccio gucci
  142. 142. 2.a)Just 5 months after the first album was released, itwas banned for sale to juveniles due to contentjudged by many civic groups as inappropriate forminors.X suffered other early career scandals includingbeing fined for marijuana and serving a 2nd 2-yearterm in the military due to evidence that he may nothave properly served his first mandatory term.
  143. 143. b)X is facing charges on his anti-American songs.One of his song’s lyrics are hereby mentionedKill those f**kin Yankees who have been torturingIraqi captivesKill those f***kin Yankees who ordered them totortureKill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, andfathersKill them all slowly and painfully
  144. 144. c)X is currently signed under YGEntertainment, a company that also workswith such artists as BIGBANG, 2NE1, andSE7EN.He made his debut in early 2001 with his firstalbum “X from the X World!"
  145. 145. d)Hes known for his crazy concert antics includingflying stunts, imitations of female singers, and goofydance moves. You can watch footage from one of hisconcerts in his music video "Its Art" on his officialYouTube channel.X wrote the music and words for a cheer song for thehis native country’s Olympic team.
  146. 146. And the Answer is:
  147. 147.  PSY
  148. 148. 3.a)Awards conferred to X Padma Shri by the Government of India (2001) Man of the Year by The Times of India (2002) Shri Om Prakash Bhasin Award for professional excellence in engineering (2002) CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) Jurors Award for leadership in infrastructure development (2002–03) One of Asias Heroes by TIME (2003) AIMA (All India Management Association) award for Public Service Excellence (2003) Degree of Doctor of Science (Honoris causa) from IIT Delhi. Bharat Shiromani award from the Shiromani Institute, Chandigarh (2005) Chevalier de la Légion dHonneur (Knight of the Legion of Honour) by the government of France (2005) CNN-IBN Indian Of the Year 2007: Public Service (2008)[7] Padma Vibhushan by the Government of India (2008) 51525
  149. 149. b)Quotes by X "If you see a country like China, 18 cities are having Y under construction. And the pace at which they are moving! This is not happening in this country. With great difficulty, Y work has been started in four other cities...after how many years of struggle?" "Even in _____...we have still not finalized our phase 3. The government has not that vision, and that decision ... that emphasis that phase 3 should be already in position, work should start on time." "This is lacking in our country. Whereas China, for the next 15 years they have worked out a plan for every city."
  150. 150. c)His first assignment was in the Southern Railway as aProbationary Assistant Engineer in December 1954.In 1963, a huge tidal wave washed away parts ofPamban Bridge. He engineered the reconstruction in 46days _/_
  151. 151. d)X was born on 12 July 1932 in the Palakkad district ofKerala. His family hails from Karukaputhur, nearKoottanad, part of Thrithala legislativeassembly, Palakkad district, Kerala. He completed hiseducation at the Basel Evangelical Mission HigherSecondary School and then went to the Victoria Collegein Palghat. He later on completed his Civil Engineeringfrom the Government Engineering College, Kakinada(known as JNTU). He, along with his wife Radha, havefour children.X is an Indian civil engineer. He served as the managingdirector of Delhi Y between 1995-2012. He is otherwisealso popularly known as the “Y Man".
  152. 152. And the Answer is:
  153. 153.  Our very own Elattuvalapil Sreedharan
  154. 154. 4.a)Often called “Woodstock for Capitalists”, thesemeetings take place in the Qwest, and attract over20,000 people. Known for their humour and light-heartedness, the meetings typically start with amovie made for the audience and last for about sixhours. Which company organises them?
  155. 155. b)The company traces its roots to textile manufacturingcompany established by Oliver Chalice in 1839 as Valley FalleCompany in Valley falls, Rhode Island. Chace had previouslyworked for Samuel Slater, the founder of the first successfultextile mill in America. Chace founded his first textile mill in1806. In 1929 the Valley Falls Company merged with the_____ Cotton Manufacturing Company established in 1889, inAdams, Massachusetts. The combined company was knownas ______ Fine Spinning Associates.In 1955 ______ Fine Spinning Associates merged with the_____ Manufacturing Company which was founded in 1888 inNew Bedford, Massachusetts by Horatio _____ with profitsfrom whaling and the China Trade.After the merger _______ had 15 plants employing over12,000 workers with over $120 million in revenue and washeadquartered in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
  156. 156. c) In 1962, X began buying stock in _______ after noticing a pattern inthe price direction of its stock whenever the company closed a mill.In 1964, Stanton made a verbal tender offer of $11 1⁄2 per share forthe company to buy back Xs shares. X agreed to the deal. A fewweeks later, X received the tender offer in writing, but the tenderoffer was for only $11 3⁄8. X later admitted that this lower,undercutting offer made him angry. Instead of selling at the slightlylower price, X decided to buy more of the stock to take control ofthe company and fire Stanton (which he did).In 2010, X claimed that purchasing _________ was the biggestinvestment mistake he had ever made, and claimed that it haddenied him compounded investment returns of about $200 billionover the previous 45 years. X claimed that had he invested thatmoney directly in insurance businesses instead of buying out_________ (due to what he perceived as a slight by an individual),those investments would have paid off several hundredfold.
  157. 157. d) Today the company wholly owns GEICO, DairyQueen, Fruit of the Loom, Helzberg Diamonds,Netjets, Heinz and have significant minorityholding in American Express, M&T Banks, Proctorand Gamble, and IBM. It has averaged an annualgrowth in book value of 19.7% to its shareholdersfor the last 48 years.According to Forbes Global 2000 List, it is eightlargest public company in the world.
  158. 158.  Berkshire Hathaway
  159. 159. 5.a)
  160. 160. 6.b) He had 14 Queens,[5] of whom six have been described by Fransoo.He enumerates them as below: Maharani Kishori, the daughter of Chowdhary Kashi Ram Jat of Hodal. Rani Hansia, the daughter of Chowdhary Rati Ram Jat of Salempur. She died childless. Ganga Rani, who hailed from a village Bichawindi. Kalyani Rani, who came from the village Nahani Jhansi and was the mother of Nahar Singh. Rani Gauri, who originated from Gori clan of Rajputs of Amahand and was mother of Jawahar Singh and Ratan Singh. Rani Khattu, who was the khas wife of X.
  161. 161. 6.c)X (February 1707–December 25, 1763) wasruler of Bharatpur in Rajasthan, India. He hasbeen described by a contemporary historian as"the Plato of the Jat people" and by a modernwriter as the "Jat Odysseus", because of hispolitical sagacity, steady intellect and clearvision.
  162. 162.  6.d)