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Embedded projects IEEE 2012

  1. 1. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES Kadapa SMART PRO TECHNOLOGIES PROJECT LIST FOR B.Tech ECE/EEE/EIEREAL TIME LIVE PROJECTS: Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  2. 2. Project Title of the Description #2/494, 2ND Floor, code SMART PRO Project AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet,RT01 Single or Multi with this we can send message to electronic notice board from PC, andKadapa the TECHNOLOGIES place anywhere within the range of 1000meters (1km) electronic notice boards notice board can be with operating distance and we can control more than one notice board from same computer and up to 1000meters using different messages for different boards is also possible. RS485 protocolRT02 Real time vehicle This will show your vehicle current position exactly on Google earth tracking with vehicle location indication on Google earthRT03 Efficient power saver for This project saves more power that is being wasted in present street light street lights using LDR, switching. In this we will consider time and sunlight intensity and we use RTC, LEDs light with LED lights and solar power solar powerRT04 Station names with This project is useful for passengers in trains or buses. In this the distance of distance indicator in next station will be displayed using GPS so that the passenger will come to railways where he is and how far he is from his destination.RT05 Wireless controller for This project eliminates the use of second person to operate the PPT. It can operating power point be controlled by the person who is giving that PPT with the help of any presentations with laser wireless remote light indication.RT06 Voice guider and In this the user will be given one remote (IR or RF or ZIGBEE), he has to medicine reminder for press any button to get what service he wants and that is played from voice patients and old age IC so that any person can hear it and come to the user. Another feature of persons this project is to remind the user for medicinesRT07 Agricultural motor The former can control his field motor without need of going to his field just controlling with motor by sending message. This system also provides safety motor from over heat, safety and water level low phase power and water level indication. indicator using GSM.RT08 Industrial data logger In this we will display the some sensors data from different places in using RS485. industry, the sensor boards can be placed anywhere in the industry within in the distance of one Kilometer.RT09 Voice / touch screen In this any user can operate this wheel chair with different controlling /MEMS controlled methods without need of another person and this can bare weight up to Wheel chair for patients 100Kgs and physically challenged persons with capacity upto100KgsRT10 Intelligent shopping With this we can save billing time and instantaneously the rate and expiry trolley using RFID date of the product will be displayed so that we can do the shopping within our budgetRT11 Elegant home with In this we will provide multi features to home like remote controlling of power saving, security, home appliances ,auto controlling of lights depends upon sunlight and auto safety, remote controlling of water tank motor when tank is full and alert the user when controlling and auto intruders come or when gas leakage or fire accident occurs control of water tank motorRT12 Intelligent train engine In this we will control the train by monitoring the driver’s position or to avoid accidents and activeness and the gate will b e controlled automatically when train is near controlling railway gate the gate. automatically.(add alcohol)RT13 Vehicle theft control and This project provides security for your vehicles, with this vehicle will be accident location controlled by only owner’s permission and it also sends a message of intimation through SMS vehicles location when it meets with any accidentRT14 Intelligent traffic The traffic signals will be controlled automatically when any ambulance or signaling priority system VIP vehicle sends a request with indicating their root for ambulances and VIP vehiclesRT15 Automatic marks Whenever the authorized student sends a message to this system it send the sending system to students marks through SMS Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 students through SMS Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.comRT16 Automation of tollgate This system automatically collects the toll tax and allow the vehicles if they
  3. 3. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES Kadapa GSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTS:Project Title of the Project Description codeGG01 Automatic Streetlight Controlling of streetlights through SMS is carried out in this project. If any On/Off with SMS light is not glowing due to some failure, the system indicates this failure and Controlling and sends an SMS to the user mobile. Failure Detection with IndicationGG02 Supervisory control and In this we will monitor different parameters in industry like voltage, current data acquisition system temperature, etc and send a message when any abnormal condition is (SCADA) using GSM occurred. modemGG03 UPS Battery monitoring Voltage of battery is continuously monitored and send a message when it is system over GSM for about to reach below cut off levels. High availability systemGG04 GPS based border alert In this we will intimate the fishermen when they cross their borders using system for fishermen GPS with boat speedometerGG05 Automatic power meter power consumed is measured by power meters and this data is sent to reading system using electricity board through SMS GSM networkGG06 RFID and GSM based This system sends a message to user when his courier reaches its destination intelligent courier mailbox system with automatic delivery notificationGG08 A smart GSM based In this the patient heart beat and temperature will be monitored continuously embedded solution for and sends a message to relevant persons when abnormal state is occurred continuous remote monitoring of cardiac patientsGG09 GPS based vehicle travel In this we will store the locations latitude and longitude vales traveled by the location data logger with vehicles with time stamp in memory card GB MMC/SD Memory cardGG10 GPS and GSM based This system sends a message to the owners when the cab reaches its office cab monitoring, destination and also send the present to the employees who travel in that cab alerting and logging systemGG11 Flexible load sharing of It continuously measure the load current and it shares this load transformer with GSM with another transformer when the load is more and send an alert Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  4. 4. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES Kadapa SMS through message. The user can also share directly whenever he wants just by sending messageGG12 GSM Based Smart The system provides the information about the lost ATM card to his mobile. Information System The user receives a message whenever this card is placed into an ATM For Lost ATM Cards machine or used in any banks.GG13 Vehicle Tracking and The project is designed to track the vehicle using GPS and send the Security System using information of the vehicle to the user mobile using GSM. GSM and GPSGG14 Agriculture field motor Motors in the field are controlled with the help of predefined SMS. control system using GSMGG16 Accident The project designs a system that tracks the vehicle continuously and if the Identification System vehicle is met with an accident, the system immediately identifies this and using GSM And GPS sends an SMS to the family members or to the doctor.GG17 Patient Monitoring and Monitors the health of a patient through SMS. Alert System using GSMGG18 Home Security System Providing security to the homes using GSM using GSMGG19 Industrial Electrical By this project, we can control the devices in the industries by sending Devices Control System predefined SMS to the controlling unit.GG20 Automatic Fire Detection Alerts when fire accidents occur to a predefined number. and Alert SystemGG21 Weather Monitoring It is useful for gathering the environment variables from remote geographical system in remote places areas for prediction of the weather.GG22 GSM based DC Motor The speed and direction of DC motor can be controlled by sending Speed and Direction predefined SMS to the system ControlGG23 SMS Based Electrical The status of electrical appliances can be monitored continuously and can be Appliances Apparatus altered by sending predefined SMS to the controlling unit. Control in homes or officesGG24 Embedded Automatic The robotic car can be controlled and can be made to move in a particular Robotic Car through direction by sending predefined SMS to the unit controlling the direction of SMS the car.GG25 Electricity billing Billing the electricity units consumed and sending the bills using GSM. Using GSM.GG26 Substation Monitoring The temperature, voltage and current in the substation are measured and sent and Controlling System to the user and alerts the user when they are over loaded. using GSMGG27 Water reservoir Water level in reservoir is measured and pumping system is controlled monitoring and pump through SMS system using GSMGG28 Industrial Data Logger The parameters like temperature, intensity ,voltage and current are sent to the using GSM user.GG29 Speed Control of Thread The speed and direction of AC motor are controlled using TRIAC and GSM Roller’s AC motor in modem in this project. Spinning Mills using GSM ModemGG30 Real-time Industrial process Controlling the industrial processes and checking the status of the processes controlling & monitoring whenever necessary using GSM mobile. using MobileGG31 Intelligent System for The system uses sensors for gas detection, human entry and to monitor the Hazardous Gas, Human temperature. Whenever these sensors trigger from their normal behavior, the Detection and Temperature system immediately sends an SMS to the user mobile. Monitor Control using Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  5. 5. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES Kadapa GSMGG32 An Advanced Embedded Monitors the health conditions of the aged people continuously and if any Mobile Web Server for parameter goes beyond the expected values, the system sends an SMS to the Aged People Monitoring doctor. and Parameter back Reception using GSMGG33 Marks Announcement The student’s performance can be sent to their parents by the lecturers using through SMS this project.GG34 Cell Phone based Street The on and off controls of the street lights can be done using GSM Light Controlling System technology.GG35 Temperature Measurement Temperature sensor is used to measure the temperature in a particular room over GSM Mobile and this measured value is sent through GSM to the user mobileGG36 Password protected GSM Controlling the devices from remote places only by authorized persons based Device control.GG37 SMS-Electrical Apparatus The different apparatus in the offices can be controlled by sending predefined Control in Offices SMS to the controlling unit.GG38 GSM controlled Door Latch Security is provided in the restricted areas using GSM technology. The door opener with Security Dialup of the restricted areas can be opened only by sending predefined SMS to the with changeable Telephone controlling unit. numberGG39 Development of a GSM The project is designed to provide security to the vehicle using GSM based Vehicle Security SystemGG40 GSM based Vehicle The project aims in designing a system that would detect if there is any fuel gaseous fuel leakage leakage from the vehicle and if so, activates the alert system and also sends detection with Automatic as SMS to the user mobile to warn the person to take immediate measures. safety warning and alerting systemGG41 SMS based Banking In this project we are providing security to the banks. Sensors are arranged to security system read the status of different parameters. If the sensors trigger, a predefined SMS will be sent immediately to the user mobile by the controlling unit.GG42 Home Automation Providing security and controlling the devices in the home using GSM is and Security System carried in this project. using GSM FINGERPRINT BASED PROJECTS: Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  6. 6. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES KadapaProject Title of the Project Description codeFP1 Fingerprint based Access Security is provided in restricted areas using fingerprint technology. The Control system persons are asked to give their fingerprint and the system compares this fingerprint with the already stored information in the system and only allows into if it is an authorized one.FP2 Fingerprint Recognition This system asks for the checking of the fingerprint of the user along with the enabled Passport passport at the time of checking in the airports. Management SystemFP3 Fingerprint based bank Authorized persons are allowed to access their bank account by producing locker system their fingerprint at the counters every time.FP4 Fingerprint based By this project, the attendance of the persons either in the academic Attendance Record institutions or in the offices is maintained. SystemFP5 Finger print based Only authorized persons are allowed to access the lift controls. elevator(lift) operating systemFP6 Fingerprint based This system can completely eliminate rigging and false votes. Electronic Voting MachineFP7 Fingerprint based The devices are controlled only when the authentication is proved and the Authentication and system accepts the fingerprint of the user. Controlling System of Devices ZIGBEE TECHNOLOGY: Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  7. 7. Project Title of the Project Description #2/494, 2ND Floor, CodeZB01 SMART PRO Modern Restaurants On touch panel all the items are present and we canAL Ghouse Plaza,by touch order them just Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES are automatically served by them atomization for and confirm, the items Kadapa wireless menu dish ordering using touch panel and ZIGBEE.ZB02 Touch Screen And In airplanes this systems are installed for each user. If they need any service Zigbee Based they need to touch the relevant button and confirm then this system sends Wireless your service with your seat number. Communication Assistant In AirlinesZB03 Touch screen and This will be useful for patients and old age people .if they touch the relevant Zigbee based voice switch for their service that will be announced through speaker guider for patientsZB04 Development of a This will be useful in heavy apartments .individual meters data will be smart power meter for collected and maintained by main system .this main system sends collated AMI based Zigbee data to electricity board communication Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)ZB05 Remote Power We can control the home appliances through Zigbee remote and this system On/Off Control And will display the power consumed by the loads Current Measurement For Home Electric Outlets Based On A Low-Power Embedded Board And Zigbee CommunicationZB06 Remote-Controllable In this we can control the loads through Zigbee remote or they will also be and Energy-Saving controlled automatically to save the power Room Architecture Based on Zigbee CommunicationZB07 Innovative We can change the sequence and duration of traffic signals whenever traffic is Congestion Control more using Zigbee communication System for Ambulance Using ZIGBEEZB08 Zigbee based wireless We can send the data to electronic notice boards from system through Zigbee Electronic Notice wireless communication. From single system we can operate multi notice Board with Multi boards Point ReceiverZB09 Zigbee Device Controlling the devices using Zigbee technology Access control Controlling many devices and providing automation from remote places system with Reliable data transmission Industrial Process control and Automation system through zigbee n/wZB10 Multi stage Real time This project is intended in gathering the environment variables in homes or in Weather monitoring industries for prediction of the weather. System via Zigbee in Homes/IndustriesZB11 Zigbee Wireless Identifying the vehicle and allowing the vehicle into the secured premises Vehicle Identification only when the system received the signal from the central processing unit. and Authentication SystemZB12 Applications of Short Industrial devices are monitored and controlled using Zigbee Technology Range Technologies to Industrial Automation: A Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Zigbee Approach Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.comZB13 The Wireless Sensor Various sensors are used to monitor the home continuously and if any sensor
  8. 8. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES Kadapa BLUE TOOTH BASED PROJECTS:Project Title of the Project Description CodeBL1 Bluetooth Robot with CMOS image sensor(SPY ROBOT)BL2 Remote controlled home automation using BluetoothBL3 Bluetooth based industrial data acquisition systemBL4 Industrial devices controlling system using BluetoothBL5 Intelligent electricity billing system using BluetoothBL6 Wireless secured data transmission system using Bluetooth TOUCH SCREEN BASED PROJECTS: Project Title of the Project Description code TS1 Touch screen based In this the wheel chair is controlled just by touch the required buttons to wheel chair control control the direction of the wheel chair. system TS2 Touch screen and Zigbee Which useful for patients and aged people ,this system plays respected based voice guider for voice messages depends upon the button the user touches patients TS3 Touch screen based The robot can be controlled just by touching keys and this robot having remote controller robot wireless camera on it to monitor that area with wireless camera TS4 Touch screen based We can control the PC using this wireless device .We can open the folders, wireless PC controller shutdown the system, etc. TS5 Touch screen based We can control the home appliance just by smart touch smart home automation SENSOR BASED PROJECTS: Project Title of the Project Description CodeSB1 Smart horn for vehicles This system reduces the sound pollution that is generated by unnecessary with alcohol detection use of horn. This controls the horn intensity depends upon vehicle distance for drivers and also gives the special sound when object is detected at back side if vehicle moves backside and this system only allows for driving if driver does not consume alcohol Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  9. 9. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES KadapaSB2 Smart blind stick with This stick gives different sound intensity depends upon the object distance ultrasonic sensor. from person or we can play some voice also depends upon distance.SB3 Long range liquid level With this we can measure levels up to 3 meters range measurement in chemical industriesSB4 Automatic bottle filling This system automates the bottle filling system by controlling the motor and system conveyor beltSB5 PH meter This meter measures the PH if different acids.SB6 Alcohol breath analyzer This is a digital alcohol meter which detects the level alcohol consumed by personSB7 Intelligent system for This is a intelligent security and safety system for industries. If anything hazardious gas, human goes wrong then it sends a message to user numbers immediately detection and temperature monitor control using GSM technologySB8 Temperature And Light Incubator maintain constant temperature and light intensity. In this we will Control Of An Incubator control the temperature and light intensity to maintain constant environmentSB9 PIR sensor based power This project is used to save the power in conference halls and in saver for auditorium and auditoriums. When there are no persons in the hall ,then lights and fans will confrence hall be switched off automaticallySB10 Brick sorting using With this we can separate the bricks according to their color. We can use colour sensor this project for medicines separators alsoSB11 Pateint safety system In this we will monitor the patient parameters like heartbeat and using heart beat and temperature temperature monitoringSB12 Intelligent security and This project detects fire accidents, gas leakages and also alert through SMS safety system for when main door is closed without closing any other room entrance or if any colleges and industries other door is opened without opening main door MEMS BASED PROJECTS:Project Title of the Project Description CodeM1 MEMS based hands This robot follows your hand movements. gesture controlled robotM2 Hand movement You controlled your PC using your hand movements, like cursor scrolling recognition System and folder opening and closing Based Mouse With MEMS AccelerometerM3 Fall Detection & Activity We can monitor elders and patients and also we can detect and intimate if Monitoring For Oldsters they fall RFID BASED PROJECTS: Project Title Of the project Project description CodeRFID01 Student college alert This system sends a message to the parents when the student come to Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  10. 10. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES Kadapa system to parents by school or college their entry at the college premises by using RFID and GSM sms technologyRFID02 RFID based Shopping With this we can save billing time and instantaneously the rate of the trolley product will be displayed so that we can do the shopping within our budgetRFID03 Examination room guide This system will show you the block and room number that is allotted for using RFID for the you in exams jumbling system based EXAMSRFID04 Voter Credentials The user, whoever wishes to poll his vote, has to show his voter card at the System using RFID time of polling. The system compares the card information with the Technique already stored database and if matched, the system allows the user to poll his vote. The voter cards issued to the user will be written with a unique number. This number does not match with any other user.RFID05 RFID based attendance In this a RFID card is issued to the each person. With the help of this card, system the respective person’s attendance is recorded and displayed whenever required.RFID06 RFID based Highway The project aims at providing the ultimate solution for the people Toll Collection travelling on the highways to operate the toll gates. The system enables the drivers to travel on the highway roads while simplifying and collection of toll tax.RFID07 RFID security access Authorized person will be given a card. The system check for this card. control systemRFID08 Library management The responsibility of managing the books, the issue and return of the books system using RFID to the students is carried out in a more efficient way using RFID technology.RFID09 Bus location This system gives the information about whether the bus is arrived or announcement system departure.RFID10 RFID based Ration Card The user can buy the grocery items from the ration shop using the smart card based ration card.RFID11 Prepaid Energy meter The user has to make an advance payment before using the electricity. He has to purchase the prepaid card and recharge the energy meter fixed in his/her house with the units in the card. He can utilize the electricity until the units are zero. If the available credit is exhausted, then the supply of electricity is automatically cut.RFID12 RFID based Car Parking It aims at effective parking of the cars, deducts the fare for the parking of System the car from the card available with the user. ROBOTIC BASED PROJECTS: Project Title of the Project Description CodeRB1 Intelligent metal This robot gives the alert when metal or fire detects detection and fire alert robotRB2 SMS operated Robot We can operate this robot by sending SMS from anywhere in the worldRB3 Security guard with This robot continuously monitor some area and sends video of that place camera and night vision ,this robot has night vision light also light Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  11. 11. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES KadapaRB4 Intelligent Fire This robot operates the fire blower when fire accident is occurred extinguisher vehicleRB4 Intelligent obstacle This robot takes diversion automatically when object is detected detection and avoidance robotRB5 Pick and place robot With this robot we can pick the objects and place in some another place controlling with wire or wirelessRB6 MEMS based robot This robot will be operated by hand movements using MEMSRB7 Smoke and LPG Gas This robot will detects the Gas leakages detection robot with wireless control.RB8 Wireless Voice and This robot will transmit the voice and image of the data image transmission robot for surveillance system SMART CARD BASED PROJECTS: Project Title of the Project Description CodeSC1 Advanced Train The issue of the train tickets to the passengers is done using the smart card Ticketing System using technology. The fare will be automatically calculated by the system and Smart Card the passenger will be issued with a ticket with the journey and fare details in it.SC2 Unmanned petrol bunk A card is given to the user which has some money. The amount is system. deducted when petrol is bought.SC3 Vehicle Parking System Vehicles are parked based on the smart card where the details of parking Using Smart Card time is storedSC4 Prepaid energy meter In this, the user has to recharge with some number of units. These units are using smart card available in smart card based recharge card.SC5 Smart card based The person is given id card which contains his particulars. Based on this attendance system card, his attendance is recorded and stored.SC6 Smart Card Based Security is provided in restricted areas using smart card technologies. The Security Access Control persons are checked with their card information with the already stored System information in the system and are only allowed into if the card is an authorized one.SC7 Hospital Management The people who make visits to the hospitals are issued health cards. The System using Smart card when inserted into the reader gives the entire details of the patient Card holding the card. The details include body temperature, pulse rate etc.SC8 Prepaid Card For The people using the net cafes for browsing are issued with these cards. Internet Browsing The system records the in-time and out time of the user into the net System browsing center and deducts the amount from the card automatically according to the timings. If the balance is low or nil, the user has to recharge the card to have the access of the internet browsing. Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  12. 12. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES Kadapa RF BASED PROJECTS: Project Title of the Project Description code RF1 Wireless Electronic We can send the data to be displayed to the notice boards from the office Notice Board using itself. RF RF2 Wireless Data In this project, we will encrypt the data at the transmitter end and at the Encryption and receiver end we will decrypt the data to retrieve the original data. Decryption for Security in Army Applications RF3 RF based industrial The industrial loads like motors, coolers, etc are monitored and controlled Automation System by a RF remote. RF4 Advanced Vehicle An automated check post system is designed to check the vehicles trying to Access control enter into the secured premises. The system allows the vehicles to enter system into only after the authorization from the processing unit. RF5 Patient Monitoring The details of the patient will be sent to the doctor continuously in a using RF wireless fashion and the doctor can take immediate action whenever necessary. RF6 Wireless Intrusion Designing a system that detects if anything goes wrong in an area, provide Detection, Electronic security by activating the buzzer and monitor the area continuously. Security and Control System using Central Monitoring System RF7 RF based The status of the electrical devices is continuously monitored and can be Electrical Devices changed at any time using this project. Control System RF8 Automatic Station This system intimates the passengers about the forthcoming station when Indication System for the train is about to reach that station. Railways RF9 DC motor speed and In this project we can control speed and direction of DC motor depending direction control on the requirement using RF signals using RF RF10 Wireless Data Logger The data logger records status of various devices over a period of time and Using RF transmits the same to the receiver module. Communication. RF11 Wireless Stepper The stepper motor direction can be controlled using RF communication. motor control using RF RF12 Advanced Designing a system that behaves like a robot controlled by the RF remote. Embedded Remote Robot using RF RF13 Simple Messenger A simple messaging device is designed using RF without need for internet. Development without Internet PC BASED PROJECTS: Project Title of the Project Description codePC1 Power Management The various appliances in the hotels are controlled by giving commands System in Hotels from the PC. using PC Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  13. 13. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES KadapaPC2 PC based Manual The movement of the vehicle is controlled by giving commands from the Guided Vehicle using PC and these commands are transmitted through RF. The vehicle at the RF wireless receiver section will be controlled by the commands received. technologyPC3 PC based Hi-tech We can control the home appliances just by sitting in front of PC. Home ImplementationPC4 Industrial The industrial appliances are controlled by the commands issued from the Automation using PC. The controlling unit receives these commands from the PC and PC controls the devices according to the commands.PC5 Industrial Data The various parameters like temperature, humidity, current, voltage are Acquisition System read from the sensors and displayed in the PC for future studies using PCPC6 Wireless Notice The data to be sent to the notice board will be sent from the PC. This data Board using PC will be displayed on the notice board using wireless RF technology. IR BASED PROJECTS: Project Title of the project Description codeIR1 Industrial electrical To reduce the manpower for controlling the devices we are implementing appliances control this project. Here we will be controlling devices by using a general TV using IR REMOTEIR2 DC motor speed and A DC motor is controlled using wireless communication. In this project we direction control using can control the speed of the dc motor and its direction. IRIR3 Stepper motor control The direction of the stepper motor can be controlled using an IR remote. using IRIR4 Automatic Room light This project displays the number of persons present in the room and controller with visitor controls the light according to the intensity of daylight. counter using IRIR5 Auditorium The lights and fans in auditorium are controlled by IR remote. Controlling SystemIR6 Automatic Railway The gates on either side of the railway track are opened and closed Gate Control immediately without delay when the train arrives on the track System using IRIR7 Advanced Embedded This system automatically allows the cars to be parked according to the Automatic Car space available in the cellar. Parking SystemIR8 Time Measurement This system measures time for Athletics to reach the target point System for AthleticsIR9 Remote controlled The time or fares can be changed and displayed using IR remote. digital clock or fares display using IR Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  14. 14. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, TECHNOLOGIES KadapaIR12 Shopping Malls The design of security and the method of consuming the power in the Security and Power shopping malls are carried out in this project. Management System using IRIR13 Data Transfer The project aims at designing a system which enables the data transfer between two between two microcontrollers in a wireless fashion. Microcontrollers using IR CommunicationIR14 Anti-Theft Alarm In this project, an alarm system is designed and will be activated System immediately whenever the sensors trigger to indicate that something is going wrong.IR15 Intelligent Object The project is designed to count the number of objects in a certain area and Counting System display it. PROJECTS USING MICROCONTROLLER: Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com
  15. 15. #2/494, 2ND Floor, Project SMART PRO Title of the Description AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet, code TECHNOLOGIES Project KadapaMC1 Intelligent Train Designing a system that works as an accident avoidance system using Engines To Avoid microcontroller. AccidentsMC2 The Smart By using this project, we can remind the patient to take the medicine at Medical prescribed timings. RefrigeratorMC3 Embedded Green The temperature and light intensity are controlled in green houses. House Automation SystemMC4 Substation This project aims at continuously monitor the load conditions of the Monitoring And substation. If the load exceeds the rated capacity, the controlling unit Controlling automatically shuts down the substation. SystemMC5 Implementation Of This project is designed to prevent rigging up to maximum extent. The Electronic Voting controller section continuously for the input. Once the input is taken, it does Machine Via Data not take the input again until it gets the access from the supervisor control. Retrieval SystemMC6 Touch Me Not A This project is mainly designed as Events to be conducted at Exhibitions, Fun Game Fetes etc. This project includes different interfacings with the microcontroller.MC7 AC motor speed The speed of AC motor can be varied rapidly on and off by TRIAC. control using TRIACMC8 Phase Sequence The controlling unit continuously whether 3-phase is coming from the line Indicator and or not so as to run the motors which run only with 3-phase. If 3-phase is not Controlling coming, the controlling unit automatically shuts down the system. SystemMC9 Boiler Monitoring The temperature is measured and controlled for the industrial boilers. and Control SystemMC10 Involuntary The power management in the industries can be done effectively using this Industrial Power project. Scheduler using Embedded SystemMC12 Power Saver for This system switches on the lights only at preprogrammed timings using Advertisement RTC thus saving the power up to the maximum extent. Hoardings using RTCMC13 Solar Tracker for The project aims at designing a system that would sense and follow the acquiring position of the sun and rotate the panel in the direction of the sun to obtain maximum power maximum power output.MC14 Automatic Liquid The controlling unit detects the choice of the soft drink pressed by the user Dispensing and starts dispensing the liquid when the cup is placed on the tray of the System used in vending machine. Tea/Coffee, Soft drink Vending MachinesMC15 Water Water supply to different localities is done on time basis. The supply will be Scheduling for automatically cut once the time allotted to that particular locality lapses. MunicipalitiesMC16 Electronic This system provides security to the homes or offices by interfacing sensors Security System with the controlling units. If anything goes wrong, the system automatically for Homes/ dials up to the predefined number and also activates the alert system Industries with auto dialerMC17 Implementation of This Project Digital Calendar using Microcontroller is an advanced digital Digital Calendar calendar, which displays the Date, Day and Month over the LED display.MC18 Energy Saver for The system aims at saving the power by switching on/off the light Automatic Room depending upon the sensor output. It also counts the number of persons Light Controller present in the hall and displays this value on the LCD.08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Ph: with Visitor Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com Counter
  16. 16. #2/494, 2ND Floor, SMART PRO AL Ghouse Plaza, Nagarajupet,TECHNOLOGIES Kadapa Ph: 08562 222 333, 98856 52333 Email: mail2smartpro@gmail.com