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Embedded DA vs Consultative DA: Audience Workshop


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At DAAG 2014, in the Ubiquitous DA: Embedded DA session on Mar 27, 2014 at Boston, David Matheson facilitated an audience workshop to reflect on the differences between Embedded DA and Consultative DA. The first four slides are a summary of speaker talks in that session, while the rest are the result of audience contributions. The original flipchart photos are also included.

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Embedded DA vs Consultative DA: Audience Workshop

  1. 1. Embedded DA vs Consultative DA Group Exercise at DAAG 2014 110 attendees
  2. 2. Focus of Software Consultative Embedded “Knobs for nerds” Powerful, flexible tools for analysts, address any situation “Get my work done” Support multiple roles with simple interfaces that focus on what I care about Examples Dow Agro, Eli Lilly, Chevron
  3. 3. How DA is Represented Consultative Embedded Tell them what you are going to do. Train before start. Focus on problem and deliver results, creating self-motivated interest Examples Eli Lilly • Knowledge —> broader vs specific training • Culture Change • Example - Embed DA Expert at Siemans H.S. • Consultative Model is used in certain circumstances —> Embedded DA at other times
  4. 4. Transparency of Information Consultative Embedded Analyst passes relevant (possibly secret) information to decision makers Create standard work processes that drive transparency and deal with the conflict Examples Eli Lilly Issue: Information gets prettied up
  5. 5. Mid-Level Decisions Consultative Embedded Never see decisions or try to train everyone. Opportunity lost. Provide fit for purpose tools that make relevant information available to people as they make routine decisions Examples Chevron Short Fuse Decisions Asset Integrity
  6. 6. Six Elements of Decision Quality: What do we want? Consultative Embedded Discovery interviews with decision-makers Policy statements, mission statements, clarity of objectives
  7. 7. Six Elements of Decision Quality: What are our alternatives? Consultative Embedded Framing =>Strategy Table Teach/Train teams => Standard Frame Templates
  8. 8. Six Elements of Decision Quality: WHAT DO WE KNOW? Consultative Embedded Framing & SMEs Databases, policy capturing (debiasing)
  9. 9. Six Elements of Decision Quality: How do we decide? Consultative Embedded Model alternatives (supplement DM judgment) Achieve clarity quickly with simple standard models
  10. 10. Business Process Consultative Embedded Issue: Do we embed tools or people people into processes? Continuum • Skills • People • Processes • Tools • Domain Knowledge • Problem Complexity • Problem Frequency Example Empowered reservoir engineer —> improved normative decision-making
  11. 11. Decision Process Consultative Embedded Required for projects requiring a discovery process Needs a frame upfront Iterative process over a short time frame Not necessarily reusable frame More time-intensive Suitable for Repeatable Projects Lends itself to standard templates Process is well-established Decision criteria clear/ well-established
  12. 12. Transparency of Information Consultative Embedded Dedicated team of analysts Work on the projects one at a time Individual projects are time bound Gives an ‘answer’ at the end of each project (yes or no) Training Simple, robust templates & tools Accept continuous improvement even when ‘answer’ is not obtained Issue: 1. Non-routine maintenance in O&G production facilities 2. R&D of Technology Portfolio
  13. 13. Broader use of Decision Framework Consultative Embedded Bring in a consultant, professional facilitator knowledgable in techniques Framing template - easy to follow for asset teams - generic between projects Make it easier to push framing into the organization Example Shell Person! Framing Templates, VoI Templates, OF’s OTrio Framing
  14. 14. Issue: Critical, Stuck, Not a typical problem, Mid-sized decisions Consultative Embedded Outside firm, one-off focus on tools Have a system that shows: • Assemble these kinds of people • Ask these types of questions • Test these items • Community of Interest • “Sophisticate” LUI of DA ability
  15. 15. Issue: Decision for production planning Consultative Embedded Very centrally owned and not well understood • Commonality of term definitions (i.e. high vs low) • Transparency to understand key drivers • Less about rolling optimization • Automating forecasting process • Lookbacks and learning loops for future decision
  16. 16. Issue: Protect DA from Change Management Consultative Embedded • Create/coin names for tools & processes • Our org performs due diligence on every decision because we won’t let ourselves use a simple bang for the buck chart • How to protect DA processes from change in exec champions? To embed org, needs to make it their own - decision fitness. Consultative has their own names for everything. • We don’t make decisions as a portfolio stream. We make many little decisions separate from each other. Could we reference an ongoing bang for the buck chart? • Templates useful when orgs are initially learning new processes, but risky if using unclear terminology (excellent vs very good not defined) and not ensuring alignment
  17. 17. Sustainable —> Portable Customize, Transparency Use/Impact? Consultative Embedded • Manage sponsor pushing • DA pulling • Discretionary • Management Sponsor pulling • DA pushing • Mandatory