Mobilize your brand - Increase Brand Awareness through an inovative Mobile Strategy


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Mobilize your brand - Increase Brand Awareness through an inovative Mobile Strategy

  1. 1. Mobilize Your Brand: IncreasingBrand Awareness through Innovative Mobile Strategies Bob Dieterle & Anusha Sethuraman Smart Online
  2. 2. Who is Smart Online? First of it’s kind technology – The New Paradigm Mobile StrategyExperts, Innovative Leading Create, Deploy, Manage Smartphone Apps Design Services provider of Mobile Software Solutions Secure App Management Robust content from cloud-based Management System & environment Enterprise Infrastructure
  3. 3. Poll• What are your mobile plans for 2012? – Develop a mobile strategy – Get a mobile website – Develop a mobile app – Create multiple mobile apps – No mobile plans
  4. 4. Interactive Branding• …. is where it’s at!• No more Passive Communication• Mobile has led to active/interactive communication• Consumer can always interact with you• What matters– brand objectives &consumer
  5. 5. Why build a mobile brand?• 44% of mobile market is Smartphones – 18% to 44% in 2 years• > 1 million apps in the app stores – 1.2 billion app downloads (last week of Dec)• App usage > mobile web usage• 91% of top 100 brands have an app presence
  6. 6. Today’s mobile brandsUsually – 1 app – Not updated often – Presence in just 1 store – Cram all features into 1 -> slow, user engagement wanesWHY?• Time, cost, no suitable solution
  7. 7. Mobile Strategies – Disney• Multiple apps – games, theme parks• Splitting apps into specific target markets and functions
  8. 8. Mobile Strategies – Domino’s• 1 week of mobile launch - $1 million sales• Augmented reality app• 2012 strategy – mobile first, web second
  9. 9. Mobile Strategies - Macy’s• Only shopping (until recently)• Recently updated to include account management• Affected function –slow, crashes• Staggered updates
  10. 10. Macy’s Evolving Strategy• Multiple apps – Shopping + account – Season specials • Believe-o-Magic• Continue to add to repertoire of apps with minimal cost & time increases • Santa mail • Scavenger hunts • Augmented reality – virtually try on clothes
  11. 11. Tomorrow’s mobile brands• Possibilities – Multiple apps including campaign specific apps • Market segmentation – Quick and easy updates to existing apps • Fresh, vibrant, engaging, campaign focused – Reuse content across apps
  12. 12. ABC Brand• Industry - Education• Categories – Undergraduate, Graduate, Community• Target markets – Students – Faculty – Administration – Admissions – Marketing
  13. 13. Why not?• The big question: Why are most brands not making the best of mobile? – Time? – Money? – Difficulty?• What do you think? Take our poll
  14. 14. Current State of Mobile App DevHigher Costs, Longer Times, Minimal Control• Overall time about 4-6 months• Minimal to no control – lost in translation!• Simple app updates - time and money• New apps - revisit entire process – more money, more time
  15. 15. New Paradigm in Mobile App DevInnovative, Rich,Custom Apps• Days to weeks• Take back control - app development for subject matter experts – YOU• Deploy and manage securely• No expiration date! Fresh and current with easy updates
  16. 16. SmartOn™ Mobile Platform (Patents Pending)• 3 step process – design, build, deploy (& update) – AppCycle™: customize design, layout pages, choose from AppBlocks – AppForge™: configure, build, preview, test, – AppOffice™: publish, manage, update
  17. 17. What’s special?• Minutes to days app creation• Take back control - subject matter experts• Multiple apps and reuse content• Securely deploy and manage• No expiration–fresh, vibrant and current with easy updates
  18. 18. SmartOn™ Mobile for You• Set up a 30 minute complimentary mobile strategy consultative session with us today – We’ll help with ideas, value & strategy (long- term, short-term) and more• Email to set this up
  19. 19. Questions