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Ideation to delivery in weeks


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ideation to delivery in weeks

  1. 1. Ideation to Delivery: Now From Months to Minutes Bob Dieterle Smart Online @bobdieterle
  2. 2. Poll• Where are you with mobile right now? – Not done anything yet – Talking about a mobile strategy – Have a mobile website – Have a mobile app + mobile website – Have multiple mobile apps
  3. 3. Building a Mobile Brand• …. is where it’s at!• No more Passive Communication• Mobile has led to active/interactive communication• Consumer can always interact with you• What matters– brand objectives &consumer
  4. 4. Mobile Possibilities• Multiple apps including campaign specific apps – Market segmentation• Quick and easy updates to existing apps – Fresh, vibrant, engaging, campaign focused• Reuse content across apps
  5. 5. Current State of Mobile App DevHigher Costs, Longer Times, Minimal Control• Overall time about 4-6 months• Minimal to no control – lost in translation!• Simple app updates - time and money• New apps - revisit entire process – more money, more time
  6. 6. Why not?• The big question: Are you seeing this problem with your organization today? – Yes – No – Partially• Take our poll
  7. 7. New Paradigm in Mobile App DevInnovative, Rich,Custom Apps• From months to minutes• Take back control - app development for subject matter experts – YOU• Deploy and manage securely• No expiration date! Fresh and current with easy updates
  8. 8. Who is Smart Online?
  9. 9. SmartOn™ Mobile Platform (Patents Pending)• Mobile App Development System for the Enterprise• 3 step process – design, build, deploy (& update) – AppCanvas™: customize design, layout pages, choose from AppBlocks – AppForge™: configure, build, preview, test, – AppOffice™: publish, manage, update
  10. 10. Platform Demonstration
  11. 11. What’s special?• As little as minutes for app creation• Take back control - subject matter experts• Multiple apps and reuse content• Securely deploy and manage• No expiration–fresh, vibrant and current with easy updates
  12. 12. SmartOn™ Mobile for You• Set up a 30 minute complimentary mobile consultative session & demo with us today – We’ll help with ideas, value & strategy (long- term, short-term) and more• Email to set this up
  13. 13. Questions