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SmartNewSolutions — full-service digital agency.


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SmartNewSolutions agency presentation

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SmartNewSolutions — full-service digital agency.

  2. 2. WHO WE ARESmart people, new ideasexcellent digital solutionsfor achieving feasibleresults & solving specificbusiness tasks
  3. 3. WHO WE AREWe follow open door policy.The corporate activity standardof SmartNewSolutions is based onprovision of financial & informationsecurity of Clients & Partners.
  4. 4. WHO WE ARESmartNewSolutions offers efficientbuying power proven by Accenture.We have established long-term relationswith key media sale houses on theRussian digital market.
  5. 5. WHO WE ARESmartNewSolutions follows rules whichcomply with concepts of socialresponsibility, environmental protectionand observance of human rights withinthe company and outside of it.
  6. 6. WHO WE ARESmartNewSolutions was founded in 2007for rendering internet media services toclients of Smart Communications Group. 2007 2011 Internet Award winning media agency full-service digital agencyIn mid 2010 in order to satisfy theincreased interest of clients to the newmedia, it was decided to develop a full-serviсe digital agency.
  7. 7. WHO WE AREThis transformation allowed us toimprove the quality of presence of ourClients in digital sphere & to increasethe Agency billing including both media &creative costs.We also expect a 65% increase in 2011which is more than on the market ingeneral.
  8. 8. WHO WE ARESmartNewSolutions today:160 large-scale advertisingcampaigns, 85 projects, 31specialists
  9. 9. PHILOSOPHY Environment communication Brand Relevant values + & useful communication + EmotionalA unique approach to work on every project in SmartNewSolutionsis called environment communication.We are guided not only by Client’s brief. We also consider ourcontribution to the success of Client’s business, recognizing thespecifics of communication in the digital sphere.
  10. 10. WHAT WE DO IDEASmartNewSolutions specializes ondigital engagement by developingcommunication platform Communication& implementing technological innovations Platformfor building relations between brand &consumers. SOLUTIONS ENTREPRENEURSHIP
  11. 11. OUR STRUCTUREDigital is the most dynamically developing trend. The market isconstantly changing & the agency is changing across: we aretracking popular trends, implementing innovations, hiring bestspecialists to achieve amazing results. Research Strategy Propagation Production & measurement & creative & engaging house
  12. 12. OUR STRUCTURE: RESEARCH & MEASUREMENTIn our research & measurementdepartment we aim at finding themost attractive solutions forour Clients
  13. 13. OUR STRUCTURE: STRATEGY & CREATIVEWe believe that strategy & creativeis heart & soul of each projectin SmartNewSolutions.Here we build emotional contactwith our consumer.
  14. 14. OUR STRUCTURE: PROPAGATION & ENGAGEMENA tailored approach to our clientsenables us to reach maximum resultswith optimal investments.We render full range of media services(strategy, planning and buying) andprovide our Clients with the most qualityplacement in the Internet.
  15. 15. OUR STRUCTURE: IN-HOUSE PRODUCTION STUDIOWe use PMI (Projects managementsystem) which helps us implementmost daring ideas and realizecomplicated projects.
  16. 16. OUR TEAMSmartNewSolutions is a growing company.We are constantly investing in our digitalcapability. Every our acquisition in anysphere of digital expertise is consciously-made.We are relatively small company: hiring thebest people in the market allows us not toswell the staff.SmartNewSolutions — employer of choice:— the place where people are eager to work— the team which people are eager to join
  17. 17. TOP MANAGMENTMalykhina Elena Grishin DenGeneral Manager Executive Creative DirectorMore than 20 years of experience in Advertising More than 11 years of experience in Digital, ATL & BTL.Previous places of work: Dentsu-Smart, SmartCommunications, Video International Advertising Agency Previous places of work: Draftfcb (Interpublic Group)(RAVI), Ogilvy & Mather. & FCBi MoscowMajor Clients throughout career: Stimorol, Mattel, Leaf, Major Clients throughout career: Kraft Foods, Honda,Varta, Anthon Berg, Milagro, Hitachi, TDK, Baltika, Toyota, SABMiller, Beiersdorf, Mars, Greenpeace, Motorola.Lexus, Bridgestone, Yamaha. Awards — Art Directors Club Russia, Idea Festival, Red Apple / The Moscow International Festival of Advertising and Marketing.
  18. 18. SmartNewSolutions linkspeople and brands by addingdigital impulse to the heartof advertising
  19. 19. CONTACT USLET’S GO DIGITAL!Malykhina Elena Grishin DenGeneral Manager Executive Creative