Smart Motor Machine Applications


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An overview of current machines using the Moog Animatics SmartMotor, an advanced motion controller with integrated servo motor, drive, encoder and amplifier. SmartMotors have been used in applications such as:
Anode wire welding
Automatic Web tensioning/alignment
Auto-progression adjusting parts indexers
A/V Mobility
Bearing inserters/presses
Capacitor manufacturing
CNC Machining
CNC Training
Compression/tension testing
Coordinate measuring machines
Cut-to-length gage stops
Dashboard controls button/switch testers
Destructive testing
Flexible Tooling Machine
Gimbal mount accelerometer testing
Glass tube cutting
Glue dispensers
GPS guided steering/drive control
High Accuracy 3-Axis Positioning
High axis count coordinated motion
High speed indexing labelers
Hydroelectric turbine nozzle control
Infeed/outfeed stackers
Input/Output Stacker, Wafer Handling
Linear and Rotary Motion
Manual handwheel over-ride
Nut/bolt/screw drivers
Pan & tilt bases
Paper feeders/folders
Parts Inspection and Repositioning
Parts redirectors
Phase gearhead adjusting
Pick & place palletizers
Plasma cutting
Positive displacement pumps
Shock load testing
Step/tapered spool winders
Tactile switch testing
Tire tread grinding
Topographical mapping
Transformer coil winders
Turbine blasé grinding
Ultrasound Testing
Vertical load control
Vision Guided Laser Marking
Vision inspection
Voice coil winders
Wafer handlers
Web guide
Web tensioning
Wire bonding
and more

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Smart Motor Machine Applications

  1. 1. SmartMotor™Machine Applications
  2. 2. 7-axis semiconductor manufacturing machine that fills, caps and welds axial leads. The entire machine is controlled by one NEMA 23 SmartMotor.
  3. 3. 6-axis machine (one SmartMotor unseen) that cuts off a tape material intoshort lengths, stacks the material it just cut, and then deposits material into apackage for consumer use. Product are dissolving breath freshening strips.
  4. 4. 2 SM2337D SmartMotors control the folding ofthe airplane wings. Wings are folded in forhigh speeds and extended is for slow speeds,take off and landing.
  5. 5. This application is for the welding process of a fire main. One SmartMotor rotates the weldingmechanism around the pipe and another SmartMotor moved the welding mechanism up anddown. By utilizing electronic camming, the rotary axis acts as a master rotating the z-axis aroundthe pipe fitting while the z-axis moves vertically along the path of the needed weld.
  6. 6. Bridgeport milling machine controlled by Class 4 SmartMotors and JenCNC.
  7. 7. 4 axis welding machine that fill-welds and creates weld buildups.
  8. 8. CNC Plasma cutter utilizing SmartMotors and a host PC
  9. 9. Class 4 Ethernet SmartMotor with external brake and gearhead
  10. 10. Black poly butylene is heated up and dispensed onto the back panel of a solar collectors.
  11. 11. SmartMotor with gearhead used on a roller feed for printing press operations
  12. 12. CNC machine for applying screws in sheet metal fabrication processes
  13. 13. Plasma cutting CNC machine with automatic torch height control in the Z-axis
  14. 14. Rotac actuator rotating a ball nut around a stationary ball screw
  15. 15. Glue dispensing where the glue bead width is kept consistent throughout the entire path.
  16. 16. Screen shot of SMI (SmartMotor Interface) used to monitor a welding oscillator head controlled by a SmartMotor.
  17. 17. SmartMotor using Phase Offset feature to dampen vibration of the Pan & Tilt System by creating a differential velocity between the external gyroscopic measurement and the SmartMotor’s internal encoder.
  18. 18. Dual head glue dispensing pump for two part epoxy
  19. 19. SmartMotor applied to large rotary carousel for positioning plasma screens for a TV studio
  20. 20. SmartMotors used on wheels of pipe inspecting robot in Alaska. Each of the SmartMotorsutilized an external differential encoder input to create a ratio of speeds in the drive wheels inorder to steer the pipe crawler along pipes of changing diameters.
  21. 21. SmartMotor controlling CNC surfboard shaping machine.
  22. 22. SmartMotors control the spool that winds and unwinds to open and close claw-like robotic art. Installation appears in Terminal B of San Jose Mineta International Airport.
  23. 23. SmartMotor controlling azimuth and elevation for positioning an antenna with pointingaccuracy better than 0.1 degrees. This level of accuracy accomplished through mature servo compensation algorithms at the most complex level of tracking.