Smartmatic Where Women Work Feature 2014


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Smartmatic Where Women Work Feature 2014

  1. 1. WHERE WOMEN WORK 2014  /  69 Smartmatic employees work together solving problems. In doing so, they help to create a better world. S martmatic aims to be open, honest, communicative and fair. Do you share its values? Smartmatic helps governments and societies around the world become more transparent and more efficient. It’s done this since 2000 by creating technology and providing services that improve elections, government services and life in cities. Key areas of activity and achievement No other company has helped cast or count as many votes as Smartmatic – more than 2.2 billion in over 3,500 elections around the globe. Smartmatic can therefore lay claim to being the world’s leading elections company. It has even set several world records, includingthelargestautomatedelection (50m voters in the Philippines), the first election to be automated end-to- end, the largest auditable (and audited) election and the fastest biometric registration. Interesting projects Smartmatic currently works in 15 countriesandmarketsinaround30.For example, Smartmatic helped Venezuela organise its Presidential elections in just 30 days following President Hugo Chavez’s death. Its technology was also crucial in helping Venezuela agree the results in a race where candidates were separated by just 1.4% of the vote. 2013 also saw Smartmatic provide crucial hardware and services that helped increase credibility and reduce violence in the Philippines mid-term elections. Filipinos living across over 7,000 islands now get their results in hours instead of weeks – and the country has seen its investment rating leap in response to increased political stability. Exciting times It’saninterestingperiodforSmartmatic. Roughly 35% of the world’s voters use some kind of automation. This is increasing as countries modernise and seek to become more efficient and transparent. The world is also witnessing the spread of democracy. Plus governments everywhere are having to be accountable and efficient with less money in areas other than voting, too. With its expertise and experience, Smartmatic is in a perfect position to help and opens offices in every country that enlists its services. Innovative developments In addition to innovating bespoke election systems that meet different countries’ unique needs, Smartmatic is also looking at other ways technology could help solve the world’s most pressing problems. It spends heavily on research and development every year. Its CEO, Antonio Mugica, is open to new ideas. Recruiting, training and developing female talent Smartmatic is a technology company and a “people” company. Its hardware, software and services are as good as the talented individuals it attracts and retains. Smartmatic employees work together solving problems. In doing so, they help to create a better world. Surveys show they rate highly for organisational commitment, a measure of how committed they feel toward the company. Smartmatic also ranks well for pride and sense of belonging, as well as trust and future company vision. The last word goes to you Whatever your speciality, whether you work in project management, consulting, law, communications, HR or marketing, Smartmatic’s managers empower and support candidates to define their very role. Smartmatic believes this is how recruitment should work because in life we don’t find ourselves – we create ourselves. Fearless Pioneers Step This Way
  2. 2. WHERE WOMEN WORK 2014  /  7170  /  WHERE WOMEN WORK 2014 “Working for a company that’s helping to change the world for the better makes me feel very good.” Content Strategy Manager in London KESHMA SHAH SMARTMATIC Head of Talent Acquisition and Development Simina Berceanu Before joining Smartmatic, Simina gained11years’experienceworkingin HR departments for large, successful companies such as Vodafone, Philip Morris and Oracle. She joined Smartmatic to recruit teams in London, EMEA and APAC. “Working for a company that’s helping to change the world for the better makes me feel very good. And setting up new offices in EMEA from scratch is an excellent opportunity to learn and develop. You get enormous exposure to the business,” explains Simina. Simina heads up Smartmatic’s talent acquisition and development. Her role is to develop the strategy to acquire talent for key positions around the globe and create a healthy pipeline of potential candidates. “I enjoy encouraging people to be creative and innovative. At Smartmatic it’s important to enable people to learn from mistakes. We all communicate very openly and honestly.” SiminahasanMScinInternational Human Resources Management from London School of Economics and was educated in Executive & Career Coaching at New York University. She is also a certified user of HOGAN Assessment Tools, such as HPI, HDS and MVPI. “Smartmatic’s workforce is approximately40%womensopartofmy roleistoincreasethenumberoffemales, especially at executive level. There’s a lot to attract women to Smartmatic, from our open culture to the work we do promoting equality, fairness and transparency within society.” “There’s nothing more fulfilling than being part of a company that brings about positive change in a country,” says Filipinas. “In 2010, Smartmatic’s automated election systems gave the Philippines fast, accurate and transparent elections for the first time. Their success directly resulted in politicalstabilityandeconomicgrowth– andIwasrightwherehistorywasmade.” Filipinas has worked in the ICT industry for over two decades, with special focus on sales and marketing. Prior to Smartmatic she was with Fujitsu, working across a broad range of industries including retail, banking and finance, government and commercial. In Smartmatic, Filipinas leads Account Associate Manager for APAC Filipinas Ordoño the APAC Sales Team, a group of professionals with a passion for excellence. The unit handles all pre- sales activities in the region. These include demonstrations, government project bids, events and exhibits. In addition, her team also spearheads Smartmatic’s corporate responsibility activities and manages Smartmatic’s publicimage. “Joining Smartmatic was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The company’s significant social impact motivates me to perform to the best of my abilities. I particularly like how Smartmatic recognises excellence,” says Felipinas. Barely a year after joining Smartmatic, she received the DragonAwardwhichisgiventoselected employees for exemplary performance surpassing expectation. “Working for Smartmatic has been a roller coaster ride filled with great successes and even greater challenges and I’m certainly looking forward to many further exciting opportunities.” “Joining Smartmatic was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” “My job is to tell the world about what Smartmatic does and has achieved, through every possible channel,” explains Samira. “I’m always working on our website, a press release, a YouTube video, tweeting or Facebook posts.” Samira believes employees needtofeelproudofthecompanythey work for. “You can’t communicate what you don’t believe in.” Feeling proud is common for employees at Smartmatic because the company aspires to make a significant difference to the progress of communities all around the world. Smartmatic offers technological solutions in two areas: Elections and Smart Cities. The company understandsthattechnologyiscritical in helping solve large-scale problems and so they implement innovative solutions that advance society in ways never seen before. It is exciting to automate elections electronically. “We have Marketing Communications Director Samira Saba to be meticulous, perfectionist and zealous in order to understand every detail that needs to be addressed in an election. I think women are good at handling details.”   Samira has spent almost ten years devising and writing media content and PR strategies for Smartmatic. Her job is always challenging. As Marketing CommunicationsDirector, sheoversees a lot of content about Smartmatic technologies and is constantly impressed and inspired by the extent to which a well-delivered project positively impacts a whole nation and betters the lives of its citizens. “We have to be meticulous, perfectionist and zealous in order to understand every detail that needs to be addressed in an election.” Operational Planning Senior Manager Ruliena Piñate “My job always involves challenges that push me to learn and grow every day. I’ve worked with Smartmatic for many years. It’s a dynamic company that’s three times bigger than when I started!” says Ruliena. Initially, Ruliena worked in Smartmatic’s global services area to deploy best practice in its electoral solutions.ShewasthenrelocatedtoAsia as project manager. She managed large- scale elections with multidisciplinary, international teams. The most relevant was the 2010 Elections in the Philippines which were the first automated elections in Southeast Asia and the biggest elections ever managed by a private company. The elections were automated using Smartmatic products and services. “It was an amazing opportunity to lead a team of around 200 people from different countries and different knowledge areas. It was the richest experience I’ve enjoyed so far,” enthuses Ruliena. “I currently live in Panama, leading the operational planning office that supports our chief operating officer. I’m in charge of translating the company strategy into operational results and supporting the various areas’ VPs in creating implementation roadmaps, leading the implementation of better practices - and ensuring proper communication, measurability and governance across the organization,” explains Ruliena. But ‘soft skills’ are also very important at Smartmatic. Employees achieve goals from combining hard work, passion and the combined smartness of many people. “The capacity to communicate and to serve, the perseverance, the empathy to understand others’ perspectives are all very important. I create valuable relationships in all areas of my life,” says Ruliena. “I’m in charge of translating the company strategy into operational results.”