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Smartmatic's corporate profile. Information about the company.

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Smartmatic Corporate Profile

  1. 1. SmartmaticSolutions for Governments
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE Technology provider for governments seeking to enhancetransparency and efficiency of their processes. Committed to building long term relationship with ourcustomers to ensure successful projects. Focused in projects having a significant social value to citizens. Multinational with more than 400 employees in offices in theUnited States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Panama,Barbados, Brazil, Venezuela, Philippines and Taiwan. Experience in mission-critical projects and deployments in theUnited States, Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.
  3. 3. VISIONWe imagine a world in which technologieshaving profound social impact contribute to ahigher standard of civilization.MISSIONSmartmatic aims to help nations become moreefficient and transparent, through the creationand implementation of innovative technologies.VALUES Integrity Candor Commitment Innovation Excellence Vision Teamwork
  4. 4. Smartmatic helps nations to achieve moreefficient and transparent processes, throughtechnological innovations in three areas: Electoral Solutions Identity Management Solutions Smart Cities Business
  5. 5. ELECTORAL SOLUTIONS- Smartmatic offers the most advanced electoral solution, audited byseveral electoral authorities and international organizations.  It includes all the technology (hardware and software), services, knowledge, commitment and experience needed for a successful election.- Smartmatic is the election technology provider having the world’shighest number of completed projects.  More than 1.5 billion audited votes in the U.S., Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.- It is the only company that can perform all phases of an electionwith maximum accuracy.  We combine a suite of tools and our unique Complex Project Management Methodology to efficiently execute a successful election project, including thousands of variables, tasks, staff and even hundreds of contractors.
  6. 6. IDENTITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS Smartmatic meets the needs of governments relatingthe registration of its citizens. Technology for different sectors: civil and electoralregistry, issuance of identity documents, electoral rolls,drivers licenses, Social Security, passports, immigrationsystems, etc. Smartmatic’s solution offers all the necessary modulesfor the automated collection of information: datacapture, authentication, transmission, data analysis,including classification, migration, and debugging. Successful experience in biometric registrationdeployment. Smartmatic developed the PARmobile, the most robustand portable equipment for the capture of biometricand biographical data.
  7. 7. SMART CITIES BUSINESS Strategic research and technology generation in segmentssuch as: Public Safety, Census, and IntelligentTransportation Systems (ITS). These mission-critical solutions substantially improve thequality of life for citizens. Diverse options can be offered such as automateddispatch, AVL, remote surveillance, digital mapping, farecollection with multimodal smart integration, transit fleetmanagement for public transportation, among others. Smartmatic provides a unique suite of innovative servicespowered by our own cutting-edge technology, as well asstrategic consulting and technical expertise in managementand deployment of national security and mobility projects.
  8. 8. EXPERIENCE 3,500 national and regional elections on three continents. Provider of technology and services to the UN through the UnitedNations Development Programme (UNDP). Multiple technical reviews with eight government entities. More than 20 million citizens enrolled with the IdentityManagement Solution and over 1,5 billion votes registered with theElectoral Solution. Created over 150,000 temporary local jobs and more than 300,000personnel deployed in field. Successfully completed 100% of the projects on time and onbudget.
  9. 9. Success Stories USA Client: Cook County and City of Chicago (Chicago is the third jurisdiction in size in the U.S. after L.A. and NYC) Project: Elections 2006 – 2007 ( 8 separate electoral processes) Votes Counted: 8 million Status: 100% completed successfully Electoral Universe: 3.2 Million Voters Scope:  7,000 Electronic Voting Machines (still in use) deployed for each election.  Election returns transmission, consolidation and canvassing. Chicago is also the only jurisdiction with encrypted transmission of results in the United States.  Implementation of our powerful Election Management software.  Deployment using our unique Complex Project Management Methodology.
  10. 10. Success Stories The Philippines Client: COMELEC (Commission On Elections) Project: National Elections 2010 Time Frame: Jul 2009 – Dec. 2010 Status: Election 100% completed Electoral Universe: 50 million Scope:  82,200 voting machines.  Over 50 million ballots printed on security paper.  Transmission (employing over 7,000 VSATs) and consolidation of electoral results.  National deployment in a complex geography (more than 7,000 islands).  Recruiting and training of the staff in charge of the entire project, including more than 48,000 technicians.  Deployment using our Complex Project Management Methodology.
  11. 11. Success Stories The Philippines Client: COMELEC (Commission On Elections) Project: ARMM Regional Elections 2008 Time Frame: May 2008 – Dec. 2008 Status: Election 100% completed Electoral Universe: 2 million Scope:  3,300 Voting Machines.  Set-up and Management of the Canvassing Center.  Transmission, canvassing and consolidation of electoral results.  Deployment in the Muslim region of the Philippines, facing very difficult terrain conditions and two active guerrilla groups.  Recruiting and training of the staff in charge of the entire project.  Deployment using our Complex Project Management Methodology.
  12. 12. Success Stories Bolivia Client: National Electoral Court (CNE) Project: Biometric Voter Registration for Bolivia Time frame: July 2009 – October 2009 Registration: 72 days Status: 100% completed Electoral Universe: 5.2 Million people (over 72.000 people registered per day) Scope:  3,300 enrollment terminals.  Enrollment and Identity Management software.  AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System).  Deployment using our Complex Project Management Methodology.  Nationwide deployment in a geography with very stark altitude variations.  Recruiting and training of personnel.  3-year technical support.
  13. 13. Success Stories Mexico Client: Secretariat of Governance (RENAPO) Project: Provision of enrollment terminals and software for the National ID Program Time frame: Dec 2009 – Dec 2012 Status: Product certification People to be registered: 100 million Scope  2,200 enrollment terminals in the first stage.  Biometric Enrollment software applications.  Integration with RENAPO’s systems.  Deployment using our Complex Project Management Methodology.  Warehouse & assembly coordination.  Distribution in Mexico Federal District and key locations.  3-year technical support.
  14. 14. Success Stories Netherland Antilles (Curacao) Client: Electoral Council of Curacao Project: Elections 2007 – 2010 (3 separate electoral processes) Registered Votes: Over 300,000 Status: 100% successfully completed Electoral Universe: 112,541 Scope:  500 electronic voting machines.  Election returns transmission, consolidation and tallying.  Deployment using Complex Project Management Methodology.  Deployment and roll-back on the Island.  Personnel training.  Technical support.
  15. 15. Success Stories Venezuela Client: Caracas Metropolitan Authority Project: Prime Contractor for the Unified Security Control and Command Center (C&CC) Time frame: 2006 – 2008 Status: Installation 100% completed Population: 6,000,000 Scope:  Command and Control Center (CCC) set up.  Centralization of emergency calls.  Communication between the different security forces.  Technology Implementation (water level sensors, GPS sets, over 200 video cameras, C&CC, Telecommunications & Data center infrastructure).  Training & Technical support.  Deployment using our Complex Project Management Methodology.
  16. 16. Success Stories Venezuela Client: CNE (National Electoral Council) Project: Elections 2004 – 2010 (9 national electoral processes) Votes counted: Over 350 Million Project Status: All completed successfully Population Served: 16.8 Million Voters Observers: OAS, EU, IFES, Carter Center and more than 500 independent observers Scope:  More than 40,000 voting machines.  Election returns transmission, consolidation and tallying.  Contracted over 45,000 people for each event  Deployment using our Complex Project Management Methodology.  Nationwide deployment.  Personnel training for the project.
  17. 17. Success Stories Zambia Client: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) & Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Project: Provision of enrollment terminals and software for Digital Mobile Voter Registration Time Frame: February 2010 – October 2010 Population: 13 million Status: Requirements analysis completed Scope:  1,000 enrollment terminals.  1,000 electrical power packs (generators and batteries).  Biometric Enrollment software applications.  Deployment using our Complex Project Management Methodology.  Deployment in Lusaka.  Personnel training.  Support Center set-up and coordination for 6 months.
  18. 18. Success Quotes“The automated voting system [from Smartmatic] developed in Venezuela isprobably the most advanced in the world to date” | EU Mission Final Report,2005.“The new electronic voting was a great leap forward for ensuring a smooth andprotected vote. To all who made automation a reality and a success,congratulations!” |Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, President of the Philippines, 2010"Our observations suggested that this process was carried out smoothly, and theresults transmitted rapidly, in the great majority of cases" |Alistair MacDonald,EU Ambassador to the Philippines, 2010In fact for most voters Election Day was a fairly simple and trouble-freeexperience… The feedback from the polling places was that voters liked the newsystem [from Smartmatic through its former subsidiary Sequoia Voting Systems].Unlike punch-card voting of the past few decades, there was no confusion overwhich numbers to punch, nor were there any infamous hanging chads” |LangdonD. Neal, Chairman Chicago Board of Election Commissioners and David Orr, CookCounty Clerk from Chicago, 2006.“The electronic voting system implemented in Venezuela is effective, secure andauditable, backed by a technical team matching its advanced technological level”| Mónica Frassoni, EU Mission, 2006.“We have no motives for doubt over the integrity of the electoral process or theaccuracy of the Referendum results” | Jimmy Carter, The Carter Center President,2004.
  19. 19. Offices and Contacts Smartmatic Worldwide Headquarters Smartmatic Europe, Middle East and One Kingdom Street, Africa (EMEA) Paddington Central Naritaweg 165 Telestone 8, 1043 BW London, W2 6BD, UK. Amsterdam. The Netherlands Phone: +44 (0) 20 3402 3613 Phone: +31 (0) 20 5722 461 Smartmatic North America – Boca Raton Smartmatic Asia Pacific 1001 Broken Sound Parkway, Suite D. 16th floor, Accralaw Tower Second Avenue Boca Ratón, FL 33487, USA. corner 30th Street Crescent Park West Phone: +1 (561) 8620747 / Fax + 1(561) 8620749 Bonifacio Global City, 0399 Taguig Metro Manila, Philippines. Phone: +(632) 7451200 / +(632) 8468783 Smartmatic North America – Virginia 11951 Freedom Drive Floor 13 Reston, VA 20190 Smartmatic Taiwan Phone: +1 (571) 2370391 7F, No. 276, Jianguo Road, Sindian City (Hsien-Tien), Taipei County 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Smartmatic Barbados Phone: +886 (2)29113698 # 4 Stafford House, Garrison, St Michael Barbados, W.I. BB 14038. Smartmatic Brazil – Sao Paulo Phone: +24 (6) 2280756 / +24 (6) 2280773 Av. Dr Guilherme Dumond Villares 1410, cj 101. São Paulo - SP CEP: 05704-150 Phone: +55 (11) 35076283 Smartmatic Panama Edificio Torre de las Américas, Torre A, piso 19. Urb. Punta Pacífica. Ciudad de Panamá. Smartmatic Brazil - Brasilia Phone: +507 831 2500 SHIS Ql 05 Bloco F Sala 204 Centro Comercial Gilberto Salomão Smartmatic Venezuela Brasilia - DF CEP: 71615-560 Av. Francisco Solano, Torre Banvenez, Piso 16. Phone: +55 (61) 32019955 Sabana Grande, 1050. Caracas, Venezuela. Phone: +58 (212) 7062500 Copyright © Smartmatic. 2000 - 2011. All rights reserved.