NetworkLAB - Social Cities of Tomorrow


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Presented by: Lilet Breddels, Jaskiewicz
NetworkLAB has as its mission to create a testing ground where research on the actual effects of new technologies can be put into practice and where assumptions can be tested.

Published in: Design, Education, Technology
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NetworkLAB - Social Cities of Tomorrow

  1. 1. NetworkLAB @smartinpublic @hyperbody @archisvolumeNetworkLABPartners
  2. 2. We realized there is need for a testing ground where research on the actual effects of new technologies can be put into practice, where assumptions can be tested and practical knowledge can be exchangedNetworkLAB
  3. 3. We are building an open source applied knowledge platform for performing design experiments that involve complexly networked environments.NetworkLAB
  4. 4. We chose NDSM wharf as our base of operation and first design case study research area. What we learn at NDSM, we are planning to apply to the rest of Amsterdam and other cities.NetworkLAB
  5. 5. relevance for NDSM
  6. 6. interventions
  7. 7. design > insert > learnMethodology
  8. 8. Builders at Play We organized a workshop about designing objects for co-creativity and co-ownership in the public realm.The Internet of Things Workshop II: Builders at Play
  9. 9. Builders at Play
  10. 10. permanence SQUARE DOTS DESIRE SOURCE BETA CUBE PRIMAL GATE CLOUD PATHS ALL 100% ? of e ect level of recon gurability interaction incentive for granular level participation of participation location speci cBuilders at Play
  11. 11. Hypermud@Picnic Festival During the Hypermud workshop at PICNIC 2011 the participants experimented with the possibilities of democratized fabrication for building personalized architectural structures in combining ancient building techniques with digital fabrication.Hyperbody Waag Columns
  12. 12. An installation prototype of at least 50 sensor nodes uploading real-time data that is directly responding to activity and environmental influences in a place by reading sensor data of noise levels and humidity f.e.Hyperbody Waag Columns
  13. 13. Storytelling Festival The NDSM was one of the locations of the Storytelling festival that took place 4, 5 and 6 November at several places in Amsterdam.Storytelling for speculative and critical design
  14. 14. Sketchnotes by Erik van der Pluijm
  15. 15. Sketchnotes by Erik van der Pluijm
  16. 16. QR Storytelling
  17. 17. QR Storytelling
  18. 18. hyperbody student attack We use the protoTAG as a basis of a platform to identify, share, augment and enhance the network of people and things, ideas, their history and complex relations between them.Methodology
  19. 19. understanding NDSM intervening @smartinpublic @hyperbody @archisvolumeNetworkLAB