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ICD 10 CM codes for Eye Conditions


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ICD 10 CM codes for Eye Conditions - Join Dorothy D Steed to review the specific ICD 10 code range for eye conditions.

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ICD 10 CM codes for Eye Conditions

  1. 1. ICD 10 CM for Eye Conditions Presenter: Dorothy D. Steed, CPC-H-I, CHCC, CPUM, CPUR, ACS-OP, CCS-P, RCC, RMC, CPC-E/M, CPC-FP, CPAR It is time to report glare sensitivity with catchall code 368.8 (Other specified visual disturbances), but that changes in 2014. Instead of this, you’ll report H53.7 (Glare sensitivity). Under that particular code, you should not forget to read the note that says “Use an external cause code following the code for the condition, if applicable, to identify the cause of the eye condition.” Join expert Dorothy D Steed in this information packed 60-minute conference “ICD-10-CM for Eye Conditions” on Wednesday, Jan 08, 2014, to review the specific code range for eye conditions (H00 – H99). For more information visit Special Offer: Use code EVENT10% to get 10% discount.