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The Science of How Color & Light Impact Mitochondrial Health, Brain Function & Sleep


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Presentation by Leanne Venier BSME CPAOBTA, Engineer, Medical Researcher, Inventor, Eastern Medicine Physician, Artist at the Smart Health Conference 2018, held at Bally's Las Vegas on the 26-27th of April, 2018.

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The Science of How Color & Light Impact Mitochondrial Health, Brain Function & Sleep

  1. 1. The Science of How Color & Light Impact Mitochondrial Health, Brain Function & Sleep Leanne Venier BSME CPAOBTA Engineer, Medical Researcher, Inventor, Eastern Medicine Physician, Artist
  2. 2. From Engineering to Art to Teaching MD’s (25 years in 25 seconds) • Engineer & submarine designer at Lockheed • 7 years in Italy studying alternative medicine & psychology. Connecting dots: Ancient & modern healing ⇄ Color, Light & Energy Medicine • Back to US & Canada for Eastern Medicine training • Healing practice working with cancer patients • 2007 – started painting as Creative Flow practice Global recognition in 1st year. Conversations on how we crave color like nutrients • 2010 • Added my color system info to website 2010 – 2018 • Invited to share research: major medical centers, MENSA, NBC-TV, brain & neuroscience organizations • Spreading Global awareness validating Light Therapy with Science. YouTube, writings, interviews • Regular speaking invitations – conferences, national radio, podcasts • Nov 2016 REDjuvenator Invention: Light Therapy + Energy Medicine. Case studies & 2 Medical research studies.
  3. 3. The Basics Color & Light are Synonymous We require them for Optimal Health Evolution: Sunlight & Nature
  4. 4. Sunshine is a necessary nutrient We evolved to live & thrive in Sunlight & Healing Energies in Nature, like plants ‘Color Vitamins’ are as Important Nutrients as Food & Water Full Spectrum ‘Multi- vitamin’ Effect
  5. 5. We also need an abundance of Qi/Prana/Life Force Energy Vital Energy that keeps us healthy & vibrant Abundant in nature, deficient in Cities
  6. 6. Modern Lifestyles Living in Cities, often Indoors & Disconnected from Sunlight & Healing Energies in Nature = DIS-ease
  7. 7. Blue Light: Healthy & Necessary … during DAYTIME EYES: Blue Light Photosensitive retinal ganglion cells regulate photic entrainment (circadian rhythm) Evolution & Survival: Daytime Blue Light Shuts OFF Melatonin production via pineal gland
  8. 8. BLUE light after dusk: Unnatural & Unhealthy Shuts OFF melatonin production via eyes causing insomnia Via both Eyes & SKIN When blue light goes away, RED light turns ON Melatonin Production
  9. 9. How is Color, Light & Qi absorbed by the body? …
  10. 10. 1. Photons of Colored Light enter EYES Blue Light – Sets circadian rhythm – daytime, too much can harm eyes Reflected/Indirect Color from Objects Colored (Direct) Light Red Light –Sets circadian rhythm – nighttime, can heal eyes
  11. 11. 2. Photons absorbed via SKIN Red & Near IR on Skin boost Mitochondria, heal Skin, Muscle, Joints, Brain & induce Sleep Sunbathing. Long history of healing (heliotherapy) Sunlight Multi-vitamin effect LED Isolated Vitamin effect Neonatal Jaundice
  12. 12. 3. Photons & other Energies (Qi) travel via Energy Meridians (Channels) - Treat Systemic Imbalances Deep inside body & brain Heat IR imagery – Dr. Popp Bladder Meridian. Very important energy carrier (both sides of spine) Connects with all channels via Spine Like a power strip …
  13. 13. Why do we need Sunlight & other Healing Energies (Qi/Prana) found in nature?
  14. 14. Cells & DNA Absorb & Emit Light - Biophotons • Kobayashi Lab, Kyoto University, Japan, 2009 Biophoton CCD photography Bio = biological Photon = ultra weak light emission • All LIVING Cells absorb & emit Light Dr. Fritz Albert Popp – biophysicist Photons & Qi/Prana in nature are NUTRIENTS for the human body, like plants use sunlight for photosynthesis
  15. 15. Mitochondrial Health RED Light & NEAR Infrared stimulate Mitochondria & ATP Production via the SKIN (Note: NOT Mid or Far Infrared)
  16. 16. RED Light (~600-700 nm) & NEAR Infrared (~700-1000 nm) Heal Skin, Muscle, Bones, Joints, Nerves & Brain & Boost cellular immune response Department of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School (Huang, Mroz, Hamblin, 2009) Red or NEAR infrared Cytochrome C-oxidase cascade mechanism stimulates ATP Production In cells
  17. 17. Thousands of peer-reviewed PubMed & other published research studies since 1968: RED & NIR stimulate Mitochondria to Regenerate Skin, Muscle, Bones, Joints • Skin Regeneration, collagen boosting & anti- aging – RED or NIR • Skin disorders, inflammation & infections – RED or NIR • Muscular inflammation & pain – RED or NIR • Muscle performance & recovery – RED or NIR • Joint pain & inflammation – NIR • Broken bones, bone regeneration – NIR (or RED for small bones) • RED Light Interferes with UVA photoaging damage & prevents DNA telomere shortening (2014 Aviation Medicine Research Laboratory, Air Force Hospital, Beijing) • Autoimmune Multiple Sclerosis via immune response (2012 University of Wisconsin, Muili 2012) – RED • Cold sores & shingles (herpes simplex & zoster) via cellular immune response - RED & NIR
  18. 18. CASE STUDIES REDjuvenator #3 Universal (Includes multiple wavelengths of RED & NIR & additional healing energies) A tiny sampling for Skin, Muscle, Bone, Joint & Systemic
  19. 19. Shingles Case Study – 76 yo female AFTER SIX 20-min treatments over 6 days with REDjuvenator™ #3 Also healed 35 year bursitis – 1 treatment & severe knee pain – 1 treatment (no more cane or cortisone shots needed) BEFORE > 2 months of open sores & constant stabbing nerve pain
  20. 20. After surgery for Necrotizing Fascitis from MRSA Female, mid 30s’s – Used #3 REDjuvenator 20-min/day < 5 weeks No skin grafts needed No medical insurance, couldn’t afford the skin grafting surgery
  21. 21. Possible Jellyfish Sting in Thailand Ocean - 34 yo male Right after a single 40-minute REDjuvenator #3 treatment Rash appeared same day, traveling home from Thailand 2 hours later… right before #3 treatment
  22. 22. Broken Humerus - 90 yo female X-rays & doctor visits every 1.5 weeks 28 days - bone completely set, ready to take out of sling Broken on July 1, 2017 Fully healed in 42 daysDaily 20 min treatments REDjuvenator #3
  23. 23. Oscar – Torn ACL, degenerated hips Vet said even with surgery, he’d be crippled for life 3.5 weeks later … Can now get up easily & no more limp REDjuvenator #3 20-40 min treatments, 2x/day Just starting treatment. Due to injury & hips, severe limp, difficulty getting up & constant pain, can’t put any weight on leg.
  24. 24. Oscar 4 weeks later 4 weeks of REDjuvenator #3 treatments 20-40 min, 2x/day Torn ACL & degenerated hips completely healed No surgery, no other medical intervention. Vet said he’d be crippled for life
  25. 25. Systemic Treatments using Light & Qi via Meridians Treat Entire Body Deep inside REDjuvenator LED Light Formulas + Energy Medicine Treat via Energy Channels (humans & animals) Systemic post-surgery anesthesia toxicity & grogginess. Complete recovery after 30 minutes instead of 24+ hours Severe systemic food poisoning. Complete recovery in < 1 hour in cat. In human, complete food poisoning recovery in < 20 min.
  26. 26. Many more REDjuvenator #3 CASE STUDIES for Skin, Muscle, Joint, Bone & Systemic (Humans & Pets) Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis Scars, Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Severe Sunburn Acute Back Spasm, Chronic & Acute pain Muscle Boosting & DOMS Bursitis & Arthritis Torn meniscus & other Joint injuries Lyme Disease, Black mold toxicity Hypothyroidism …
  27. 27. REDjuvenator #3 CASE STUDY Examples for Brain, Eyes & Sleep
  28. 28. REDjuvenator #3 for Deep Sleep, Jetlag, Athletes > 100 cases • Deep sleep induction in < 10 minutes • Cumulative benefits include • Improved sleep = improved endurance & performance of competitive athletes • Improved brain function (Alzheimer’s & TBI) • Jetlag recovery single treatment • Dr. Mary VanHoy, Neurooptometrist “I use the #3 REDjuvenator for reliably promoting deep sleep and treating jetlag with a single treatment when bouncing between my 2 clinics every other week (3 hr time zone difference). I hit the ground running in the morning with no jetlag to start seeing my TBI patients, feeling fully rested and refreshed.” Model fell asleep during photo shoot Dr. Mary VanHoy Iron Man & Triathlete customer
  29. 29. #3 Effective for Treating TBI, Migraines & Eyes • Dr. Mary VanHoy, Neurooptometrist – “I use the #3 REDjuvenator with all of my TBI patients. • I also recently used the #3 for healing a serious eye abrasion on myself – it healed in one day with only 2 3-minute treatments.” Dr. Mary VanHoy, Neurooptometrist & TBI specialist TBI patient
  30. 30. Many more REDjuvenator #3 CASE STUDIES for Eyes AMD & Retinal Disease Reversal Reduced floaters & flashing Reduced Glaucoma Brighter, clearer vision Stronger vision (reduced prescriptions) Reduced bright light sensitivity Healing Chronic migraines
  31. 31. Published Research – NIR for Brain, Alzheimer’s, Neuro & Eyes Many PubMed & other Peer-reviewed Research Studies for treating: • Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia (many studies) “Turning On Lights to Stop Neurodegeneration: The Potential of Near Infrared Light Therapy in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease” Johnstone et al, Department of Physiology, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia • Experimentally induced stroke • Optic nerve injury; AMD, retinal disease (many studies) • Neuropathy • Nerve regeneration (paralysis) (2009 Sonoma, CA,; 2010, Kanazawa University, Japan; 2012, University of Cambridge) • TBI, brain trauma (many studies)
  32. 32. Many more REDjuvenator #3 CASE STUDIES for Brain & Neuro TBI Brain Toxicity Alzheimer’s & Dementia Brain Glioma Neuropathy Stress & Anxiety Cognitive Function
  33. 33. More about the Science of Light Therapy, Energy Medicine & REDjuvenator™ Biophotonic Light Therapy Leanne Venier BSME CPAOBTA Engineer, Medical Researcher, Inventor, Eastern Medicine Physician, Artist
  34. 34. END- stop here
  35. 35. All COLORS combine to form White Light … RGB: All LED Screens Our eyes SEE white light but it’s all colors
  36. 36. All Colors in SunLIGHT … plus Invisible Rays UV & IR 43% of Sunlight is Visible Colored Light = Natural Light Therapy Beneficial rays penetrate atmosphere, UV, Colored Light & IR
  37. 37. All Light contains Color All Colors are in SunLIGHT (ROYGBIV) … plus Invisible Rays UV & IR 43% of Sunlight is Visible Colored Light = Natural Light Therapy Beneficial rays penetrate atmosphere, UV, Colored Light & IR
  38. 38. Sun’s Energy includes VISIBLE + INvisible Rays ULTRAVIOLET Radiation = Above VIOLET Light (Invisible) UVA | UVB INFRARED Radiation = Below RED Light (Invisible) Far-IR | Mid-IR | Near-IR ALL Wavelengths have beneficial properties (Sunlight or LED)
  39. 39. … in natural Sunlight or Artificial Light LED White LightsSunlight – multi-vitamin effect
  40. 40. We NEED & USE all Sun’s Rays for Optimal Health & Brain Function • 2009 – Kobayashi Lab, Japan. CCD Camera • All Living Cells absorb & emit Light (Biophotons, ultra weak photon (light) emissions from biological systems) • Think of Light Wavelengths as NUTRIENTS for the human body, just like plants use sunlight for photosynthesis
  41. 41. Biophoton Emissions can be used for Diagnostics (ex. Cancer tumor in mouse)
  42. 42. Certain Red & Blue Wavelengths Control Melatonin Production & Circadian Rhythm via EYES & SKIN
  43. 43. Let’s focus on RED, NEAR IR & BLUE Light … How do they Affect the Body & Brain via the Skin & Eyes?
  44. 44. The Implications are Vast Ex. Melatonin for Alzheimer's disease & cancer 2002 Apr; Cardinali DP1, Brusco LI, Liberczuk C, Furio AM. Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina • Melatonin secretion is greatly inhibited in Alzheimer’s patients – about 45% suffer from sleep disruption & sundowning agitation • Melatonin treatment improved sleep, suppressed sundowning and SLOWS EVOLUTION of cognitive impairment in Alzheimer’s patients. Melatonin is a vitally important HORMONE & ANTI-OXIDANT for optimal health & preventing & healing cancer. MOST people are deficient due to avoidance of sunlight.
  45. 45. Modern research uses LED Technology to isolate Single Wavelengths Synergistic benefits from COMBINING wavelengths RED (visible) & Near Infrared (invisible) LEDs (Pictured: REDjuvenator #3 Universal) RED & Blue LEDs (Pictured: REDjuvenator #4 Bacteria Buster)
  46. 46. Heals skin – Eczema, Dermatitis, Rosacea After 15 3-minute treatments over 6 weeks
  47. 47. Harvard 2009 NEAR IR LED for Depression & Anxiety • 2 weeks after a single 4-minute treatment, all participants improved dramatically in both Depression & Anxiety scores • Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; Schiffer, Hamblin et al (2009)
  48. 48. Red Light on SKIN increased Melatonin & improved Sleep Quality & performance of Female Basketball Players (2012) • 14-day whole-body irradiation for 30 minutes with red-light improved sleep, serum melatonin level & endurance performance 2012 Dec; PMCID: PMC3499892 Jiexiu Zhao, PhD, * Ye Tian, PhD, * Jinlei Nie, PhD, Jincheng Xu, MSS, and Dongsen Liu, MS, China Institute of Sport Science, Department of Kinesiology, Macao Polytechnic Institute, China
  49. 49. Eyes – Mollie & Retinal Disease Reversal • Add retinal imagery before & after • Add vision scores before and after