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Disruption Is Good for Patients: Transforming Healthcare In The Digital Age


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Presentation by Gina Altieri, SVP, Corporate Services
Chief of Strategy & Integration at the Smart Health Conference 2018, held at Bally's Las Vegas on the 26-27th of April, 2018.

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Disruption Is Good for Patients: Transforming Healthcare In The Digital Age

  1. 1. SmartHealth 2018 Gina Altieri, SVP Corporate Services Chief of Strategy & Integration Disruption Is Good for Patients: Transforming Healthcare In The Digital Age
  2. 2. Patient Care by the Numbers 410,000 Patients/1.7 million annual encounters 3,800 Trainees (Residents, Fellows & Students) 837 Employed physicians 228 Researchers 1,600 Nurses 42 Specialties and subspecialties 49 Employed hospitalists 80 Pediatric care locations in five states 18 Collaborating hospitals 7,600 Employees Wilmington, Delaware Orlando, Florida Nemours at a Glance  Nonprofit devoted to children’s health, providing care, research, and education  Enduring legacy of Alfred I. duPont
  3. 3. A Transformational Gift “It is the duty of everyone to do what is within his power to alleviate human suffering.” 3
  4. 4. A Transformational Leader “Everything we do must be for the child. If it’s not, then we need to reconsider why we are doing it.” Nemours True North: “Help me receive exactly the care I need and want, when and how I need and want it.” David J. Bailey, MD, MBA
  5. 5. Approaching Two Decades of IT Evolution From Paper Records and One-off Software Solutions… To a Single Platform EMR, Remote Monitoring and Healthcare Delivery Innovation…
  6. 6. Technology Expediting Change
  7. 7. Technology enables change that leads to better and safer care through the application of new technologies to existing business activity and/or a focus on supporting new capabilities for doctors and the business side of health care. IT Expedites and Enables Change at Nemours
  8. 8. Technologies that Enable Performance…
  9. 9. … Better Care, Better Patient Experience
  10. 10. The Clinical Logistics Center Trained paramedics monitor patients 24/7 Monitor up to 400 patients at both hospitals from a single location Immediate video intervention to visually monitor patients Capacity to monitor non-Nemours facilities 1st in the world in pediatrics Technology For When every second matters
  11. 11. • Want on-demand PC during non-traditional hours + virtual options • Price beats quality – most likely to leave PCP for price increase v. medical error • Referral Shoppers – 18% likely to break referral, but still shopped for specialty care options • Least loyal to PCP group – easiest to entice to switch to competitor’s offer • Local over Top Quality – travel not a deal-breaker but travel time 3x more important than perceived surgeon quality • Most ready for telehealth: 73% would consider if in-person care is unavailable 47% would consider if less expensive than in-person care • Digitally-fluent, most socially-connected generation • Most likely to read reviews and compare prices to find providers who offer most convenience at lowest cost • Least loyal to PCP – easiest to entice to switch to competitor’s offer • Referral Rebels - 34% likely to break referral: most likely to shop for specialty providers and write online reviews • Least concerned about travelling for surgery • Ready for telehealth: 67% would consider if in-person care is unavailable 20% would consider if less expensive than in-person care Patients, Patient-Families Are Consumers
  12. 12. Millennial Parent Decision Making – The Ultimate Consumers  >9,000 babies born to them daily  Select providers based through online research, peer recommendations via social media  Value quality, respect and environment of care over cost  Choose hospitals based on internet searches first, then provider validation Source: NRC Health Millennial Parents
  13. 13. Our aim is to expand a more accessible continuum of care within our communities in order to be a more proactive partner in guiding and empowering parents throughout their children’s development. Anytime, Anywhere
  14. 14. @ Nemours • 260 million+ visits annually to • # 1 licensor of pediatric health education – 200+ hospitals and health systems • Unique Nemours ecosystem of digital assets • Nemours KidsHealth • Nemours Prevention & Population Health • HIMSS Stage 7 infrastructure • Telehealth Center for Health Delivery Innovation
  15. 15. Make appt online .71% CTR Find a Doc .49% CTR Create Consumer Insights & Digital Strategy WHAT… Customer Journey Starts on KidsHealth Call to Action Call to Action • Analyze our consumers’ digital footprint • Optimize leveraging of our digital assets
  16. 16. Smart Patient Portal • Building on MyNemours • Online scheduling • Telehealth (Nemours CareConnect) • Connected devices & apps • Fully-integrated KidsHealth content Digital backbone
  17. 17. Nemours Telemedicine Comprehensive Telehealth Program • Clinician-to-Partner Facility – Nemours and non-Nemours Primary Care locations • Specialty Care • Clinician-to-Family • Store & Forward Reads • Schools • Cruise ships
  18. 18. Nemours App – Tying it All Together MyNemours Nemours Reading Brightstart! KidsHealth CareConnect
  19. 19. Thank You