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  • Mission is to provide high caliber social media and online marketing training to business owners and professionals so that they may thrive in the internet world. Where we distinguish ourselves is that we cover the full scope of the marketing options and tie them together with business strategy.
  • September 27 presentation how to blog

    1. 1. Dale Dillon and Michael Gray Friday, September 27, 2013 How to Blog
    2. 2. Guest Speaker Barbara McNichol Nonfiction Editor
    3. 3. Generate Benefits toYour Business SelectTopics and Content that Get Results OptimizeYour Post PromoteYour Blog Post
    4. 4. How Does Blogging Generate Benefits to Your Business??  Builds Traffic  search engine traffic  social media traffic  email marketing  Increases credibility  pre-sell  establishes you as an expert  Voice and Authority
    5. 5. The two famous questions… For each blog post, ask these 2 questions: Who? Why?
    6. 6. Who is the WHO Identify niches (needs) within your market What are their... interests? goals? problems? pain points? hot buttons?
    7. 7. Drilling Down  Who (age, location, gender, education, job title)  Environment (when and where are they using your site? What device are they using?)  Tasks (what are they trying to complete/learn)  Motivation (what is their broader desired outcome?)  Goals, Problems, Pain Points?  Name or nickname & Representative photo Source:
    8. 8. The two famous questions… For each blog post, ask these 2 questions: Who? Why?
    9. 9. The Content the content itself
    10. 10. What are some of the WHY’S what would you like to accomplish [short term] You?
    11. 11. What are some of the WHY’S what would you like to accomplish [long term]  Establish credibility or thought leadership  Increase traffic to your business website  Humanize your company  Generate Leads or Pre-Sell Prospects  Brand Building/Awareness
    12. 12. The Topics
    13. 13. Before you pick a topic… Listen! Social Media Conversations Surveys Questions Clients’ FAQs Clients’ Emails Common Problems
    14. 14. Google Trends
    15. 15.  Michael Gray  How to OptimizeYour Post  How to PromoteYour Post
    16. 16. Problem? eye-catching title/headline KEYWORD OR in social media
    17. 17. Why is a headline important? “The anatomy of post”  People judge a [post] by it’s [headline]  Catchy… [ if not, they may not click! ]  High SEO value  Include your keyword Perfect Timeless Shareable
    18. 18. Write Headlines that SHINE Specificity / Helpfulness / Immediacy / Newsworthiness / Entertainment Value A Scientific Approach to Writing Page Title scientific-approach-to-writing-page-titles 52 Headline Hacks! (by Jon Morrow) 3 Must-Have Guides to Write Amazing Headlines
    19. 19. How to Achieve the WHY?  Conclude with a call to action:  ask an engaging question  ask them to comment, share, connect  Include email subscription box after the post  Make it easy for them to participate
    20. 20. make it easy to share
    21. 21. make it easy to subscribe
    22. 22. The SEO
    23. 23. What to do with a “keyword” Insert in the Title (Headlines) - 60 characters Insert in the meta Description - 160 characters. - appeal to both people and search engines - make it emotional / intriguing (for people not SE) - Tip: “the cliff hanger”… Insert in the photo meta description Add sub headings (H2) with keywords Use in the content naturally - don’t over-use. - mix it up
    24. 24. The Simple Guide to SEO SEO techniques are important, but… write for people not for search engines  write great post titles (include your keyword)  provide quality content with related keywords  include relevant and helpful links when you do that… people will link back, share on social media, etc.
    25. 25. Yoast for WordPress SEO   Optimize your website for search  Optimize your blog posts for search
    26. 26. Recap  Write for people not Google  Optimize the SEO but don’t overdo it.  Make it memorable  Make it easy to share  Close with a call to action  Make it easy to subscribe via email Double Bonus – Now that you have people on your website what do you want them to do? Think Conversion!
    27. 27. Dale Dillon and Michael Gray