Online Biz Smarts Windows 8.0 Why and How


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Don't be confused by Windows 8.0. Steve Frantzis of Saguaro PC Tech explains the why and how.

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Online Biz Smarts Windows 8.0 Why and How

  1. 1. Introduction toWindows 8BY: STEVE FRANTZISOWNER, SAGUARO PC TECH, LLC
  2. 2. What is Windows 8? What’s Different?  Convergence Strategy to Unite PC’s, Laptops and Mobile Devices  “Dual-Mode” Operating System: Traditional and “Modern” Interface  Runs Traditional Desktop Programs and “Tablet/Phone-Style” Apps
  3. 3. What is Windows 8? What’s Different?  Basically Windows 7 with an added Tablet-Style Screen  Integrated with Cloud, Syncs Data and Personal Settings  Consistent Interface Across Multiple PC’s and Mobile Devices
  4. 4. What is Windows 8? What’s Different?What the Heck is That?The “Modern” Interface or “Start Screen”
  5. 5. What is Windows 8? What’s Different?The Traditional Desktop Interface is still there.Like Windows 7, but with a few changes.
  6. 6. InstallationUpgrading andInitial Setup.SHOULD YOU UPGRADE YOUR PC ORDO A CLEAN INSTALL?
  7. 7. Upgrade Paths from XP/Vista/Win7 Seamless from Windows 7 From Vista: Files and Settings From XP: Only brings files Install as upgrade ONLY if PC is in great health and running smoothly.
  8. 8. Installing Windows 8 - Step 1
  9. 9. Installing Windows 8 – Step 2
  10. 10. Installing Windows 8 – Step 3 Stop Here!
  11. 11. Installing Windows 8 – Step 4
  12. 12. Installing Windows 8 – Step 5 Choosing Color Scheme and Settings: Stay with defaults.
  13. 13. Installing Windows 8 – Step 6Sign in with your eMail to create Microsoft account.
  14. 14. Voila! Your new Start Screen!
  15. 15. Add PC to Your Microsoft Account:Creating a “Trusted” PC Allows PC to synch data & settings to other devices. Becomes part of Microsoft profile. Gets connected via the “Cloud”.
  16. 16. Usability Tips andBasic NavigationHOW TO GET AROUND WINDOWS 8, ANDMAKE IT EASIER TO USE
  17. 17. Bring Back the Start Button/MenuInstall 3rd Party Start Button: Will Work Like Windows 7• Can Choose to Boot to Desktop vs. Start Screen• Lots of customization and personalization optionsBest Two Apps Available:Start 8: 30 day trial, then $5 ( Shell: Free. (
  18. 18. Internet Explorer 10: Set it to open inDesktop Mode for better usability Access Control Panel by hitting the “Windows-X” key combination. Select Control Panel from the Popup Menu.
  19. 19. Internet Explorer 10: Set it to open inDesktop Mode for better usability Click “Internet Options”
  20. 20. Internet Explorer 10: Set it to open inDesktop Mode for better usability Click on the “Programs” Tab Select: Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop Check Box: Open Internet Explorer on the desktop
  21. 21. Features &Benefits for Business UseTouchscreen Interface:Can skip buying an iPad or Android tablet to do tasksbetter suited for tablets. Examples?Networking:Simplified the steps to guide you throughconnecting to a public or a private network, andenabling sharing of data or resources.
  22. 22. Features &Benefits for Business UseFlexible Hardware Options:Can have desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, allrunning Windows. Devices can share data and sync toeach other.Dual-monitor Support:Significantly improved capabilities. Simplifies managingand using such setups. Ex: Can have separate task barson each display.
  23. 23. Features &Benefits for Business UseBetter security:Built-in Antivirus/Antimalware with Windows Defender.New Smart Screen monitors IE and all network traffic.File History:Constant backup, plus access to old versions of files.SkyDrive integration:Save files to the cloud and sync to your other PC’s,tablets, phones, etc.
  24. 24. Live Demo – Let’s Take a Ride Follow me as I take you on a live tour. Will use mouse versus touch screen. Feel free to ask questions (please raise hand).