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Mission is to provide high caliber social media and online marketing training to business owners and professionals so that they may thrive in the internet world. Where we distinguish ourselves is that we cover the full scope of the marketing options and tie them together with business strategy.

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  • Space dust
  • Now that you have this amazing site you want to get found online. How do you turn you site from a spec in the Solar system to a galaxy
  • Clean and simple call to actions
  • Clean and simple call to actions
  • Clients are checking out your online credentials to see if they want to hire you. Hopefully you online presence looks as good as your face to face experience.
  • The Expert- as the name suggests, is either an expert at something; or believes himself to be one. He'll create his own content, and share his knowledge with whomever wants it. Experts are often authors, or want to be authors. They're often entrepreneurs, where they either own, or have a stake in their company and its success.The Interested - is a person who's goal is to be considered interested in a subject. He doesn't want to be an expert, but wants his audience to know that he has his thumb-on-the-pulse of an industry. The interested are often 'tenants' in a position, (e.g. CMO, CFO, CEO) where their aim is to improve a company while they hold the position.The Entertainer -  is interested in entertaining the community. He could be an actor, musician, sports player; as long as his goal is to entertain.
  • The right mix for your business – Every business is different and requires a different mix.
  • Online Biz Smarts Getting Found Online

    1. 1. Michael GrayGetting Found Online
    2. 2. Create Content From Your Your Website Website
    3. 3.  Companies spend millions making their storefront look great.
    4. 4.  Don’t you want you customers to experience this?
    5. 5.  Does you online presence look like this?
    6. 6.  Shouldn’t your online storefront look even better?
    7. 7.  1 Billion people are on Facebook 300 million registered tweeters on twitter 80% of companies now use LinkedIn to find employees. It’s where many of your current customers are spending their time. It’s where ALL of your future customers are spending their time. 52% of global population under age 30.
    8. 8. Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 1 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 13 14 15 16 17 20 21 22 23 24 27 28 29
    9. 9. Google-Bing-Yahoo Search Website SEO
    10. 10.  Mobile accounts for 50% of global search. Websites must be mobile optimized. 25% of Americans in the last month said they watched a short video….on their phone Mobile requires site specific SEO work. Google Places, Yelp, Angie’s List are places to be listed for mobile search optimization.
    11. 11. Brand Awareness Lead Generation and Reputation Customer Service Customer Development Collect Feedback Brand Loyalty Transition To Sales Funnel Traditional Marketing & Sale
    12. 12.