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Storming The Business Gates With LinkedIn


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Storming The Business Gates With LinkedIn
LinkedIn profile setup and optimization.
LinkedIn leads from saved advance search.
LinkedIn Strategy

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Storming The Business Gates With LinkedIn

  1. 1. Storming The Gates with LinkedIn Michael Gray 520-548-1970
  2. 2. Does Social Media Really Work? Old School Selling 1.0 •Cold Calling •Emails •Buying Leads Social Selling 2.0 •LinkedIn B2B •Engage •Educate 82% of Your Prospects are on Social Media 73% of Sales People who use Social Media are outperforming those who aren’t. Same result for Business Owners
  3. 3. Everybody is on Facebook, so shouldn’t I focus all my efforts there? 2 New People Join LI Every Second Average Household Income $109,000 People have 2 times more confidence in info found in LI 277% more effective for Lead Generation STILL WANT TO FOCUS SOLELY ON FACEBOOK???
  4. 4. I already have a LinkedIn Account setup so tell me the secret to getting more leads. NOT SO FAST!!! Get Your Profile Right First!
  5. 5. Does This Say Professional To You
  6. 6. A Compelling Headline 120 Characters What you do – not your title.
  7. 7. Job Title and Description 1000 Characters – include descriptive paragraph and bullet list Include Keywords in Work Experience, Past Work and Skills Reader centered, not self centered
  8. 8. Profile Cheat Sheet •Professional Headline 120 Characters •Job Title and Descriptions – 1000 Characters •Summary – 2000 Characters – Describe all the products you offer •Interests – 1000 Characters
  9. 9. CONNECTIONS I get connection requests from people that I don’t know. Should I accept them? Should I connect with everyone that shows in the “People I May Know”? I have my privacy settings set to only allow invitations from people who know my email address? Is that the setting I should use?
  10. 10. LinkedIn Strategy  Advanced Search  Saving Searches  Tagging Potential Leads  People Who Viewed Your Profile
  11. 11. Event and Contact Follow Up Review Profile for Common LinkedIn Contacts for Introductions Search Google and Other Social Media Sites Like, Comment and Share Their Content Find Common Ground
  12. 12. Getting Connected Request Introduction from one of your connections NEVER use the default LI invitation WIIFM – What’s In It For Me – Why would they want to connect with you NO SPAM.
  13. 13. At last, with all these connections I’m finally ready to start selling. Right? WRONG!!!!!
  14. 14. Build Relationships Add Value with no strings or underlying sales messages Take it Offline Earn the right to offer your products/services
  15. 15. Storming The Gates with LinkedIn Michael Gray Questions???