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Project Management Basics Training Promotion


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This is to help promote a friend promote their training offer in Project Management.

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Project Management Basics Training Promotion

  1. 1. At least 61% of the projects fail KPMG Project Failure Rate survey 1997
  2. 2. Delays Over Budget Poor Results
  3. 3. Mostly caused by Poor project planning Poor communications Poor alignment to goals ct je ro e P ent tiv m fec age ef n In a M
  4. 4. Strong foundation built on the Basics
  5. 5. Whether you are a
  6. 6. Functional or Operational Manager assigned to lead a project
  7. 7. Newly Trained Six Sigma Practitioner
  8. 8. New to Product Launching or Process Change projects
  9. 9. First timer who wants to be better at managing projects
  10. 10. 2-Day BASICS Training May just be right for you!
  11. 11. in 2 Days We'll talk about Basic Concepts Project Management Framework Tools, Tips and Techniques with Simulation workshops and How to get PMP certified
  12. 12. Lecture is Non-Technical in nature, and a baby step PMP Certification It's geared towards Building a basic understanding of how to manage projects effectively for beginners AND For giving an idea about the PMP Certification
  13. 13. What makes this training unique? Sharing of learning experiences and Best Practices Trainor is PMP Certified and a Six Sigma Expert Lecture is anchored on PMI standards PMBOK 5thEd.
  14. 14. What do I get out of it? Skills enhancement More successful projects resulting to More revenues Higher customer satisfaction
  15. 15. Register now! contact Christine Ponce Sales and Marketing Specialist iAcademy - School of Continuing Education Landline: 02) 889-7777 local 352 Mobile: 0917-838 3877