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Ръководство на потребителя LG Optimus GT540


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Дисплей: 3.0 inches 320 x 480 pixels
Процесор: 600 MHz
Операционна система: Android OS, v1.6 (Donut), ъпгрейд до v2.1
Памет: 139 MB user available, 156 MB RAM
Камера: 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels, autofocus
Мемори слот: microSD, до 32GB
GSM мрежа: HSDPA 900 / 2100
Тегло: 115,5 гр.

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Ръководство на потребителя LG Optimus GT540

  1. 1. Some of the contents of thismanual may not apply to yourphone depending on yourphone’s software or your serviceprovider.This handset is notrecommended for the visuallyimpaired because of its touch-screen keypad.GT540 User Guide
  2. 2. Congratulations on your purchase of theadvanced and compact GT540 phone byLG, designed to operate with the latestdigital mobile communication technology. Disposal of your old appliance 1 When this crossed-out, trash bin symbol is attached to a product, the product is subject to European Directive 2002/96/EC. 2 Dispose of all electrical and electronic products separately from municipal waste using collection facilities designated by government or other local authorities. 3 The correct disposal of your old appliance will help prevent potential negative impacts on the environment and human health. 4 For detailed information about disposal of your old appliance, please contact your local waste disposal authority, waste disposal service, or the store where you purchased the product.
  3. 3. ContentsGetting to know your phone����7 Using call barring������������������������28Installing the SIM card and bat- Additional call settings��������������29tery����������������������������������������������9 Select line ��������������������������������������29Charging your phone��������������11 Network operators����������������������29Installing the memory card����12 Contacts������������������������������������30 Formatting the memory card�13 Searching for a contact�������������30Your Home screen��������������������14 Adding a new contact���������������30 Touch-screen tips������������������������14 Favorite Contacts�������������������������31 Personalize home screen����������15 Creating a group��������������������������31 Using your home screen�����������15 Messaging��������������������������������32 LG Home ����������������������������������������16 Messaging��������������������������������������32 Android Home �����������������������������18 Sending a message���������������������32 Communication���������������������������20 Entering text���������������������������������33 Multimedia������������������������������������21 T9 predictive text������������������������33 Utilities��������������������������������������������22 ABC manual text��������������������������33 Google���������������������������������������������23 Entering accented letters���������34 Downloads�������������������������������������23 Example������������������������������������������34Calls������������������������������������������26 To input “ä”, press and hold the Making a call���������������������������������26 “a” key.����������������������������������������������34 Calling your contacts�����������������26 Setting up your email����������������34 Answering and rejecting a call26 Sending an email using your Adjusting call volume����������������27 new account����������������������������������34 Making a second call������������������27 Retrieving your email�����������������35 Turning on DTMF�������������������������27 Changing your email settings�����35 Viewing your call logs����������������27 Threaded box �������������������������������36 Call settings�����������������������������������28 Using smilies���������������������������������36 Fixed Dial Numbers��������������������28 Changing your SMS settings���36 Voicemail����������������������������������������28 Changing your MMS settings�37 Using call forwarding�����������������28 Changing your other settings�38
  4. 4. Contents Moxier Sync�����������������������������������38 Rotating your photo�������������������49Camera�������������������������������������39 Adding text to a photo��������������50 Taking a quick photo �����������������39 Adding an effect to a photo����50 Once you’ve taken the photo�39 Cropping a photo �����������������������50 Using the flash������������������������������40 Tuning your photo����������������������50 Adjusting the exposure�������������40 Adding frames������������������������������51 Taking a continuous shot���������41 Adding clipart�������������������������������51 Using the advanced settings���41 Using the drawpad���������������������51 Changing the image size����������43 Adding stamps�����������������������������51 Choosing a color effect�������������43 Resizing�������������������������������������������51 Viewing your saved photos�����43 Editing your videos���������������������52Video camera���������������������������44 Trimming the length of the Shooting a quick video�������������44 video������������������������������������������������52 After shooting a video���������������44 Selecting transition style����������52 Adjusting the exposure�������������45 Adding subtitles��������������������������52 Using the advanced settings���45 Adding edit effects���������������������53 Changing the video image size Grabbing a frame������������������������53 �����������������������������������������������������������46 Adding dubbing to your video Choosing a color effect�������������46 �����������������������������������������������������������53 Watching your saved videos���47 Multimedia�������������������������������54Your photos and videos����������48 Timeline view��������������������������������54 Viewing your photos and videos My Images options menu��������55 �����������������������������������������������������������48 Sending a photo��������������������������55 Using zoom when viewing a Sending a video���������������������������55 video or photo������������������������������48 Using an image����������������������������55 Adjusting the volume when Creating a slideshow������������������55 viewing a video����������������������������48 Checking your photo�����������������55 Setting a photo as wallpaper��48 You can view a photo’s detailed Editing your photos��������������������48 information, such as Name, LG GT540 | User Guide
  5. 5. Date, Time, Resolution, Size, view��������������������������������������������������63 Type, and Tag.�������������������������������55 Utilities�������������������������������������64 Media Player ���������������������������������56 Setting your alarm����������������������64 Press the Menu key, then select Using your calculator�����������������64 Music. You can play songs, Quickoffice�������������������������������������65 categorize songs by Album and Voice recorder�������������������������������65 Artist, or create a Playlist.����������56 Recording a sound or voice�����65 Setting a ringtone�����������������������56 Sending the voice recording���65 Video editor�����������������������������������56 The Web������������������������������������66 Storyboard�������������������������������������56 Browser�������������������������������������������66 Music Movie ���������������������������������57 Accessing the Web����������������������66 Auto cut������������������������������������������58 Using the Web tool bar��������������66 Playing a game�����������������������������58 Using options��������������������������������66 Transferring files using USB Adding and accessing book- mass storage devices�����������������58 marks�����������������������������������������������67 Music������������������������������������������������59 Changing Web browser settings Playing a song������������������������������59 �����������������������������������������������������������67 Using the radio�����������������������������60 Select Menu, then select More Searching for stations����������������60 Settings. Or press.������������������������67 Resetting channels���������������������60 Settings������������������������������������68 Listening to the radio�����������������61 Wireless controls��������������������������68Google applications����������������62 Call settings�����������������������������������68 Google Maps���������������������������������62 Sound and display����������������������68 Market���������������������������������������������62 Sound settings�����������������������������68 Gmail������������������������������������������������62 Display settings����������������������������69 Google Talk������������������������������������63 Data synchronization ����������������69 Adding an event to your calen- Backup Restore�������������������������69 dar�����������������������������������������������������63 Security location ���������������������69 Changing your default calendar Applications����������������������������������70
  6. 6. Contents SD card phone storage����������70 Date and time ������������������������������70 Locale and text ����������������������������70 About phone���������������������������������71 DivX VOD registration����������������71Wi-Fi������������������������������������������72 1. How to set up Wi-Fi ���������������72 2. Wi-Fi network profile support �������������������������������������������������������72 3. How to obtain the MAC ad- dress �������������������������������������������73Software update����������������������74 Software update��������������������������74 DivX Mobile ���������������������������������74Accessories�������������������������������75Guidelines for safe and efficientuse���������������������������������������������77Troubleshooting����������������������83 LG GT540 | User Guide
  7. 7. Getting to know your phoneVolume keys Earpiece- On the home Charger, mi- screen: controls cro USB cable ringer volume. connector- During a call: Search key controls your - Search the earpiece volume. web and- When playing a contents in track: controls your phone. volume continu- ously. Camera key - Go to the camera menuMenu key directly by- Opens application menu Micro- pressing and and check what options are phone holding the available. key.- Unlocks when the screen is Back key locked. (When the display - Returns to turns on.) the previousSend key screen.- Dials a phone number and answers incoming calls. End/Power/Lock keyHome key - Ends or rejects a call.- Returns to home screen from - Powers your phone on/off by any screen. pressing and holding the key. - Turns off the screen and locks.
  8. 8. Getting to know your phoneStereoearphoneconnector Back coverCamera lensmicroSD Batterymemorycard slot SIM card slot Charger, micro USB cable connector Search key Camera key LG GT540 | User Guide
  9. 9. Installing the SIM card and batteryBefore you can start exploring 2 Slide the SIM card into theyour new phone, you’ll need to SIM card holder. Make sureset It up. the gold contact area on theTo insert the SIM card and card is facing downwards.battery1 With the back of the phone facing you, remove the back cover. To remove the back cover, firmly press your thumbs on either side of the back cover, and slide the cover below the camera lens. 3 Insert the battery into place by aligning the gold contacts on the phone and the battery, then gently press the battery until it snaps into space.
  10. 10. Installing the SIM card and battery4 Replace the back cover of the phone and slide it down into place until the latch clicks. NOTE! If your phone does not connect to a network when you insert a SIM card and turn it on, please contact your service carrier to obtain the details of its access point name.10 LG GT540 | User Guide
  11. 11. Charging your phoneSlide back the cover of the NOTE: The GT540 has ancharger connector on the side of internal antenna. Be careful notyour GT540. Insert the charger, to scratch or damage this rearand plug it into an electrical area, as that will cause loss ofoutlet. Your GT540 must be performance.charged until you can see .NOTE: The battery must be fullycharged initially to improvebattery lifetime. 11
  12. 12. Installing the memory cardTo store additional multimediafiles such as captured imagesby using a built-in camera, youmust insert a memory card toyour phone.To insert a memory card1 Turn the phone off before inserting or removing the memory card. Remove the back cover.2 Open the slot protection 3 Close the slot protection. and insert the memory card into the slot. Make sure the gold contact area is facing downwards.12 LG GT540 | User Guide
  13. 13. 4 Enter the password, if you WARNING! have set one. The card will Do not insert or remove then be formatted and ready the memory card when the to use. phone is on. Otherwise, it may NOTE: If there is content on damage the memory card as your memory card, the folder well as your phone, and the data stored on the memory structure may be different after card may be corrupted. formatting since all the files will have been deleted.Formatting the memorycardYour memory card may alreadybe formatted. If it isn’t, you mustformat it before you can use it.NOTE: All files on the card aredeleted when you format thecard.1 Select Settings.2 Scroll to and touch SD Card Phone Storage. Then scroll to and select Format SD Card.3 Touch Format SD Card, then confirm your choice. 13
  14. 14. Your Home screenOn this screen, you can access To toggle between the homemenu options, make a call, view screens, just swipe your fingerthe status of your phone, and quickly over the display from leftmuch more. to right or from right to left.Touch-screen tips Unlocking the screenThe Home screen is also a great When the screen is locked, eitherplace to get used to using the press and hold the Menu key ortouch screen. touch and hold on the touchTo select an item, touch the center screen to return to the Homeof the icon. screen.• Do not to press too hard; the Annunciator touch screen is sensitive enough Touch and hold the status to pick up a light, firm touch. bar, then drag down.• Use the tip of your finger to touch Here, you can check Wi-Fi and the option you want. Be careful Bluetooth status as well as other not to touch any other keys. notifications.• When the screen light is off, either press the power key or press and hold the Menu key.• Whenever your GT540 is not in use, it will return to the lock screen.Get in touch with your GT540The user interface is based on twotypes of home screens.14 LG GT540 | User Guide
  15. 15. Personalize home screenThe GT540 includes LG Home and Android Home.You can set your favorite home screen as the default.If you want to change the default home settings, choose Homescreen selector from the applications menu.NOTE: Some screen images may be different depending on yourphone provider.Using your home screenTouch the Applications tab at thebottom of the screen.You can then view all your installedapplications. 15
  16. 16. Your Home screenLG HomeYour LG home screen has five panels.Simply swipe your finger to the left or right to view them.You can also customize each panel with widgets, which are shortcutsto your favorite applications and folders.Tip!Small dots at the application tab on the bottom of the screenindicate which panel you’re viewing.16 LG GT540 | User Guide
  17. 17. In your LG home screen, you can view quick keys on the bottom ofthe screen.The quick keys provide easy, one-touch access to the functions youuse the most. Touch the Message icon to access the messaging menu. Here, you canTouch the Phone create a newicon to bring up message.the touch-dialingpad to make a call. Touch the Applications icon to open the applications menu. Just touch and slide up or down the screen to scroll through your applications. 17
  18. 18. Your Home screenAndroid HomeYour Android home screen has three panels.Simply swipe your finger to the left or right to view them.You can also customize each panel with widgets, which are shortcutsto your favorite applications and folders. Center panel Left panel Left panel18 LG GT540 | User Guide
  19. 19. Touch the Applications icon to open the applications menu.Just touch and slide up or down the screen to scroll through yourapplications. 19
  20. 20. Your Home screenCommunicationIcon Description Touch to access Browser. Touch to open your contacts. You can also create new contacts and edit existing ones. Touch to display the touch-dialing pad, which lets you make a call. Touch to access the Email menu. Check your email and write a new email. Touch to save and manage your favorite contacts. Touch to access the Message menu. From here, you can create a new SMS or MMS message. Easily check and manage your social network communities. Touch to conveniently access Exchange protocol features. Provides 2-way sync with Exchange Server. Check your detailed tasks. Manage your calendar-enabled, 2-way sync with Exchange Calendar.20 LG GT540 | User Guide
  21. 21. MultimediaIcon Description Touch to open your camera viewfinder. Touch to listen to the radio. To collect, organize and sort picture and video files on a memory card. Touch to open Media Player. Touch to enter the Music menu directly. Touch to edit your video files. 21
  22. 22. Your Home screenUtilitiesIcon Description Touch to access the Alarm menu directly. Touch to perform basic arithmetic calculations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Touch to access Quickoffice. Touch to record voice memos and other audio files. Touch to adjust the general settings of your GT540. Touch to choose your default Home setting.22 LG GT540 | User Guide
  23. 23. GoogleIcon Description To keep track of your appointments and create meeting requests. Use Google’s Web-based email service on your phone. Touch to access Google Maps, where you can search for locations and directions. Use Google Talk to communicate with other people through instant messaging. Touch to access Android Market. Access Applications, Games, Search, and your My Downloads folder. Use the online video streaming service view videos uploaded by others.DownloadsHere, the applications you downloaded from Market and other newlyinstalled applications will be added. 23
  24. 24. Your Home screenViewing the status bar Icon DescriptionThe status bar uses different Speakerphoneicons to display phoneinformation, such as signal Call mutestrength, new messages, batterylife, and active Bluetooth and Missed calldata connections.Below is a table explaining the Bluetooth onmeaning of icons you’re likely to Bluetooth connectedsee in the status bar. System warning [Status bar] Alarm Icon Description New voicemail No SIM card Flight mode No signal Silent Wi-Fi is on Vibrate Wired headset No SD card Call forward Battery fully charged Call hold Battery is charging24 LG GT540 | User Guide
  25. 25. Icon Description Data in Data out Data in and out USB to PC Download Upload GPS is acquiring GPS is on Service message Setting message 25
  26. 26. Calls TIP! Press the power Calling your contacts key to lock the touch screen 1 Touch to open your to prevent making calls by Contacts. mistake. 2 Scroll through the contact list or enter the first letter(s) ofMaking a call the contact you want to call1 Touch to open the by touching . keypad. 3 In the list, touch the contact2 Enter the number on the you want to call, then select keypad. To delete a digit, the number to use if there press the Backspace button. is more than one for that3 Touch Call to make a call. contact.4 To end a call, touch End Call. Answering and rejecting TIP! To enter “+” to make a call international calls, hold down When your phone rings, press . Accept to answer. Touch Reject to reject an incoming call. TIP! When the phone rings, press the Volume Up Down key if you want to switch to silent ringer mode.26 LG GT540 | User Guide
  27. 27. Adjusting call volume Turning on DTMFTo adjust the volume during a DTMF lets you use numericalcall, use volume up down key commands to navigate withinon the left side of the phone. automated calls. The DTMF default is set to off.Making a second call To turn it on, touch .1 During your initial call, touch Menu, then touch . Then, Viewing your call logs select the number you want On the Home screen, touch to call. or , then choose Call log.2 Call the number, or search View a complete list of all dialed, your contacts. received, missed, and voice calls.3 Touch the Call to connect the call. TIP! Touch Menu, then touch Clear call log to delete all4 Both calls will be displayed on the recorded items. the call screen. Your initial call will be locked and put on hold. TIP! Touch any single5 Touch to toggle between call log entry to view the date, calls. Or touch to make a time, and duration of the call. conference call.6 To end active calls, press End call. If there is no active call, it will end the Hold call. To end all calls at the same time, touch End call.NOTE: You will be charged foreach call you make. 27
  28. 28. CallsCall settings Using call barring 1 Choose Settings. Choose CallFixed Dial Numbers Settings.Select Fixed Dial Numbers to 2 Touch Call Barring.turn on and compile a list ofnumbers that can be called from 3 Choose any or all of the fiveyour phone. You’ll need your PIN options:2 code, which is available from All Outgoingyour operator. Only numbers Outgoing Internationalwithin the fixed dial list can be Outgoing International Callscalled from your phone. Except Home Country All IncomingVoicemail Incoming When AbroadUsing call forwarding 4 Enter the call barring1 Choose Settings. Choose Call password. Please check with Settings. your network operator about2 Touch Call Forwarding. this service.3 Choose from Always forward, Call Cost – Check the Last Call Forward when busy, Forward meter or All Calls meter. Or Set when unanswered or Forward Call Cost And Limit. when unreachable. Call Duration – Check the4 Enter the number to forward duration of your call. to.NOTE: Diverting calls will incurcharges. Please contact yournetwork operator for details.28 LG GT540 | User Guide
  29. 29. Additional call settings1 Choose Settings. Choose Call Settings.2 Touch Additional call settings. This lets you change the following settings: Caller ID – Use default operator settings to display my number in outgoing calls. Call Waiting – During a call, notify me of incoming calls.Select lineNetwork operatorsSearch networks, and select oneautomatically. 29
  30. 30. ContactsSearching for a contact Adding a new contactThere are two ways to search for 1 On the Home screen, toucha contact: , then touch .On the Home screen 2 If you want to add a picture to1 On the Home screen, touch the new contact, touch . to open your Contacts. You can use a saved picture or Touch Search Contacts and take a new one. enter the contact name using 3 Enter the first and last names the keypad. of your new contact. TIP! To search by group, touch 4 Enter numbers and assign a type to each, choosing the Contacts tab at the top of between Mobile, Home, the screen and select Groups. Work, and so on. This will display a list of all your groups. 5 Add email addresses. Classify each email address as Home,From the main menu Work, or Other.1 Touch , then touch on 6 Also, you can enter social the Communication tab. network IDs, chat addresses, websites, postal addresses,2 Touch Search Contacts. and organizations. 7 Mark the contact as Starred In Android, or set as New Group. Enter Group name, for example, No Group, Family, Friends, Colleagues, School, or VIP.30 LG GT540 | User Guide
  31. 31. 8 You can also add a Birthday, Calls will start automatically; you Notes, and a Ringtone. And don’t have to touch Voice Call. if you choose Incoming Calls, the call will be sent directly to Creating a group voicemail. 1 On the Home screen, touch9 Touch Done to save the , then touch Groups. contact. 2 Touch , then enter a name for the new group. You TIP! You can create can set a ringtone for the customized groups for your newly created group. contacts. See “Creating a group.” 3 Touch Done to save the group.Favorite Contacts NOTE: If you delete a group, theYou can classify frequently called contacts assigned to that groupcontacts as favorites. will not be lost. They will remain1 On the Home screen, touch in your contacts. . Touch Add Contact. TIP! You can edit an existing2 Choose your favorite contacts group by touching the selected from the contact list. group once. Choose View3 You can call, send a message Members, Edit The Group, Send Message, or Delete Group. to, or edit any favorite contact. 31
  32. 32. MessagingMessaging 4 Press the Menu key for AddYour GT540 combines SMS and Subject, Attach, Send, InsertMMS into one intuitive, easy-to- Smiley, Discard, and Alluse menu. Threads.On the Home screen, touch WARNING: The 160-or , then scroll to Messaging character limit may vary fromon the Communication tab. country to country depending on how the SMS is coded.Sending a message1 Touch , then touch New WARNING: If an image, Message to open a blank video, or audio file is added message. to an SMS message, it will be2 Touch To to enter the automatically converted into recipient’s number, or open an MMS message, and you will your contacts. You can add be charged accordingly. multiple contacts. When you are finished, touch the NOTE: When you get an SMS message box below to start message during a call, there is no composing the message text. alert, but you will seen it on the3 After entering the text, touch indicator bar. the Send button on top of the message to send the SMS. TIP! You will be charged for a text message for every person you send the message to.32 LG GT540 | User Guide
  33. 33. Entering text Use to scroll through theKeypad different keyboards in each text entry mode (e.g., uppercase or lowercase letters). To enter a space, touch . T9 predictive text In T9 mode, you will see . T9 mode uses a built-in dictionary to recognize the words you want to enter based on the key sequences you touch. Simply touch the number keys associated with the letters you Touch to turn on T9 want to enter, and the dictionarypredictive text. will predict the word you wantTouch to change the writing to use.language. For example, press 8, 3, 5, 3, 7, 4, Tap to change between 6, 6 to write “telephone.”the number, symbol, and textkeypads. Touch and hold ABC manual textto view the Editor Settings, In ABC mode, you must touchWriting Language, Input Method, the key repeatedly to enter aand User Dictionary. letter. For example, to write “hello,” touch 4 twice, 3 twice, 5 three times, 5 three more times, then 6 three times. 33
  34. 34. MessagingEntering accented letters 1 Touch Email on theWhen you select French or Communication tab.Spanish as the text entry 2 If the email account is notlanguage, you can enter special set up, start the email setupFrench or Spanish characters wizard.(e.g., “ä”). TIP! If an email account isAfter the corresponding letter already set up, the wizard ischaracter disappears, press the not activated automatically.same key repeatedly until yousee the special character youwant. Sending an email using your new accountExample 1 Touch Email on theTo input “ä”, press and hold the Communication tab, then“a” key. touch New Message to open aAfter the letter “a” disappears, new blank the “a” key repeatedly until 2 Enter the recipient’s address,“ä” is displayed on the screen. then write your message.Enter special characters by You can also attach images,pressing the letter continuously. videos, audio files, and variousSetting up your email document file formats.Keep in touch while on the move 3 Touch Send to send yourby using your GT540 to send email.emails. It’s quick and simple to TIP! During an active Wi-Fiset up a POP3 or IMAP4 email connection, emails are sentaccount. and received using Wi-Fi.34 LG GT540 | User Guide
  35. 35. Retrieving your email 3 You can change the followingYou can automatically or settings:manually check your account for Account Name – Enter anew email. name for your email account.See “Change Your Email Your Name – Enter theSettings” to learn how to check name you want displayed inautomatically. outgoing mail.To check manually: Email Address – Your email1 Touch Email. address. Email Check Frequency – Set2 Then touch the account you how often to check for new want to use. emails.3 Choose Refresh, and your Truncate Messages At – GT540 will then connect Download options for email to your email account and retrieval. retrieve your new messages. Number Of Emails To DisplayChanging your email – Number of emails to displaysettings in the email list.You can change your email Maximum Receive Size Limitsettings based on your own – Maximum size that can bepreferences. downloaded. Maximum Send Size Limit –1 Touch Email. In the menu, Maximum size that can be you find the option Account sent out. Settings. Priority – Set email priority to2 Select Email. High, Normal, or Low. 35
  36. 36. Messaging Signature – Create a signature Threaded box to add to the end of every Messages (SMS, MMS) email you send. exchanged with another Default Account – Set the party can be displayed in SMTP account to use for chronological order so that outgoing email messages. you can conveniently see an Email Notification – Set this overview of your conversation. to display email alerts in the NOTE: When you send an status bar. MMS message, there will be no Select Ringtone – Set the delivery report, but you will see sound you want for email the icon. alerts. Vibrate – This enables/ Using smilies disables phone vibration as an Liven up your messages using email alert. smilies. Incoming settings – Server When writing a new message, information for the POP4/ press the Menu key, then choose IMAP4 server. Insert Smiley. Outgoing settings – Server information for the SMTP Changing your SMS settings server. Your GT540 message settings are predefined, so you can send messages immediately. You can change the settings based on your preferences. Touch , then press the Menu key.36 LG GT540 | User Guide
  37. 37. Delivery Report – Activate to Read Report – Choose toreceive confirmation that your request a read report for eachmessages have been delivered. message you send.Manage SIM Card Messages Auto-retrieve – Activate to– Manage the messages stored retrieve messages automatically.on your SIM card. Roaming Auto-retrieve –Validity period – Choose how Activate to retrieve messageslong your messages are stored in while roaming.the message center. Set Priority – Choose theText Message Center – Enter priority level of your MMS.the details of your message Validity Period – Choose howcenter. long your message is stored inChanging your MMS the message center.settings Creation modeYour GT540 message settings RESTRICTED: In this mode, theare predefined, so you can send MMS Client device only createsmessages immediately. You can and sends messages withchange the settings based on content belonging to the Coreyour preferences. MM Content Domain.Touch , then press the Menu WARNING: In this mode,key. Touch . the MMS Client device guides the user in creatingYou can make changes to the and sending messages withfollowing: content belonging to the CoreDelivery Report – Choose to MM Content Domain. Thisrequest a delivery report. guidance is provided through warning dialogs. 37
  38. 38. Messaging FREE: In this mode, the MMS Moxier Sync Client allows the user to add Moxier Sync is a sync manager any content to the message. that provides options for syncChanging your other and settings for Moxier Mail,settings Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks.Scroll to Message Settings on Press the Menu key, then viewthe Settings tab: the options.Info. Service Settings – Choose • Sync Nowwhether to receive, block, or Syncs only the applicationsview or edit channels to receive selected in Sync options.information service messages(cell broadcast messages). • Report LogsAlso choose the languages of Moves to the composeinformation service messages. window containing errorService Message – Choose logs.whether to receive or block • Legal Noticeservice messages. View the legal notice.Notification settings – Activate • Helpto display message notifications Takes you to the the status bar. Also select a FAQ website.ringtone and activate vibrate toalert you of new messages. • About Displays information on the currently installed Moxier Mail.38 LG GT540 | User Guide
  39. 39. CameraTaking a quick photo Once you’ve taken the1 Press and hold the camera photo key on the right side of the Your captured photo will appear phone. on the screen.2 Holding the phone Send T ouch to send the photo horizontally, point the lens as an Email, by Gmail, towards the subject you want or using Messaging, My to photograph. Email, and so on.3 Press the capture button NOTE: Additional charges may lightly, and a focus box will apply when MMS messages are appear in the center of the downloaded while roaming. viewfinder screen. Set as Touch to use the image4 Position the phone so you as wallpaper. can see the subject in the focus box. Rename ouch to edit the name T5 When the focus box turns of the selected picture. green, the camera has Edit T ouch to edit the image focused on your subject. using various tools.6 Press the capture button and hold it down. T ouch to return to the previous menu. TIP! Face tracking T ouch to delete the image. This automatically detects and focuses on human faces to Touch to take another photo help you take clearer pictures. immediately. Your current photo will be saved. Touch to view a gallery of your saved photos. 39
  40. 40. CameraUsing the flash Adjusting the exposureThe default flash setting is auto, The exposure defines thebut there are other options. difference between light and dark1 Select on the left side of areas in an image. A low contrast the viewfinder to enter the image will appear foggy, whereas flash submenu. a high contrast image will appear2 There are three flash options: much sharper. Auto – Your camera will assess 1 Touch . the available light and use the 2 Slide the contrast indicator flash, as necessary, to take the along the bar towards for best picture. a lower exposure and hazier On – The camera will always image or towards for a flash. higher exposure and sharper image. Off – The camera will never flash. This is useful if you want Adjusting the zoom to save battery power. You can also zoom in or out.3 After touching the option Touch to adjust the zoom. you want, the flash menu will automatically close, allowing you to take a picture immediately.4 The flash status icon in the viewfinder will change, based on the new flash mode.540 LG GT540 | User Guide
  41. 41. Taking a continuous shot able to store fewer photos in the1 In the viewfinder, touch memory. to open all advanced options, White Balance – Choose then select Shot Mode and between Auto, Incandescent, Continuous Shot. Sunny, Fluorescent, and2 Position the subject in the Cloudy. viewfinder, then press the Shot mode – Choose from capture button as if taking a Normal shot, Continuous shot or normal photo. Panorama shot.3 The camera will take shots in Timer – The self-timer allows you quick succession. to set a delay after the shutter is pressed. Select Off, 3 seconds, 5Using the advanced settings seconds, or 10 seconds. This isIn the viewfinder, touch to ideal if you want to be includedopen all advanced options. in a photo.You can change the camera ISO – The ISO rating determinessetting by scrolling the wheel. the sensitivity of the camera’sAfter selecting the option, touch light sensor. The higher the ISO,the Back key. the more sensitive the cameraImage Size – Change the size of will be. This is useful underthe photo to save memory. darker conditions when youImage Quality – Choose cannot use the flash. Select frombetween Super Fine, Fine, and ISO values of Auto, 100, 200,Normal. The finer the quality, and 400.the sharper the photo. However,the file size will increase as aresult, which means you’ll be 41
  42. 42. CameraScene Mode – Choose from Shutter Sound – Select one ofAuto, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, the four shutter sounds.and Night. Geotagging – Activate to useColor Effect – Choose a color your phone’s location-basedtone for your new photo. services. Take pictures whereverFocus – Choose Auto or Manual. you are and tag them with the location. If you upload taggedFace – Select how the camera pictures to a blog that supportsfocuses. Choose between None, geotagging, you can see theTracking, or Smile Shot. pictures displayed on a map. • None – Automatically adjust NOTE: This function is only the focus for a clear, sharp available when GPS is active. image. Hide Icons – Choose the camera • Tracking – Your camera setting icons to hide manually or can automatically identify automatically. faces and provide another Reset – Restore all camera rectangular for better focus. default settings. • Smile Shot – Turn smart lighting On or Off. Shot TIP! When you exit the automatically when your camera, all settings will return subject or subjects smile. to their defaults, except image size and image quality. AnyShow Captured Image nondefault settings must be– Choose On to check the picture reset, such as color tone andyou took right away. ISO. Check these before youGrid Screen – Choose between take your next photo.Off, 2x2 Grid, or 3x3 Grid.42 LG GT540 | User Guide
  43. 43. TIP! The settings menu Choosing a color effect is superimposed over the 1 Using the viewfinder, touch viewfinder, so when you in the upper-left corner. change elements of the image 2 Select Color Effect from the color or quality, you will see a Preview menu. preview of the image change behind the settings menu. 3 There are ten color tone options: Normal, Black White, Sepia, Negative,Changing the image size Sketch, Emboss, Red, Green, Aqua, and Solarize.The more pixels, the larger thefile, which means the files take 4 Once you’ve made yourup more memory. If you want selection, use the Back key toto store more pictures on your close the color tone, you can change the You are then ready to take aresolution to make the files picture.smaller. TIP! You can change1 Using the viewfinder, touch a color picture to black and . white or sepia, but you cannot2 Select Image Size from the change a black-and-white or Preview menu. sepia picture to color.3 Select a pixel value from the six options. (5 Mega, 3 Viewing your saved photos Mega, 2 Mega, 1 Mega, VGA, 1 You can access your saved QVGA) photos from within the camera mode. Just touch and your gallery will appear on the screen. 43
  44. 44. Video cameraShooting a quick video NOTE: Additional charges may1 Press and hold the camera key apply when MMS messages are on the right side of the phone. downloaded while roaming.2 Then, switch to . Play Touch to play the video.3 The video camera’s viewfinder Rename ouch to edit the name T will appear on the screen. of the selected picture.4 Holding the phone horizontally, point the lens Edit Touch to use the image towards the subject of the as wallpaper. video. Touch to return to the5 Press the capture button once previous menu. to start recording. Touch to delete the video6 REC will appear at the bottom you just made, and confirm of the viewfinder with a timer by touching Yes. The showing the length of the viewfinder will reappear. video. Touch to shoot another7 Touch on the screen to video right away. Your stop recording. current video will be saved.After shooting a video Touch to view the savedA still image representing your videos and picture will appear on the screen. Send ouch to send the photo T as an Email, by Gmail, or using Messaging, My E-mail, YouTube, and so on.44 LG GT540 | User Guide
  45. 45. Adjusting the exposure Size – Change the size of theThe exposure defines the video to save memory. Seedifference between light and dark “Changing the Video Imageareas in an image. A low contrast Size” on page 64.image will appear foggy, whereas Scene – Choose betweena high contrast image will appear Normal and Night.much sharper. Color Effect – Choose a color1 Touch . tone to use for your new view.2 Slide the exposure indicator White Balance – The white along the bar, towards for balance ensures any the white a lower exposure and fuzzier areas in your video are realistic. image, or towards for a To enable your camera to adjust higher contrast and sharper the white balance correctly, you image. may need to determine the light conditions. Choose betweenUsing the advanced settings Auto, Incandescent, Sunny,Using the viewfinder, touch Fluorescent, and Cloudy.Settings to open all the Duration – Set a duration limitadvanced options. for your video. Choose betweenAdjust the video camera setting Normal and MMS to limit theby scrolling the wheel. After maximum size to send as anselecting the option, touch the MMS message.Back key. TIP! When choosing MMS duration, selecting a lower image quality lets you shoot longer videos. 45
  46. 46. Video cameraVoice – Choose Mute to record a 176 x 144 – Smallest imagevideo without sound. size, and therefore the smallestHide Icons – Select whether file hide the icons in the camera 4 Touch the button tomenu automatically or manually. return to the viewfinder.Reset – Reset all the videocamera settings. Choosing a color effect 1 Using the viewfinder, touchChanging the video image in the upper-left corner.size 2 Select Color Effect from theThe more pixels, the larger the Preview menu.file size, which means the files 3 Color tone options: Normal,take up more memory. If you Black White, Sepia,want to store more videos on Negative, Sketch, Emboss,your phone, you can change the Red, Green, Aqua, andvideo resolution to make the files Solarize.smaller. 4 Touch the color tone you1 Using the viewfinder, touch want to use. .2 Select Video Size from the TIP! You can change a video Preview menu. shot in color to black and3 Select a pixel value: white or sepia, but you cannot change a black-and-white or 320 x 240 – Smaller image sepia video to color. size, and therefore a smaller file size. This is ideal for saving memory.46 LG GT540 | User Guide
  47. 47. Watching your saved videos1 In the viewfinder, touch .2 Your gallery will appear on the screen.3 Touch a video once to bring it to the front of the gallery. It starts to play automatically. 47
  48. 48. Your photos and videosViewing your photos and Setting a photo asvideos wallpaper1 Touch on the camera 1 Touch the photo you want to preview screen. set as wallpaper to open it.2 Your gallery will appear on 2 Touch the screen to open the the screen. Options menu.3 Touch the video or photo to 3 Touch Use as , then touch open it fully. Set Wallpaper. TIP! Flick left or right to 4 The screen will switch to view other photos or videos. Portrait mode.Using zoom when viewing a Editing your photosvideo or photo You can do lots of great things to your photos to change them,When viewing photos or videos, add to them, or liven them can zoom in or out using . 1 Open the photo you want to edit, then Press the Menu key.Adjusting the volume when 2 Touch Edit to change yourviewing a video photo:To adjust the volume of a video Rotate Flip – Rotate orwhile it is playing, use the flip your photo for fun orvolume keys on the left side of a better view.the phone.48 LG GT540 | User Guide
  49. 49. Crop – Crop your photo. Stamp – Decorate your Choose a square or photo with stamps. circular crop area, then Choose from the different move your finger across stamps, then touch your the screen to select the photo where you want to area. place them.Tuning – This helps Resize – Resize your you adjust a picture photo. using automatic color, Save the changes you brightness, and so on. made to the photos.Effect – Touch to apply Delete your photo edits. the effect options to a photo. Rotating your photoFrame – Add frames to 1 Rotate 90° the photo. counterclockwiseText – Add text to a 2 Rotate 90° clockwise picture. 3 Flip verticallyClipart – Add clipart to 4 Flip horizontally a photo.Drawpad – Draw on your photo, freehand. Select the line thickness from the four options, then choose the color you want. 49
  50. 50. Your photos and videosAdding text to a photo Cropping a photo1 On the editing screen, touch 1 On the editing screen, touch . .2 Select the color of the text, 2 Choose the shape you want then choose one of the to use to crop the picture. bubble shapes. 3 Drag the box over the area3 Enter your text using the you want to crop. Move the keypad, then touch Done. selected area by dragging.4 Move the text by touching it 4 When you are finished with and sliding it to where you your selection, touch Done. want it. Tuning your photoAdding an effect to a photo 1 On the editing screen, touch1 On the editing screen, touch . . Use the tuning toolbar to adjust2 You can apply any of the your photo’s tuning as you like. various options to the photo. 1 Choose to adjust the3 To undo an effect, simply tuning settings automatically. touch . 2 Choose to compare before and after tuning. 3 Adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo. 4 Adjust highlights and shadows.50 LG GT540 | User Guide
  51. 51. 5 Balance your photo’s Using the drawpad color. 1 Touch on the editing6 Adjust the saturation of screen. your photo. 2 Touch to select the7 Adjust your photo’s shape. sharpness. 3 Also, set the color and8 Denoise. thickness. 4 You can delete the drawingAdding frames you added using .1 On the editing screen, touch . Adding stamps2 Touch or to choose 1 Touch on the editing a frame. screen.3 Touch to check the whole 2 Touch to see which frame. stamps are available. 3 Touch the screen where youAdding clipart want to add the stamp to the1 Touch on the editing photo. screen. 4 Adjust the color using .2 Touch , then select clipart. Resizing3 Adjust the size of the clipart. 1 Touch on the editing4 Rotate clipart using and screen. . 2 Scroll the bar to resize the photo. 51
  52. 52. Your photos and videosEditing your videos Adding subtitlesThe video editing features are 1 Open the video you want toavailable for the MPEG-4 format. edit. 2 Select Edit , then selectTrimming the length of the to add subtitles to thevideo video.1 Select Edit , then choose 3 Touch , then pause . playback to set the start point2 Touch . Then set the for text appearance. new start and end points by 4 Touch Start, then choose the touching again. text style. Enter your text3 Touch Done or, alternatively, using the keypad, then select touch to return to the Done. gallery and discard the 5 Touch the area of the screen changes. where you want the text toSelecting transition style appear, then touch Done.1 Select a transition style, then 6 Touch Save. Replace the touch to preview it. existing file, or save as a new2 Touch , then drag the bar file. to adjust the duration time 7 Repeat these steps to add3 Touch Done to save the more text. transition. Touch Apply only to apply the currently selected transition. Choose Apply To All to apply the currently selected transition to all video files in the storyboard.52 LG GT540 | User Guide
  53. 53. Adding edit effects Adding dubbing to your1 Open the video you want to video edit. 1 Open the video you want to2 Select Edit , then select edit. . 2 Select Edit , then choose3 Select an effect to add to the . photo. 3 Touch . The My Sounds folder will open. Choose theGrabbing a frame track you want to add to yourCapture a picture from the video. video.1 Open the video you want to 4 The original audio track on edit. your video will be deleted.2 Select Edit , then and 5 If the audio is shorter than the select . video, choose whether to play3 Play the video, then touch it Once or to Repeat it. to capture the screen 6 Replace the existing file, or you want while the video is save as a new file. playing. 7 Or you can record a new file4 The frame is saved to the and insert live dubbing by phone as a still image file. touching . 8 Touch Done to save the current dubbing. 53
  54. 54. MultimediaYou can store multimedia files Video : Displays all yourto a memory card to have easy videos.access to all your image and Tagging : Like the Favoritevideo files. bar, you can tag photos. This barTo access the Multimedia menu, displays your tagged photos andtouch , then select Gallery videos.on Multimedia tab. You can open People : From camera,a list of catalog bars that store all if you set Setting Face your multimedia files. Tracking and take a photo, it will be placed on the People bar. Note: Make sure you install You can give a new nickname a memory card into the phone to to someone in the photo. Or save photos and access all your connect to Contacts to match pictures. Without a memory card, the phone will not display any the photo with the contact. photos or videos. Timeline viewThere are five catalog bars as GT540 Gallery provides ashown below. timeline view of your photos andAll : Displays all your videos. On the left side of thepictures and videos. screen, the date you took your photos will be displayed, fromFavorite : If you touch and oldest to newest. If you select ahold a photo or video, the option specific date, all the photos youscreen will appear allowing you took on that day will be groupedto tag the photo as a favorite. over a white background.This Favorite bar will show yourfavorite photos and videos.54 LG GT540 | User Guide
  55. 55. My Images options menu Using an imageSelect a photo, then touch and Choose images to use ashold to see the available options. wallpaper or identify callers. 1 Touch and hold a photo, thenSending a photo select Set As.1 To send a photo, touch and 2 Choose Wallpaper or Picture hold the photo you want. ID.2 Select Share. Choose Email or Messaging. Creating a slideshow3 When you choose Email or If you want to view all the Messaging, your video will images on your phone, you can be attached to a message, create a slideshow so you don’t then you write and send the have to open and close each message normally. image. 1 Touch and hold a photo, thenSending a video select Slideshow.1 To send a video, touch and hold the video you want. Checking your photo2 Select Share. Choose Email or You can view a photo’s detailed Messaging. information, such as Name, When you choose Email or Date, Time, Resolution, Size, Messaging, your video will Type, and Tag. be attached to a message, 1 Touch and hold a photo, then then you write and send the select Detail. message normally. 55
  56. 56. MultimediaMedia Player 3 Select from Settings SoundThe Media Player folder displays Display Phone Ringtone.a list of videos you downloaded Video editorto or recorded on your phone. 1 Touch , then select VideoWatching a video Editor.1 Select Media Player on the Multimedia tab. Storyboard2 Select a video to play. 1 Set BGM – Add background music to the TIP! The GT540 supports DivX storyboard, or change video playback to ensure the sound. greater content availability. 2 Import Files – Add mediaPress the Menu key, then select files to the storyboard.Music. You can play songs, You can add up to 32categorize songs by Album media files.and Artist, or create a Playlist. 3 Clip Manager – Manage the added media files.Setting a ringtone If no media files wereThere are three options. added, the button is1 Touch and hold a music file disabled. from the Music list or Media 4 Preview – Preview the Player, select Use As, then set video file you created. as a ringtone using the pop- 5 Save – Save the video file up options. you created.2 Record a voice memo using 6 Add Text – Add a text Voice Recorder, then set it as frame into storyboard. a ringtone.56 LG GT540 | User Guide
  57. 57. You must touch first to edit 2 After you select photos, touchthe video. to proceed to the next step. – Touch to select all the files, but the maximum is – Touch to toggle to 32 files. random mode. – Touch to deselect all the – Touch to toggle to files. original mode.25/32 – This shows the selected – Touch to toggle to view file number. mode. Touch to go to the next step. 3 Touch to select all the photos, then touch .Music Movie 4 Select the music, then set it as1 Flip left and right to check the background music. the various styles. For Music 5 Add movie title using the Movie, you can select only QWERTY keypad, then save it. photos. 6 Touch to play the – Return to the Video complete video file. Editor screen. 7 Touch to save the video – Display the style name file you created. and description. – Preview the style. – Touch to select photos. 57
  58. 58. MultimediaAuto cut Transferring files using USBThere are three style templates: mass storage devicesPortrait, Landscape, and Motion To transfer files using USBobjects. devices:1 Touch , then select a 1 Connect the GT540 to a PC video. Go to the next step. using a USB cable.2 Touch to preview the 2 Choose Settings SD Card video file. Phone Storage Activate3 Touch to save the file. Mass Storage Only. 3 In the status bar, drag thePlaying a game USB icon.1 The GT540 provides a number 4 Choose USB Connected and of games. You can download Mount. more games from Market. 5 You can view the mass2 Touch the Launch button storage contents on your PC to launch a game or an and transfer the files.NOTE: application. You need to install and SDNOTE: Additional charges may card first. Without an SD card,apply when using this service to you cannot use USB massdownload games or applications storage.that are not free. 6NOTE: Java game andapplication installation are onlypossible through the Web.58 LG GT540 | User Guide
  59. 59. Music 6 Touch to go back toYour LG GT540 has a built-in the first part of the player that lets you play all Touch to go back to theyour favorite tracks. To access the previous player, touch . From To change the volume whilehere, you can access a number listening to music, press the Upof folders: and Down volume keys on theArtists – Browse your music left side of the phone.collection by artist. Touch and hold any song in theAlbums – Browse your music list. It will display Play, Add Tocollection by album. Playlist, Use As Phone Ringtone,Songs – Contains all the songs Delete, and Search as have on your phone. NOTE: Music file copyrights mayPlaylists – Contains the playlists be protected by internationalyou created. treaties and national copyright laws.Playing a song Therefore, it may be necessary to1 Select Music on the obtain permission or a license to Multimedia tab. reproduce or copy music.2 Touch Songs. In some countries, national3 Select the song you want laws prohibit private copying to play. of copyrighted material. Before4 Touch to pause the song. downloading or copying the file,5 Touch to skip to the next please check the national laws of song. the relevant country concerning the use of such material. 59
  60. 60. MultimediaUsing the radio 3 Touch Auto Scan, then touchYour LG GT540 has a built-in FM Yes. Assign the stationsradio so you can tune in to your found to channel numbers byfavorite stations and listen on selecting Set, Skip, or Stop.the go. NOTE: You can also manuallyNOTE: You must attach your tune in to a station using theheadphones to listen to the wheel displayed next to theradio. Insert them into the radio frequency.headphone jack. Resetting channelsSearching for stations 1 Select FM Radio.You can tune in to radio stations 2 Choose Auto Scan to resetby searching for them manually the current channel, oror automatically. They will then choose Reset All Channels tobe saved to specific channel reset all the channels. If younumbers, so you don’t have to reset all the channels, eachkeep re-tuning in. channel will return to theYou can store up to 48 channels initial 87.5 MHz frequency.on your phone.To tune in automatically1 Select FM Radio.2 Press the Menu key.60 LG GT540 | User Guide
  61. 61. Listening to the radio1 Select FM Radio.2 Touch the channel number of the station you want to listen to. TIP! To improve radio reception, extend the headset cord, which functions as the radio antenna. Warning! If you connect a headset not specifically made for radio reception, radio reception may be poor. 61
  62. 62. Google applications1 First, set up a Google account. You can post comments about Enter your user name and an application or flag it if you password. find it is incompatible with the2 After signing in, your contacts, GT540. email, and calendar in 1 Select a category to browse your Google account will its contents. automatically synchronize 2 Choose an application to with your GT540. install.Google Maps NOTE: When you want to finish the game, use the Home orCheck your current location and Back key. You will return to thetraffic and receive directions standby screen. Or use the Menuto your destination. The GT540 key of the game.must be connected to Wi-Fi or3G/GPRS. GmailNOTE: Google Maps does not Gmail is configured whencover all cities and countries. you first set up yourNOTE: While viewing Street View phone. Depending on yourfor a location, press Menu, then synchronization settings, Gmailtouch Compass Mode to turn on your phone is automaticallycompass mode on. synchronized with your Gmail account on the Web.The InboxMarket conversations list is your defaultMarket lets you download useful Gmail view.applications and games. If youinstall applications and gamesfrom Market, they appear in theGT540 menu.62 LG GT540 | User Guide
  63. 63. Press the Menu key, then touch time boxes.Refresh to send or receive new 6 Also, touch Where, then enteremails and to synchronize your the location.emails with your Gmail account 7 If you would like to add aon the Web. note to your event, touchGoogle Talk Description and enter the details.Google Talk is Google’s instantmessaging program. It lets you 8 If you want to repeat thecommunicate with other people alarm, set Repetition, and setwho also use Google Talk. Reminders, if necessary. 9 Touch Save to save the eventAdding an event to your in the calendar. A coloredcalendar square in the calendar will1 Select Calendar. mark all days that have saved2 First, you must create a events. An alarm will sound Google account to use at the event start time to help Calendar. you stay organized.3 Select the date you want to Changing your default add an event to. calendar view4 Press the Menu key, then 1 Select Calendar on the touch New event. Google tab. Press the Menu5 Touch What, then enter the key. event name. Check the date 2 Select the calendar view for and enter the time you want a particular day, week, or your event to begin. Enter month. the time and date the event finishes in the lower date and 63
  64. 64. UtilitiesSetting your alarm 8 Touch and hold the clock on1 Select Alarm Clock. the screen, and different types of clocks will be displayed.2 If you want to add a new Choose one of them. alarm, touch Add Alarm. There are preset alarms you 9 You can delete all the alarms can activate. by pressing the Menu key and choose Delete alarm.3 Touch to turn on the alarm, and set the time you want the Using your calculator alarm to sound. After you set 1 Select Calculator on the the time, the GT540 will let Utilities tab. you know how much time is left before the alarm sounds. 2 Touch the number keys to enter numbers.4 Choose a ringtone, and turn on Vibrate, if you want. Set 3 For simple calculations, touch the repeat. the function you want (+, –, x, The icons indicate the or ÷), followed by =. weekday you select. 4 For more complex5 Choose Label to name the calculations, press the Menu alarm. key, touch the Advanced panel, then choose sin, cos,6 When the alarm sounds, you tan, log, and so on. can snooze it for 10 minutes or dismiss it.7 Touch , then return to the first alarm screen.64 LG GT540 | User Guide
  65. 65. Quickoffice Voice recorderYou can manage and view Use the voice recorder to recorddocument files. The supported voice memos or other audio files.file types are PDF, DOC, TXT, XLS,and ZIP. Recording a sound or voice1 Choose Memory Card. You 1 Touch Voice Recorder. can see the files and folder 2 Touch Record. list. 3 Touch to begin2 If you choose Recent recording. Documents, files you recently 4 Touch to end recording. viewed will be displayed. 5 Touch Use As to set as the3 Touch and hold any file, Phone Ringtone. and the options Rename, Properties, and Delete will Sending the voice recording appear. 1 Once you have finished4 Choose a file, then press the recording, you can send the Menu key to view the Open, audio clip by touching Share. Register, Update, Properties, 2 The recording will be added and About options. There are to the message that you write additional options, depending and send normally. on the file type. PDF: Go To Page, Fit Page, Fit Width DOC/TXT: Search XLS: Worksheet – Choose Summary View or Full View. 65
  66. 66. The WebBrowser 4 Touch to Add/ShowBrowser gives you a fast, full- Bookmark, Show History, andcolor world of games, music, Show Most Visited, sports, entertainment, and 5 Touch to open anothermuch more, right on your mobile website in a new Wherever you are and 6 Touch to change thewhatever you’re into. browser settings.Accessing the Web Using options1 Select Browser on the Press the Menu key to view Communication tab. options.2 You will move to the website. Go – Enter a Web addressNOTE: Additional charges apply and go to that page.when connecting to these Exit – Close and downloading Find Page – Marks all thecontent. Check data charges with letters you enter.your network provider. Select Text – Touch andUsing the Web tool bar select the lines you want toTouch to open the toolbar. copy. You can paste it to any1 Touch to refresh the Web input box. page. Downloads – Show2 Touch to go forward download history one page. More3 Touch to go backward • Bookmarks – Add/Show one page. Bookmark, Show History, and Show Most Visited Site.66 LG GT540 | User Guide
  67. 67. • Window Overview – Show 5 To access the bookmark, all your open windows. simply touch the bookmark, • Page Info – Show page then touch Connect. You information. will be connected to the • Share Page – Send page by bookmarked page. Email or Messaging. Changing Web browser • Setting – Set browser settings settings. Select Menu, then select More Adding and accessing Settings. Or press .bookmarks You can change the page layoutFor easy and fast access to your (e.g., text size, text encoding),favorite websites, you can add change the home page, managebookmarks and save Web pages. cache, cookie, and security settings, and so on.1 Select Browser on the Communication tab.2 Select Menu, then select More Bookmarks. Or press . A list of your bookmarks will appear on the screen.3 Select Add Bookmarks, then enter a name for the bookmark followed by its URL.4 Press the Done button. Your Bookmark will now appear in the bookmark list. 67