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Smart Analytics--PeopleSoft Reporting Simplified webinar


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Webinar from Smart ERP Solutions covering Smart Analytics solution for PeopleSoft. Covers pre-built embedded analytics for HCM, Financials/Supply Chain, and Campus Solutions applications.

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Smart Analytics--PeopleSoft Reporting Simplified webinar

  1. 1. Smart Analytics PeopleSoft Reporting Simplified
  2. 2. About Speakers Lynn Duffy VP Sales and Client Success Prasad Ghorakavi Practice Director – Business Analytics
  3. 3. Agenda • Introductions • BI Market Trends & Current Challenges • Architecture • The Solution (Demo) • Finance Analytics • HR Analytics • Campus Analytics • How we can work • Q & A
  4. 4. About Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.  Founded in 2005 by ex PeopleSoft Architects, Executives and Consultants  Oracle Platinum Partner  Best practices and expertise in PeopleSoft strategic planning, implementation, upgrade and add-on / customization services  Unique blend of Solutions and Services around PeopleSoft  Outrageous Customer Service: Our Clients are the highest priority and we service to deliver, respond and resolve our Client’s needs immediately  200+ Clients across various industries  350+ Employees  Global Locations: • Headquarters in Pleasanton, CA • Offices in Atlanta GA, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore (India)
  5. 5. About Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. Customer Value Enabling Portfolio • Unique Smart Solutions • Employee Onboarding • Electronic Personnel Action and other HR Forms • eVerify Integration with DHS • ERP Gadget for User Productivity / Experience improvements • Embedded Analytics • Configurable advanced workflow on all transactions • Segregation of Duties • Smart Doc’s such as Smart Voucher, Smart PO • ERP Implementations and Upgrades – anything Oracle, some SAP and MS • Managed Services including PUM’s for PeopleSoft • Business Intelligence Services • Onshore/Offshore Services • Remote Applications and Database Management • Tax Automation Solutions
  6. 6. Market Comparison / Analytics Environment Areas Traditional BI Platform Embedded BI Platform Data Model Dimensional Modelling required (IT- built star schemas) Ready to use Structure Pre Built IT-produced IT-enabled and ready for use Analysis Need to define, design and Test Predefined model and ease to add other parameters . Verified against PeopleSoft Apps Time 6months – 1 year 4 – 6 weeks
  7. 7. Current Challenges • Implementation time • Flexibility • User Experience • Available Pre Built Options • TCO
  8. 8. Challenges to unlocking PeopleSoft data Integration with BI tools Security & manageability Lack of BI focus Product Limitations
  9. 9. Faster Insights from PeopleSoft Application & more To the Rescue!
  10. 10. Architecture
  11. 11. PeopleSoft (HCM / FSCM / Campus) Other Data Sources Conventional Business Intelligence Delivery Managed Reporting Analysis Executive Dashboards Data warehouse ETL ETL End User Traditional Business Intelligence Architecture Back-End Front-End
  12. 12. PeopleSoft (HCM / FSCM / Campus) Other Data Sources PEOPLESOFT MENU Pre built Content Integration Security Managed Reporting Analysis Executive Dashboards End User Smart Approach Pre built ETL
  13. 13. What is Smart Analytics? Smart Analytics is a combination of a robust BI platform and a pre-built PeopleSoft Analytics solution, for Finance, HR and Campus end users. Data Layer Application Layer Presentation Layer Your Existing PeopleSoft and Other Data Sources PeopleSoft Flat Files OLAP Other Data Sources Smart Analytics BI Platform PeopleSoft User Interface
  14. 14. especially useful when database is subjected to frequent data changes. Reporting System will be seamlessly integrated its security mechanism with PeopleSoft security mechanism, including Smart Security objects. Data Integration Powerful, integrated BI Platform Reporting Dashboards Analysis Smart Security Archiving
  15. 15. Business Users (Thin Client) • Run and Tweak Adhoc Reports • View Interactive Dashboards • Schedule and Deliver Reports Internet Your Application Web Server App Server SmartAnalytics Web Components SmartAnalytics Client WebLogic, Tomcat, Websphere, Pramati Data Administrator (Thin Client) • Design Complex Query Objects • Manage Database Connections Database Report Designers (Thin Client) • Design and Run Adhoc/Standard Reports • Design Complex Query Objects • Use Adhoc Wizard LAN/Internet Enterprise Report Server Web Server Collaboration Server SmartAnalytics Scheduler Report Engine • Manage Reports on the Web Report Layout Repository Oracle, MySQL SQL Server Sybase Internet Sys Admin (Thin Client) • Access Mgmt • Load Balancing Internet • Data Security Technical Architecture
  16. 16. To cater to the 3Rs i.e. Reusability, Reliability and Rapidity, Smart Analytics uses Web Services. Now we have analytics at the drop of a hat with validated data, sitting in the PeopleSoft application. Building Reports using PS QUERY – Web Service PeopleSoft (Service Provider) Smart Analytics (Service Consumer) Service Response Service Request
  17. 17. Ad-hoc analysis Drill-down capabilities User-friendly reports Mobile Ready and Cloud Ready Multi-dimension data exploration Integration • HTML / iframe • Web services • JavaScript API • Java API • Office API • Portlets
  18. 18. HR Analytics Demo
  19. 19. HR Analytics Headcount Retention Talent Acquisition Payroll Benefits Absence Management Compensation Management Profile Management Time & Labor Performance Management No. of Dashboards: 10 No. of OLAP Cubes: 6 No. of Reports: 140
  20. 20. Campus Analytics Demo
  21. 21. Admission Application and Application Status Admission Funnel and Recruitment Campus Analytics Class Meeting Pattern Degree Awarded Analysis Financial Transactions Enrolment No. of Dashboards : 20 No. of OLAP Cubes : 15 No. of Reports : 90
  22. 22. Finance Analytics Demo
  23. 23. Finance Analytics General Ledger Accounts Payables Accounts Receivables Project AnalyticsBilling Contracts Revenue Purchasing Asset Management No. of Dashboards : 9 No. of OLAP Cubes : 6 No. of Reports : 150
  24. 24. Rapid Implementation Superior User Experience Fully Integrated with PeopleSoft Configurable and Customizable  Integration with existing infrastructure  Many years of best practice  Real-time access to all data sources  Accessible by all end users  Business users control the experience  Office integration, collaborative  Adaptable to business processes  One shoe does not fit all Overall TCO  Flexible  Simplified Pricing Models Why Smart Analytics
  25. 25. Thank You