Single-Use Accounts for PeopleSoft 2011-03-29


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Presentation from Smart ERP Solutions and Bowling Green State University (BGSU) on Smart SUA solutions providing single-use accounts functionality for PeopleSoft integrating with financials institutions.

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Single-Use Accounts for PeopleSoft 2011-03-29

  1. 1. Procurement to Pay:Single-Use Accounts forP-Card paymentthrough FinancialGateway at BGSUSession #29796March 29, 2011
  2. 2. Maureen Ireland Bowling Green State University PurchasingDan White Smart ERP Solutions Procure to Pay Specialist
  3. 3. About Bowling Green State UniversityWhy SUA at BGSU?About Smart ERP SolutionsSUA Business FlowPeopleSoft Setup Vendors, Bank AccountsProcessing Accounts Payable Financial Gateway Smart SUAQuestions?
  4. 4. Education worth celebrating!20,000+ students from 49 statesand 79 nations
  5. 5. McDonald Dining Northwest Hall South Central HallNot shown:Commons Dining
  6. 6. Stroh CenterWolfe Center for theArts
  7. 7. I
  8. 8. Comprised of the best former developers,architects and executives fromPeopleSoft/OracleProviding cost-effective, robust and repeatable“Smart Solutions” for PeopleSoft applicationsUnique best practices and expertise inPeopleSoft strategic planning, Smartimplementation and upgrade services
  9. 9. Single-Use Accounts make payment processingmore efficient through automation andintegration. Clients that use J.P. Morgan’s SUAproduct streamline payment processing, earnrebates and increase float on their accountspayable spend.
  10. 10. Single-Use Accounts (SUA) is an electronic payment toolthat provides customers with the flexibility, float and rebateof a purchase card while delivering powerful security,antifraud and reconciliation features. Unlike most cardsolutions, SUA assigns a Visa® or MasterCard® accountnumber to each individual transaction. SUA is then able toautomatically match merchant transactions to uniqueidentifiers such as PO or invoice number in a client’s ERPsystem. Additionally, SUA builds on the security and fraudprevention of the commercial card industry and shortensreconciliation periods, while at the same time improvingaccuracy.
  11. 11. Business Flow How SUA Works
  12. 12. Place Holder for SUAUsed Wire Payment Method instead ofCustomizingSettle by Financial GatewayNew Custom Layout developed
  13. 13. JP Morgan assisted in obtaining Vendor agreementSet SUA and Wire as defaultsMust enter ‘dummy’ account information if nocustomizationVendor given first 7 digits of SUA as part of theagreementX Vendors to date
  14. 14. Vouchers entered with new Bank Account andPayment Method of ‘Wire’.Vouchers have same functionality as anyother AP payment method.Expense posts to the GL at time of voucherposting rather than monthly with bankdownload.
  15. 15. Add SUA Bank Account to existing Pay Cycleor create new Pay CycleSet Payment Method to ‘Wire’Created new process to Automatically emailAdvices to Vendors XML Publisher Last 9 numbers of Credit Card only
  16. 16. Dispatch Payments and automatically send toJP Morgan.Works like any other Layout that FinancialGateway supports.Financial Gateway is part of the CashManagement module (Formerly the Treasurymodule.)Possible to implement SUA without FinancialGateway
  17. 17. Encrypted file sent to JP Morgan withpayment details.JP Morgan issues Single Use MasterCardnumbers for each paymentEncrypted file transmitted back to BGSU withcredit card numbers Cards are for the exact amount Cards are good for a limited period of time
  18. 18. Remittance Advices JP Morgan can automatically send the MasterCard numbers to the Vendors, however, they cannot send the payment details.Expiration Date How long do you want to give the Vendors to use the card?Transmission Type SFTP (preferred) FTP/SSL and AS2 (optional).
  19. 19. Financial Gateway Payment Layout Option of AP fin2025 processJPM File UploadSUA Payment InquiryAutomated email remittance).
  20. 20. Financial Gateway Payment Layout Option of AP fin2025 process).
  21. 21. JPM File Upload
  22. 22. SUA Payment Inquiry Investigate payments Resend remittance advice Review errors
  23. 23. Automated email remittance Send remittance to Vendor Send errors to internal resolution team Employs delivered User List functionality
  24. 24. Automated email remittance Remittance is XML Publisher attached to email Need to setup up ‘SUA’ contact on Vendor
  25. 25. Dan White VP Product Strategy Smart ERP Solutions E-mail: dan.w@smarterp.comMaureen Ireland Purchasing Bowling Green State University E-mail:
  26. 26. This presentation and allAlliance 2011 presentationsare available for downloadfrom the Conference site at www. www.psugonline.orgwww.federalusersnetwork.comPresentations from previous meetings are also available