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Automating PeopleSoft HR Processes


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Presentation from SmartERP at the Alliance 12 Conference covering the automation of processes in PeopleSoft HCM. Coverered is Employee Onboarding, Elimination of Paper Forms, eVerify, and advanced workflow approvals.

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Automating PeopleSoft HR Processes

  1. 1. Case Studies - Automating HRProcessesSession #30766March 20, 2012
  2. 2. Presenters• Doris Wong, Chief Executive Officer – Former Group VP and General Manager for Oracle’s PeopleSoft product line – 25+ years technical, product development & business experience in software industry – 17 years PeopleSoft veteran • Colleen Neymeyer, Dir, HCM Strategy – Former HR Manager; over 20 years Human Resources experience – 14 years working with HR technology – PeopleSoft HCM since v3.0 • Ramesh Panchagnula, President – Former Oracle/PeopleSoft Functional Architect – 14+ years working with PeopleSoft t
  3. 3. Agenda/Contents• About Smart ERP• HR Business Process Challenges• Automating PeopleSoft HR Business Processes – Employee Onboarding – Personnel Action Forms• Q&A
  4. 4. About SmartERP• Oracle partner and provider of pre-packaged, release- independent PeopleSoft solutions and services: – Extend PeopleSoft functionality and improve ROI – Highly configurable – tailored to YOUR business requirements – Architected and designed as “add-on” solutions – Minimal upgrade impact – No customizations – Leverage existing PeopleSoft features – Seamless integration with PeopleSoft applications – Low total cost of ownership• Rapid implementation & deployment• Deep PeopleSoft product knowledge and experience
  5. 5. Outdated Business Processes? Poor User Experience Time Consuming
  6. 6. Smart Business Processes Online Admin Tools, Status Reports Streamlined, online process Online forms, eSignature Reduced Admin Time & Effort
  7. 7. Opportunities for HR Process Automation Onboarding and Offboarding Personnel Action Requests • Hire / Rehire • Separation • Job changes • Interdepartmental Transfers • Retroactive Pay Adjustments • Compensation Changes Recertifications Open Enrollment Annual Performance Reviews
  8. 8. Use Case 1:Automating Employee Onboarding
  9. 9. Average 1st Year New Hire Attrition 22.7%PwC Saratoga 2011/2012 US Human Capital Effectiveness ReportOnboarding 2011, The Path to Productivity, Aberdeen Group
  10. 10. 1st Year New Hire Attrition 4%* *With Onboarding Best PracticesPwC Saratoga 2011/2012 US Human Capital Effectiveness ReportOnboarding 2011, The Path to Productivity, Aberdeen Group
  11. 11. Key Onboarding ActivitiesStrategic Onboarding: Insight & Analysis, Bersin & Associates, March 2010, Aberdeen Onboarding 2010/2011
  12. 12. The Promise of OnboardingCut Recruiting Speed Time to Improve Improve Data Costs Productivity Retention QualityReduce Admin Increase Stay Compliant Drive Time Engagement Performance
  13. 13. Who to Include New Hires M&A InternalEmployees Transfers Temporary Consultants Employees
  14. 14. One Size Doesn’t Fit AllVary Onboarding Process Based On:•Role or Job•Generation•Location•Culture•FT/PT/Temp Status•New Hire vs. Transfer
  15. 15. Smart Onboarding Configurable Automated Task Criteria-based Forms Management Processes Management Delivered eVerify Administrative Onboarding Integration Support Metrics Integration with Fully Integrated Applicant wiith PSFT HCM Tracking System
  16. 16. Recruit-to-Hire Business Process Recruiting Any Application New Applicants to be Hired Smart Employee 0080 0081 0082 0083 Onboarding for PeopleSoft Employee Onboarding Process
  17. 17. Employee Onboarding Demo Scenario• The New Hire’s Experience – Executive Hire – Kayla Executive • Conditional: Executive, CA – Staff Hire – Keith Staff • Conditional: Staff, VT• The Role of the HR Administrator – Visibility to All New Hires – E-Verify Integration – Collaboration and Email Notifications – Consoles and Dashboards
  18. 18. Use Case 2:Automating Personnel Actions
  19. 19. Electronic Form and Automation Use CasePersonnel Action Requests• Use of Paper or External Personnel Forms for Requesting HR Transactions• Manual Routing of Paper or External Forms for Approvals and Signatures• Upon Manual Approval, HR Admin Manually Enters Transaction into PeopleSoft HR• Paper or External Record Retention
  20. 20. Electronic Request Replaces Paperor Any External Request
  21. 21. Why Smart Personnel Actions?• Simplified & Streamlined Process• Contemporary User Interface• Configurable, Rules-Based • Automated Routing • Online Approval Tracking • Electronic Audit Trail• Electronic Records Retention• Low Cost of Ownership• Removes Paper, External Sources & Manual Processes
  22. 22. Smart Personnel Actions Request Personnel Action External Form Manager Forms Source Self- Service Electronic Smart Personnel Configurable to Actions Request Your Needs Electronic Routing of Workflow Approval Rules Based, Configurable Automatic Updating of Employee Information in PeopleSoft Electronic Record Retention and Audit Trail
  23. 23. Smart Personnel Action RequestTransactionsHR Transactions Type of Transactions Dept. Manager (not inclusive) Admin.Hire •New Hire X X •RehireSeparation •Resignation •Retirement X X •TerminationJob Changes •Position Change •Job Code Change •Title Change X X •Salary Change •Supervisor ChangeInterdepartmental •Department Change X XTransfersRetroactive Pay •Transaction driven X XAdjustmentOthers •LOAs, Others X X
  24. 24. Smart Personnel Action Request Data Transaction User InterfaceDisplayed Data Configured Based on HR Transaction • New Hires / Rehires • Promotions / Demotions • Transfers • Pay Changes • OthersDisplayed Data Configured Based on Role & Business Requirements • Department Administrator • Manager • HR Business Partner • Approver • HR Analyst • Others
  25. 25. Demo Scenario• Electronic Personnel Action Request Configurable Form and User Interface – Change Transaction: Pay Rate Change w/ Promotion:Tammy PayChange • For the Manager: One Stop Shopping for Personnel Change Requirements, Full Visibility of All Data, Ability to Change Accordingly – Hire Transaction: ReHire Employee into an Open Position: Kirk ReHire – Configurable Workflow Approval: • 4 Approvers Required • Approvers Review/Approve/Deny/Pushback Entire Change Transaction Request versus multiple requests• Enhanced HR Processing – Automatically Validates and Populates Employee Information – Electronic Workflow for Signatures – Automatic Update to PeopleSoft HR – Electronic Record Retention and Audit Trail
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. Additional InformationPresentations• Hermitage D – 1:15 PM: Streamlining and Simplifying PeopleSoft – Case Studies• Hermitage E – 2:30 PM: Paperless PeopleSoft HR ProcessesLive Demos• Exhibit Hall – Booth #618Contact Us:• Doris Wong, CEO –• Colleen Neymeyer, Director, HCM Strategy –
  28. 28. This presentation and allAlliance 2012 presentationsare available for downloadfrom the Conference site at www. Presentations from previous meetings are also available