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TheRetailHQ by YFind Technologies v1


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TheRetailHQ is analogous to Google Analytics for the physical world. It accurately and reliably tracks people movement in any given indoor environment.

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TheRetailHQ by YFind Technologies v1

  1. 1. Positioning Yourself for aCompetitive AdvantageTheRetailHQ™ Real Time Location Intelligence
  2. 2. In the past, retailers could only make guesses about shopper behaviour. Theydid this with simple sensors that track the number of times people pass throughtheir entrances. Even with video sensors that track movement to a certain degree,retailers are unable to identify unique shoppers and behavioral profiles. Today,WiFi-enabled mobile devices like smartphones and tablets enable us to accuratelylocate and engage with shoppers, and enable retailers to understand theircustomers in a whole new, more intimate way.What is TheRetailHQ? What can we analyse?TheRetailHQ™ (TRHQ) is a Retail Intelligence TheRetailHQ™ measures a comprehensive set of data,dashboard that accurately tracks and analyses shopper including:footfall and movement, in real-time. Easily accessiblefrom any Web browser, your TRHQ Dashboard • Walk-in Rates • Visit Frequencyprovides you with real-time information on the • Walk-past Rates • Dwell Timebehavior of shoppers in your store or mall. • Unique Visitors • Dominant Routes • Repeat Visitors • and more…TheRetailHQ™ was developed by YFind Technologies– a pioneer in indoor positioning systems – with theunprecedented ability to anonymously track individualhuman movement with accuracy of less than threemeters, using industry-standard WiFi technology.Why do you need TheRetailHQ?Diverse businesses like Retailers, Market Researchersand Advertisers can gain a substantial competitiveadvantage if they know how their customers movethrough indoor retail environments.In the past, you could only track entries and exits withsimple sensors, but through TRHQ you can accuratelyand reliably track unique shoppers minute-by-minute.Instead of mere numbers, actionable insights are theresult.TheRetailHQ™ enables you to: How does it work?• Understand how shoppers behave, where they spend their time, how they move throughout the Comprehensive customer footfall data is captured by store, and how well they respond to promotions. TRHQ Scanners that pick up anonymous WiFi signals• Make intelligent decisions based on real customer emitted by shoppers’ smartphones. behavior data, not surveys and other less-precise forms of sampling. With YFind Technologies’ highly-accurate indoor positioning technology, foot traffic is tracked minute-• Generate a quantifiable, traffic-based ROI by-minute, 24/7, providing retailers with immediate for advertising and promotional campaigns, snapshots of customer behaviour, as well as long-term with technology that accurately measures the performance trends and analysis. effectiveness of marketing programs based on real footfall data. Your analytics data are securely stored in YFind’sOn top of that, TheRetailHQ™ is offered via a Platform network and accessible through any Web a Service (PaaS) model, making it hassle-free and Whether on your laptop, tablet, or phone, you’ll nevercost-efficient. be out of touch with your customers.
  3. 3. Comprehensive reportingUnique VisitorsTrack real visitor numbers, and not justhow many times people walk throughthe entrance. This is a crucial startingpoint for understanding how shoppersbehave in your malls or stores.New vs. RepeatDistinguish new shoppers from repeatvisitors – and you can tell how loyalyour customers are, how often they visitevery week, month or year, and howeffective your marketing campaigns arein attracting new shoppers.Dwell timeTrack how much time your customersspend in your stores or your mall, acrossdifferent zones and sections.Zone Ranking & CorrelationCompare the unique visitors thateach store section attracts, and howmuch time they spend in one sectioncompared to another. When youcompare this data against POS data,you can also make better decisions oninventory and placement based on theroutes your customers are most likelyto take.How to deploy?You can have TheRetailHQ™ up and running with just aphone call to us, and in three simple steps: “Savvy retailers and marketers know the value of real-time shopping behavior 1 data. TheRetailHQ’s powerful Retail Install TRHQ™ Scanners Intelligence dashboard delivers accurate, (We’ll do that for you!) unique, and highly actionable insights.” 2 – Scott Anthony Login to your Managing Director, THRQ™ Dashboard Innosight Consulting 3 Track and monitor customer footfall in real time!
  4. 4. ContactMelvin 9753 7917YFind Technologies57B Duxton RoadSingapore 089521www.Y-Find.comBrought to you by