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2012 newsletter


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2012 newsletter

  1. 1. WELCOME BACK!! FALL 2012 Mr. Martensen Chemistry Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry Instructor Materials for Class Paper Pen/Pencil Textbook Scientific Calculator Classroom Rules A! school rules apply. -No food or drink. -No cell phone use without permission. -You will have an assigned seat. Be in it when the bell rings and stay in it until dismissed.Chemistry is a class that builds skills in stages. Each unit -Keep your work areawill introduce a new concept while continuing to use the clear. Book bags,skills and concepts developed in previous units. It is very back packs & purses offimportant to not fall behind. I will run help sessions before the desktops.and after school during difficult units. I also maintain the Gradingfollowing website to keep 35% Homeworkyou up to date. The website contains the weekly schedule, 30% Lab workprintable help sheets and usually a copy of the notes from 35% Test/Quizclass.YOU NEED A SCIENTIFIC CALCULATORIt is essential that you have a scientific calculator for this class. It is yourresponsibility to know how to use it. You do not have to have a graphingcalculator. Any calculator with an EE or EXP key/function will work.Calculators WILL NOT be provided by your instructor.I have read and understand Mr. Martensen’s class requirements.Student (print)______________________________________ (sign)______________________________________! Parent/Guardian (print)____________________________________________________Parent/Guardian (sign)_____________________________________________________