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How often do you walk away from a business presentation with an unclear idea of the purpose of that presentation? There is no excuse for a dull presentation - even in the business environment. In fact, presentations in the workplace may be the most important to you! A lot of your own success in the workplace depends on your presentation skills and your ability to clearly explain your ideas. The central goal of any presentation is to communicate. Effective communication is achieved when ideas are shaped simply, concisely, and interestingly.

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PowerPoints with SmartDraw

  1. 1. PowerPoints with SmartDrawThe Key to Effective Business Presentations
  2. 2. Before Your Presentation
  3. 3. Presentation GuidelinesTom Peters, a presentation and management specialist, recommends you not overwhelm yourself with trying to talk about too much and to keep your presentations clear and direct. For more info, you can look up his "Presentation Excellence" slides.
  4. 4. Tips for Effective PresentationsPlanning an effective business presentation takes time, so a well-developed plan iscritical. Do not leave your preparation to the last minute! With a well plannedpresentation, you will be more confident and deliver an effective presentation.
  5. 5. Upgrade Your Presentations to Visual Presentations
  6. 6. A picture is worth a thousand words!Visuals convey information six times more effectively than words alone. With visuals, the main point is delivered more immediately and succinctly. Just compare the layout of these two PowerPoint slides:
  7. 7. Plan Your Presentations Using StoryboardsSmartDraw allows you to easily change and share presentation storyboards with yourteam members!
  8. 8. Summarize all the main points
  9. 9. Add supporting information to the main points
  10. 10. Refine and Create!
  11. 11. Delete Those Bullets!The first step is to think outside of those text boxes and think more about what visual would better represent the message we want to convey on each slide of our presentation.
  12. 12. Creating Your Presentation StoryboardStoryboards are typically panels of rough sketches that outline the sequence of information presented. In SmartDraw, the storyboard is represented by a series of shapes connected by arrows. The top area of each shape is the title and the bottom area is typically the visual that will short below the title on the PowerPoint slide.
  13. 13. Creating Your Presentation StoryboardWhen you open the PowerPoint builder, SmartDraw helps you get started by providing some common default slides. You can add the title to your presentation by clicking the top area of the slide and typing it in.
  14. 14. Creating Your Presentation StoryboardTo edit a visual already there,double click on the visual. Whenyou double click on the visual, anew instance of SmartDrawopens. Here you can edit thevisual however you wish. Whenyou are done, just close theinstance of SmartDraw andreturn to your storyboard.
  15. 15. Adding and Editing VisualsTo add new slides and visuals, just use the appropriate buttons on the SmartPanellocated to the left of the work area. The new slides will not have visuals alreadyincluded, so you can use the SmartPanel to add a new visual, existing visual, or apicture located on your computer.
  16. 16. Adding and Editing VisualsAt any time, you can delete any of the slides and you can drag the slides to a newand different order.Ive just provided some tips on getting started, but for more detailedinformation, click here for a more detailed tutorial.
  17. 17. How to Choose the Right Presentation Software
  18. 18. Choosing the right presentation softwareIf you are one of the many that use PowerPoint, using SmartDraw with PowerPoint is incredibly simple and absolutely essential. PowerPoint is often expressed as a standard for business presentation, but does not easily lend itself to creating dynamic and engaging presentations.SmartDraw has a PowerPoint builder, which will help you create your presentations using a storyboard format. With a storyboard, you will easily see how your presentation will flow and with SmartDraw you will easily be able to create the needed visuals to tell your story. For more information, watch this video clip.
  19. 19. What to look for in presentation software If you are intrigued, read the white paper we wrote with Rick Altman on how SmartDraw reinvents PowerPoint.
  20. 20. For More InformationThis presentation was based on thefollowing series of blog posts:The Key to Effective BusinessPresentationsUpgrade Your Presentations to VisualPresentationsHow to Choose the Right PresentationSoftwareHow to Create a Business PresentationUsing SmartDraw Ready to get started? Connect with us: Download a free trial!