Getting Started with SmartDraw VP


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Just as the word processor makes it possible for anyone to create beautifully formatted written documentation, SmartDraw, the world’s the visual processorTM, makes it possible for anyone to create presentation-quality visuals just as easily.

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Getting Started with SmartDraw VP

  1. 1. Getting Started with SmartDrawFebruary, 2011 Just as the word processor makes it possible for anyone to create beautifully formatted written documentation, SmartDraw, the world’s the visual processorTM, makes it possible for anyone to create presentation-quality visuals just as easily. Before the visual processor, visuals had to be created manually with complex graphics software. Even for experts, producing a visual like a flowchart was time consuming and the results were often not presentation-quality. SmartDraw automates the creation of visuals to such a degree that anyone can do it, and get great results in minutes. SmartDraw includes specialized templates for 70 different types of visuals. Everything from flowcharts to floorplans. To get started, simply pick the right template and the visual processor will help you quickly create, automatically format, and easily share your visual with your colleagues and clients. Start with a Basic Visual Template When you first open SmartDraw, you’ll notice that the category Popular is selected and you can choose a template from one of SmartDraw’s most commonly used visual types including flowcharts, floor plans, charts and graphs, org charts, and mind maps.1 858-225-3300 ©2011 SmartDraw, LLC. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. To select one of these, simply click the symbol representing the visual type and you’ll be taken to theapplication screen where you can start creating.If the visual you want to create is not shown here, click the “More” file folder to view the full list ofbasic visual templates or search for a specific template using the search bar the at top.If you choose one of the diagram types from the left column, you’ll be presented with a basic templateas well as some examples. With SmartDraw, you’ll never have to start with a blank page.Creating Your VisualOnce you’ve selected a visual template, you will arrive at the Application Screen, where you will beable to create your visual using a customized set of tools aimed to make creating your visual asautomatic as possible.2 858-225-3300 ©2011 SmartDraw, LLC. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. The Work AreaYour visual will be built in the Work Area. As you add more symbols to it, the Work Area willautomatically grow to make room.The RibbonThe Ribbon contains all of the functions you need for any basic manipulation of the items in your visuallike changing theme color, fonts, and alignments. These buttons never change for any visual. Thefunctions are organized into some logical categories and located on different tabs. You can navigatethe tabs of the ribbon by clicking on them.The SmartDraw Button and Quick Access ToolbarThe SmartDraw button opens a menu containing functions such as New, Save, Export, and variousother options for basic document settings.The Quick Access Toolbar allows you to export your visual in a single click to a PDF, Microsoft Word®,PowerPoint®, or Excel®.3 858-225-3300 ©2011 SmartDraw, LLC. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. SmartPanelIn contrast to the Ribbon, each visual has its own unique SmartPanel, with controls specialized tobuilding that particular visual. Some will have symbol galleries for adding symbols, others have “AddText” buttons, and many have specific buttons for adding things like tasks, topics, ancestors, and so on.Many SmartPanels, employ Automatic Shape Connectors, which means you will not only add a symbol,but it will also be connected to another symbol already in the Work Area, with perfect spacing andplacement. These give you the ability to produce your visual with record speed.SmartHelpBecause each visual is different from the others,SmartDraw has visual-specific SmartHelp focusing onhow to use SmartPanel and the Ribbon to build thevisual for which your template was intended. Manytasks discussed in SmartHelp also have a link to aweb-based video which shows you how to performthat task.Keyboard ShortcutsCreate your entire chart without taking your handsoff the keyboard with quick and easy keyboardcontrols.To add a shape to a flowchart, mind map, org chart,or any chart that uses SmartDraw’s automatic connectors, simple hold down the Ctrl key and use theup, down, left or right arrow key. To add a shape below a selected shape, you can also use the “Enter”key or use “Insert” to add a shape to the right.Here are some other keyboard shortcuts you may find useful: Ctrl + Drag Forces a shape to enlarge proportionally Shift + Ctrl Zoom in (stops at 800%) Shift + Ctrl + G Ungroup F1 Help Index F3 Find Next (Find and Replace dialog) Alt+F4 Exit / Close SmartDraw Delete Clear / Delete selected object Ctrl+A Select All Ctrl+B Bold Text Ctrl+C Copy Ctrl+D Duplicate Ctrl+F Find Ctrl+G Group Ctrl+H Replace Ctrl+I Italicize Text Ctrl+K Insert Hyperlink Ctrl+M Executes Text Entry Mode (only if shape or line is selected)4 858-225-3300 ©2011 SmartDraw, LLC. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Ctrl+N New DocumentCtrl+O Open DocumentCtrl+P PrintCtrl+Q Save changes and exit / close SmartDrawCtrl+S SaveCtrl+T Opens Font DialogCtrl+U Underline TextCtrl+V PasteCtrl+W Save changes and exit to template selection screenCtrl+X CutCtrl+Y RedoCtrl+Z UndoCtrl + Zoom InCTRL - Zoom OutCTRL + Directional Add shape in up/down/left/right (only works when auto connector isArrow present)Enter (Return key) Add Shape BelowInsert Add Shape to the right5 858-225-3300 ©2011 SmartDraw, LLC. All rights reserved.