The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases
The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases                                                        2

The Power of ...
The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases                                               3

Internet users gravit...
The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases                                                      4

The Power of Vi...
The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases                                                          5

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Online Video and SEO

Simply putting your video online doesn’t mea...
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Here are s...
The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases                                                        9


The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases                                                       10

About PRWeb

The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases                                                            11

Today, P...
The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases                                                             12

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Video on the effective use of video in online news releases

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Viral Video Whitepaper

  1. 1. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases
  2. 2. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases 2 The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases Many organizations are embracing the practice of using online news releases in their marketing programs because it allows them to connect with customers, uncover valuable sales leads and drive website traffic. With a reported 80 million people now reading their news online each day, using news as an entry point for connecting with customers via the internet has become more popular than ever. News has long been used as a way businesses attracted prospects and customers. Advertisers buy print, radio, TV and -- now online ads -- in hopes of reaching customers. However, businesses soon learned that advertising – even online – can get expensive and is forcing businesses to seek out more economical ways of reaching their target prospects and customers. The online news release has proven to be an effective marketing tool because of its ability to reach a larger number of people at a lower cost, sometimes a fraction of what small businesses pay for print ads. Another plus is the fact that the online release provides organizations the opportunity to publish news whenever they want. They no longer have to wait for a newspaper’s morning edition or a radio station’s coveted drive time to connect with prospects and customers – they can do that 24x7 online.
  3. 3. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases 3 Internet users gravitated to the web for their news primarily because of its expediency. They also enjoy the ability to be interactive – commenting on information they read, connecting with colleagues and of course having the ability to buy goods and services online. Therefore, adding an additional interactive aspect to your news release provides yet another opportunity to connect with your customers and prospects. PRWeb customers have long known the benefits of using an interactive news release, filled with embedded links, graphics and video. Yes, video. Today, top web gurus and experts are seeing a marked increase in online video and are encouraging businesses to take advantage of this practice because of its potential impact with a growing online audience. According to a new report from the DC-based Pew Internet & American Life Project, the number of Americans watching online video has nearly doubled since 2006, from 33% then to 62% today. 1 Just as businesses use their news to engage with their prospects and customers, they must also be ready to use online video in their marketing strategy to remain relevant and build upon established online relationships. This whitepaper will provide an overview of how you can connect with potential prospects using online video and how this practice not only drives traffic to your site, but also increases your SEO rankings and potentially impacts your bottom line. 1 Pew Internet & American Life Project, “The Audience for Online Video-Sharing Sites Shoots Up,” July 29, 2009
  4. 4. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases 4 The Power of Viral Video Just as the online news release has revolutionized how organizations promote their organizations, online video has become a powerful tool in capturing the attention of its intended audiences and taking online marketing to a new level. Embedding video adds another interactive component to the news releases and captures the attention just a little bit longer. Links, though powerful, are clicked on, glazed over and the reader moves on. A video, on the other hand, can keep its intended audience engaged for more time. If you’re not already using video in your online news releases, here are 3 Top Reasons you should be: 1. Expand the reach of your messages. Some of the greatest writers have seen their works played out on the big screen, often opening them up to a whole new audience they never had before. Sending news releases may get you on top news sites. However, adding video to your messages makes it possible for prospects and customers to find you in news searches and video searches! Plus, people who receive your online video have the opportunity to share it with others -- especially in social media networks, which could take your video viral. 2. Add a new dimension to your news. It’s one thing to tell someone about your product, service or company. However, to have the ability to actually illustrate what you’re talking about, can put you head and shoulders above the competition. 3. Show your relevance in the marketplace. No one likes to be the last person to learn something. People often remember the first person to accomplish a major achievement, but few remember the second or third person who completes the same milestone. Be the leader by implementing online video in your news releases before your competitors.
  5. 5. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases 5 How To Effectively Use Online Video So what kinds of online videos are people watching? There are a variety of ways you can use online video to reach prospects and drive traffic to your website. Breaking news. The Internet has long served as a means for getting news out – and fast! People don’t wait until their newspaper lands on their front porch to find out about what is going on in the world anymore. With the rise of bloggers and online journalists, news can be delivered more quickly than ever before. Is your company breaking ground on a new facility? Why not provide video from the event in your news release? Introducing a new product or division? Share video of the new product or include a welcome message from the new division head in your online release. Tutorials. As customers scour the internet for useful information on how to solve every problem imaginable, your organization can easily put together a videotaped tutorial on how your prospects can use your product as a solution to a problem. Host the tutorial at your website or send to key customers in a news release. Crisis communications. Many companies have found that having a message from the CEO or COO to clear up public misconception or misinformation has proved to be quite helpful in a time of crisis. The message can be available at your website or send a link within your news release that will guide customers to your site.
  6. 6. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases 6 Getting Started With Online Video Several years ago putting together a video of any kind meant hiring an expensive production company. Then you would have to wait several months while the video was being edited in order to see the final product. Today, technology makes it very easy to produce your own video and have it online in a matter of minutes – rather than months. Here are some important things to keep in mind when planning your online video’s debut: Do your homework. There are a lot of things to consider before you begin using online video: Equipment Type of video – tutorial, webinar, product demonstration, interview Video format Talent. Who will be in the video? Your company CEO or President is quite often your spokesperson of choice – and he or she should be. From time to time, a company may choose another spokesperson who can speak on-the-record in response to a specific issue. Make sure that this person is well-versed on what they need to cover. It’s not unusual for a spokesperson to have prepared statements as well. RSS Feeds. Make sure that you’re using RSS feeds from major video sites so that you can get valuable feedback about your brand’s reputation on these sites. Distribution. How will you get your video into the marketplace? YouTube is a popular hosting site for video, allowing companies and individuals to upload their video directly to the site. But there are other sites you can use as well such as, Yahoo! Video, Metacafe, Revver, and TubeMogul.
  7. 7. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases 7 Online Video and SEO Simply putting your video online doesn’t mean anything unless your customers can find it. There’s nothing more frustrating than going through the expense and time of putting a video together that doesn’t drive traffic to your web site or gets any views. Therefore, it’s equally important that your customers are able to find you and you’re able to measure the success of your online video campaigns. Web text has always been easy to find, but now that online video has become popular, top sites like Google and Yahoo! have changed their search features so that video can be displayed as well in search engine results. This is why earlier we discussed how important it is to give your video distinctive titles when uploading them to sites like YouTube and TubeMogul. Just as in normal SEO practices, you should be using search terms for your video that your customers would use to locate the video.
  8. 8. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases 8 Here are some easy tips to remember to make sure your online video is properly optimized: Be relevant – Refrain from creating videos that have little to do with your brand. You don’t want to confuse people who find your video online. Remember; when you welcome comments they will certainly let you know how they feel. Opt for how-to videos and other useful content. Proper Tags – Tag your videos with key phrases that are reflective of the content. Use words that your customers will be using to find you. It’s also a good idea to add the word ‘video’ in your tags. For instance, “How to Use Video in Your News Release video.” This will separate your video from other text content that may be on the web bearing the same title. Optimize URLs - In the same way that you do this for other web pages, you will want to optimize your URLs so that they contain information about the video. Also, make sure you only have one video per URL. Branding – Video is a great place to push your organizations brand. For instance, you can do this by having your talent wear a company polo shirt with your logo prominently displayed or have your logo displayed in the background. Branding helps to drive users back to your main site if the video is hosted elsewhere. Syndicate your video – Submit your video to RSS or MRSS. Upload your video to sharing sites – Uploading videos to portals like YouTube and providing links back to related content and other videos on your site helps in your SEO rankings. Share! Share! Share! – When you enable sharing and allow users to embed your video code into their own blogs and websites, this can increase the video search optimization as well as help your video go viral. Be Interactive. Encourage users to rate your video. Search engines are attracted to videos with higher ratings. In addition, videos which get high ratings from users tend to be the same videos that users often mark as favorites and share with other users. Insert video into your online news release. When you consider all of the places your online news release will appear, you should also consider those people can also see your online video as well.
  9. 9. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases 9 Conclusion If you’re currently using the internet to market to your customers, it’s important that you are using the proper tools to reach out and engage with your brand’s audience. Clearly, online video is resonating with customers from just about every industry. If you’re not using online video to connect with your target audience, you’re missing opportunities to reach new prospects. Though the world has become a “right now” world due to the advancements in technology. Taking the time to plan your online video strategy needs to occur before implementing anything. It’s important that you decide on how you will measure the effectiveness of your online video strategy – either through website traffic, revenue resulting from your online video, social media sharing or simply basic views of your video. Just as business owners have come to embrace the notion that using optimized news releases has become crucial in connecting to customers, the use of online video is fast becoming yet another way to get your product into the market place. Bruce Clay, founder of Bruce Clay, Inc., a technology provider in SEO, PPC, and SEO stated in a recent interview during the Search Engine Strategies Conference that not having online video could be extremely detrimental to your brand’s SEO rankings. Clearly, implementing online video into your marketing strategy should be a serious consideration that you should begin exploring.
  10. 10. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases 10 About PRWeb PRWeb is recognized as a leading online news and press release distribution service worldwide. Since 1997, PRWeb has been changing the way businesses, marketing departments and public relations firms think about press releases. PRWeb was the first company to develop a distribution strategy around direct-to-consumer communication and to build and offer a search engine optimized platform for press release distribution. PRWeb, located in Ferndale, WA, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vocus, Inc., a leading provider of on-demand public relations management software. For more information please visit Why PRWeb During the past decade, PRWeb has been at the forefront of innovation, redefining the traditional press release and changing forever how organizations of all sizes distribute their news. Among PRWeb’s innovations are: Introducing search engine optimization (SEO) for news releases to increase the visibility of news in search engines like Google and Yahoo! Adding social bookmarking tools like trackbacks and bookmark links to take advantage of the explosion in social networking Recognizing the potential of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to increase the distribution po-tential of news and built the industry’s largest RSS network Allowing customers to include podcasts along with their news to increase the impact of their news release Introducing “Feature Video” allowing customers to leverage the video content from popular sites like YouTube to bring their news to life
  11. 11. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases 11 Today, PRWeb continues to lead the industry in providing customers with the ability to get their news in front of the people that matter the most. PRWeb can bring attention to your company through online news releases in three ways: 1. Your News Gets Premier Distribution: PRWeb news gets picked up in leading online news sites like Yahoo! News, Google News, and Topix. Additionally, your news release is distributed through a host of other online news sites including more than 250,000 RSS subscribers, 30,000 journalists and 30,000 websites as well as our own and, which deliver over 50 million page views each month. 1. Your News Gets Picked Up By Search Engines: PRWeb press releases are optimized for premium placement in or-ganic search results. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Wizard allows customers to focus on high- frequency keywords that will ensure their news will achieve peak visibility. 1. Your News Drives Increased Traffic: Inbound links are one of the most important factors in determining the position of your website in search engines and driving traffic to your site. The embedded hyperlinks within your PRWeb news release contribute to the overall visibility of your website and drive increased traffic to your site. PRWeb customers enjoy many additional benefits that make us the best solution for your online marketing, public relations and optimization needs: Unparalleled social media integration (with sharit, blogit, etc.) has helped us to be the #1 news service in the blogosphere Huge online syndication network has the furthest reach on the Internet with more than 250,000 RSS subscribers and 30,000 publishers Integration of multimedia components that result in enhanced distribution in image search, video ranking and podcast sites Ability to optimize news releases for search engines with proven techniques, including anchor text, ALT tags, etc.
  12. 12. The Power of Using Video in Online News Releases 12 And now, a success story to illustrate how PRWeb can help your company: Problem to be addressed: Malibu Boats has a small marketing and PR department. The majority of their online communications involved posting news releases to their Web site and distributing them directly to a house list of journalists and online news outlets. Offline they focused on traditional print advertising. Their efforts resulted in moderate outcomes. The PRWeb solution: Having successfully launched a company blog as well as several channels in popular social networking sites, Malibu Boats had grown more sophisticated in their online approach. With the impending launch of their new Corvette Limited Edition product, the team was anxious to extend its reach beyond enthusiasts to a larger general audience while also hitting as many media outlets as possible. Initially drawn to PRWeb's reputation as the innovative and economical newswire with the furthest consumer reach, Malibu Boats quickly found out that PRWeb's benefits were far greater. With PRWeb's multimedia releases, Malibu was able to integrate its other online efforts including a YouTube video of the corvette boat, images detailing the different components of the boat, and links to additional content about the boat on social media sites like Flickr and The Results: The results were dramatic. News of the new Corvette Boat went viral and within weeks was appearing in media outlets, on blogs and reaching thousands of potential customers who were visiting the Malibu Boats Web site to learn more. Within three days of the first PRWeb release, Web site traffic increased 30 percent with page views up 25 percent. In less than six months, the company netted 30 articles with more in the works. PRWeb has become a major component of Malibu Boats' PR and marketing efforts. They are planning to use it for future product releases and also to publicize different events in the future. According to Mauzy, “Thanks to PRWeb, we are leaving our mark on both mainstream and industry media … our Malibu Boats brand is getting the attention it deserves … and we are quantifying all of it. The true value of PRWeb is in the sales it has helped us generate.” Read more at