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Student to Student Questions to ask on College Visit


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Heading out to visit colleges before you decide where to apply or enroll? Go prepared and know it's okay to ask the students you see on campus about what they like or don't like about their college. This student-to-student guide will help get you started.

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Student to Student Questions to ask on College Visit

  1. 1. Student-to-Student: Questions to ask on a College Visit
  2. 2. Student-to-Student:1. Why did you choose_________?
  3. 3. Student-to-Student:2. What would you change about your college?
  4. 4. Student-to-Student:3. What would you fight to keep unchanged at your college?
  5. 5. Student-to-Student:4. What do you think makes your school distinctive?
  6. 6. Student-to-Student:5. What are the major campus issues?
  7. 7. Student-to-Student:6. Have you been challenged in your coursework?
  8. 8. Student-to-Student:7. How large were your classes freshman year? How large are they now?
  9. 9. Student-to-Student:8. What do students do on the weekend?
  10. 10. Student-to-Student:9. How effective is the faculty advising system?
  11. 11. Student-to-Student:10. How is the relationship between the students and the surrounding community?
  12. 12. Student-to-Student:11. How important/active is the Greek system?
  13. 13. Student-to-Student:12. Does the student body have a voice in the university?
  14. 14. Student-to-Student:13. Have you ever met the college president?
  15. 15. Student-to-Student:14. If you had to select a college from the start, would you make the same choice?
  16. 16. Student-to-Student:15. How many years will it take to earn your degree?
  17. 17. Thanks for reading!Student-to-Student Questions to ask on a College Visitwas originally published on you liked this question guide, then you may also like:→ Have Questions on Your College Tour ? Ask the NativesFor information about planning your campus visit, Smart College Visit makes it easy for college-bound teens & parents to search for colleges, get directions, & find hotels near each campus they want to visit.