Working Group Smart Cities – FIREBALL Summary March 2012


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An overview of the FIREBALL project.

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Working Group Smart Cities – FIREBALL Summary March 2012

  1. 1. Future Internet Research and Experimentation By Adopting Living Labs – towards Smart CitiesSmart Cities asInnovation Ecosystemsfor Future InternetResearch & Implemetation– Empowered by Smart Citizens!Dave Carter, City of ManchesterWP3 Lead, Roadmap for Smart Cities20100930
  2. 2. What can Smart Cities be about? • Usage of digital spaces and technologies to enhance the city and city life • Digital dimensions of cities – the new intelligence of cities • Future Internet as medium & catalyst for organizing collective intelligence of cities • Local Digital Agendas to promote future city innovation strategies • Smart people and smart technologies: making cities become smarter together20100930
  3. 3. Key drivers from Smart Cities of Future Internet Open Innovation. • Socio-economic ambitions of large cities / city marketing • Need for connectedness (cities – rural areas – regions) • Next generation access deployment experiences, need for applications pull after the infrastructure • Technology push: need to create experimentation environments to stimulate innovation20100930
  4. 4. Topics addressed 1(3) Creation of synergies and cooperation among different research and innovation communities related to the Future Internet20100930
  5. 5. Topics addressed 2(3) Identification and access to common assets for Connected Smart Cities Innovation exploring Future Internet opportunities20100930
  6. 6. Topics addressed 3(3) Creation of a Connected Smart Cities Innovation Network of advanced Smart Cities in Europe – exploring challenges about how open innovation can support the uptake of Future Internet-enabled services in Smart Cities20100930
  7. 7. Connected Smart Cities in Europe – FIREBALL examples The Helsinki Open Future Internet innovation ecosystem The Smart City vision of Manchester – Local Digital Agenda Smart Energy of Amsterdam A business eco-system of Smart Grids of Lisboa Digital spaces and ICT to enhance the city life of
  8. 8. FIREBALL network organisations Core partners: Centre for Distance-spanning Technology, Aalto University Economics, European Society of Concurrent Enterprising Network, Manchester City Council, Amsterdam Innovation Motor, ESADE Business School, Alfamicro, Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, Lisboa E-Nova, City of Helsinki, INRIA, Dimes, IBBT, URENIO, University of Oulu, Media and Network cluster, Barcelona City Council Supporting partners: City of Brussels, City of Stockholm, City of Nice, City of Luleå, City of Oulu, Region of Sicily, City of Agueda, Project Panlab20100930
  9. 9. Expected results from FIREBALL • A European-wide community of Future Internet Innovation constiuencies (FIRE, Living Labs and Smart Cities) • A common vision and shared agenda by these constiuencies • Showcases to represent innovative uses and future needs of Future Internet in Smart Cities • Identifying common concepts, methodologies, tools and processes enabling collaborative working for Future Internet Innovation • A sustainable Connected European Smart Cities Network • A roadmap and action plan for exploring Future Internet Innovation for Smart Cities20100930
  10. 10. January: FIREBALL with European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) and EUROCITIES KSF in Brussels March: FIREBALL at KSF Smart Cities WG in Berlin May 9th/10th: FIREBALL with Smart Cities Portfolio Working Group and Future Internet PPP (FI-PP) at Future Internet Assembly in Aalborg, Denmark May 22nd-23rd: FIREBALL at ”User-driven Open Innovation ecosystems: go really local – across borders” special event organised by EU projects APOLLON, FIREBALL and Open Cities with ENoLL and EUROCITIES in collaboration with EC DG INFSO in Mechelen (near Brussels), Belgium.Meet up 201220100930
  11. 11. Future Connected Smart Cities NetworkFuture Internet Research &Experimentation By Adopting • Roadmap development – essential feedback neededLiving Labs • Collaboration between networks • Funding for future Smart Cities projects • CIP, FP7, Horizon 2020 ………… • Policy initiatives and advocacy • Green Digital Charter, Digital Agenda etc. Thank You!