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Customer Journey Mapping (CJM), Edinburgh City Council - Smart Cities


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How Customer Journey Mapping was used in Edinburgh to improve the service delivered, customer experience and efficiency

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Customer Journey Mapping (CJM), Edinburgh City Council - Smart Cities

  1. 1. Customer Journey Mapping Clare Scott, City of Edinburgh Council 27 April 2011
  2. 2. Our Starting Point..
  3. 3. Customer Journey Mapping
  4. 4. <ul><li>Customer recollection – real time or afterwards </li></ul><ul><li>Mystery Shopper – dummy customers </li></ul><ul><li>Record their experiences </li></ul><ul><li>Interviews / Workshop </li></ul>Walk The Journey
  5. 5. Customer Segment New Scheme Members – membership range 3 – 8 months Data collection – Focus Group 6 scheme members 3 females and 3 males Key Journey Steps Get the job application. Job application has information about the benefits, including the pension scheme Get job offer. Accept job and wait for more information about my new place of work. Start job. Get lots of information about my new job and pension scheme . First pay slip Pension deducted from pay. Settled into job. Now thinking about my benefits including pensions. Wondering what is happening with pension. Actions / thoughts feelings at each step Happy ‘ Pension was definitely a positive’ Happy ‘ Pleased to get job want to know more’ Busy ‘ learning so much about job can’t think of pension right now’ Confused ‘ I felt it was a bit rude. I had rec’d no confirmation of entry to the scheme’ Unhappy ‘ unsure whether I am in the scheme’ ‘ I had to phone to find out whether I was in the scheme’ Customer Experience Chart Moments of truth Could this step have been avoided x x  x  Customer improvements/ suggestions Pension information sent with job offer. Maybe not a good time to send information about the pension scheme. Send confirmation before deduction. Enable us to check on-line if I am in the pension scheme. Offer road shows & talks about the pension scheme and benefits when I am settled in my job. Learning / Improvements / Suggestions No action. New scheme members seem happy with the information provided about the pension scheme in the application packs Liase with employers to ensure correct letters and leaflets are being sent. Review and amend recruitment letter and quick guides DDC updates prevents LPF from sending information until at least one month after becoming a scheme member. Working with employers to ensure contribution rates are on 1st payslip. Reviewing LPF &quot;welcome packs&quot; & train staff on DDC uploads. Reviewing &quot;welcome packs&quot; considering quarterly geographical induction presentation, considering piloting e-mail new scheme members mailing 1 month after DOS for CEC members
  6. 6. Customer Journey Mapping
  7. 7. Customer Journey Mapping Clare Scott, City of Edinburgh Council 27 April 2011