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HAKQ Profile

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HAKQ Profile

  1. 1. (HAKQ)HALQA-E-AHBAB-E-KOKAN, QATAR. PROFILE2010) Second Edition (December Established - 30th Aug 2007 Under The Aegis of Embassy of India, Doha-Qatar. P.O.Box No.567, Doha – Qatar. Telefax: (+974) 44417086 Contact: (+974) - 55865432 / 55252065 / 55834042
  2. 2. MessageThe neighboring region on the western coast of the Arabian Ocean is known as “Kokan”, which is famousfor its beauty, greenery and pleasant plateaus. This region is also the centre place for modern & religiouseducational institutes; an attractive place for Historical Monuments, Masjid’s and the native place of the kingof “The Alphonso Mango” which is famous throughout the world. The Kokan region is stretched from Mumbaito Goa comprising of four districts.In 2006 our honourable leaders, Maulana Saeed Ubharay, Maulana Siraj Ahmed Geetay and MaulanaNasrullah Undre started a movement by forming a team to provide necessary help to the “Jamia Hussainia”(a famous centre for the religious teachings in the Kokan region), with a noble and sincere goal. Graduallypeople started to join them and today the movement has taken a shape of an active organization namely;Halqa-e-Ahbabe-Kokan, Qatar. “Those who are willing to work hard; they do it even for hundreds times. But one who keeps on building the castle’s in the air; he does it so without any base”.Referring back to history; we come to know the facts that; people having two qualities have always succeededi.e. “Knowledge & Unity”. This is certainly a boon which could bring a revolution. We have seen manyevidences of this aptitude in the recent past. The holy book “Quran” has proclaimed the message of Allah’sfirst revelation; which had established its foundation, by commanding to “Read”. This proves that knowledgeis a part of human nature and humans cannot run away from nature. I thank Allah that the pious intention informing HAKQ is to promote knowledge & unity.It is important to mention two main things; the first being, that the work started to co-operate with JamiaHussainia – Raigad District which was Alhamdulillah stretched to all parts of Kokan region and has nowbecome the centre of unity. The other fact in the present materialistic world it is very difficult to join theyouth with any organization. But it is surprising to see that in HAKQ about 75% of its members are youth andperhaps this is the reason of its success which has made it a part of History.May Almighty Allah (subhanahu wa tala) bestow upon us his guidance & give us the ability to continue withthis noble cause to take it further; not only in the other GCC countries, but all over the world to be a leader ofthe same, which will enlighten the whole region of Kokan with the most modern & religious knowledge. “Those who have faith in almighty Allah & strong plans; are never afraid of any storms”.Sincerely gratefulHasan ChougleGuardian HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR 3
  3. 3. Message As a humble servant of Allah (subhanahu wa tala), I always felt that, my rab has blessed me immensely with far more than my abilities and there has been a flame burning deep within me to do something for the benefit of our community, to seek the pleasure of Almighty Allah (subhanahu wa tala). Deep inside the hidden corner of my heart, there has always been a burning desire to do something for my community. I always prayed, Ya Rab, in this short spanned life, give me some moments to serve my people, in order to please You. This will give me an excuse to face my Lord on the day of resurrection to ask Him for forgiveness. Lot of opportunities came on the way during this long stay in Qatar, but to be a part of HAKQ is totally different and outclasses everything. When I see the sincere, humble & noble efforts of this young team of individuals from our own community working under this banner “Halqa-e-Ahbabe-Kokan, Qatar”, it makes me feel extremely proud. Tu hi nadaan, chand kalyoon par qana’at kar gaya Warna ghulshan mein ilajeey tangy-e-dama bhi tha May Allah guard my people from the evil eyes of the wicked. I pray to Allah “to shower his abundant blessings on this community and on all the members attached to it”, Aameen. Maulana Saeed Hasan Ubharay Advisor4 HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR
  4. 4. MessageIt’s a matter of great honour & privilege for me to be associated with HAKQ and benamed as one its servants, seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt).According to the need of the hour the people from the land of Kokan have sacrificedwith wisdom in different ways. Looking at the sacred services given by them I feelproud to be of them.There is no doubt , we found many individuals have joined in many folds due to thesincere efforts, tremendous hard work & dedication of the individuals of HAKQ.The unity of Kokani people is a guarantee of providing necessary help to the needs ofour community. This time to extend the support to each and every nook and corner ofour region, the Halqa is trying to set our goal further, trying to aim higher.To help & assist more and more needy individuals of our Kokan community, this timeHAKQ have made a valiant effort to invite representatives of various Kokani Committeesoperating in GCC countries; to join us during our upcoming Annual Meet and explorethe possibilities to work hand-in-hand for the noble cause.I pray to Allah (subhanahu wa tala) to shower his abundant blessings on this committeeand all its members and wish them all the very best to flourish day and night, Inn-sha-Allah, aameen. Tu Shaheen hai, Parvaz hai kaam tera Tere samney aasman aur bhi hainFakir Ahmed KaldanePresident HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR 5
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION “HAKQ - A Committee Established for Social Reforms, Promoting Education, Charity, Mutual Cooperation & Providing Assistance to the natives of the KOKAN region (i.e. RAIGADH, RATNAGIRI & SINDHUDURG districts) back home and stationed in Qatar”. Halqa-e-Ahbabe-Kokan Qatar (HAKQ), a non profitable organization was established on 30th August 2007 in Doha, with Mr. Fakir Ahmed Kaldaney as the president and in presence of respected Maulana Saeed Ubharay & Mr. Hassan Chougule. The formation was officially announced in a meeting held at Doha Grand Hotel. In this program, invitation was sent to Kokani people to represent their area and Districts. It was emphasized that people belonging to Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg Districts and are employed in Qatar should participate in this chain of co-operation for one united charity and betterment purpose of our community and society as a whole. Later on after consultation, it was decided to have a permanent membership drive. By the grace of Almighty Allah, within a short span of time we succeeded tremendously and a large number of our community individuals came forward willingly and voluntarily, to form HAKQ, agreeing to help and co-operate with the vision to succeed. Alhamdulilah, over the past 3½ years from the inception of HAKQ, we have arranged. “The Annual Organization Meet” & “Iftaar Meet” with great success trying to reach as many Kokani brothers as possible. We are proud to announce that among the dignitaries invited, we had the honour of being blessed to have the presence of respected Mufti Rafique Purkar Madani every year for our Annual Meet. Some of the other guest invited during these meets over the years include; Maulana Amanullah Burud (CAO of Jamiaa Husainiya, Shrivardhan), Maulana Dawood Kudey (CAO of Darululoom Faizul Quaran, Kalusta), Shaikhul Hadees Ibrahim Khateeb and Janab Mohiyudeen Khateeb. We are thankful to all our Kokani friends & brothers who have encouraged and appreciated our humble services and showed their support and confidence in us at all times. With this support and encouragement we are trying hard to extend our work and reach to our other Kokani brothers within the possible limits for the noble cause to seek the pleasure of Allah (swt).6 HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR
  6. 6. VISIONTo develop and propagate communal understanding with focus in the upliftment and development of the Kokanregion. OUR AIMS & OBJECTIVES • Strive for the unity of our region and community. • To participate in social, religious and charitable work and activities. • Help our community & needy individual during emergency situation. • To provide scholarship for financially weak and needy students. • Establishment of Educational & Technical Institutions. RULES & REGULATIONS • Area of operation for Halqa-E-Ahbab-E-Kokan-Qatar will be encompassing the Districts of Raigad, Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg region of the Kokan strip. • Any Kokani residing in Qatar belonging to any of the above mentioned Districts is eligible for HAKQ membership. • It is necessary and imperative to fill up the appropriate form and pay its annual fees to avail the membership of the Halqa. ACHIEVEMENTS & WORK IN HAND (in brief) • Library building for Jamia Husainiya Shirwardhan is under construction. • To establish a School building at Pimpli. • To establish a School building at Wadawli (Gondghar). • To establish a School building at Dapoli. • Contributed for the construction work for School – Arabia at Mazgaon (Murud – Janjira). • Contributed for the construction work for School – Ashrafia (Lower - Toudil – Mahad). • Continuous contribution being sent to School – Aaliya Arabia (Girya). • Provided financial assistance to the Schools at Shangartali, Nerul, Pawas and Kondvil. • Assisting in printing & publishing of the newspaper “Kokan Ki Awaaz”. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECTS HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR 7
  7. 7. A. JAMIAA HUSSAINIYA – SHIRWARDHANIt was a dream to have our own library building to cater the educational needs of our region. Study was conducted toestablish a library building with the most advance equipments and technology. Upon completion this library will be thebiggest in our Kokan region and will be the main centre for imparting knowledge with thousands of books from variousscholars kept for references. • Land was purchased and all paper work completed. Construction work is on a full swing and is at the last stage. • Insha-Allah with the generous continued contributions by our HAKQ members, which continues to flow, by next year we anticipate this structure will be completed and inaugurated.B. SCHOOL – PIMPLI • Proposed land identified, finalized and purchased. • Other pending paper work is in progress. • Innsha-Allah very soon the construction work will start.C. DAARUL TAHFEEZ – WADAWLI (GONDGHAR) • A new building had been erected and all students have been shifted to new premises. (This decision was made upon seeing the miserable condition of this School by the representatives of HAKQ on their visit). • With the generous support of all members Innsha-Allah; the construction work will be completed shortly.D. SCHOOL – DAPOLI • Establishment of the School was on hold due to some pending governmental paper work. • By the grace of Almighty Allah; we expect the paper work will be completed soon and in coming months the foundation of this School will be laid.E. SCHOOL ARABIA (MAZGAON) – MURUD – JANJIRA • Contributed for the construction of kitchen, dinning room, bathrooms & toilets. • Construction work is at the last stage and Innsha-Allah very soon this work will be completed.F. SCHOOL ASHRAFIA – LOWER TOUDIL (MAHAD) • Seeing the needs of the School, we have contributed for the construction work of 4 additional rooms required for students studying there.G. SCHOOL AALIYA - (GIRYA) • We have arranged for a Huffaz & Qari for this School. • The salary & other miscellaneous expenses of this Huffaz & Qari are borne by our contribution, Alham-dulilah. 8 HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR
  8. 8. H. SCHOOL’s AT SHANGARTALI, NERUL, PAWAS & KONDVIL • Monetary Contribution was made for the necessary requirements of the poor conditions prevailing in the School.I. KOKAN KI AWAAZ • We have been contributing a nominal amount to this newspaper for printing and publishing of articles on a regular basis. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTUREThe organizational structure forms the core back bone of the HAKQ, which is sub-divided into three main committees,to cater the requirements of the Halqa from time to time.The structure comprises of the following committees: -“On Thursday 1st July 2010, HAKQ had the 2nd general election wherein new candidates have been selected for a newperiod. Some of the old executive committee members who are vital have been re-elected for another tenor of 3years”. HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR 9
  9. 9. ALL HAKQ MEMBERS • Every member of HAKQ can attend these committee meetings. • General body committee meet once every year.1. ADVISORY COMMITTEEAdvisory Committee consists of a group of intellectuals who impart advices and suggestions. • All the members are selected by the existing Executive Working Committee Members. The committee comprises of the following members (in alphabetical order): -10 HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR
  10. 10. 2. EXECUTIVE WORKING COMMITTEEExecutive Working Committee is responsible for all activities of HAKQ. They are the work horses / back bone ofHAKQ. • Executive Working Committee is selected / elected by members through discussion. • The selection/election of Working Committee is held every 3 years.Given below are the honorary office bearers of Executive Working Committee for the interim period from 2010 to2013: HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR 11
  11. 11. ADDITIONAL EXECUTIVE WORKING COMMITTEETo cope-up with the increased activities of HAKQ, it was decided by Executive Working Committee to havesome volunteers who would assist them in various other forms. These candidates formed the Additional WorkingCommittee.The committee comprises of the following members: -3. SUB COMMITTEESThe Sub-Committee’s will work on other smaller activities of HAKQ for the benefit of members in Qatar as well asIndia. • All members are selected by the Executive Working Committee • The tenure of all members of Sub Committee is 3 years.We have the following sub-committees that are actively helping HAKQ to achieve it set objectives: 1. Sandooqcha Committee. 2. Education Committee 3. Help Center Committee 4. Computer/I.T Committee. 5. Reception and Hospitality Committee 6. Games & Sports Committee12 HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR
  12. 12. SANDOOQCHA COMMITTEEOn the request of Mufti Rafique Purkar Saheb, we started this drive of Sandooqcha scheme in Doha via our HAKQ. • We started the drive initially by having 50 boxes which was later on increased by additional 50 boxes that was distributed to our well wishers. • To contribute on a daily basis a minimum QRs.1/- into the box and encourage each & every family members to do the same in the way of Allah. • At present we are sending on an average IRs.14,000/- to India on a monthly basis from the amount collected by this scheme via our HAKQ from Qatar to help and support the needy people of our Kokan region especially the widows.The committee comprises of the following members: - HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR 13
  13. 13. EDUCATION COMMITTEEThis committee was made into being to encourage and foster on behalf of HAKQ the promotion of education in Qatar& India • By recognizing the outstanding talent of children’s of our community and their ability through sponsorship / grant / reward • To provide means of counseling to students passing out from X & XII grade to choose a career suiting his line of interest. • To help the needy & deserving children in funding their tuition fees. • To create a library of books / reading materials for references which are not easily available or very expensive to afford on individual basis.The committee comprises of the following members: -14 HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR
  14. 14. HELP CENTRE COMMITTEEHelp Center has started undertaking many activities to help our Community members here in Doha and others backhome.To name a few activities that are carried out by this committee are:- • CV database, Employment vacancies information. • Availability of school text books, Text books/other books circulation/Old uniforms • Hala Card recharge. • Old clothes recycle - Collection and distribution of old clothes. Donors to be informed to deposit the clothes packed and encourage them to pay a little amount for its dispatching to India. Contact in India to be identified for receiving and distributing the consignment. • Matrimonial - Help Center to advertise the requirement as and when requested by the members. Help Center’s role will be limited to only advertise the members’ request. • Dedicated Help Center Number for Members to contact for any assistance.The committee comprises of the following members: - HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR 15
  15. 15. COMPUTER / I.T. COMMITTEEIn this century of technology we did feel that we needed some capable individuals to come up and establish a completeelectronic system to provide support to the HAKQ committee as & when needed.The work carried out by this committee includes and is not limited to: • Maintain upto date accounting software. • Development of website & email database. • Monitoring the forum keeping in mind the essence of HAKQ formation.The committee comprises of the following members: -16 HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR
  16. 16. RECEPTION AND HOSPITALITY COMMITTEEOn behalf of HAKQ, this committee will be responsible for the reception & hospitality of each & every individualsinvited for all the different occasions organized from time to time (like Meetings & discussions, yearly Ramadan IftaarMeets and Annual Organizational Meet, etc). The activities of this group include the following but are not limited to: • Arrangements of Meeting rooms, hall, etc. • Organizing proper seating arrangements. • Arranging food & beverages. • Visa & travel arrangements of guest & invitees. • Etc….The committee comprises of the following members: - HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR 17
  17. 17. GAMES/SPORTS & CO-CURRICULAR COMMITTEEIn HAKQ we were not going to let the young and talented Kokani’s be left behind. It was also a way of binding this youngtalent through a group. The thought of setting up this committee was brought into existence.Under the guidance, consultancy and dynamic leadership of Mr. M.I. Farid, the Sports committee has flourished manyfolds. In October 2009, last year, we successfully held the First Kokan Cricket Tournament at the Ideal Indian SchoolFloodlight ground. Four teams were formed namely Raigad Warriors sponsored by Gulf Lights, Ratnagiri Alphonsossponsored by Hannan Cricket Club, Kokan Challenger sponsored by Emad Electricals & Sindhudurg Royals sponsoredby SAL Contracting & Trading who participated on a league basis; with the top two teams playing the finals.Mr. M. I. Farid, conducted the proceedings. Guest of Honour for the finals was Mr. Raghib Qureshi, Second Secretaryof the Indian Embassy along with Mr. Hasan Chougule.The event generated a lot of interest, managed to raise much needed funds and was a grand success.The committee has many other plans to offer. It is looking into further possibilities of encouraging the youth and the oldalike to participate and keep fit.The committee comprises of the following members: -18 HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR
  18. 18. An APPeAl Can you donate one day salary for your community welfare?Are you ready to spend your HALAL income on a monthly basis for the betterment and upliftment of ourcommunity??? By kokanis ............ for kokanis ..........Halqa-e-Ahbab-Kokan Qatar (Kokan Friends Circle) main objectives are:  To promote togetherness in our society and to promote communal integration  To work for the educational upliftment and social welfare of the Kokan region in particular.  To award scholarships to meritorious / economically weak students  To engage in social welfare works and activities.  To establish / support educational institutions.  To organize competitive programmes.Achievement of this would not be possible without your whole hearted & generous support and contribution. We urgeall of you to come forward and donate for our community, our people, our children, so they will have a better future.We very well know there are numerous kids/people in our kokan region who are deprived of proper food, clothes,shelter or education. Isn’t it our duty to provide a small helping hand to these needy people? Aren’t we accountable forthis? Won’t Allah ask us? The answer to all these questions is simple –YES. We do, we have to and we are accountable.So what can we do? Go around and feed them, shelter them, educate them, the answer to this is – NO. Then what? Allyou need to do is support HAKQ in order to support them? How? Again the answer is simple - We request you to donateONLY one (1) day’s income every month for OUR community. Can you do it? Don’t forget this is a form of Sadka-e-Jariaya (which will Inshallah continue to give ajar even after we die). Just imagine till the school is there, or till the kidrecites Quran, till the Alim Preaches our good deeds ajar balance keeps adding!! Profitable business!! Isn’t it?Our volunteers and co-workers will approach you in the month of Ramadan; and focus on getting this collection doneas much as possible. If due to any unseen circumstances, if we are unable to meet you during Ramadan then surely we’lltry to meet you soon after Ramadan.Come join hands with us to make a better future.Once again let us ask you “Are you ready to spend your HALAL income on a monthly basis for the betterment andupliftment of our community???” Remember “Every good deed is charity”- [Al-Bukhari]. Jazakumullahu Khairanv HALQA-E-AHBAB KOKAN QATAR 19