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Operating System Assignment 1
Submission Date : 14/08/2012

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT 1Date: 9-8-2012 Submission date: 14-8-2012Q1. Briefly explain four major functions of operating system. Also explain fourservices of operating system.Q2. Give main features of the following types of OS, outlining their limitations andstrengths. 1. Batch OS 2. Multi-programmed OS 3. Interactive Time Sharing OS 4. Real time OS 5. Multithreaded OS 6. Multi processor OS 7. Kernel 8. Reentrant and monolithic kernelQ3. What type of OS will meet the requirements under the following environments? 1. A large mainframe computer, made available for software development team of about 100 programmers. 2. A system receiving input from sensors and controlling Air Defense Weapons. 3. A system used for process control in an oil refinery. 4. Multi-purpose fuel injection system used in vehicles. 5. A system used for processing of information stored on magnetic tapes and producing hard copies of output.Q4. State true or false: 1. In batch systems jobs are executed in sequential manner. 2. Spooling means buffering of output jobs onto a disk. 3. In real time systems, the main focus is on good response, rather than optimization of resources. 4. Multi programming implies multiple processes are in running state simultaneously. 5. In an interactive time sharing system, fast response to user commands is not of much importance. 6. OS calls can be embedded in user programs.
  2. 2. 7. A multi processor system implies a loosely coupled network of processors connected by LAN/WAN. 8. A multi processor system implies a system having multiple CPUs sharing a common bus and clock. 9. A distributed system implies a system, having a number of autonomous computers, connected by LAN/WAN. 10. A time sharing system consists CPU scheduling and multiprogramming.Q5. Explain interrupt servicing mechanism, clearly bringing the role of OS in that.Q6. Explain salient features of program-controlled I/O, Interrupt Driven I/O andDMA, highlighting their relative merits and demerits. What is spooling?