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Cybersecurity unit of Kudelski Group
Kudelski Security, a division of the Kudelski...
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  1. 1. Cybersecurity unit of Kudelski Group END-TO-END SECURE 4G-LTE WIRELESS BROADBAND SOLUTION THE CHALLENGE OF SECURE BROADBAND FOR CRITICAL COMMUNICATION LTE is the future of mobile broadband technology. It provides the high-speed data capabilities needed for mission-critical communications in all key sectors - from public safety, defense, and emergency services to transport, energy and water. Several challenges, however, have emerged with the transition to 4G-LTE. Firstly, end users are dependent on a service provided by commercial mobile network operators, over which they have no control. They cannot have guaranteed consistent or priority access to the network, which is key to maintaining communication in critical situations and facilitating an effective, coordinated operational response. A second challenge relates to security. LTE brings new challenges in terms of cybersecurity, and organizations need to ensure that the information they are transmitting cannot be intercepted by anyone trying to access sensitive information or disrupt operations. In some countries, governments have answered these challenges by creating legislation that requires public safety and critical infrastructure entities to own and operate private mobile networks. The additional challenge of cost control faces any organization deploying a dedicated mobile network. Networks may not need to be huge, but they do need to be scalable according to the number of end users. They also need to be compact and mobile, with installations distributed wherever operations are taking place. Finding a cost-effective solution is a formidable challenge. SOLUTION OVERVIEW – SECURE BY DESIGN MOBILE CELLULAR COMMUNICATION Kudelski Security has created a cost-effective, secure-by- design, portable and private cellular network that combines the increased speeds, improved latency and greater bandwidth of 4G-LTE with the benefit of full independence from commercial mobile network operators. • Secure, self-contained mobile network infrastructure in which personnel can communicate, and over which you maintain full control and visibility • Ruggedized mobile units create secure, independent network bubbles (no single-point-of failure) that enable offices and units in different areas of operation to communicate with, or independently of, the secured IP central infrastructure • Mobile units can cover areas of many kilometers. Communications within those areas remain local, guaranteeing network operation even if remote connectivity (e.g. satcom link) becomes unavailable • Extra security possible by incorporating customized algorithms into the hardware or software encryption • Built-in sensors and management console to monitor and analyze local and advanced threats in real time. Units can also connect to Kudelski Security’s Cyber Fusion Center for long-term, secure storage and big data analytics and intelligence KEY FEATURES Secure 4G-LTE, which can complement the Cyber Fusion Center has the following key features: 1. Complete and compact secure mobile network based on latest 3GPP standards, supporting UMTS, HSPA, LTE WiFi technologies and running on COTS hardware. 2. End-to-end voice encryption for mobile and desktop devices, based on hardware and software cryptography, for secure communication. 3. Resilient, secure, scalable and built on cost-effective Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and service-oriented architecture, allowing for better use of resources, and distribution of network functions that ensures local users are served ‘locally’ and network load is reduced. 4. Local application servers offering best-in-class user experience and high security (secure voice over LTE, secure push-to-talk, one-to-many secure video distribution, secure messaging). 5. Data access management based on built-in, SIM-based authentication. 6. Real-time monitoring and advanced threat intelligence possible through the optional Cyber Fusion Center solution, enabling tracking and reporting of user activity both inside and outside the communication network. 7. IT-friendly management and easy system operability through web-based interfaces and API.
  2. 2. END-TO-END SECURE 4G-LTE WIRELESS BROADBAND SOLUTION ABOUT KUDELSKI SECURITY Kudelski Security, a division of the Kudelski Group (SIX: KUD.S), is an innovative, independent Swiss provider of tailored cyber and media security solutions to enterprises and public sector institutions. Our team of security experts delivers end-to-end consulting, technology, managed services, and threat intelligence to help organizations build and run successful security programs. Our global reach and cyber solutions focus is reinforced by key international partnerships. Cybersecurity unit of Kudelski Group ABOUT ATHONET Athonet is a company specialized in the field of mobile network infrastructure where “the software is the network”. Athonet has created a unique compact, cost-effective and transportable Mobile Core solution for LTE/UMTS/WiFi networks dedicated to serving mobile operators, professional users and MVNOs. Athonet’s product, PriMo, has been fully built in-house to virtualize (NFV) and increase the performance of the Mobile Core in a cost-effective manner running on standard IT servers. PriMo provides very low latency, highly reliable complete support for LTE/WiFi voice and data services that have been successfully deployed by operators, government and private clients in real-world mission-critical conditions. Athonet is headquartered in Italy. For more information please visit: POLICE CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE FIRST AID GOVERNMENT DEFENSE END-TO-END SECURE VOICE AND DATA EXCHANGE 4G-LTE WIRELESS BROADBAND SOLUTION SECURE 4G-LTE PRIVATE MOBILE NETWORK FOR LOCAL COVERAGE Native encryption for VoLTE Identity credentials access management user / group provisioning and access management One-to-many secure broadcast Network triggers warnings, logs API for feedback control Local monitoring Smart LTE mobile core Secure VoLTE Secure Broadcast Secure, self-contained 4G-LTE network infrastructure through which personnel can communicate, and over which full control and visibility is maintained