SMARCOS Poster Comic: User Daily Life


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SMARCOS Poster Comic: User Daily Life

  1. 1. A typical day in Alex´s life, a non Smarcos user … Every day the same story. Hopefully, something could help me. Meanwhile, Marcutzo, a Smarcos user … wearing his Reinos™ slippers … I hope to complete all my tasks for today … and finally close the contract with Mr. Rossi, my most important client! Problems at Alex´s office. Our poor friend is wishing the Earth would swallow him up! In the meantime Marcutzo is receiving live updates: traffic, roads, … On Alex´s way to the office, he gets off on the wrong foot Marcutzo’s successful meeting took longer than expected. His next tasks have been automatically re-scheduled, considering the client’s importance. Finally, Alex ends up conceding to the evidence... Could Smarcos make his life easier? Good old Marcutzo offers his help. SMARCOS technology automatically bought Marcutzo’s tickets and now is finding his friends in the crowd. The SMARCOS Personal Trainer ™ automatically chooses the best exercises for Marcutzo, taking into account the day he had. Due to the gym delayed Alex has just missed the concert he´s been wating for long! Queuing eats up most of Alex’s time at the gym. If he had had more time, he might have booked the bench. In the meantime, Marcutzo enjoys a pleasant & healthy meal. He has things to celebrate … Alex has no time to waste. Documents and reports are piling up and he eats A nything A nywhere A nytime ... I am late … I am late … I am late … Where were you? It´s a deal! A pleasure doing business with you, Sir! If I only had the time to organize my personal life… That’s exactly what I needed after today’s meeting! I know, I know … This is not the healthier food ever!! But what else can I do?… I have no time to lose if I want to make it to the gym & the concert!! What a bad day! Well, this has been the last straw! What would I do without SMARCOS ? Life is much better with SMARCOS ! I must acknowledge it. I really need SMARCOS . May I come in? Come in! Come In! Welcome to the SMARCOS World... My greatest wish is to start the morning with a nice breakfast, and get ready ASAP... 7:00 7:00 8:00 7:30 9:30 9:00 15:00 13:00 17:00 19:00 21:00 21:00 I need to make my mornings easier. A potential client waited for half an hour and then left! argggghhh!!!! Ok, Then it´s like a game, isn´t it? You keep fit, watch your diet, get healthy points and compete with your friends.