SMARCOS Newsletter 2nd Issue


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This 2nd issue presents the status of the project at mid September 2010 by describing the key accomplishments of each work package.

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SMARCOS Newsletter 2nd Issue

  1. 1. ISSUE 2 September 2010 IN THIS ISSUE: The Smarcos newsletter covers the consortium activities around the project. This second issue reviews Smarcos progress within its first six months of development. Introduction Work Packages Progress Introduction Latest Events The Smarcos project aims to help users of interconnected embedded systems by ensuring their interusability. Our results will be applicable to all embedded systems that interact with their users, which is a substantial fraction of today’s market. The first Smarcos semester has just finished and all work packages are in good progress. It is worth mentioning that all scheduled deliverables have been completed on time and the planned milestones have been achieved. This 2nd issue presents the status of the project at mid September 2010 by describing the key accomplishments of each work Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. ISSUE 2 September 2010 that ultimately allow for always-on operation for a significant fraction of user- Work Packages Progress oriented mobile devices. WP1: Design Methods and Concepting. WP4: Attentive Personal Systems. This WP1 has completed its first goal by work package has concentrated on producing D.1.1 “Initial Smarcos compiling initial use cases and business Requirements” in order to set the basis models of the project. The report, D4.1 for the rest of the work in Smarcos. They “Initial use cases and business are now busy with a study on the current models”, will serve as a basis for deriving use of UI design methodologies in Smarcos- concrete user and system requirements and related industries. This study will be used as will identify service-oriented models and an input in D1.2 “Prevailing UI design business impact of the deployed use cases. methodologies for interconnected embedded systems.” The study has been divided into 2 main sections, first a set of interviews with relevant practitioners and then a more wide-spread survey based on the topics that have come up in the interviews. WP2: Interface, Interaction and Context Modelling. This work package has mainly focused on preparing their first deliverable, D2.1 “Requirements & specifications for interusable UI models A workshop was held in Eindhoven where and context”. It outlines requirements and 12 scenarios for behaviour change were specifications for modeling. It is composed generated. Cards from the Design with based on the analysis on Initial Smarcos Intent method were used as inspiration. requirements and knowledge on models: UI, tasks, and contexts. WP3: Tools for Runtime UI & Context Composition. This work package has focused on the deliverable D3.1 “Requirements for runtime methods and tools” that identifies key requirements and technical enablers for realising context- aware systems in runtime environments. It is based on analysis of initial Smarcos requirements. We target runtime Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. ISSUE 2 September 2010 WP5: Interusable Devices. Although this WP6: Complex systems control. WP6 has work package did not have to deliver any focused efforts on task D6.1, where report within the first six months, they partners have combined efforts and keep make a joining effort to organise a each other informed of advances through productive workshop where the first two periodic tele-meetings. Aspects of D6.2 deliverables were discussed and will soon be have also been studied up front. Upcoming released. In addition, each partner has deliverables are expected in due time by the made an effort to deliver a total of 11 initial end of the first year. concept ideas and 11 further defined scenarios, which outline the scope of the WP7: Exploitation and dissemination. WP5 work in the future. This work package initially concentrated on - 5.1. Requirements and design notes designing, developing and updating the for interoperable devices Smarcos Public Website WP5 is currently evaluating and ( ) that selecting the three most promising also hosts our Collaborative Project scenarios. The requirements and design Portal. This WP has also produced the first notes are derived from these selected two issues of the Smarcos Newsletter and scenario definitions and reported in the other promotion materials, such as leaflets D5.1. and posters. - 5.2. Initial Concepts of Large Scale Trial WP7 has completed three deliverables: The basis for this deliverable was - D.7.1 Project Website (Public and created in an intense workshop arranged Internal) by Fjord in London 7th and 8th of - D.7.2 Dissemination Plan I September 2010. The result of the - D.7.8 Exploitation Plan I workshop is an extensive set of concept ideas which are reported in D5.2. WP7 is currently focused on the first dissemination report and targeting more activities in order to boost dissemination and Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. ISSUE 2 September 2010 Latest Events This newsletter is published SMARCOS within Mobile HCI 2010 every six months. It informs Date: 7th – 10th September, 2010 the members of the Smarcos Location: Lisbon, Portugal and the general public about url: the progress of the project. Smarcos has been promoted at the 12th International Conference on HCI with Mobile Devices and Services. CNR-ISTI gave a tutorial session on adaptation and continuity in multi-device environments. Contact: SMARCOS 2nd Workshop: focus on WP5 Dr. Pertti J. Huuskonen Date: 6th – 8th September, 2010 Location: London, England / Organizer: FJORD A productive seminar took place at the Fjord headquarters, a vast amount of ideas and concepts were delivered for the initial definition of Any questions or suggestions? the large scale trial. Please contact us! SMARCOS within 2010 ARTEMIS Summer Camp Event Date: 9th – 10th June 2010 Location: Rome, Italy url: Smarcos project was presented within this Summer Camp and actively contributed to the discussion on the directions for ARTEMIS Multi-annual Future Events Strategic Planning, Research Agenda and Annual Working Plan for 2011. SMARCOS 1st Workshop: focus on WP1 SMARCOS Consortium Date: 16th – 17th May 2010 Autumn Meeting Location: Oulu, Helsinki / Organizer: VTT/VALVE Date: 6th – 7th October, 2010 WP1 1st Smarcos Workshop achieved the expected goals, giving a great Location: Madrid, Spain impulse to WP1 main objective, through different working sessions; concepts, design challenges and first requirements were presented, detailed and defined. SMARCOS within Model-Based User Interfaces´ Workshop Date: 13th – 14th May 2010 Location: Rome, Italy url: ARTEMIS & ITEA Smarcos was described as one of the most interesting projects regarding Co-summit Event its future contributions to Model-Based UIs and there has been a great Date: 26th – 27th October, 2010 interest in involving Smarcos on the next Model-Based UIs´ Workshop Location: Ghent, Belgium planned Page 4 of 4