SMARCOS Presentation Comic: User Daily Life


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This comic compares a normal "end-user" daily life using two characters; Alex (a non Smarcos user) and Martcuzo (a smarcos user).

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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SMARCOS Presentation Comic: User Daily Life

  1. 1. Smart Composite<br />Human-Computer Interfaces<br />Artemis Project 100249<br /><br />Join SMARCOS world, you will experience the difference<br />A typical day in Alex´s life, a non-Smarcos user … <br />Meanwhile, Marcutzo, a Smarcos user … wearing his Smarcos slippers … <br />Every day the <br />same story. Hopefully, something could <br />help me.<br />My greatest wish is to start the <br />morning with a nice breakfast, and <br />get ready ASAP...<br />I need to make my<br />mornings easier.<br />Now, I can properly<br /> enjoy my breakfast … so glad I bought my new Smarcos Slippers! … coffee, toast heating are ready when I need them to be! <br />7:00<br />7:00<br />He avoids a car crash thanks to the Smarcos Dust enabling communication with devices and other users and providing info to/from the adequate emergency, insurance services.<br />On Alex´s way to the office, … after being stacked in a traffic jam, he bumps into a car.<br />What a <br />nightmare … !<br />Accident detected<br /> & registered, … <br />all services & users<br />are aware off!<br />… <br />8:00<br />7:30<br />Problems at Alex´s office. … he is wondering how this type of situations could be avoided with the help of technology.<br />After signing on time an important contract, he is receiving his “Daily Health Tips” … from his Smarcos mobile application,. This smart app. keeps track of his daily life activity and gives personalized recommendations.<br />Daily Health Tips already available !<br /><ul><li> Food
  2. 2. Exercise</li></ul>My boss will kill me, considering the amount of work that I have today<br />It´s a deal!<br />I think you´ve got a sms!<br />9:30<br />9:00<br />In the meantime, Marcutzo enjoys a pleasant & healthy meal. He has things to celebrate …<br />Alex has no time to waste.<br />Documents and reports are piling up and he eats Anything Anywhere Anytime ... <br />I know, I know …<br />This is not the healthier<br />food ever!! But what else<br />can I do?…<br />I have no time<br />to lose if I want to <br />make it to the gym <br />& the concert!! <br />Ok, Then it´s<br />like a game, isn´t it?<br />You keep fit, watch <br />your diet, get healthy<br />points and compete within <br />your social networks.<br />15:00<br />13:00<br />The Smarcos Personal Trainer ™ automatically chooses the best exercises for Marcutzo, taking into account the day he had.<br />Queuing eats up most of Alex’s time at the gym. If he had had more time, he might have booked the bench.<br />If I only had the time to organize my personal life…<br />That’s exactly <br />what I needed after<br /> today’s meeting!<br />17:00<br />19:00<br />Smarcos technology automatically bought Marcutzo’s tickets and now is finding his friends in the crowd.<br />Due to the gym delayed Alex has just missed the concert he´s been waiting for long!<br />What would I do <br />without Smarcos?<br />Life is much better<br />with Smarcos!<br />What a bad day! <br />Well, this has been the<br />last straw!<br />21:30<br />21:00<br />Innovation enhancing<br />interconnectivity among <br />embedded systems <br />& their users<br />Finally, Alex ends up conceding to the evidence... Smarcos makes life easier, healthier, safer … <br />His good old friend Marcutzo offers to help.<br />Come in! Come in! <br />Welcome to an easier, healthier, safer … living.<br />Welcome to Smarcos World.<br />I must acknowledge it.<br />I really need Smarcos. May I come in?<br />Sponsors<br />Partners<br />