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183433 xunleashed

  1. 1. JhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed Xrumer Unleashed written by: JhonnyXXX & MurkThe value of a secret?The value of a secret is known only to a few.Loose lips sink ships! If you understand thevalue of the material youve just obtained, youwill KEEP IT ALL TO YOURSELF! It feels good tohave something others dont, try it and youllsoon understand the value of keeping a secret!copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedTable of ContentsChapter 1 IntroductionAn introduction to the world of Xrumer 2Chapter 2 SEO MethodsBattling your way to the top of Google 4Chapter 3 Direct PromotionUsing Xrumer for direct traffic campaigns 29Chapter 4 Artificial IntelligenceBattling your way to the top of Google 45Chapter 5 Cookie StuffingBattling your way to the top of Google 54Chapter 6 BonusesBattling your way to the top of Google 58Chapter 7 ModificationsBattling your way to the top of Google 66copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedChapter 1 IntroductionIt took about 8 months of bashing my skull against the
  2. 2. keyboard to obtain the following manual. Although Imnot a millionaire yet, its like Botmaster says “No one i sgo i n g t o t e a ch you t o be come a mi l l i o na i r eove rn i gh t . ”The contents of this manual are designed with theprofessional marketer in mind. Newbies may still havetrouble adapting to the terminology and technicalaspects of certain portions of this manual. This is whywe created the forums at http://xrchat.info/f/As a valued premium content subscriber you will haveaccess to the premium section where our personaldiscoveries are posted on a daily basis.We are Xrumer researchers and we are working for you!Thank you once again for purchasing XrumerUnleashed, now lets make some money!copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedChapter 2 SEO MethodsSearch Engine Optimization 101If you are already familiar with SEO just skip thispart. Its not long,but it might be useless if you already know it.That being said, thisisnt meant to be a complete course on searchengine optimization. Itsjust meant to bring us all up to speed on thebasics of search enginemarketing.Building backlinks is the name of the game, and youprobably boughtXrumer because you want more backlinks to yoursite. The more linksare pointing to your site, the more important yoursite will be toGoogle.PageRank is how Google decides the importance of
  3. 3. your page.Generally speaking the higher the PageRank, thebetter it is to have alink on that site!Anchor text is the clickable text found on webpages. It points to a webaddress (URL) using words that describe thecontent. For example ifyou had a site about bananas, you would want tolink to your web pageusing the word “bananas” as the anchor text.Just as important as anchor text is the textsurrounding the anchor,before and after. Observe the following 3 links:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed<a href=”http://buy-bananas-online.com”>BuyBananas</a><a href=”http://buy-bananas-online.com”>BuyBananas</a> NowBuy Fruits, <a href=”http://buy-bananas-online.com”>BuyBananas</a> and VegetablesThe first example has no text surrounding theanchor. The secondexample has the word “Now” after the anchor. Theword “Now” is notsemantically relevant to the word bananas. Thethird example hassemantically relevant terms before and after theanchor. This is idealand this is what we teach.Text rotation, Anchor texts and SemanticsIf your keyword is “buy bananas”, your subject linemight besomething like Buy Bananas Online or something likethat. We use thevariation system to make the text different for
  4. 4. each post. The point ofdoing this is that when Google analyzes yourbacklinks, they wontappear to be all the same.Translation: If Google sees all your backlinks andall your subjectslines are exactly the same, you wont get as muchvalue becauseGoogle will think “The same person is posting theselinks”. On theother hand, if the links are different and thesubject is different,Google will award you high value to your backlinks.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedLets do a basic example using the variationsystem:{Buy|Purchase|Obtain} Bananas {Online|Today|ForCheap}{} indicates to Xrumer to choose one of the termsbetween { and }randomly, using | as a separator. If you use theabove example inXrumers message window and hit Test, the resultmight be:Obtain Bananas For CheaporPurchase Bananas Onlineor any other permutation.Xrumer gives you the mathematical value of how muchtext ispossible. The more varations you use, the greaterthis number – whichis a good thing!In this case, you can see the basics of thevariation system. Now weneed to apply this to our links. The technique Iuse is simple. Take
  5. 5. your 3 top keywords, put them in an anchor.This could mean formatting to Bbcode if you areposting to forums, sohere it is in Bbcode:[url=http://www.domain.com]{Bananas|Cheap Bananas|RipeBananas}[/url]copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedAlternatively, you can use a links file like this:[url=http://www.domain.com]#file_links[file.txt,1,S] [/url]The command #file_links[file.txt,1,S] tells Xrumerto choose one linefrom the file “file.txt” . This is especiallyuseful later on when we dealwith creating replies that sound legit!You can also use variations with the nicknamefield.Advanced variations using identifiers:[url=http://www.domain.com]{#1Bananas|CheapBananas|RipeBananas}[/url]Using this as your anchor, you can now put the samestring in thesubject line: {#1Bananas|Cheap Bananas|RipeBananas}Why not use is as your nickname, email address aswell? What thisaccomplishes is simple. Xrumer will randomly pickeither Bananas,Cheap Bananas or Ripe Bananas. Whichever it picksit will stick witheverywhere you use {#1Bananas|Cheap Bananas|RipeBananas}. Thisallows a great deal of flexibility when creatinganchor text variationand thematic replies!
  6. 6. In this last example youll see how to combinevariations with youranchors and your surrounding text:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed{Fruit|Exotic Fruits|Tropical Fruits},[url=http://www.buy-bananasonline]{Buy Bananas|Buy Bananas Online|Buy Ripe Bananas}and{Mangos|Plums|Pears|Peaches}The final result is constantly different, whichensures Google and othersearch engines will eat it up and ask for seconds!In this tutorial I will show you how to buildprofile only links. This isa very basic tutorial for all the noobies out thereso please dont flamethe post.Profile Creation From A-ZProfile posting is a very effective use of Xrumer.The benefit of profileonly posting is that your links tend to stay uplonger, as well yourspeed of posting is a lot faster over forumposting.In this tutorial I will be using the defaultLinkList (LinksList id1.txt)for demonstration purposes only. I never use thedefault list as they areheavy spammed and in my option do not add any valuein terms oflong term success of your link building campaigns.Always harvestyour own link list!copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedOk, lets get startedOpen up Xrumer, and then click on Project --> New
  7. 7. Now let’s start filling out our project settings.When doing profile only blasts its important tomake each profileunique. If your posts (profiles) are not uniquethat it opens a massivefootprint that Google can see and in my experiencetreat your linkswith much less weight.Nick: Xrumer#random[a..z] - this will createusernames such asXrumera, Xrumerb, Xrumerc, etc. You can also usethe {|} method forusernames as well such as {XrumerMike|XrumerTed|XrumerSteve}.You can combine the two like this:{xrumer#random[a..z]|mikea#random[a..z]}copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedThere are a million other way to slice and dicethis, but this will get usstarted.Pass: Put whatever password you like here. Justkeep in mind that
  8. 8. some forums require you to meet certain complexitystandards. Sousually I make a password like: password1Real Name: This will auto generate when enteringyour nick and forthe most part can be left alone.Homepage: This is where you will enter your links.This will show upin the profile as just links with no anchor. Youcan enter just one linkhere or rotate them like {http://homepage.com|http://homepage.com/deeplink.html|http://homepage2.com} or you canstore your links in a .txt file (one per line) andcall it like this;#file_links[C:LinksList.txt,1,L]ICQ: I normally use a random 9 digit numberstarting with 5 you cando that like this;5#random[0..9]#random[0..9]#random[0..9]#random[0..9]#random[0..9]#random[0..9]#random[0..9]#random[0..9]which would give you a number like this; 543631115copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedCity: Here I just pull a random city from a .txtfile. Just like links youcan add a city (one per line) in a .txt file andcall it like this;#file_links[C:ListOfUSCities.txt,1,L]Country: I normally just use;{USA|US|United States|Canada|CA}*** Please note that the city and state willautomatically try and pull from x_fields.txt***Area Of Work & HobbiesI point a lot of fields in the Xrumer AI (selflearning) to use these
  9. 9. fields. You may notice a lot of forums haveaddition (custom profilefields) where you can enter your own text in. Ilove these fields as itgives me an opportunity to stuff relevant keywordsinto the profilesXrumer is creating.Normally I split these up. Lets say im promotingthe xrchat.info site. Iwould create two text files; one with my primarykeywords, and theother with secondary keywords.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedList 1 might look like this;xrumerxrumer forumsxrumer tutorialsList 2 might look like;backlinkslink buildingSEOI usually use the Google keyword tool to generatethese lists. Once youhave your lists you can use the {|} to enter theminto these fields oryou can call from a .txt file like this:#file_links[C:primarykeyword.txt,1,L]Signature: This is where you can put your anchortext.If you are promoting only one url you can entersomething likethis;[url=http://xrchat.info]{xrumer|xrumer forums|xrumer tutorials}[/url]the above will rotate the following; xrumer, xrumerforums, xrumertutorialsIf you wanted to add some of your primary keywords
  10. 10. before youranchor link you could do someting like this;copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed#file_links[C:primarykeyword.txt,1,L][url=http://xrchat.info]{xrumer|xrumer forums|xrumer tutorials}[/url]Email SettingsThere are pretty self explanatory. Just fill in thebasic info. There aresome other tutorials around the fourms that explainthe mail settings inmore detail.The rest of the fields you can fill in withwhatever you like (xrumerwill not allow them to be empty) as they will serveno relevance toyour profile postYour settings should look something like this;copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer Forums
  11. 11. JhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedOnce you’re all done save your work.Now we need to get xrumer ready for profile onlypost. To do this wego to Options --> Advanced Optionsand select the following:Click save. Now your ready to start posting. Selectyour link list andclick start.
  12. 12. copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedOnce finished you can view profiles here:
  13. 13. The High PR Parasite Doorway MethodSimply put, this is a method where you stealanother sites page rankby creating a page on their domain and then havingmany pages link toit via Xrumer. For example, lets say you create apage on a high PRdomain such as http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/(Create ablog).Parasite pages are nothing new. If you’re notfamiliar with the concept,a parasite host refers to a keyword targeted pageon a strong, legitdomain. Parasite hosting takes advantage ofGoogle’s favoritismtowards olderdomains.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedOn the high PR page, thats where you put youradvertisements. Thispage will rank quickly on the search engines as itis sitting on a highPR host.Then, using Xrumer we will deliver 1000s ofbacklinks to this parasitepage. The result is that this page will achieve ahigh rank very quickly.For beginners, here are the steps you need to take:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedStep 1: Open Xrumer, fill out email and nicknamefields. Heres a hintif you want to have a keyword in the username:keyword#random[a..z]. The result will be nicknames like keywordhd,keywordje,
  14. 14. keywordhg, etc.Step 2: Put keywords in the subject. Usevariations! Also, make sureyou use variations for the words that surround theanchor text.Examples of high PR hosts:Wordpress, Squidoo, BloggerIf youre familiar with SENuke, great. Take yourhigh PR links fromSENuke and put them into Xrumer and watch yourSERPS explode!SENuke is a great tool to create hundreds of hig PRparasite pages.The Linkwheel MethodThe linkwheel method is the same as the high PRparasite method,with one important difference. The goal of thelinkwheel is have thePR leak to the whitehat page, resulting in organicranking for thewhitehat page.Example: My whitehat site is http://buy-bananas-online.comI create 3 blogs on high PR domains. Each bloglinks to http://buybananas-online.com using the words “Buy Bananas” as theanchortext.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedSo now we have 3 blogs:http://bananablog1.blogspot.com,http://bananablog2.blogspot.comhttp://bananablog3.blogspot.comEach blog looks like this: “Hi everyone, this is myblog about bananas.If you want to <a href=”http://buy-bananas-online.com">Buy
  15. 15. Bananas</a> this is the right place!”Save the list of high PR parasite URLs to a textfile and call itprlinks.txt , put this file in your Xrumerdirectory.Create a new Xrumer project. For the homepage fieldput this:#file_links[prlinks.txt,1,N]For the signature, put this:[url=#file_links[prlinks.txt,1,N]]Keyword[/url]Again, its best to use variations and not just onekeyword. If you areusing variations your signature will look more likethis:[url=#file_links[prlinks.txt,1,N]]{Keyword|Keyword2|Keyword3}[/url]copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNow, in the body post put this:[url=#file_links[prlinks.txt,1,N]]Keyword1[/url][url=#file_links[prlinks.txt,1,N]]Keyword2[/url][url=#file_links[prlinks.txt,1,N]]Keyword3[/url]It should look like this:(Dont forget to use vartiations!)I put it 3 times because I want 3 links to bedisplayed from the fileprlist.txt . If you look at the viagra spam you seeon the forums, theywill put 20-30 links. It is recommended to putbetween 10 and 25 linksand to include lots of semantically relevant textbefore and after alink.Russian Pre-Registration Domain BombinBlog Comment PromotionWith blog comment promotion its really importantto choose goodkeywords as your username. The reason is because
  16. 16. many blog engineswill use the username as the anchor text. You canuse the variationmethod for the username like this:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed{keyword1|keyword2|keyword3}Or, alternatively here are a few methods that alldo the same thing butin different ways. Exploring these possibilitieswill increase your graspof Xrumers capabilities:Try these in the username field when posting toblogs:#file_links[keywords.txt,1,N]This will choose one random line from the filekeywords.txtkeyword#random[a..z]This will create a username using keyword andappend a letter from ato zkeyword#random[0..9]This will create a username using keyword andappend a number from0 to 9keyword#random[a..z,0..9]The same as above, with “,” acting as OR operator.That means it willappend either a letter OR a number.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedRemember, you can use spaces in your username whenposting toblogs:Using generic messages as your commentsIts very important to use good messages as yourcomments. Botmasterhas included such a file for your pleasure, it can
  17. 17. be used by calling itlike this:#file_links[Antispam/Neutral/en.default.txt, 1,S]Youll notice the English language has beenbrutally slaughtered in thisfile, so use it if youre too lazy... If youreambitious check out thechapter on “Artificial Intelligence”.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedYou should get the idea, its not very hard to comeup with genericcomments that will seem real so they get approvedby the blogmoderators. People are vain, so appeal to theirvanity bycomplimenting their site / blog. Even with ausername like CheapViagra, you may still get comments approved if thecomment makessense.Another good tip is to use the #hostname macro.Example Comment:Sweet site, I hadnt noticed #hostname before in mysearches!Keep up the great work!Xrumer will replace #hostname with the name of thewebsite!The ElinksList MethodThis method of building backlinks is highlyeffective in term of gettingyour links to stick. With this method you make aforum post, and aftertime go back and edit it with your link at a latertime. This method isnot a good way to get traffic, but an excellent wayto get backlinks.The reason this is effective as forum admins will
  18. 18. generally check thenewest posts. So if your original post wassomething like;“Hey I’m new here. Forum looks great. “copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedThen your message, in most cases will not bedeleted. As time moveson your message gets moved down lower and lower inthe forumqueue.The setup for the elink method posting is verysimilar the first part ofthe Q&A posting method. The goal is to make youuser and messageappear to be just a normal every day user. To makesure your postsstick I recommend changing your priority categoriescopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer Forums Please note I chose theoption to post ONLY if the categories in my listexist on the forum.This will lower your success rate on your first runas Xrumer will donothing if those categories don’t exist.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNow I uncheck the option to check for active linksafterposting. This will speed up your first run asXrumer will not have togo back to check if a link was placed as there isno link to check. I alsouncheck the editing profile after registration aswell as the loading ofavatar. Unchecking these options will greatly
  19. 19. improve the speed ofyour first posting run.I also check the Make log of categories list so Ican do research lateron and seek out other forum categories / topicsthey may look good forposting.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNow choose your link list and start posting. Oncefinished check yoursuccess links:In this case I have 194,350 success posts. Now whenI go through toedit these posts my success rate will be a lotlower then this numberfor the simple reason that some forums don’t allowyou to edit posts,or have a time limit set in place for the time yourpost is available foredit, and some posts may just be removed. Xrumer isa numbers gameplain and simple.When composing your edit message you can completelypost a newmessage, or just go back and add a link. I usuallykeep the original andjust add a line.So if my original message was;“Hey I’m new here. Forum looks great. “I would make my new message like this;“Hey I’m new here. Forum looks great. I found agreat way to get themost out of [url=http//xrumerunleashed.com]Xrumer[/url]“copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedOr if you want to be sneaky you can use the link
  20. 20. disguise the links likenormal text (no underline, different color forlinks) by posting mymessage like this;““[color=color_url]Hey I’m new here. Forum looksgreat. I found agreat way to get the most out of [/color][url=http//xrumerunleashed.com]Xrumer [/url]“This will only work on about 10% - 15% of theforums you are postingto. Your links will still be active if the linkdisguise fails.Now let’s set the advanced options:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNotice this time we will be posting on behalf of apreviously registereduser. As we already registered on our first run.Also I have selected the“Enable checking for active links after posting”this time so we get arecord of which forums worked for us.Now once you have your edited message. Make sureyou selected thesame link list and selected the elinks database.Now start posting!copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedChapter 3 Direct PromotionIf you want to promote your website directly usingXrumer, it isrecommended to get abuse proof hosting. Mostwebhosts will shut youdown if someone merely complains that you posted acommercialadvertisement on their public forum.First, you will want to enable Aggressive Posting
  21. 21. Mode, located inadvanced options. This will create several topicson the forums insteadof just one. It will take the moderators longer todelete them thusincreasing the exposure of your ads.It is recommended to post only to forums for directmarketing, so a new hrefer filter is needed. Look up theforums only filter in the Artificial Intelligence chapter.This filter will eliminate 99% of the junk andleave only forums. Atypical scenario where direct marketing can be usedis for thepromotion of a dating website:[url=http://affiliate/affiliate-link.php][img]http://affiliate/banner.jpg[/img][/url]Using banner advertisements usually draws morecomplains than textadvertisements. A mix of both is suggested, where atext review forthe product is posted along with a banner.Experiment to see whatworks best in your niche.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedQuestion and Answer Mode:A popular way of promoting projects is to use theq&a mode. Theresult is that you can have a “conversation”between 2 forum users.The Q&A method is one of the methods I use themost. This methodcan be used not only for direct marketing, but alsofor SEO purposes.The first user can ask: “Im not sure if #categoryis the right place topost this, but Im wondering if anyone has tried
  22. 22. Hostgator.com fortheir web hosting?”Then, the second user answers: “Yes, I useHostgator for all myprojects. Dont be afraid to sign up today, theprices are really goodtoo!”In order to effectively use the q&a mode, first youwill need to setupyour project for user A. User A will ask thequestion, promptingresponses from other users.Open up Xrumer, and then click on Project --> Newcopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedYour first run is going to be posting a question.So as we fill out theprofile settings try and make it as “average user “as possible. Includeno link to home page, or link in your signature. Iskip over a lot of thepersonal details here as we covered them in thelast profile tutorial.Since our link will not be in the profile of thequestion poster, therotating of fields for unique content is not asimportant.Here is what my question post will look like:Now the post part is the most important. In orderto get you post tostick you need to make it sound spammy. Unlike theprofile, you wantto make the question unique so spinning you post asmuch as possibleis a must. Here is an example:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed{Hi|Hey|Hello} {I’m|I am} new here. {I am|I’m}
  23. 23. sorry if #categoryis {not the right|the wrong} place for {this|thispost} but I was hopingsome one here on #hostname would be able to {help|assist} me access{facebook|myspace|youtube|bebo|gmail|ebay|amazon}from {school|work} as it {it is|it’s|it is currently} {block|restricted|firewalled}. Any{help|assistance} would be {greatly appreciated|great|wounderful}The out put would look something like this:If you don’t know already, #hostname will add thename of theforum/site you are posting to. #category will bethe name of thecategory that your post was placed in. Ok now let’sset the advancedoptions and get ready for our question posting.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedHere is what mine looks like:I have selected “Mandatory registration withposting” as the postingmethod. I also have found better success inquestion posts staying uplonger that have avatars upload so I chose to “editprofile afterregistration” so I can “load avatar at profileediting”I also chose to “make log of categories” as I amalways looking forways to refine my postings.Now save, select your link list and start postingcopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNow once you finish. We can start prepping ourreply posting. The
  24. 24. profile and awnser post can be setup much the sameway. Here iswhat my reply posting profile will look like:For the reply I will use something like this:I {saw|came across|noticed} your {post|posting|thread|question}.My {school|work|job|company|high school} {blocked|restricted}access to {myspace |facebook}.After about #random[1..9] hours of {searching|looking} I found[url=http://myproxysite.com]{myproxy|facebookproxy|myspaceproxy}[/url]copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedWhich would result in something like this:This was just a basic example for you to get theidea. Now check youradvanced options to make sure they still look likethis:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNow comes the part you all were wating for. Selectthe Rlinks db forlink list posting you made orgionaly when askingthe question:So if the link list you posted orgionally wasLinksList id995.txt yourreplay post would be RLinksList id995.txt - Andthat’s it for the Q&Aposting method. A few things that can help yoursuccess is goingthrough a first run with register only. Then runthough the success listwith “post on behalf of previously registereduser”.It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours between
  25. 25. posts to avoidsuspicion.Advanced repliesNow, you can bump the thread by posting as user Aonce again. To dothis, simply switch the project back to the firstproject. Edit themessage, but dont change the email or username –make sure thosestay the same! Now, go into Options, AdvancedOptions and select“Posting on behalf of a previously registereduser”. Make sure you arestill in RlinksList mode on the Links database tab,then hit Start!You can go back and forth between users, and youcan go as far as youlike with this. For example, one thing thats funto do is to createintroduction posts for your bots first beforepromoting anything.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedFirst, edit the priority categories in the projectsettings and put only thefollowing:Introduce Yourselfintroduce yourselfintroductionIntroductionnew memberNew Membercopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedTick the box that says “Post only if thesecategories exist otherwiseskip”Now, run your list as user A but simply post an
  26. 26. introduction like “Heyguys, nice to be here! I love #hostname!”On the second run, you can come back as user B andpost in theintroduction thread “Welcome to the forums!” Usingthis method youcan create the illusion of real users carrying onconversations.Impor tan t Note : Make sure you create a new copy ofyour linkslist for each conversation thread you want tocreate, otherwise the wrong replies will be posted andXrumers RlinksLists will get mixed up.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedPM Promotion Kung FuBotmaster’s latest release of Xrumer has a lot ofenhancements inregards to PM promotion, however it is far fromperfect. Many forumshave strange rules when it comes to PMs. Someforums dont allowyou to send a PM unless you have a certain numberof posts, or untilyou’ve been a member for so long, and some adminsjust have itdisabled completely. Your success rate will be alower then it is withposting, so please dont be discouraged. First, youneed to harvest a listof forums that Xrumer specifically works with forthis method. To doso, check the chapter on Artificial Intelligence.Mass PM SetupOpen Xrumer and click: Tools -> Delete all linksaccording toblacklist (you did remember to update yourxblack.txt right?)
  27. 27. Now that your link list has been cleaned go to:Options -> AdvancedOptions and make the following selections:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNow lets create a new project.You can create aproject as normal, buthere are a few recommendations;:-Don’t rotate nicknames as in my experiences thislowers your successrate-I also recommend leaving the Homepage field blankas well as we’renot profile spamming here, and it increase thechange of your accountgetting caught by forum admins-For the City, Country, Area of work, and Hobbiesfield I like to pullthe values from a txt file as its a lot easier the{ | } in my opinion. Thisway I fill in something like this:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed#file_links[C:cities.txt,1,L] and the cities.txtwould be a listing ofcities, one per line.Now for the topic I recommend something like;(Per your post | hey #uname | etc}The #uname macro will fill in the name of theperson you are sendingto….however this only works about half the time.For the body of your message (and as well as withthe topic) Iwouldn’t worry to much about macros as your notworries about yourposts being duplicate. However some forums haveprotection that willlook for message similarity so usually just adding
  28. 28. something like“#gennick[sjdhrd,6,15]” this at the end will allowyou to bypass that.Save your project.Mass PM PostingThe mass PM posting process works in two stages;registering andposting. First, follow the steps outlined in thechapter “ProfileCreation From A-Z”. You can also browse theXrchat.info forumsfor a while.Now we’re ready to send some Pms. First change theposting from toMass-PMcopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNow to to Options -> Advanced Optionsand set the following:Click Start and your promotion!copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedOne thing I forgot to mention is after your firstrun of registering only,it’s a good idea to send pm to only the forums inyour PROFILES listas Xrumer will not try to post to forums you wereunable to registerwith. Also with PM promotion its a little harder totrack results, but ifyou use JhonnyXXX’s tracker script you’ll get agood idea of howmany people, and from what forums people areviewing your PMs.If you need to modify the PM posting, member listgathering to fitcustomized forum setups take a look in themasspm.ini …. and check
  29. 29. the MODS section soon for updated masspm.ini filessoon.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashedcopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedChapter 4Artificial IntelligenceCollecting Only Forums:Go to hreferTemplatesand create the following file:Only_Forums.txtIn Only_Forums.txt add the following lines:forumdisplay.phpshowthread.phpnewreply.phpnewthread.phpindex.php?s=yabb?/phpbbviewforum.phpviewtopic.phpposting.phpyabb.pl/community/Collecting Sites For PM Promotioncopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedWith the current version of Xrumer (version 5.0.12)Mass PM willwork with the following forum types;• phpBB• VBulletin• Invision Power BoardIn order to cut the number of unsuccessful PMposts, we first need toharvest only relevant sites to post to, and to
  30. 30. accomplish this we need toadd footprints for only the above forums.Go to hreferTemplatesand create the following files;PM_Forums.txtPM_forums_addwords.txtin PM_Forums.txt add the following lines;boardphpbbact=stact=sflist.phppostingprofile.phpact=regpost.phpubbcopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashedexbbnewbbipbinvisionforo//sutralofiversionforumdisplay.phpshowthread.phpnewreply.phpnewthread.phpindex.php?s=/phpbbviewforum.phpviewtopic.phpposting.php/community/in the PM_forums_addwords.txt add the following:forum
  31. 31. phorumadd topicnew topicphpBBIPBpostingcopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashedadd messagesend messagepost new topicnew threadsend threadVBulletinBBSinurl:/member.php?u=inurl:/login.php?register=inurl:/register.aspinurl:/ucp.php?mode=inurl:/profile.php?mode=inurl:/posting.php?mode=inurl:/register.phpinurl:/register.php?s=inurl:/register.php?inurl:/forum/profile.php?mode=inurl:/forums/register.phpinurl:/bbs/register.php?s=inurl:/addpost?forum=inurl:index.php?showtopic=inurl:/modules.php?name=forumdisplay.phpshowthread.phpnewreply.phpnewthread.phpindex.php?s=/phpbbviewforum.phpviewtopic.php
  32. 32. copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashedposting.php/community/Please keep in mind this is a just a fewfootprints…see my othertutorial (Now that we got our Herfer templatessetup, lets startharvesting… open hrefer now.Just as you normally would update the proxies andthen under “SearchEngines: options & Filter” select PM_forums for thefilter option andfor best results use Google as the search engine.Now your ready to start harvesting, so select yourword database andstart parsing. For a worthwhile campaign run, Iwould recommend atthe very least 15 – 20K sites.How To Collect Existing Threads For Using The ReplyMethodWith Xrumer its possible to post to the topicsthat other users havecreated and reply to them. The reason this is inthe ArtificialIntelligence chapter is because we will try to makethe replies seem asreal as possible. Otherwise, whats the point? Youwill need the Rgentool to be able to do this. Rgen.exe is availabletrough yourBotmasternet.com control panel.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedTo do this, first open Hrefer. Click on options anddisable “Convert alllinks to index”. This will preserve the location ofthe thread. Next, you
  33. 33. will need a list of search terms. Follow thesesteps to obtain a word listto input into Hrefer:Once you have completed harvesting your list,launch the rgen tool.Select the freshly harvested list as the input fileand select the list youwant to use as the output (RlinksList). Rgen willgo through the linksand collect only the ones to which Xrumer is ableto post.Open Xrumer and click on the Links database tab.Select RlinksListfrom the drop down menu. Make sure you dont haveAggressive modeor any other options.The key to having your replies stick is once againgeneric comments.The link in your signature will provide thebacklink in this case, socopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashedyou are banking on the administrator thinking thisis a valid addition tothe thread.If you want some better generic comments, copy thisinto yourmessage body:{Wow|Im impressed|Hey|Hello|Greetings}{!|,|.}{Good|Amazing|Quite in-depth|Thorough|Deep|Thoughtful|Well put|Well thought out|Impressive|Unique|Brilliant}{information|stuff|ideas|design}{!|.}Here is the advanced method for creating genericreplies or comments:We will assume several generic statements andformulate that into a
  34. 34. workable format for Xrumer.Put these in a file called generic1.txt*bumpGood oneSweetNiceGoodThought soMight beCould becopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedPut these in a file called generic2.txtyoull probably learn from thisI hope no one thinks this is funnyI cant remember where but Ive seen this beforepretty insubstantial if you ask menot really importantyou guys better pay attentionYou can put all those in a text files and use theprevious lessons tocombine them like this:#file_links[generic1.txt,1,S], {and yet|at the sametime|but|on theother hand|and still|but still}#file_links[generic2.txt,1,S] {!|.|...|:)}The result might be something like:Good one, on the other hand youll probably learnfrom this :)orMight be, but I hope no one thinks this is funny...Priority CategoriesHere is the complete list of top 500 category namesused on theinternet today. I have filtered out most of the nonenglish charactersbut I have kept Spanish, French and German words.To give you an
  35. 35. idea of the size of the sample we took, I includedthe occurrence of thecopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashedtop 10 categories:28145 - General23908 - General Discussion19649 - Announcements14949 - NEWS12684 - Off Topic8168 – Introductions7728 - Off-Topic7546 - Music6945 - suggestions6571 - GamesThe list “big-category-list.txt” is included in thefiles you got with thispackage. There is also a file called xprior.txt –replace your current filewith this one, it contains the basic template forgeneral promotion.In order to get Xrumer to recognize these, we mustfirst add doublequotes to any term that has more than one word.Included is a scriptfor autoit called cat.au3 . Input your list ofcategories and save it in thesame directory as cat.au3. Open cat.au3 in theautoit script editor.Press F5. Now, you will have a nice list with mostof the junk (like“?”) and such removed, and all the terms withdouble quotes.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedChapter 5 Cookie StuffingOk, ok.. So cookie stuffing isnt exactly the
  36. 36. cleanest, most honest wayto earn a living online, but is it entirely evil?NO! Theres a way to usecookie stuffing as a marketing tool without theneed to stealcommissions. Cookie stuffing is a double edgedsword and I willexplain how it can both help and hurt merchants,depending on thecase.Percentage based stuffingThis is what youve heard about as wrong, immoral,whatever. Im nothere to pass judgment, Im just here to explain howthings work!Percentage based stuffing is exactly what it soundslike. You knowthat X percent of computer users shop on ebay, soyou stuff ebayauctions. The same goes for amazon, or any othermajor online retaileryou can think of. If you know the demographics of aforum very welland you know where everyone on that forum shopsonline, you cangrab all those commissions very, very easily. Itsnot as easy as itsounds but I will show you step how its done.Remember, thistechnology can be used for good or evil. Dont be adick and stuffamazon, ebay and auctions. Youll just get banned!Use the stealthmarketing method instead.Stealth Marketing MethodWhen you promote products on forums, administratorsare always
  37. 37. copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashedweary of affiliate links. If something looks like apromotion oradvertisement, it will simply be deleted.With the stealth marketing method you dont need toplace any affiliatelinks, you dont need the user to click on anythingat all! Let me put itin perspective with an example post for my bananacompany:User A: Has anyone used hostgator? Is it decent?( 24 hours later, the mods have looked at this postand they havedecided to let it stay. It doesnt look like apromotion. Along comesUser B with a helpful reply:)User B: Hi User A, I noticed you havent decided ona host yet. Dontworry, I had the same challenge a few months back.Hostgator iswicked, I havent had a single problem![img] COOKIE STUFF FOR HOSTGATOR AFFILIATEPROGRAM[/img](Notice that hostgator is NOT a hyperlink, itssimply typed. Mods willlook at this and they might think twice beforedeleting it. There are nolinks at all!)The end result is that you will get credit for thesale of anyone whoviews this post. All they have to do is go online,search for hostgatorand signup – youll get the commission!copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedA few things to keep in mind about cookie stuffingwith Xrumer:
  38. 38. • Pick smaller affiliate programs. Large affiliatecompanies likeeBay, Amazon, and Commission junction have hugeresources at theirdisposal, and spend a lot of time and effort toensure people do notcookie stuff. There is nothing worse then seeing 5Kdisappear fromyour account.• Start slow, and build. This can be controlled viasome cookiescripts, or via the number of posts you make withXrumerSpecial Cookie Stuffing Note:Hostgator uses a tracking system where the 1st clickwins. That meansif they click on your link (or you stuff your linkcookie), even if theyclick on someone elses affiliate link the firstcookie will remain.Many companies use last click wins. In this caseyou might want toput a link to the domain youre promoting (not anaffiliate link). In theexample above, if Hostgator was using last clickwins, we couldsimply add a link to one of hostgators hostingpackages like this:User B: Hi User A, I noticed you havent decided ona host yet. Dontworry, I had the same challenge a few months back.Hostgator iswicked, I havent had a single problem! Im usingthe baby crocpackage [url=linktohostgatorpage](This one here)[/url] , Im not sure ifthats suitable for your needs but they have other
  39. 39. packages.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed[img]COOKIE STUFF FOR HOSTGATOR AFFILIATEPROGRAM[/img]How To Cookie Stuff Using Murks Magic- Create a new database and user- Modify the main script variables- Create tables using the file called tablecodes- Login to phpmyadmin and add badrefererers to the referer table- You can block user agents from the text file- Add single bad IP via phpmyadmin- Use the file ban.php to add IP blocks- Put a smiley face in the same directory- name this image smile.gif- use the .htaccess file provided- put your affiliate links in the _redirect file- if you want to rotate links you can, otherwiseput the same link in each instanceVIPs will get step-by-step installation help on the VIPforums so dont worry if you dont understand how toinstall it!copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedChapter 6 BonusesPR Sorting gives you a way to filter out lessvaluable, low pr linksfrom your harvest. I have also a big fan of PRsorting my profile links(that point directly to my site) in order tocollect the highest PR sitesfor use in a link wheel.Open Hrefer and click on Link Database at thebottom to select thedatabase you would like to sort by PRNow lets check the advance options to make sure
  40. 40. everything is setright. Here is what my advance options look like:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNow lets start sorting by PR. Click on Tools -->Sort Current List byPRcopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedYou have two methods of sorting, by host name orentire link. Inormally select host name especially if I usingsorting the PR of asuccess or profile list for use in a link wheel. Asfor the thread count Iusually set mine to 50 ( thats what botmasterrecommend). Now forsorting methods you have standard, multisort, andsort in range.Standard - This will create a result .txt file withthe URLs with thehighest PRs on the topMultisort - This is my favorite as it will create aseparate .txt file perpr. The result file will be PR1.txt, PR2.txt,PR3.txt .....Sort in range - I normally dont use this methodOnce your all set click Run and your offYou may notice a good number of -1 or -2 results.While there is nosuch thing as a negative Google PR ranking I stilltend to stay awayfrom these. Normally I try to post to all PR1 orhigher and for linkwheels PR3 or highercopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedReferrer SpamThis was very popular a few years back. While back
  41. 41. links fromreferrer spam do not contain anchor text, it stillis a very simple way togain a few links out side the normal footprint offorum and blog spam.For those who don’t know referrer spam is normallyused to spam statpages like this one;http://wagnerhome.org/usage/And if you scroll down a bit you will see the“Links from an externalpage” section. Each one of the links below is alive link. This stat pagehas been hit already, however notice that in orderto get you site listedhere the most referrals you would need would be295.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedIn order to get started we need to train Hrefer tocollect websites basedon the footprints of stat pages like the one listedabove.Go to your HreferTemplates and create two files;statpages.txtstatpages_addwords.txtIn statpages.txt add the following lines;Usage Statistics forGenerated by Webalizer Version 2.01Generated by Webalizer Version 2.02Generated by Webalizer Version 2.03Generated by Webalizer VersionCreated by awstatsAdvanced Web Statistics 5.5/webalizer/usage/usage/usage/statistik/usage/stats/usage
  42. 42. /stats/daily//stats/monthly//stats/top/wusage/copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed/logs/awstats.pl/webstats/awstats.pl/awstats.plact=SFAdd the following to statpages_addwords.txtUsage Statistics forGenerated by Webalizer Version 2.01Generated by Webalizer Version 2.02Generated by Webalizer Version 2.03Generated by Webalizer VersionCreated by awstatsAdvanced Web Statistics 5.5inurl:/webalizer/usageinurl:/usage/usageinurl:/statistik/usageinurl:/stats/usageinurl:/stats/daily/inurl:/stats/monthly/inurl:/stats/topinurl:/wusage/inurl:/logs/awstats.plinurl:/webstats/awstats.plinurl:/awstats.plinurl:act=SFNow if you had Hrefer open you will need to restartin. Once it opensback up. Once you back in , go the Search Engines &Filter tab andselect statpages.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNow select your wordlist and start harvesting.
  43. 43. Once you’ve finished, open up Xrumer and selectyour new stat pagelink list. No open up Options  Advanced OptionsHere I selected enable refspam, and only refspamwithout posting. Ialso set the number of hits to 5000 per URL. Nowlets get the profilesetup.The only thing that matters in your project profileis the homepagefield as that is the URL that will show up on thestat pages.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNow there is one last step before we get startedand that is updatingyour proxies. For this method public proxies willwork fine. Refreshyour proxies;And start posting.You can also you referrer spam to draw attentionfrom webmasters.Any webmaster out there, no matter what the skilllevel, checks theirtraffic logs. If they see 2,000 referrals from onesite they maybe apt tocheck it out. You can even take this a step furtherwith cookie stuffing.For example, I was promoting a small affiliate siteDealextreme.comand found several forums dedicated to some of theirproducts. Isent10K hits from my Blackhat site that have thestuff affiliate code. . .. after about 17 days I was $750 richer. Cookiestuffing or not cookiestuffing is a great way to get attention from
  44. 44. webmasters.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedReferer TrackingUsing the same principle as cookie stuffing, thereferer tracking scriptincluded in this package will let you know how manytimes your postwas viewed, and where it was viewed. All you haveto do is insert animage into your post. Follow the instructions inthe referer trackingpackage and youre on your way to tracking yoursuccess – which is avery important factor in making sales!Chapter 7 ModificationsWell begin the Xrumer Modifications by doing alesson on selflearning:Lets begin with a walkthrough of the self learningmenus:System Options - There is where you can enable anddisable theself learning system. I always recommend runningwith selflearning mode enabled.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedThe options here are pretty self explanatory, anddeal with the level oflogging you want to enable. While the self learningsystem will handlea lot of the basic types of additional fieldsrequired for signup, as wellas sign up pages that will have non standard fieldnames it’s only thetip of the iceberg when training Xrumer.The most important setting here is under “Add field
  45. 45. when learningwhen”. During normal use I will usually select theoption for “AddANY unknown fields and forms . . .” This optiontells Xrumer to logany field it does not automatically recognize. Wewill see why this isgood in the next section.When working with a new link list I typicallyselect the “Form couldnot be filled in, message was not sent” this isgood as its logging thehtml form fields Xrumer is not able to fill in(typically seen under“the rest” report tab) and log them for laterreview.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedThe results of the self learning will be stored inXrumer AI DB andwill not be added to XAS_AI until you define themunder the“Control” menu.Control - As stated above this is where Xrumerstores the fields, etcthat it could not fill in for your review. Some ofthese may already befilled in as that is a result from the“Automatically accept programassumptions” from the option menu.Depending on the size of the DB collected lunchingthe control menumay take a few minutes to open. During that timeyou will see;And then you will get this message for another fewminutes;copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed
  46. 46. And then finally you will see a list like this;If your list gets to large, or you want to manageit by link list, or justwant to start from scratch rename the log .txt filelocatedXrumerFieldsForAILog.txt …All fields currentlyadded will still beretained in the Xas_AI file.Keep in mind if you rename this file to create anew log, you will needto restart Xrumer just like any of the otherinternal program files.You can sort the control panel fields in any wayyou like. Typically Isort by the “Text before field”. Text before fieldis shows the textimmediately before the html form field Xrumer wasunable to fill in.While this typically will describe the field inquestion, sometimefurther inspection is needed especially if the“field name” looks wayoff from the text before field.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedHere is one example of that;You can see the text before field is e-mail howeverwe can see that thefield type is a checkbox, and the field name is acheckbox. So fillingin an email address here would not help at all. Ifyou click to the linkon the right hand site it will take you toregistration page for manualinspection.Now let’s start updating Xrumer. For my firstexample we will belooking at this line;
  47. 47. We can see this signup page is asking for a textfield to be filled in mymy Yahoo IM id. While this most likely isn’tnecessary to signup it isa great place to add some more key words. When youselect a linefrom the AI control panel you will see it populatedown below.Now just like all the project fields in Xrumer.This can be filled in anynumber of ways.Pick a field from your Project profilecopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedSince the nick name from my projects often reflectsmy keyword I amgoing to opt to use the same value. So if I selectnick name then clickok the original line will now look like this;Let take a look at another field.This time its looking for age. We will have to usethe custom textoption for this oneFor my custom test I am going to use#random[2..4]#random[0..9] –this is going to pick a random age between 20 – 49.The first part ofthis #random[2..4] picks a number between 2 and 4and as you guestit #random[0..9] picks a number between 0 and 9.Some forumsrequire you to be over a certain year of age tojoin – typically over 13or 18 years of age so any age between 20 - 49should be fine. I chosethis example to illustrate that you can use anyXrumer macro tocomplete the field. For any custom text field I
  48. 48. fill in I try to use amacro to ensure that each post is unique. Once yourdone addingthings in just click the “x” in the upper righthand side of the controlmenu and you’ll get a dialog box like thiscopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedCaptchas and SECRETCODE:Although I cant teach you advanced HTML in thiscourse you dontneed to know that much to figure out whats acaptcha, whats ausername field, etc. Lets start by looking throughthe entries one byone.Heres the first sample entry:Field name: Field Type: Text Before Field:AB_Question Text For protection againstspam, please answer thefollowing question.1) Click on the checkbox associated to the entryyou want to change2) Select from the dropdown menu “Field Value:” theselectionSECRETCODE3) Press OKIf all went well you will see the green “State”checkmark light up andyou will see SECRETCODE appear in the entry.Lets keep looking for another entry. Lets try amore challenging one.Field name: Field Type: Text Before Field:spamcode Text What is your mothersmaiden name?copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedDont let the “Text Before Field” fool you, its
  49. 49. clear this field isanother SECRETCODE. Although “Text Before Field” isvery usefulin determining unknown fields, it is unlikely thatin this circumstancethe field name is related. Look at the “Fieldname”first. If its obvious,go ahead and set the value for this entry. If itsnot so obvious and youneed a second clue, have a look at the “Text BeforeField”.Xrumer Unleashed Tip: Always double check theentries that Xrumerlearns on its own. Most of the time it knows thecorrect field but ithappens that it will mistakenly associate the wrongfield.When youre finished teaching Xrumer newassociations, simply closethe self learning window. The following dialog boxwill appear:Teaching New CAPTCHAS to XrumerIf you decide you want to teach Xrumer newcaptchas, youll want toknow about the captcha mask. Located inDeCaptcha/default.mask ,this file indicated the location of the images.Keep this in mind,Xrumer needs 2 pieces of information to solve acaptcha: It needs thelocation of the image, and the name of the fieldwhich should be storedin the xas files.There is a method to enable Xrumer to attempt tosolve captchas itdoesnt know for sure it can solve. This is done byadding this to
  50. 50. copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashedxuser.ini:CheckUnknownCaptchas=1Now, Xrumer will attempt to solve any captchaincluding recaptcha,etc. Although most of the time it wont suceed, youcan turn up thenumber of attempts to solve the captcha in thespeed & successsettings.Thats it! All you have to do now is restart Xrumerand it willautomatically fill in the fields you have taughtit! Now lets look atanother way teach Xrumer:Import of Field Names – This little gem will allowyou to import alist of values into your XAS or XAS_AI file. I alsoencourage users toupdate your XAS_AI file to leave you XAS alone.Xrumer will pullvalues from each one of them starting with XASLet’s say I had a text file with usernametranslated into severaldifferent languages. I would select tha file underthe “Importing DBfile name” and choose which file I want to importfields into. I wouldselect line by line as that’s how my file is setup.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedExport of Field Names – is the same, just inreverseIt may seem that modifying Xrumer is aninsurmountable challenge atfirst, but let me assure you Ive done it! Once youget the hang of it
  51. 51. things become easier. Heres what you need to do totrain Xrumer toperform a basic form submission:1) Create a new directory with a fresh install ofXrumer. This isCRUCIAL, as you will be messing with Xrumers corefiles.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashedcopyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed2) Enable Self Learning mode: Click on SelfLearning Mode, thenclick on System Options, Then click the “EnableSelf Learning”checkbox. The reason its a good idea to enableself learning whentraining Xrumer is that it is meant to alert us offorms it was unable tofill. In this particular example we will be showingyou the manual wayin case the self learning misses something.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed3) Paste the URL of the form you want Xrumer tosubmit to in theTest field. The Test field is located directlyunderneath the big buttonthat says “Resume from last possition”. Once youpaste the URL inthis field, press the Test >>> button locatedunderneath the Stopbutton.Now lets go in-depth into Xrumer. First, what typeof form are youtrying to submit? Does it require registration? Isthere a captcha? Letsstart with a basic example so that we can wrap ourheads around the
  52. 52. concept.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedNote that for this particular example we will notbe registering anaccount, as this classified ad system does notrequire email verificationor registration. All Xrumer needs to do is fill inthe data and submit theform.For this to work, lets make sure we set thefollowing options inOptions, Advanced Options. For this test, go aheadand Uncheck allthe boxes. We dont need any special options forthis project.The first thing that you will need to do is submitthe form manuallyand write down some important details. Lets startwith the name andemail field so that we can introduce some moreimportant files: XASand XAS_AI.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedOur first project will be to submit a simple form.We will besubmitting tohttp://au.bokrin.com/post/jobs_cat/internet_sub/ ,so goahead and fire that up in Xrumers Test mode.Depending on what iscurrently in your Xrumers XAS configuration files,you may get adifferent result. I get the result in green font“Success”. You may get ablue font, or even a beige font with only the word“sent;”. All of these
  53. 53. are based on the file xmessages.txt which we willexplore further in alittle bit.Whats important here is that Xrumer has attemptedto post to the formon http://au.bokrin.com/post/jobs_cat/internet_sub/, now we need theexact details of the submission. Open up the Xrumerfolder and thenopen up the Debug folder.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedIf your current LinkList id is 1, the debug fileswill have 1 appended tothem. Open the file called POST id1.HTML in abrowser. Remember,the file number (1 in my case) is determined by thecurrent LinksListid number.Heres what it looks like for me:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedYoull notice it says in big red letter “You mustagree to the terms”.Right-click on this page to view its source. Letsget the field name forthe checkbox, in this case “check_a”.Now we add it to the following section in XAS.txt:#checkbox1#agree1#check_a;check1;check21NOTE: According to the Xrumer documentation, oneshould onlyneed to put#check_a
  54. 54. 1copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedHowever, this doesnt seem to work. After muchexperimentation Iwas able to get the above code to work for ourexample. You will haveto play around with it! Heres how you find outwhat was posted. Openthe file FormFields id1.txt . It should looksomething like this:=====[ FormAction:http://au.bokrin.com/post/jobs_cat/,FormEnctype: multipart/form-data ]=====[select] subcategory = Internet[select] city = Adelaide[text] city3 = Kwajalein[text] location = Marshall Islands[text] title = juicy title[text] price =[textarea] description = juicy description[text] email = myemail@email.com[text] email2 = myemail@email.com[checkbox] check1 = yes[checkbox] check2 = no[checkbox] check_a = agree[submit] post_submit = SubmitYou can check this file after each attempt to seewhat exact variableswere sent. We can see the all important [checkbox]check_a = agree,so we know that the problem checkbox will beticked.If we submit this form using Xrumers test mode, itwill be submittedsuccessfully to the category “BusinessDevelopment”.copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer Forums
  55. 55. JhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedWhat if we want to submit to a different category?Its very simple, weaccomplish this with the priority categories. Openyour Xrumer projectand click on “priority categories” button. Put thename of the categoryyou wish to select at the top of the list andsubmit the form again. Youwill now be submitting to the category of yourchoice!Xrumer Modding Tip: Priority categories control theSELECTinputs!Advanced Modding:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer UnleashedIn order to perform an advanced modification youwill need to getfamiliar with 2 files. They are XURL and XMESSAGES.XMESSAGES is a list of status messages used todetermine if Xrumeris logged in, if it is banned, if it submittedsuccessfully.(XMESSSAGES determines whats happening)XURL is the logic behind Xrumer. This file isneeded to determinewhere the registration link is on page, where thelink is to create a newpost, etc. (XURL determines where to navigate)If you look at XURL.txt you can see the format ofthe syntax. A casuallook through the file shows you all the optionsthat are disabled out ofthe box. For example, look for the line:[0,reputation.php],);This is telling Xrumer not to visit this link, so
  56. 56. if you want toexperiment with any link that has this name, youwill want to removethis!The first Earlier versions of Xrumer up to thecurrent one at the timeof writing ignore the first line in XURL.txt .Knowing this, dont putyour modifications in the first line, put them inthe second line sincethe first line is ignored for some reason.You need to point out to Xrumer 3 things:copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer ForumsJhonnyXXX & Murk Xrumer Unleashed1) Where is the main forum2) Where are the threads3) Where is the new post linkThe bulk of this is achieved through xurl.txt andthe followingcommands:URL_TOREGISTRATIONURL_TOVIEWURL_TOFORUMURL_TONEWPOSTSometimes, its necessary to indicate to Xrumerthat its ok to post.This is done via xmessages.txt and the ALLOWcommand. You mayalso have to use FORCE_SUBJECT and FORCE_TEXTAREAonsome forums or guestbooks. The best way is toexperiment with onechange at a time and document your progress. Newversions ofXrumer promise to make modding easier, for now itremainschallenging!copyright©2008 Your Name or Xrumer Forums