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Wiki 2.0


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Published in: Education
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Wiki 2.0

  1. 1. teacher123 - Walker Area Map (pdf) - Web Site - Walker Area Map (pdf) - Web Site - Walker Area Map (pdf) - Web Site - Walker Area Map (pdf) - Web Site - School Profile (pdf) - Walker Area Map (pdf) -
  2. 2.  JHU Professional Development School  Math PBIS Exemplar School 2008-Present  Science and Technology HCPSS  Math, Science and Technology State Finalist 2008
  3. 3.  Have every student in 6th grade at 100% proficient in Mathematics  Attain this by 2014 to meet the requirements for NCLB  More overall parental involvement  Those students who are not proficient provide more basic reinforcement  Those student who are above proficient provide peer tutoring for their peers
  4. 4. •Peer tutoring with the local high school •Using retired professionals to come in and supplement the teaching staff •Parental tutors •Local university students coming into the middle school to help with instructional time. •Mentoring programs with local businesses
  5. 5. School Ethnicity Performance in Mathematics
  6. 6. Overall success of closing the achievement gap The gap has closed significantly over the past two years. There is some cause for concern among the Asian population. In the 2010 school year there was a dramatic drop in achievement. While the White population showed a slight increase. Whereas the African- American and Hispanic population both had a slight decrease.
  7. 7.  Please post your comments or questions here
  8. 8.   You tube videos 
  9. 9.  Dr. Nicholas Hobar  Mrs. Karen Oltmanns  Miss Betsy Worthman