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Slides for the 2011 reunion committee training held on October 20.

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  • Trish 6:30 p.m.- get everyone together and seated with their classes

    Welcome and introduce myself
    Thank you for dedicating your time to such an important initiative for the University.
    We hope you enjoyed the reception and had an opportunity to get to know other committee members from various classes.

    Housekeeping Items
    - Bathroom locations
    - Please turn your cell phones off at this time
    - We will not be taking a formal break in the presentation this evening SO…..
    - feel free to get up and grab a beverage and food throughout the evening
    - Feel free to ask questions at any time by raising your hand
  • Tricia to introduce herself, Cindy then Christine
    Tricia to then introduce Robin, Heather, Sara, Alex
    Tricia to lastly introduce Jennifer Young

    Alumni will introduce themselves by name, college, *** PRIZE FOR WHO TRAVELED FARTHEST**

    We also have members from all over the US on Skype… Introduce Skype group

    “they will be able to see us and hear us, but we can’t see them”

    They will be listening in and watching the presentation, but will not be able to join us for the breakout sessions. This presentation will also be available online for any committee members who could not attend this evening.

  • Explain the following materials

    1.) PowerPoint in binder

    2.) Review Agenda in binder

    3.) Index card- on tables

    4.) post-event survey – back of binder

    5.) confidentiality agreement- back of binder

    ** Skype attendees can download it from the reunion website

  • Does everyone have a manual?

    I will be referencing the manual throughout the presentation, but let’s become familiar with the tabs so you know what tools are in it.

    1.) About University of Delaware
    It seems like a lot to digest, but a great resource to refer to is

    2.) Office of Alumni Relations
    3.) Office of Annual Giving
    4.) Class Reunion Celebration
    5.) Giving Tools
    6.) Contact Information & samples
    7.) Appendices
    class profiles
    lost & deceased alumni
    committee list

    8.) Class Assignments
    9.) Meeting Minutes
    Meeting minutes are also available online

    10.) Notes
    Feel free to use this section today
  • Ask them to raise their hand if they have attended in 2009 or 2010?
    What was their favorite part?

    Ask them who attended both years
    2010 was the second year for Forum & Reunion Weekend and it was a huge success

  • Tricia

    Almost all of the events have a reunion year twist to them
    Friday night Mug Night
    Special gathering area underneath with tent
    Blue Hen 5K & President’s Cup
    Your class can form a team EG: Class of 1960
    President’s Town Hall (State of the University)
    Will present the check
    University Showcases
    Blue Hen Family FeUD
    Reunion classes can have teams
    Alumni can stay in the dorms
    You can stay with class members
    Campus tours
    Class-specific reunions (5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th & Gold Guard)

    ** Saturday night is when we suggest your reunion will be held
    ** The class reunions in 2010 were held from 6-8, with the exception of 1960

    A lot of conversation was generated in the first committee meetings, mostly about the venue. As we continue to talk about your reunion celebration and making it unique to your class….

    Reference Tab 4 (second part)
    information about

    What types of activities can you do with your class
    Logistics Information

    Special requests can be handled with your class liaison.

  • Reunions are a NEW concept at UD… and we need your input and your talents to make YOUR event a success.

    Take place during Alumni Weekend
    Formalized Structure
    Last year - 5th 10th 25th and 50th reunions.
    Adding 15th and 20th reunions to FRW 2011.

    Quinquennial Goal

    Quinquennial -every 5th year reunion is celebrated from 5th all the way up to 50th. We encourage you to come back every year but get together as a class every 5 years
    Need you to make this a success. You took the first step by being here, now we need you to rally your classmates.

    Class specific reunion celebrations
    Committee input is instrumental to the success of the reunion celebrations – not only for today, but as we build this model, for future reunion classes as well!
  • Reference Tab 4

    Roles & Responsibilities- all of you should be familiar with your role as a committee member. Please help us educate other committee members as they come aboard.

    Two key leadership roles within the committees:
    Class Gift Chair- set class fundraising and participation goals as well as coordinate peer solicitation efforts

    Programming Chair- programmatic elements of the class celebration and getting classmates to attend FRW and other reunion events.

    Goal is to have 20-25 committee members per class

    The entire committee is asked to aide the efforts on both fronts. The expectations include:
    attending committee meetings monthly
    encourage attendance and giving from your classmates – ways to communicate (phone,mail,social network)
    attend FRW- be part of the class gift presentation
    Attend class celebration
    help to train next year’s committee leaders
    Support UD with a gift to any area that is most important to you

    Timeline is also available in Tab 4 so you know what to expect in the next 7 months before your reunion.

    The expectations to raise money for the class gift is an important one and Heather Barron will tell you more about it. Before we move on, does anyone have any questions about Alumni Weekend or your reunion celebration?
  • Heather
    Tab 5
    Lauren Story


    Provide an overview of the Universities Operating Budget – where $ comes from and is spent.
    Look at the impact of reunion giving and goals for your individual classes
    Explain how the class gift works – how you can help make dreams come true.

  • Heather:

    Question – what does it cost to run UD in one year = $800 Million


    71% Support of faculty and students through academic instruction and sponsored activities, including department research and public service
    Used to support UDs centers:
    International Studies, Delaware Biotechnical Institute, Institute of Energy Conservation

    12% Student Housing

    9% Institutional, Administrative Costs
  • Heather

    This year, it’s expected to cost the University $800 million to run UD.

    Your efforts will directly impact UD students and programs!

    Last year over 28,384 alumni gave to the annual fund for $3.3 million. Total dollars received through fundraising, including major gifts, was $41M.

    How much is raised
    2011 = Over $41 M

    Alumni participation
    FY10 = 10.35%

    What alumni gifts mean to UD (in handbook)
    We rely on our alumni to help bridge this gap of tuition and state funding.

    State Funding – 18% and decreasing
    1985: State is 26% ($48,742.9 of $184,883.4) 1990: State is 23.5% ($66,257.2 of $280,000.0) 1995: State is 20% ($74,609.4 of $375,736.0) 2005: State is 17.5% ($109,140.3 of $626,300.0) 2010: State is 14.5% ($117,873.2 of $811,634.8)

    Tution – 08-09 academic instruction and support for one student = $28,475 compared to tuition of $21,126 for out-of-state and $8,646 for in-state

    Other – external sources including distributions from endowment, grants and contracts and gifts from alumni, parents and friends
    11% = investments/gifts/endow, 13% = room/board, 19% = federal, state and other grants and contracts

    Endowment – investments in perpetuity, investments committee, spending policy ~ 5%
    Gifts - $41 M – includes corporations, foundations and individual giving

    Transition: do not expect state support to increase and want to remain competitive – pride ourselves on being a high-quality education at an affordable cost. Strategic plan requires substantial investments – Interdisciplinary Science Lab, Sustainable Initiatives and Enhancements to Athletic Campus for our student athletes and blue hen fans alike.

    The University is looking to it’s alumni to show their leadership and bridge the gap between the cost of a UD education and tuition.

  • Totals include cash, pledges, matching gifts, and charitable foundation gifts (aka – family foundation)

    FY10 = 1834 donors, $484,970
    FY11 = 2273 donors, $744,850 (if class of 86 goal stays the same)
  • Totals include cash, pledges, matching gifts, and charitable foundation gifts (aka – family foundation)

    FY10 = 1834 donors, $484,970
    FY11 = 2273 donors, $744,850 (if class of 86 goal stays the same)
  • Heather:

    The class reunion committee will have the opportunity to represent the entire class during the forum and reunion weekend by presenting a total class check to the President.

    So when we’re talking about a class reunion gift, what exactly do we mean?

    Last year – total combined from Classes = $409K
  • Heather
    Direct Mail:
    FY09: 8,481 total donors for $1,617,054.73.  Avg. gift $190.67.  Spent $204,000, with an ROI of $1,413,054.
    Should have already received the first letter to kick off the campaign this year
    We will make sure to send you all of the correspondence your class will receive you are in the know – despite your own giving!
    If/when someone gives the will be removed from receiving a majority of the solicitations
    We may ask for testimonies (thank you Christine) – gift chairs will sign most of the letters – some will come from president

    Student Calling
    We need volunteers to come in the call center (Jan/Feb timeframe)
    Talk to the students and even get on the phone if so desired
    Focus on future donors from class first

    Social Networking
    Email and Facebook – we have strategies to use these tools – encourage you to do the same (it’s easy!). Encourage group to join class reunion sites and begin sending to friends

    Peer to Peer:
    Hearing from a classmate or friend is much more compelling than from a UD staff member!!
    Your excitement and connections will have more impact!

    Class Assignments:
    Approx. 20-25 per person depending on committee size
    Using google docs
    Once selections have been made AG will provide one page summary on each person
    We ask that you sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving any class information – we take this seriously
    Work w/Heather or Nina to help with strategy, do any appropriate followup, remove road blocks, help if needed
    Update class via website bi-weekly so you can see progress of giving – some class members prefer immediate information via email, we can accommodate
    Class Assignments:
    Recognize this isn’t comfortable with everyone – we will help make this easier.
    Approx. 20-25 per person depending on committee size
    Using google docs – within next two weeks
    Once selections have been made AG will provide one page summary on each person at next committee meeting
    Sample in binder – will review this information in Nonvember. Important to update information and communicate back to our office (business – matching gifts, email – send reunion updates, UD affinities – invitations to specific events, such as lacrosse, departmental, etc.)
    We ask that you sign a confidentiality agreement prior to receiving any class information – we take this seriously
    Work w/Class Chairs or AG Staff (Heather, Sara or Alex) to help with strategy, do any appropriate follow-up, remove road blocks, help if needed
    Update class via website bi-weekly so you can see progress of giving – some class members prefer immediate information via email, we can accommodate

    Group discussion on how best this will work by class – will discuss at first committee meeting
    Affinity (athletics, college, student life)
    Who you know/don’t know

    Initial Contact:
    Be prepared – make your own gift first (lead by example), learn about UD needs and priorities, find out about your classmate – google them!, get any questions you have answered first
    Plan – email or visit

    Ongoing training – each month, we will provide support on your fundraising activities – such as role play, objection responses, best practices,

    Email groups will be set up for each class to facilitate group communication – will share that information at first committee meeting


    Have one role play example in front of group
    Have them break in pairs of two to review common objections
    Time permitted, have them do role play scenarios
    Answer any questions before moving to planning session.

    ** ROLE PLAY** Christine Schultz
  • General Flow

    Make calls each month – report progress

    Chairs will be in touch.

    No: That’s OK!

    Follow Up – very important. Sometimes it’s one call, sometimes its two, three, etc. Depending on the response of the individual. We will provide you with brochures to send as follow up with pledge cards as well as thank you notes. ALWAYS communicate your activity with the AG office so we can all be on the same page.

  • Heather to introduce the 2010 committee members
    2010 Reunion Committee Members

    “surviving” local program chairman for class of 1960

    graduated with a degree in Spanish Education
    currently teaching at your alma mater. 
    I have been actively volunteering with student organizations on campus for 22 years. 
    a member of Alpha Phi Fraternity. 
    Double Del and currently has a freshmen daughter living in Dickinson.


  • DICK
  • DICK
  • DICK
  • DICK
  • DICK
  • DICK
  • DICK
  • DICK
  • DICK
  • DICK
  • DICK
  • DICK
  • DICK

  • Holly to break them our in their sessions

    At the conclusion of 5 minutes, Holly will:
    break the group out into their breakout session by class. They will already be sitting with their classes, but please mention that the Class of 1961 will be in the adjacent room (Salon A).
    Your UD liaison and the class programming chair will be leading the discussion within the classes.
  • Goal setting – what does a successful class reunion event look like to you?
    Who were the movers and shakers then and now, does anyone know these folks and can ask to help?
    How can we get more phone numbers/emails?
    Should we look at affinity based groups? (marching band, fraternities)
    Lost list – do you know any of these folks?
    Marketing – did you have a tagline, or popular thing on campus – could we use this as a theme in this years event, where were the popular hangouts, what big happened while you were here?
    Does your class rely on social media? – any volunteers to drive this?
    What would you want to see on the website to encourage repeat visits?
    Event venue
    Would it be helpful to have events throughout the year to build awareness and excitement ?
    How can we get class excited/engaged
  • Trish

    We do have to wrap up in the interest of time, but if you need more time with your class feel free to stay afterwards or we can step up another time to meet before November

    This is stressed in your resource book, but the Alumni Relations staff is here to help you plan your celebration! We want it to be special and meaningful for you and your classmates

    Bring the manual to meetings so we can reference material in it because it’s an important guide for you throughout this process
    Tab 7 is where your committee list is located
    Tab 6 is information about conference calling and DAR contact information
  • Tricia will open up the floor and the appropriate person can answer the questions

  • Again, THANK YOU for making a difference to the University and to your classmates. We value your time and talents and thank you for being a part of this exciting initiative!

    Complete survey at your table - GET A PRIZE

  • University of Delaware Class Reunion Committee Trainin

    1. 1. Reunion Leadership Training Offices of Development & Alumni Relations (DAR) Wednesday, October 20, 2010
    2. 2. Welcome and Introductions 1  Development & Alumni Relations Staff  Committee members  Skype attendees
    3. 3. Agenda • Manual Review • Alumni Weekend – What’s It All About • Giving Overview – Your Class Gift • Special Guest Speakers – Dick Price ‘60 – Holly Bryk ‘85 • Class Breakout Sessions • Conclusions & Wrap-up 2
    4. 4. Manual 1.) About University of Delaware 2.) Office of Alumni Relations 3.) Office of Annual Giving 4.) Class Reunion Celebration 5.) Giving Tools 6.) Contact Information & samples 7.) Appendices 8.) Class Assignments 9.) Meeting Minutes 10.) Notes 3
    5. 5. Forum & Reunion Weekend 2010 Forum & Reunion Weekend Video 2009
    6. 6. 5K Run/Walk Dr. Harker welcomes a group to the 5K Stay in the dorms! Forum & Reunion Weekend 2010
    7. 7. Alumni Weekend (AW) 2011 Preview • Alumni Weekend– UD’s premier alumni event • 2009 = 1,700 attendees • 2010 = 2,800 attendees, a 65% increase! • AW features include:  Friday night Mug Night  Blue Hen 5K & President’s Cup  President’s Town Hall (State of the University)  University Showcases  Blue Hen Family FeUD  Alumni can stay in the dorms  Campus tours  Class-specific reunions (5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th & Gold Guard)
    8. 8. Class Reunions • Take place during Alumni Weekend • Formalized Structure • Quinquennial Goal • Class specific reunion celebrations Class of 2000 – 10 year reunion committee
    9. 9. Committee Members Roles & Responsibilities • Reconnect alumni to one another and UD • Committee Structure: – Programming Chair – Class Gift Chair – Committee Members • Twofold Approach: 1. Reunion Planning and Attendance 2. Class Gift Participation 8
    10. 10. Making Dreams Come True… 9
    11. 11. UD Expenses 10 3% 50% 21% 12% 9% 4% Student Services Instruction/Academic Support Sponsored Activities Room/Board Student Aid Institutional FY10 = ?
    12. 12. UD Revenue 11 Tuition 36% State Funding 17% Other Support 47% 2009-2010 Financial Contributions = $41 Million  $3,257,512 through direct appeals from 28,384 donors
    13. 13. 2010 Class Reunion Results 12 0 500 1000 FY09 FY10 Donors – 22% $0 $200,000 $400,000 $600,000 FY09 FY10 Dollars – 40%
    14. 14. 2011 Class Reunion Goals $- $50,000 $100,000 $150,000 $200,000 2006 2001 1996 1991 1986 1961 FY10 Gifts $26,105 $40,416 $84,935 $105,378 $119,850 $108,283 FY11 Goal $40,000 $60,000 $125,000 $200,000 $200,000 $200,000 13
    15. 15. Reunion Class Gifts - What Counts • Total Collective Giving – Regardless of Designation • July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011 • Totals Announced at Reunion Celebration 14 Class gift presentation at Forum & Reunion Weekend, June 2009
    16. 16. Class Reunion Giving Strategies • Annual Giving: • Direct Mail • Student Calling • Email / Facebook Appeals • The Most Important… Peer to Peer • How does this work? 15 I give to UD… because my experiences at UD helped shape me into the person I am today. Dina Wolanski Leaman ‘97
    17. 17. Your Class Gift… How Does This All Work?! • Class Assignments via Googledocs – Confidentiality Agreement • Contact Sheets • Be Prepared • Samples • Ongoing Training… 16
    18. 18. 17 Yes Send Pledge Card Gift Received Send TY Note No Send note thanking for time Gift Not Received (after 1 month) Send Reminder or Call Gift Received – TY Note Maybe Sent TY note for time w/gentle reminder Gift Received Send TY Note Make Your Calls 2-5 attempts before each mtg. Report results to Chair or AG Office Gift Chair will notify you when gift is received
    19. 19. Special Guests Dick Price ‘60 Holly Malek Bryk ‘85 18
    20. 20. Welcome to a Great Adventure!
    21. 21. Welcome to a Great Adventure! or What have I gotten myself into?
    22. 22. Words of comfort and aid from the Class of 1960 • From Dick Price – Local program chair • We wound up having a great time – – Met a lot of old folks and made new friends – Shared a lot of memories – Looking forward to another time • Our experience should make your way easier
    23. 23. A Major Finding • Youth is wonderful – it holds the promise of potential • But old folks are interesting! – Been there! – Done that! – Looking forward to what comes next – • Look forward to an interesting reunion!
    24. 24. What needs to be done and who can we find to do it? • UD Alumni office very helpful – • 3 basic committees worked – – Contacts – Fundraising – Local Arrangements • Banquet arrangements • Memories Book • Banquet program • Monthly meetings of full committees effective (at UD with phone conference)
    25. 25. Contacts • Find someone with a heart for meeting people – – UD has records on a spread sheet – • Addresses, phone numbers, group affiliations – People tend to relate best to the living groups they were in – good basis for organizing contacts – Personal contacts important (and generally pleasant) – find someone in each living group
    26. 26. Fundraising • UD office very helpful here (!) • Find committed Alum donor – already on board – (leadership requires a position in front) • First make friends – then ask for money (i.e. provide the opportunity to contribute)
    27. 27. Local Arrangements • 3 sub-committees did the job – Hospitality/Banquet arrangements – Memories Book – Banquet program • Consider each sub-committee in turn
    28. 28. Hospitality/Banquet • Name Tags Matter! – LARGE picture from yearbook – Print large enough to read without bifocals • Greet/orient as early as possible • Clayton Hall worked very well for Saturday evening banquet/program • Memorabilia table appreciated • “In Memoriam” plaque appropriate
    29. 29. Memories Booklet • Excellent reunion project
    31. 31. Memories Booklet • Generates good memories and positive contacts • Cost modest – about $10.00 per book • Distribute early in weekend • Copies of 1960 book available for your perusal
    32. 32. Banquet Program • First hour – Hors d’oeuvres, chat and pictures, You-Dee visit • Banquet – Buffets – Memory photos on screen • “Surprise” visit by Pep Band a hit • Program – The “fortunate few” generation – Memories – (PowerPoint available as “model”) – Several short talks by those with “interesting” experiences • Final hour or so for reminiscence
    33. 33. Results • Attendance at banquet about 140 (additional at other functions) • New appreciation for Delaware • Giving goals exceeded • Lifetimes celebrated
    34. 34. Best wishes from our reunion to yours! TOM & KIP GUTSHALL DICK & JUDY PRICE BILL & MARY PAYNE New/old best friends - A serendipitous by-product
    35. 35. Your Class Reunion: A Special Celebration Things To Consider • Committee members/structure • Goal setting • The ‘big’ event – Venue- look/feel • Marketing: How do you get the word out? • Schedule for the year – Meeting times/location – Special requests 34 Class of 1985 Reunion Committee
    36. 36. 1985 Reunion Celebration Photos 35
    37. 37. BREAKOUT BY CLASS Class of 1961- Salon A Class of 1986 Class of 1991 Class of 1996 Class of 2001 Class of 2006 36
    38. 38. Breakout Questions  Goal setting  Identifying the movers & shakers of your class  Gathering contact information  Affinity groups  Lost list  Marketing  Social Media  Event venue  Building excitement 37
    39. 39. What Can You Do Now? • Facebook your friends • Recruit More Committee Members • Review Lost Alumni List • Register for the OLC (online community) • Mark Your Calendar for November Meeting • Google Docs 38
    40. 40. Question & Answer 39
    41. 41. What’s In It For You? • Opportunity to Develop a New Tradition at UD - Make YOUR Mark • Recognition: – Presidential Report of Private Support – – The Messenger – President’s Town Hall • Gain insight into UD and insider information • Voice of the Class • YOU will help your friends reconnect • Make a difference for Blue Hens today & tomorrow 40