7 inch monitor Review


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http://www.esaw.co.uk 7 inch monitor review tell you whats the best 7 inch monitor out there and what people use them for.

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7 inch monitor Review

  1. 1. Published by http://www.esaw.co.uk 7 inch Monitor Are Now Popping Up EverywherePerhaps the size of your desk prohibits the need for a large monitor or you require a small monitorfor a separate use such as for instant messaging or spreadsheets. Whatever the reason, small LCDmonitors are increasingly addressing these issues. Many people like to use a 7 inch monitor as asupplement to their current monitors. Others want to attach them to their Wii or Playstations tomake them mobile. The small LCD monitor is also great for CCTV monitoring for your home orbusiness. We are now noticing the corporate world increasingly using these small monitors for conference and meeting rooms, classrooms, and factory machinery monitoring. Along with being a huge success in the car entertainment industry which has embraced the small LCD monitor in the dashboards and head rests using the adhesive stands and shrouds. The all important question you may be asking yourself is, how good is the screen quality?Well, some of the higher end 7 inch LCD monitor have over 1million pixels and provides a brightnessthat has 400 cd/m2. A fantastic feature available on some of the small LCD monitors is the autodimming feature. This will actually automatically change the brightness of the screen based on theenvironment the monitor is situated in. Theres a small sensor in the front of the monitor that willsense the environment and adjust because of it. This is very helpful with preventing glare and eyestrain that leads to the dreaded computer headaches. Many of these high quality monitors alsocome with relatively powerful speakers included in them. They may only have 1 watt speakers, buttheyre powerful enough to be heard 15-20 feet away.High on the coolness factor of the 7 inch monitor is the touch screen option. This allows you to getrid of the mouse and keyboard and save on space even further. It also makes it easier for many tonavigate through various screens. The touch screen feature does require additional software to beadded to your computer but with a few clicks of a mouse button you will be up and running in notime. Just dont forget to plug your USB cord in for the monitor to recognize that you want to use thetouch screen. Its a whole new world in technology today. Computers are in every room and evenour cars. These new small LCD monitor helps make this transition possible. 1 http://www.esaw.co.uk | 7 inch Monitor