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Male Whispering


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Male Whispering

  1. 1. Male Whispering August 31, 2013 at 2:25am Male Whispering (from a conversation with Sun Twirl who does wasp whispering) Now some women tell me they have on occasion had trouble with their relationships with men. There is only one possible explanation for this--they have failed to learn "male whispering." Now male whispering is similar to dog whispering, horse whispering, shark whispering, and even wasp whispering. But the goal is not quite the same as getting the dog or horse trained and submissive to your command though some women I am sure will think of it in those terms. Of course mainly with shark or wasp whispering you want it so it is okay for them to be around but just not to indulge in biting or stinging. No, the human male actually requires due to the nature of his anatomy and ego structure an external support system. What this means is that he is usually brain dead about how to transform his male electrical, expansive, dynamic and commanding energy. And you ladies have the job assigned to you therefore by Divine Providence to not just be spontaneous and let it all happen and have him guide and lead you. I actually still meet old fashioned women who think in those terms--that the man is to lead in the relationship. No, it is actually written into your DNA that the essence of the feminine or the magnetic fluid contain, "inspire," and act as the agent that transforms the masculine or electrical energy in the male. So you see part of the feminine in its essence is not just going with the flow, letting it happen, and being spontaneous. No, the essence of the feminine actually has sufficient detachment and standing back looking at something from a distance built into it. And this is because women are by nature interested in the long term--or let us say the "depth" and "heart" of a relationship and not just the passion or shared possessions aspects. Now the one thing I have time here to discuss regarding male whispering is a kind of empathy you would, naturally, learn from mermaids if you know a few. I can't help it if you will never ever hear about this aspect of empathy at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, the University of Chicago, or equally never at the Dalai Lama's Institute for Advanced Enlightenment in Dharmsala, or any of the Ashram Foundations for Nirva--Kalpa-Samadhi which are everywhere in India. But then again these august academics and gurus don't teach you "male whispering," do they? No they don't. Not one of them. To put it so simply no intelligent or half conscious human being on earth can fail to understand this it goes like this: every male, and obviously it goes without saying, every women too has a wardrobe closet so to speak. And in this closet are let us say the shirts and dresses for the men and women to wear in life. For the typical male the shirts embody or symbolize his different ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.
  2. 2. You go into the closet and you pick a shirt that says, "Crude, gross male energy" and the guy puts it on and comes out of the closet and is a crude, gross male. That is how he sees himself. That is what he feels and that is pretty much who he is or has become. Or there is a shirt labelled, "The highly confident and seemingly successful male who inside is a blood sucking vampire." And he goes into that closet maybe around age 12 to 18 and puts the shirt on and comes out of the closet as a perfect con man. He is reassuring, kind, considerate, and persuasive. But once he has your trust and your heart what does he do? Well, you have seen this shirt worn by many men. He destroys your trust, betrays your confidence, and proceeds to degrade and manipulate you in any way he can. There are virtually infinite kinds of shirts in each man's closet. Now it is up to you, the male whisperer, to get the guy to chose the shirt that is golden and bright, radiant with light. And this shirt is different for each man. How do you find that one shirt among all the other shirts worn by hungry ghosts, never do well or life a life not worth living kind of shirts? I will tell you as I have already pointed out. You use mermaid empathy. You simply go into the actual future and look at this man and see him as the person he is meant to become--his best or better self. This is not a vision or astral or mental construct. No, you have the actual man as he is meant to be right there in front of you in the flesh so you are looking at him as he really can be and will be one day. From here on it is just the same as dog whispering or horse whispering. You have to train him. I already told you that is your job as a woman--as keeper and custodian of the feminine mysteries--the deep secrets and treasures hidden within the soul. In other words, for five minutes each day visualize the man as the man he is meant to be. Or if nothing else when you are actually talking to or with him see him as this other person. People do this in the exact reverse all the time. You see it every single day. They recall one or more ways in which another has hurt or injured or wrong them and then they use that past experience to shape their reaction to that individual in the present moment. The male whisperer would never devolve to that level of corrupted use of imagination. No, you see the person and shape your reactions to that person in terms the very best that he can become. In practice, this is nearly impossible for the male to resist because in effect you are speaking to him with your non verbal and verbal responses with the very voice that is at the core of his own being. If he denies you he casts his own soul into outer darkness. Even the worst of men are careful with that one. Though of course you too will have to learn to practice your male whispering voice. You see it in The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The three ghosts of past, present, and future meet with Scrooge in a dream. But the ghosts control the dream in every aspect. The ghost of Christmas future does not show Scrooge his better self but only the worst of what can happen to him. You can do that too if it fits in. But actually the ghosts of past and present had already made a series of suggestions to Scrooge about what his best options in life were. So yes to be a male whisperer is to be able to speak with a hypnotic voice or telepathic use of imagery. But not really. It is just controlling the astral plane and the astral plane is nothing
  3. 3. more in practice than the setting or imagery of a dream that creates a range of specific feelings. If you let the man walk into his closet on his own without you being there by his side he will see all those shirts woven and designed by someone else's ego and selfishness. But you as the male whisper will not allow him when he around you to see any other shirts hanging there in the closet except his better self. Does the dog whisper let the dog keep jumping up on people and barking all day and tugging at the leash when you go for a walk? No way. Not a dog whisper. Equally, a male whisperer will not let that man destroy his life by letting him be selfish as a seagull chanting to itself--me, me, me, me--or as ego driven as Donald Trump. No, to be a male whisperer is to have the ability to enchant a man so that he experiences the beauty and wonder of being alive and how sacred love is when it is shared heart to heart from inside. Like I say, that is your job as a woman--only in you do opposites join. The man can wrap you about and penetrate you but oneness he cannot even conceive without touching your skin or imagining what it is to be a part of your life. And so I leave you with a little testimony. This woman does not know she is a male whisperer. But looking into her eyes I write the poem to say thank you to her for her brief moment in which she spoke ever so quietly male whispering to me--
  4. 4. I love your eyes So quiet and peaceful-- A place to let go and forget who I am Until I awaken to the sound Of waves breaking on the shore And the scent of the sea I see the man I was meant to be
  5. 5. Walking toward me Your eyes dream him into being. Of course, if you like the bigger picture and want to see what you as women can accomplish on a global level once taming the corrupted male ego is too easy, then consider: vl&list=PLDC24330D9C492D63 There was an ancient order of women Whose magical beauty was so great They could dissolve all malice and hate Every being was their friend The broken heart they could mend And the lost soul was found again. For 5,000 years they ruled in complete secrecy Being free of the desire for fame and all vanity Until in the end Men sought knowledge instead of harmony And power instead of beauty