Cornfields to Killing Fields - Paradise to Hell


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Cornfields to Killing Fields - Paradise to Hell

  1. 1. Search in site...Like 247 TweetTweet 36 27CrimesAgainstHumanity:HowMonsantoisTurningaHawaiianIslandintoaPetriDishCompletewithHumanLabRatsIf you ever wondered what results a controlledexperiment of Monsanto farming methods wouldyield, look no further than the unwilling residentsof Molokai.KAHULUI, HAWAII – March Against Monsanto protesters hold up a sign as they march down the mainroad in protest of Monsanto’s GMO foods. (Photo: Shepard Ambellas/ Daisy LutherIntellihub.comJune 14, 2013Until 1969, by fact of its geographical isolation, Molokai was home for over100 years to a leper colony. With the arrival of Monsanto’s test fields, thebeautiful island has become a laboratory and the islanders are being treated asthe lab rats.The island of Molokai looks like paradise. Travel brochures call it the “oldHawaii” and the most Hawaiian of the islands in the archipelago. It has a smallpopulation of between 5500-7500 residents. It is covered in waterfalls,rainforest’s, and rolling hills, and the island exudes a unique lush greenatmosphere.Amidst this wild tropical beauty, Death has come to the island. Death arrived,RecentPostsCrimes Against Humanity: HowMonsanto is Turning a Hawaiian Islandinto a Petri Dish Complete with HumanLab RatsLaw Enforcement Demands Smartphone‘Kill Switch’Hiding in Plain Sight: The BilderbergConspiracy Theory Turns into OfficialGoogle+About Us Contact Us DonateHome Columnists Conflict & Crisis Economics Entertainment Environment Globalism Health Politics ScienceRSS for Entries Follow on Twitter Connect on Facebook Saturday, June 15, 2013converted by
  2. 2. hidden like lethal warriors in a Trojan horse, beneath a shiny veneer of jobsand prosperity for the islanders, most of which turned out to be false promises.1850 acres of the island has been planted with Monsanto’s Bt corn. Workerswear head to toe protective gear during spraying, including respirators.Nearby residents, however, are not provided with such equipment and have nooption but to breathe in the toxic dust that comes from the fields.The State Health Department has said that there is no proof geneticallymodified crops are dangerous to the people of Hawaii or any place wherethey’ve been tested.The people of Molokai tell a different story. They tell the same story that thepeople of India told when Monsanto invaded their cotton fields. They tell thesame story the farmers of Argentina told when Monsanto polluted their tobaccofields with Roundup.Many Molokai residents have been suspicious of Monsanto since thebeginning. Walter Ritte, a Molokai resident, said, “We have concerns. Theseconcerns have been pushed under the rug, and everything that’s being grown isa big secret. Nobody is telling us anything. We’re afraid for our health, we’reafraid for our children’s health, the cornfields surround our town. Well what isa GMO, what is going on?” In November 2005, Monsanto executives paid lipservice with a town meeting with concerned residents of Molokai. Ray Foster,the research general manager of Monsanto-Hawaii, said, “We’re very proud ofwhat we do, and we welcome the questions. We’ve been planting biotech’sproducts now for 10 years. We’ve planted over a billion acres, and so therehasn’t been one case of harm to people or the environment.” (Source: IslandBreath)The state health department agrees with Monsanto executives that there is noproblem at all. Statistics for cancer, miscarriage, birth defects, respiratoryproblems, neurological issues, and skin disease on the island are not easilyfound.Much has been discussed about the dangers of consuming GMOs. But what aboutthe farming practices themselves? There are serious environmental concernsand human health hazards that relate to the toxic chemicals and the “drift” fromMonsanto’s fields.Monsanto likes to say that Roundup (glysophate) has a low level of toxicity andthat is the reason it is their pesticide of choice. A report by (anIndia-based Research, Advocacy, Education and Action Trust)explains howthis “low toxicity” is damaging human and animal health:As the acute toxicity – reflected in the WHO classification ofglyphosate is low, it has long been promoted as safe. However,recent evidence shows substantial adverse health andenvironmental effects, especially of the formulated products.The marketed formulations of glyphosate, such as Roundup, containadjuvants (accessory chemicals), usually 50-60 percent, added toenable the active ingredient to work more effectively. There ismounting evidence that the adjuvants are more toxic thanglyphosate and/or potentiate its toxic effects. Publicly availableinformation about the nature of these chemicals is incompletebecause adjuvants are treated as proprietary secrets by themanufacturer. One major known agent used e.g. in Roundup is‘POEA’.Although glyphosate itself shows low acute toxicity, serious poisingeffects such as severe eye irritation and injury, skin and respiratoryConspiracy Theory Turns into OfficialHistory OvernightMember Of Congress: EdwardSnowden’s Revelations Are “Just TheTip Of The Iceberg”Homeland Security Admits Boston DrillEerily Similar to Marathon Bombingconverted by
  3. 3. problems, and damage to lung tissue have been recorded withformulated products – probably due to the presence of POEA. Farmworkers exposed to Roundup, e.g. by eye rubbing, has been reportedto “have caused swelling of eye and lid, rapid heartbeat andelevated blood pressure. Other reported effects of POEA are:vomiting, diarrhoea, haemolysis (destruction of red blood cells),altered mental status, and pulmonary oedema; ingestion can causein addition pharyngitis, abdominal pain, liver and renal damage,and erosions of the oesophagus, oropharynx, and stomach.Recent experiences and studies show a wide range of long-termadverse health effects, again mostly related to formulated products,such as leukaemia and other cancers, skin diseases, and birthdefects, gastrointestinal problems, and alterations to the centralnervous system. Other findings link glyphosate and especiallyformulations with affecting embryo development, damage cells andDNA, and interrupting the hormone system. In addition, POEAcontains dioxin, which causes cancer and damage to the liver andkidneys in humans. A new study found adverse effects of fourglyphosate-based herbicides on human embryonic, placental andumbilical cord cells at dilution levels far below agriculturalrecommendations, corresponding to low levels of residues in foodor feed.Although the only evidence on Molokai is anecdotal, the case for chemicaldrift causing myriad health problems is strong. A landmark case in France lastyear found Monsanto “guilty” when a French farmer successfully sued the mega-corporation for effects sustained after he inhaled Monsanto’s “Lasso” weed-killer: he suffered neurological problems including memory loss, headachesand stammering. Victories like this are rare, however, because no matter hownumerous the complaints, the company generally is not held accountable.What’s happening in Hawaii isn’t mystory to tell. It means more when itcomes directly from residents ofMolokai, those who are under siege inthis chemical warfare waged byMonsanto, on the island many of themhave called home for generations. Thequotes without sources are takendirectly from emails by people whowish to remain anonymous, becausethey fear retaliation for speaking out.“Native Hawaiians have the highest health issues in the islands andthis little island we have so little resources for ourselves that wehave to malama, care for, those resources and we have to look at notonly today but for tomorrow’s people, the children…I have alsoheard about people in [Manilla] Camp having different types ofhealth issues, which they’ve never had before, things which doctorscan’t describe what causes them. It’s a scary thing to deal with,something you don’t know enough about.” (source)“We moved from Maui to Molokai 2 years ago. To be with ourgrand-kids. About 2 months after moving in, I broke out with abloody rash…I went to the local hospital, they gave me two shots,would not tell me what it was. Went back……no record of me beingthere.”converted by
  4. 4. “Our daughter lost a baby here..many have..I buried the fetusmyself.”“It felt like we were being violated by the scientific community. Forthe Hawaiian community, taro is not just a plant. It’s a familymember. It’s our common ancestor ‘Haloa …. They weren’t satisfiedwith just taking our land; now they wanted to take our mana, ourspirit too.” (source)“My wife got a huge tumor right breast. I began to seek the reasons.Right next to us, upwind, was an X crop, they spray bio chemicalsas you know. After she got the cancer, many women came to ourhome, showing her they had lost their breasts…… was then Irealized, the rate here per capita is very high.”“Toxic red dust storms from biotech fields on Molokai and WestKaua’i are linked to making people extremely sick–especiallychildren. On Kaua’i, communities living near biotech fields inWaimea have a particularly high cancer rate.” (source)“The first crops snuck in 26 years ago, AB corn. Now, God onlyknows what their doing, but the weeds are immune to round up now,and they hired people to shoot our deer if they enter the fields.”“I’m marching today because of the pesticides that these companiesuse and the inability to keep them on their own fields. People wantproof and the proof is in the people. We have a lot of sick people onthis island — cancer, diabetes, ADHD, asthma — all these thingsare side effects of pesticides. People are putting the dots together. Ifyou do a little bit of your homework you can see the clearconnection between pesticide use and all these ailments, this is asick island.” (source)This isn’t an experiment on the other side of the world. This is happening rightnow, onAmerican soil. Today, anAmerican has no choice but to breathe in airwith a toxic particle that may go rogue when it enters her body, resulting in acancerous tumor, a miscarriage, or some other illness. That particle is createdor released, not unknowingly, by Monsanto. There is no way to contain thingslike pollen or chemical sprays. Those who live downwind of these fields arehelpless to avoid the poison being released into the air and into thegroundwater.If you haven’t heard about the plight of the islanders, you aren’t alone. Inresearching this article, I was hard-pressed to find any media coverage thatwas not based in Hawaii. Americans are crying out for help…but no one islistening. Their pleas are going unheard because there is an insidious collusion– in the government, in the media, and in the biotech industry. No one wants tobelieve that in this day and age, “someone” wouldn’t stop Monsanto. Manywill read this and be incredulous, doubtful that such a thing could go on here inAmerica. But it’s happening. Today it’s happening in Hawaii. Tomorrow, itmight be in the field downwind from you.Monsanto writes its own laws – that became clear with the passing of theMonsanto Protection rider, if it wasn’t obvious already. There is a revolvingdoor between Monsanto, Washington DC, the FDA and the USDA, not tomention connections with the Supreme Court. There is a blatant moneytrail between Monsanto and many of the lawmakers in the US. Other countries’governments have said “no” to Monsanto and other biotech firms, but the USdoes not. The US government is in clear collusion with the biotech industry,and they don’t even try to hide it.Think about the notoriety of Joseph Mengele, who was reported to haveconverted by
  5. 5. 27performed horrific, gruesome experiments on human beings in World War IIconcentration camps. We look back in horror at the stories of those stomachturning experiments, unable to comprehend how things so awful could be true.But the people of Molokai are living in an equally callous science projectright now. Is it really any different than these experiments that were labeled as“war crimes”? Any person who has the misfortune to live near a Monsantofield is being subjected daily to toxins that have caused massive illnesses anddeaths elsewhere in the world. They are breathing it, eating it, and drinking it.Some people are able to resist the toxins, but many others are not. They aredeveloping tumors and respiratory problems. They are having to have bodyparts removed because of cancer. Their skin is covered with bloody sores.Their children are born dead or with birth defects. When do we say that this isa crime? When do we insist that the cover-up of the medical statistics cease?When do we hold Monsanto responsible?Make no mistake, we are the lab rats in a giant experiment, and the madscientists are Monsanto.*****Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, The OrganicPrepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premiumnutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can followDaisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her atdaisy@theorganicprepper.caYou must be logged in to post a comment.©2012 IntelliHub.coman UnboundMedia GroupLLC website.RelatedArticles You Might Like:Communist China Now Concerned More About Citizens Health Than USMarketing Through nRelate - SponsoredSanity Prevails: US Supreme Court Rules that Human Genes are not Eligible for PatentProtectionSkull Performs No Monsanto A CapellaPolice Set up Roadblocks to Voluntarily Collect DNA, Blood Sample From InnocentAmericansWatford Mayor On Bilderberg 2013: “I Had To Sign The Official Secrets Act Before ICould Be ...ProfileYou must be logged in to post a comment.converted by
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