Approved New Generation of Deadlier Vile GMOs


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Approved New Generation of Deadlier Vile GMOs

  1. 1. MOVE OVER, ROUND-UP: USDAMOVE OVER, ROUND-UP: USDA APPROVES 2ND GENERATION GMOS THATAPPROVES 2ND GENERATION GMOS THAT CAN WITHSTAND EVEN DEADLIERCAN WITHSTAND EVEN DEADLIER HERBICIDEHERBICIDE P o s t e d b y :D a i s y L u t h e r| o n S e p t e m b e r 1 , 2 0 The USDA has just approved a new generation of GMOs for use with more deadly herbicides than the toxic glyphosate that currently taints farms across America. You won’t hear about this on the mainstream though – it was all done very quietly in the hopes that no one would notice. Bayer has developed a soybean that can withstand applications of the toxin isoxaflutole (IFT). IFT is classified as a probable human carcinogen. That’s right – they KNOW that it causes cancer and they created a plant with which they can use it anyway. A plant that is meant to feed us or feed our livestock. They’re going to douse the fields with it and allow it to leach into groundwater and contaminate soil. The EPA knows this. Read the data sheet about this – you won’t believe your eyes when you see the assessment of this chemical that will soon be sprayed all over fields across America. Based upon a battery of acute toxicity studies, Balance Herbicide is classified as Toxicity Category III. Isoxaflutole demonstrates developmental toxicity and has been classified as a Group B2 carcinogen (probable human carcinogen). The data available at this time indicate that isoxaflutole is very phytotoxic. Isoxaflutole is persistent and mobile, and may leach and accumulate in groundwater and through surface water. (source) They KNOW and they are allowing it anyway. Search Text Here GOGO THE ORGANIC PREPPER Receive updates as they happen! Name: E-Mail: SUBSCRIBESUBSCRIBE Email Marketing by WP Autoresponder RECENT POSTS Move Over, Round-up: USDAApproves 2nd Generation GMOs That Can Withstand Even Deadlier Herbicide This Week’s Harvest: Pears Home All Health Prepping Preserving Recipes Resistance HOME BIO AND RE-PUBLICATION POLICY… CONTACT THE ORGANIC PREPPER Like 666 NSL Lab -- SEM Analysis FailureAnalysis by SEMMicroscopy. ReliableTestingtoFit Your Needs.
  2. 2. Since glyphosate wasn’t ruining the world fast enough, Bayer decided to up the ante. Herbicide tolerant weeds have adapted to the pesticide and now to continue growing the GMO scourge, more toxic methods have to be used. “Bayer’s new GE soybeans represent the next wave in agricultural biotechnology—crops that dramatically increase farmers’ use of and dependence on toxic herbicides,” said Bill Freese, science policy analyst at Center for Food Safety. Dubbed FG72, these GE soybeans were developed by Bayer CropScience, the second-largest agrichemicals firm in the world. The EPA has designated IFT as a “probable human carcinogen” based on animal tests in which it triggered liver and thyroid tumors in rats. IFT and its major breakdown product persist in surface waters, and despite its limited use, at present is frequently detected in tests. It is also toxic to aquatic organisms, wild plants and important crops (e.g. vegetables.). IFT is so toxic that three states—Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota—rejected the Bayer-EPA label for this herbicide as insufficiently protective of human health, the environment and neighboring crops. First generation GE crops, like Monsanto’s Roundup Ready (RR) varieties, are resistant to the herbicide glyphosate. Skyrocketing use of glyphosate with RR crops has wiped out biological diversity in our fields, for instance nearly wiping out milkweed and thereby contributing to a dramatic decline in Monarch butterfly populations. Glyphosate use has also triggered an epidemic of glyphosate-resistant weeds that now infest roughly half of farmers’ fields. “Bayer and other biotech companies are now poised to introduce a host of ‘next-generation’ GE crops resistant to more toxic herbicides as a false ‘solution’ to massive weed resistance,” said Freese. “But their effect will be to generate still more intractable weeds resistant to multiple herbicides.” (source) Also hopping on the second-generation GMO train are the ever-evil Monsanto, with new varieties of corn and cotton, as well as Dow, with new varieties of corn and soybeans. The EPA and the USDA are supposed to be our safety net – they are supposed to be agencies of protection. Instead, they allow the big biotech companies to set their own rules and policies. There is absolutely no excuse for approving the use of a toxin that is a probable human carcinogen and yet the agencies established to protect us did it anyway. We are already in the midst of a cancer epidemic in this country. Nearly half of the population will deal with cancer at some point in their lives. The President’s Cancer Panel, a three-person panel that reports to the U.S. president on the National Cancer Program calculated that 41% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetimes. If you’re male, the chances are 1 in 2 that you will be diagnosed with some type of cancer, and women have a 1 in 3 chance of the dreaded diagnosis. A Global Cancer Statistics for 2011 study names cancer as the #1 killer in the western world and #2 in developing countries. (source) With this new USDA approval, I’d say the odds of getting cancer just got a whole lot higher. No longer is just avoiding GMOs and eating organic enough. Our water supply is tainted. Our land is contaminated. Even the air we breathe is subject to pesticide drift. You need only to look at the petri dish that is the Hawaiin island of Molokai to see what happens to a population that is subjected to these types of farming techniques and that occurred with the LESS TOXIC glyphosate. (“Less toxic glyphosate” are words I never thought I would type!) Do you still think I’m overreacting about GMOs? Only through the development of genetically modified plants that can withstand these deadly poisons would the probable human carcinogens be able to be used. IFT is a chemical weapon and the fields of America are the warzones. About the author: Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio. Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You Biotech’s Next Line of Defense: Cartoons Are Used to Program Kids to Accept GMOs Is Your Child a Student or a Slave? The Pantry Primer: Making Meals from Pantry Basics RECENT COMMENTS Fiannabana on Move Over, Round-up: USDAApproves 2nd Generation GMOs That Can Withstand Even Deadlier Herbicide DRK on Move Over, Round-up: USDA Approves 2nd Generation GMOs That Can Withstand Even Deadlier Herbicide WTH on Move Over, Round-up: USDA Approves 2nd Generation GMOs That Can Withstand Even Deadlier Herbicide WTH on Move Over, Round-up: USDA Approves 2nd Generation GMOs That Can Withstand Even Deadlier Herbicide WTH on Move Over, Round-up: USDA Approves 2nd Generation GMOs That Can Withstand Even Deadlier Herbicide CATEGORIES Select Category Top Eyelash Growth 2013 Warning- WeTriedEverything. Here's The#1Product WeFound
  3. 3. can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at Share this: Posted inPosted in AllAll,, HealthHealth,, ResistanceResistance || 6 Comments »6 Comments » Tags:Tags: bayerbayer,, cancercancer,, dowdow,, glyphosateglyphosate,, herbicideherbicide,, isoxaflutoleisoxaflutole,, monsantomonsanto Related Posts: Despite Irrefutable Evidence of Toxicity and Death,… Crimes Against Humanity: How Monsanto is Turning a Hawaiian… Two Radical “Brave Choices” to Prevent Cancer:… Monsanto Concedes Defeat in the Face of Europe’s… US Birthrates Plummet by 310,000 Babies: Responsible… 6 COMMENTS TO6 COMMENTS TO MOVE OVER, ROUND-UP: USDAMOVE OVER, ROUND-UP: USDA APPROVES 2ND GENERATION GMOS THAT CANAPPROVES 2ND GENERATION GMOS THAT CAN WITHSTAND EVEN DEADLIER HERBICIDEWITHSTAND EVEN DEADLIER HERBICIDE Like 666 L e s e M a j e s t eL e s e M a j e s t esays: September 1, 2013 at 11:41 pm I was raised on a stock and grain farm when the precursors of Roundup, ‘Atrazine’ and ‘Treflan,’ started being used. Within a couple of years, there was numerous cases of cancer in our area, but no one realized what was causing the disease back then. Within five years, damn near all the frogs, quail, rabbits and other types of small wildlife disappeared, and again, we didn’t know what caused that kill-off. Now we do and they’re still shoving poisons down our throat. Reply W T HW T Hsays: September 2, 2013 at 5:59 am “IFT is classified as a probable human carcinogen.” Then I’m sure it is. I guess people are not dying fast enough from cancer, etc. for these yahoos. Reply W T HW T Hsays: September 2, 2013 at 6:01 am … as we know, and as they have done before with other products… they will admit in about 5 years or so that this product too causes/has caused people to die. Reply W T HW T Hsays: September 2, 2013 at 6:04 am Here’s a thought… if the USDA does not agree with a certain product, ask yourself why, and then buy as much of it as is feasible because it will probably save your life. Reply D R KD R Ksays: September 2, 2013 at 8:58 am Cancer is big business. More cancer, more chemo, more profit You would think landowners would be concerned about the contamination of their property. Reply F i a n n a b a n aF i a n n a b a n asays: September 2, 2013 at 9:06 am How can one not become paranoid, with the USDA sanctioning the poisoning of our food? Our government has become a bad ’70′s movie. Reply
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