SoftLayer customer notice of IBM acquisition


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Letter by SoftLayer Founder and CEO to SoftLayer customers, notifying them of the IBM acquisition

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SoftLayer customer notice of IBM acquisition

  1. 1. Hello.I have some exciting news to share—we are proud to announce this morning that IBM and SoftLayer haveentered into a definitive agreement for IBM to acquire SoftLayer.Eight years ago we founded SoftLayer to be the de facto platform for the Internet. It was the right platform atthe right time, and continues to be for the future. As the demand for cloud-centric services grows with no endin sight, our platform provides the performance, flexibility, and control businesses need to capitalize on all thecloud has to offer.For more than a century IBM has been the de facto standard for business and technology innovation andservices. And when the company that created the industry standard for every business machine in the lasthundred years turned its attention to the next most important business machine – the cloud – they foundSoftLayer had built the platform that aligned with their vision.IBM is a trusted supplier of enterprise cloud solutions – with over 9,000 successful cloud engagements withproven experience and expertise in building and delivering enterprise class cloud environments to supportcomplex, mission critical workloads. SoftLayer’s innovative platform will complement and extend the IBMportfolio, delivering new value and flexibility for customers.Together, we can take our shared vision and values farther, faster. We can bring you more scale and powerthan ever, with access to more data centers in more countries. And our capacity to innovate grows with theguidance, resources, and support of the company that is the gold standard in business around the world.Nothing will change for you in the foreseeable future. Until the transaction is closed, which is expected in thethird quarter, IBM and SoftLayer will continue to operate independently. Your SoftLayer account relationshipsand support infrastructure will remain unchanged, and your existing sales and technical representatives willcontinue to provide the support you need. At any time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your SoftLayerteam members.After closing, SoftLayer will operate as a business unit within IBM, with the same team, services, andcommitment to delivering a superior cloud service and innovation that we have today, and the additionalresources and talent that IBM brings to bear.As a founder, SoftLayer is more than a business to me. It’s exceptionally personal. I have long maintainedthat the only reason we would join another company was if doing so protected and propelled our foundingvision and continuing mission. Joining IBM does exactly that, and I can’t wait for you to see all that we will beable to do for you.If you have any questions or concerns, I invite you to talk to your individual SoftLayer contact or myself andany member of my executive team.Thanks for your business and your support,Lance CrosbyFounder & Chief Executive OfficerSoftLayer