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2014 Small Business Book Awards Winners

  1. 2014 Small Business Book Awards
  2. Virtual Awards Ceremony June 4, 2014 #BizBookAwards
  3. Let’s Learn a Little About the Awards
  4. ● Annual awards now in their 6th year. ● Created by Small Business Trends, a news source for 6 million small business owners annually ● Adjunct to weekend book reviews. “Small business success … delivered daily” #BizBookAwards About
  5. Two Parts to the Awards #BizBookAwards Community Choice Based 100% on the popular vote Merit Winners Judged by a panel of 24 judges
  6. Meet the People Behind the Awards
  7. Judges Anita Campbell Ivana Taylor Susan Payton Pierre DeBois Daria Steigman William Bruce Kimberly Crossland Scott G. Wolfe Carla Jenkins Robert Brady Melanie Forman Simon Dunant
  8. Judges Brian Smith Steve Sipress Christina Bouza Shelley Webb Deborah Carney Dustin Luther Martin Lindeskog Doc Kane Lisa Dilg Claire Boyles Dale Anne Potter Carla Holland
  9. Staff Anita Campbell Ivana Taylor Susan Payton Amanda Stillwagon Leland McFarland
  10. Now It’s Time … to Announce the Winners
  11. Community Choice
  12. 9 Community Choice Winners were chosen This portion of the Awards is based on popular voting by fans and the small business community. ● An opportunity to generate excitement among fans ● Increases conversation around the book or resource ● Gives online visibility and PR
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  22. Overall: Liber8 Your Business Motivation: The X Factor Selling System Economics: The Solution Revolution Social Media: It’s Not About You, It’s About BACON! Startup: You Couldn’t Have Told Me This Before I Started My Business? Technology: The Essential CIO Management: Success Tools for CEO Coaches Marketing: Valuable Content Marketing Resources: The Definitive Guide to PR for Small Businesses
  23. Judged Winners
  24. 16 Winners were chosen by a panel of 24 Judges This next portion of the Awards is based on merit. The 3 main judging criteria were: ● Content - quality and quantity of content ● Usefulness - for small business owners and entrepreneurs ● Freshness - of subject matter or treatment of subject matter Level of community support was also taken into account
  25. Economics #BizBookAwards
  26. Economics #BizBookAwards
  27. Management #BizBookAwards
  28. #BizBookAwards Management
  29. Motivation #BizBookAwards
  30. Motivation #BizBookAwards
  31. Resources #BizBookAwards
  32. Resources #BizBookAwards
  33. Social Media #BizBookAwards
  34. Social Media #BizBookAwards
  35. Marketing #BizBookAwards
  36. Marketing #BizBookAwards
  37. Start-Up #BizBookAwards
  38. Start-Up #BizBookAwards
  39. Technology #BizBookAwards
  40. Technology #BizBookAwards
  41. Marketing ● Do It! Marketing ● 80/20 Sales and Marketing Motivation ● Have Fun, Get Paid ● Die Empty Startup ● Disrupt! Think Epic. Be Epic. ● The Conspiracy Social Media ● It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon ● Mobile Marketing Management ● Culture Without Accountability ● Business Execution for Results Economics ● Finerman’s Rules ● The Money Bubble Technology ● !nnovation: How Innovators Think, Act and Change Our World ● Predictive Analytics Resources ● The Book Marketing Challenge ● BookWorks
  42. Congratulations! #BizBookAwards