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10 Practical Twitter Tips for Small Businesses


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Here are 10 practical "how-to" tips for small businesses that want to grow their businesses using Twitter. Not every tip is right for every business. But these tips should get you thinking about how to use Twitter for your business. This is a presentation I gave at the Cool Twitter Conference in Cleveland on August 7, 2009.

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  • Anita, Terrific Content! I love the Cool Twitter Conference. I spoke at San Diego and Hollywood. Would have loved to have been on the same docket with you in Cleveland but am thankful for slideshare and the ability to see your presentation. Really high quality content. Thank you and hope to see you again soon! Angie A. Swartz
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  • Hi Betsy,

    Good question.

    What I meant is that a percentage of the traffic stayed even after the 4-day surge -- a 10% increase in traffic. You see, often when you get a large bump in traffic from social media, it's just temporary and after it's done you never see those visitors again.

    We found it valuable that a percentage of the traffic came back even after that initial traffic surge.

    Apparently those visitors discovered a site that was new to them, found something interesting beyond one article, and became ongoing readers.

    -- Anita
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  • Hi Anita,

    I enjoy what you share. I have a question about tip #4, what do you mean by 10% of your traffic 'stuck'?

    Betsy Kent

    PS: are you in Medina, Oh? I am fr Akron, visiting there in 2 weeks!
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  • Anita, Great tips. You bonus tip is a homerun: 'Be Authentic! Distinguish yourself from the bots on Twitter! Be YOU! There’s only one YOU!' I recognize your Small Biz Online Marketing ROI wheel. That is a great illustration.
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10 Practical Twitter Tips for Small Businesses

  1. 1. 10 Practical Tips for Using Twitter to Grow a Small Business Anita Campbell Editor, Small Business Trends Twitter: @smallbiztrends Cool Twitter Conference Cleveland, August 7, 2009
  2. 2. How to Use These Tips The following are tips I’ve used or seen others use with success for business growth Not a hard and fast formula  Not every tip fits every situation – not everything will be right for you My goal: trigger ideas for you
  3. 3. Tip 1 Have a strategy – keep the end in mind when tweeting for biz Don’t become a Digital Sharecropper  Always make Twitter and other social media secondary to your own properties
  4. 4. Tip 2 Reinforce your brand Use your brand name or URL in your Twitter handle Complete your profile/bio Consider a Twitter landing page
  5. 5. Tip 3 Become a trusted source of on- point information Stay on point 85% of the time Sprinkle in personal info Be findable by searchers – use relevant “keywords” in your tweet
  6. 6. Tip 4 Drive traffic to your blog Trend: 5% of my blog traffic is from Twitter One example: 24,000 visits within 4 days from one Twitter article; 10% of traffic “stuck” with monthly uplift  Be careful of Hootsuite or other tools that “frame” pages
  7. 7. Tip 5 Be “retweetable” – every retweet is a brand building opportunity Trend right now is lots of retweeting (repeating) of tweets  Make short enough for others to retweet without changing your words ~120 characters long
  8. 8. Tip 6 Monitor for use of keywords Good way to find like-minded people to follow Gives you a reason to contact people, although requires a light touch Twitter Search and TwitterHawk help monitor
  9. 9. Tip 7 Don’t forget to “Engage”  Respond back to people – people respond to people Try to use complete thoughts in your response – promotes wider conversation – others jump in and converse
  10. 10. Tip 8 Follow Back Generously Following is act of courtesy; actively builds “community” thru inclusiveness Makes it easy for people to DM you Most small biz don’t have big enough brand to command large follower ##s without going this extra step
  11. 11. Tip 9 Hold or Participate in TweetChats A chat session using Twitter Community of like-minded people in Twitter Small biz using effectively:  #SBBUZZ  #DIYMKT  #SMBIZ
  12. 12. Tip 10 Use Tools for Efficiency TweetBeep Alerts Scheduled tweets: TweetLater & Adjix Be careful of automatic “add followers” software
  13. 13. Bonus Tip Be Authentic! Distinguish yourself from the bots on Twitter Be YOU! There’s only one YOU
  14. 14. What else would you like to know?
  15. 15. Thank you! Anita Campbell Twitter: @smallbiztrends