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How to Become Brand in Demand For Your Small Business


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Do you have a brand that resonates when you are not around?? When you build a powerful brand, corporations will come banging down your door to do business with you. This presentation from Melinda Emerson "SmallBizLady" will help you position your small business or your personal expert as a thought leader in your field. I'll walk you through building a brand, a great website, and tricks for leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook fan pages, Google+ and YouTube.

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How to Become Brand in Demand For Your Small Business

  1. 1. How to Become A BRAND in DEMAND
  2. 2. Define  Your  Brand   Create  Your  Brand  Message     Focus  on  Your  Customer’s  Pain  Points   Speak  in  a  Consistent,  Authen>c  Voice     Be  Bold  –  Stand  for  Something  You  Believe  In  
  3. 3. Do  You   Know  What   Your  Jersey   is  Worth?  
  4. 4. Why  is  branding  online   Important?   Your  Website   #1  Sales  Tool   It’s  Social  Proof   Valuable  For   Business   Development  
  5. 5. Use  a  Branded  Header  with  Tagline   Free  Giveaway  to  Build  Email  List   Have  Contact  Info  on  Every  Page   Demonstrate  Your  Exper>se   Use  Video  
  6. 6. What  if  Social  Media  Hasn’t   Worked  for  Your  Business?   Inconsistent   &  undisciplined     social  media   efforts  won’t   pay  off!   It’s  a  long  tail   strategy!   Try  again  and   really  focus   your  efforts   Know  who   your  target   audience   Provide   helpful   content  daily  
  7. 7. 6  C’s  Connect   Communicate   Compelling   Content   Consistent     Community   Commerce  
  8. 8. Building  Relationships  in  Social  Media     Use  the  HELP  Mantra   Help  Others   Engage  People   Listen  First   Promote  With  Care  
  9. 9. How  to  Become  a   Brand  in  Demand   Create  a   Personal   Blog   Demonstrate   Your   Professional   Experience   Online     Know  Your   Target   Audience   Use  One  Social   Media  Site  1-­‐3   Times  a  Day  
  10. 10. ①  Define  Your  Content   Strategy     ②  Use  a  Copy  Editor   ③  Develop  an  Editorial   Calendar   ④  Develop  an  Archive  of   Content   How  to  Become  a   Brand  in  Demand  
  11. 11. Other  People’s  Content   Your  Blogs   Podcasts/blog  talk  radio   “How  To”  Videos   Photos   Answer  Ques>ons   Breaking  Industry  News   Conferences  updates   Case  Studies   Product/Book  Reviews  
  12. 12. Fill  Out  Your   Profile  Completely   w/  a  Professional   Headshot   Know  Your   Keywords   Have  a  Strong   Headline   Every  6  Months   Import  Your    Email   Accounts   Ask  For   Recommenda>ons   Religiously   Join  at  least  10   Linkedin  Groups  
  13. 13. Make  Sure  Your  Twiaer  Profile  Tells   People  How  to  Hire  You   Brand  Your  Twiaer  Handle     Sweet,  Retweet  Use  4:1  Ra>o       Par>cipate  in  Regular  TweetChats   like  #Smallbizchat     Don’t  Just  Tweet  About  Business,  Be   Well-­‐rounded  
  14. 14. §  Invest  in  Custom  Graphics   §  Brand  Your  Welcome  Page     §  Post  Content  Once  a  Day     §  Allow  Your  Fans  to   Comment     §  Share  Videos  and  Photos   Often  as  They  Tend  to  Get   Extra  Visibility   §  Conduct  FB  Contest  
  15. 15. Google+  &  YouTube   Google  search   prioritizes   content  shared   on  these  two   social  media   sites.   Google+  makes  it   easy  to  share   things  with  only   certain  groups  of   people   Google  Hangout   makes  it  easy  to   connect  to   customers  thru   video  chats     Videos  have  a   41%  higher  click-­‐ through  rate   than  plain  text   content   By  2015,  90%  of   web  traffic  is   expected  to  be   video  
  16. 16. Produce  informa>ve,  educa>onal  or   entertaining  videos   Create  a  branded  YouTube  Channel   Add  text  under  your  video  blog   posts  for  beaer  SEO  &  Searchability   Write  compelling  video  >tles   Add  metatags  within  YouTube   videos  to  make  SEO  friendly  
  17. 17. F  Inconsistent   Ac>vity   Spreading   Yourself  Too  Thin   WIIFM   Selling  Too   Quickly   Not  Knowing   Your  Best   Keywords  
  18. 18. Order  This     E-­‐book   TODAY!   Melinda  Emerson’s   Resources           
  19. 19. Purchase  “How  to  be  a  Social  media   Ninja”  ebook   Define  Your  Niche  Audience   Review  Your  Website   Develop  a  Content  Strategy   Develop  a  30-­‐60-­‐90  day  social  media   execu>on  plan  
  20. 20. Melinda  Emerson  @SmallBizLady   Join  #Smallbizchat  8-­‐9pm  ET  Every   Wed  on  Twiaer   Connect  on  LinkedIn  &  Google+   Like  my  SmallBizLady  fan  page   Melinda  Emerson’s   Contact  Information