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Mobile marketingthegame

  2. 2. 2 CONTENTS PAGE Page 3.…. AFRICA MOBILE ARENA - THE GAME HAS JUST BEGUN - Global Statistics against Africa Page 5.…. MOBILE MARKETING - Definition - Types and examples of mobile marketing Page 6.… Proximity Marketing -Definition - Types and examples of Proximity Marketing - Advantages of Proximity Marketing Page 9.… Discussion Question 1 Why should every company that wants to survive in the future consider establishing a mobile strategy to their overall organizational strategy? -analysis of the “Global Media Consumption Survey 2013" -analysis of Email Marketing vs. Mobile marketing Page 13. Near Field Communication (NFC) - Definition - Discussion IS IT A MOBILE PAYMENT SOLUTION OR A MOBILE MARKETING TOOL? Page 16 Discussion Question 2 How can your company join the mobile game and position yourself in the mobile space? - rules and guidelines in Mobile Marketing Examples of Mobile Marketing Page 20 ... Discussion Question 3 WHAT TOOLS AND PRODUCTS CAN HELP YOU IN YOUR MOBILE MARKETING STRATEGIES? - Factors affecting choice of mobile marketing tools and Applications - Discussion of 3 examples of effective tools Bluevibe, SMSP Platform and ProSMS Page 23.…. Revision Questions -page to write own notes
  3. 3. 3 INTRODUCTION AFRICA MOBILE ARENA - THE GAME’S JUST BEGUN Have a look at the table below at the 2012 statistics of three countries in Africa: Country mobile penetration broadband penetration Zimbabwe 90% 18% Nigeria 72% 7% Ghana 90% 19% The Statistics represent the penetration rates for majority of countries on the African continent. From a report published by a media publisher in July 2012: United States economy is 9 times the size of Africa, but Africa has twice as much the number of mobile phones. United Kingdom has barely 7% of Africa’s population, but has a bigger telecom industry in terms of revenue than Africa. Conclusion: The tantalizing statistics on the table above would seem to indicate that Africa mobile era has come but as you can see on the statistics below the table, subscriber numbers are only part of the story. A deeper look at the statistics in terms of services and value creation you will see that the Mobile Arena Game has just begun for Africa. The mobile game in Africa has been largely dominated by Mobile Network Operators (MNO). These Operators have control over markets and decision on products and services. As can be seen from the figures above focus has been on consumers and its understandable considering the results above but that constitutes the difference in Revenues between developed countries and emerging countries.
  4. 4. 4 In developed countries focus is on consumers and the Enterprise level. Companies have to come out of their traditional policies and adapt Mobile policies within their organization and mobilize the way they communicate internally and with external stakeholders. This includes how they communicate their marketing strategies to their customers and enabling employees or decision makers to access critical company data on the go beyond the four walls of business. There are many benefits that comes from a well thought-out mobile strategy such as cost reduction, improved efficiency, value addition, increased sales and customer loyalty among other benefits and increased returns. Today in a more technologically advanced world consumers want to access service on the move and mobiles are becoming the most influential technology for Marketers. Mobile Media is moving business away from the traditional Media and is fast becoming an integral part of consumer media consumption. This book will not discuss all mobile strategies companies can adapt but will focus on Mobile Marketing and highlight why Companies in developing countries (particularly Africa) should adapt this new Mass Media approach and the benefits that await those who position themselves in the mobile space. The reason I will focus on Africa is because majority of African countries do not have Mobile Marketing and a Mobile Policy. It is my hope that after reading this book it will influence African marketers to go mobile and realize the benefits of mobile marketing. I believe it is important for marketers to understand the behaviors of consumers in today's world where people spend majority of their time on their mobiles. To help you understand Mobile Marketing I will discuss the following questions: 1. Why should every company that want to survive in the future consider establishing a mobile strategy to their overall organizational strategy? 2. How can your company join the game and position yourself in the mobile space? 3. What are the guidelines/rules of the mobile game 4. What tools and applications can help you to go mobile?
  5. 5. 5 Before we discuss these questions let’s start by looking at what is Mobile Marketing? MOBILE MARKETING Mobile Marketing is Marketing on or with a mobile device. It can also be defined as the use of the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication. Types of Mobile Marketing SMS MARKETING This is marketing through the use of mobile devices by using Short Messaging Service (SMS). Companies send Short Messages to inform their customers of available promotion and any other news they want to tell to their customers. MMS MARKETING MMS MARKETING is an interactive way for business and companies to market their products by using binary content such as images, videos and audios in their marketing campaigns using Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Advantages Mobile Marketing using SMS and MMS -High impact and timely delivery -Over 95% of messages are read -Over 90% are read within 4minutes -Connect with customers any time of the day as preferred -Extremely high conversation rate - Create fun, interactive and engaging campaign which is sure to get attention Quick Response (QR) Codes QR Codes allow a customer to visit a web address by scanning a 2D image with their phone’s camera instead of manually entering a URL. Works with most of Smartphones. Bluetooth A radio based technology which gives wireless communication between
  6. 6. 6 Bluetooth enabled devices. Allows marketers to send content to Bluetooth enabled devices. The major advantages of Bluetooth are speed of transmission, free service and it’s a permission - based technology. Its limitation is its short range transmission which means it only works as a proximity tool. Infrared More like Bluetooth, allows short range communication using infrared waves. Proximity Systems Popularly referred to as Proximity Marketing this is localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place. Examples of proximity systems are Bluetooth, NFC, Wifi, QR Codes. Mobile Web Marketing Advertising on web pages specifically meant for access by mobile devices eg Google, yahoo. You can also create your own local landing page where people can see your services and products. In- Game Mobile Marketing Brands now deliver promotional messages within mobile games or sponsoring entire games to drive consumer engagement. This is known as mobile averaging or Ad- funded mobile game. PROXIMITY MARKETING Proximity marketing is the localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place. Transmission can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have the n necessary devices to do so. Traditionally distribution was targeted through a localized broadcast or more commonly is specifically targeted to devices known to be in a particular area. Today with the advancement of technology proximity marketing can be done using:
  7. 7. 7 Cell phones- targeting campaigns phone on a particular area Bluetooth - sending campaigns to Bluetooth devices in the range of a transmitter. Wifi - sending campaigns to Wifi devices in the range of a transmitter. Near Field Communications (NFC) - An NFC enabled phone can read a RFID chip/tag on a product or media and launch localized content from servers. Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) - consumer can just scan the QR codes and it redirects them to websites and promotion contents and information Uses of Proximity Marketing Advertising, distribution of media, Marketing campaigns, Gaming, and Social applications. Types of Proximity Marketing Campaigns Push Campaigns - the transmitter send the content and the receiver choose to accept the content to their device or not. eg Bluetooth Pull Campaigns - the consumer has the choice of where and when they want to receive the content buy tapping to receive contents. Eg NFC, Advantages of Proximity Marketing - High conversion rates - by running campaigns in well thought out locations this means you communicate with consumers at the right place and right time right when they are thinking of making the purchase - Gives you an opportunity to attract passerby’s out of your store to get inside and give you that additional sales - Independence - Most proximity marketing tools do not need to go through Mobile Network Operators (MNO) networks giving the marketer full control over their campaigns.
  8. 8. 8 - Low costs - By neglecting MNO networks this reduces cost of running campaigns. Also low setup cost and low printing to run campaigns. The transmitters also do all the work meaning you won’t need additional labor to run campaigns - Freedom of choice - consumers have choice when and where to receive content to you - High redemption rates - Since consumers have choice to receive content this means high redemption rates for consumers who choose to receive your campaigns In Africa proximity marketing have great potential to earn huge benefits for companies. eg Imagine customers being invited to tap on a newspaper, or product package or magazine to receive information or a sales discount, most people will tap out of fun because they have never done it. This gives great opportunity to create behavioral change in consumers To create a successful proximity marketing campaign a company need to think of the value proposition to the consumers. What is in it for the customer. This will work to influence the customer to accept the campaign. Companies have to look at the best ways to engage consumers using their proximity tools Companies have to come up with a dynamic approach, that is their campaigns should work on a number of devices. This will ensure that all their consumers will be able to participate in their campaigns regardless of the devices they use. A good example of a proximity Marketing tool is Bluevibe. This tool has push factors and supports Bluetooth, Wifi and NFC campaigns. On the consumers value proposition it offers free internet via Bluetooth and Wifi. This gives companies to an opportunity engage customers using whatever mobile devices they have from Bluetooth enabled devices, Wifi devices and the latest NFC enabled devices. It gives managers remote control of their campaigns using an online tool named Bluevibe Manager. Always remember a good Proximity Marketing campaign should support variety of mobile devices in the market and should have cost advantages and high redemption rates for you company.
  9. 9. 9 QUESTION 1 Why should every company that want to survive in the future consider establishing a mobile strategy to their overall organizational strategy? To begin with lets first understand the behavior of consumer in today’s world. Allow me to start by bringing your attention to a survey carried in 2013 by Inmobi (a global mobile products and services company) named " Global Media Consumption 2013" The survey was conducted between people in the age groups 20 and above with capacity to purchase in 14 different countries around the globe. Here are the results of the survey carried: a) Globally mobiles ranks first in media consumption On average people spent 7 hours daily consuming media, 1.8hours of the 7hours is spent consuming mobile media and this translates to above 25% of media consumption daily. TV had 1.5hours and PC had 1.6hours This shows mobiles are fast out numbering other forms of media consumption and Marketers who haven’t gone mobile should review their strategies and adapt a mobile strategy suitable for their business. b) Internet access via mobiles is no longer a niche activity and is increasingly becoming a part of everyone's lives. 50% of the average global web users now use mobiles as their primary or exclusive means of going online. In addition to mobile web, the survey study reveals the accelerated usage of mobile apps and found that an average consumer actively uses 6.5apps throughout a 30day period. Mobiles has been thoroughly adopted among users largely because of its conveniences and on the go factors Globally 54% of users discover mobile ads via apps, 40% on a search engine,27% on a retailer website and 23% on a video website
  10. 10. 10 c) Mobile is now used largely as part of the consumers shopping experience. 75% say mobile advertising has introduced them to something new. 45% say ads have influenced their purchase in-store 46% say mobile ads have influenced them to buy via mobile d) Mobile ads are proving to be an effective medium for advertisers to reach consumers on the go After seeing a mobile app 80% of user downloaded an app 67% of users visited the web of the advertiser. 52% of users visit the store/retailer/business to get additional information 45% locate an advertiser on a map 37% of users call the advertisers As can be seen from the survey study results the Mobile commerce space is growing like no other and will quickly become a playground for innovative retailers and marketers. Mobile Marketing presents Companies with opportunities to reach their customers with speed, relevance in a uniquely personal way that is sure to get attention and bring returns. The survey shows the Media game has begun and very soon survival of companies will depend on positioning themselves well in the arena. Simply said companies who fail to adapt mobile strategies will lose out to those who do. I know some are beginning to ask why have a Mobile Marketing strategy when you already have a viable Email Marketing strategy, now I am going to show you why Mobile Marketing is outpacing Email Marketing and why soon Email Marketing will be replaced with Mobile Marketing:
  11. 11. 11 Email Marketing vs Mobile Marketing (EM vs MM) Email has always been a cost effective and simple way for marketers to send promotional content to large numbers of their target consumers. Over the years using email has become more difficult as our inboxes are flooded with Spam and users start moving towards more mobile based technologies. Advantages of MM over EM a) MM provide a better way to engage consumers for mobile marketing campaigns. b) According to MacAfee Threat report- third 1/4 2009 approximately 92% of emails are categorized as Spam and are filtered out before they even reach the intended recipient. Open rates of emails is 11% However due to strict mobile messaging regulations, there is very little content delivered to mobiles without their express consent and this has resulted in usage behavior drastically different between email and messaging which creates an opportunity for marketers. With a well thought opt-in plan that focuses on delivering customers with value, marketers can send binary content (image,videos,audio) direct to their customers handsets. Mobiles Messages have open rates of 97% of which 90% are opened in the first 3 minutes (Frost and Sullivan research 2011) c) Email do not display on every mobile device and not everyone has email activated on their mobiles. According to (EmailMonday 2012) only 40% of users have email activated on their mobiles Additionally when email is sent to mobile devices the handset ability to render content varies greatly and the user experience is not always optimized on every platform. On the other hand MM content is optimized for specific devices, then delivered even if the user does not have a data plan.
  12. 12. 12 d) Email addresses are not always accurate, email opt-in usually have wrong addresses and some emails are never used, contrary when your customers opt-into a shortcode we are able to capture mobile number, device type and campaign interest. Also when using proximity marketing the customers choose to accept your campaigns and no mobile number is needed. Proximity marketing also have the advantage of immediate reach and high conversion rates. MM results in more reliable contact list and fewer opt-outs over time as the customer who opt-in had every interest to receive the content of value being distributed. Also the diligence during the opt-in process ensures that opted in consumers are more likely to redeem offers sent to them. e) MM redemption is around 30% while EM is around 4% Analysis MM response rates are almost 8times more effective than EM and can truly help you build your programme regardless of platform or mobile devices in the market. Companies can easily add mobile strategies to their existing strategies including their EM, social networking and other Advertising strategies they already have and optimize the combination to drive sales.
  13. 13. 13 NFC MOBILE TECHNOLOGY IS IT A MOBILE PAYMENT SOLUTION OR A MOBILE MARKETING TOOL? First I would love you to think deeply into the above question and come up with your answer. To do that let me help you with a description of NFC technology dating back to its origins, NFC is a class of communications within what is known as RFID( radio frequency identification) and was designed to allow short range two-way wireless data communication between devices. Cleverly NFC is designed for use with passive devices- that is devices that do no require a power source or a battery to operate. This makes it an ideal technology for use in credit and debit cards for stored value cards and mass transit applications where it replaces the need to swipe or insert the card into the reader. More recently NFC technology has been incorporated in mobile phones where it is used for loyalty, redemption, access control and more interestingly for mobile payment applications. NFC is also proving to be a powerful marketing tool in the mobile horizon and providing interactive engagement opportunities for mobile users as well as data collecting opportunities due to its ability to bridge off-line and on-line media and transfer customers from a print medium (product package, poster, newspaper etc) to an interactive environment such as a web form. Now that you understand NFC better what do you think about NFC Mobile technologies, is it more suitable for payment solutions or for mobile marketing? I am going to show you the challenges Mobile NFC face as a payment solution and the opportunities it has for you the Marketer. Firstly lets look at what is needed when bringing a new approach or solution to a problem, In order to succeed and achieve scale the most important fundamental is that the new solution must ultimately solve a problem or address a specific need. This combination reflect the value of the solution and generally determines the level of adoption.
  14. 14. 14 Other factors that influence adoption to a lesser degree include magnitude of the problem, usability factors and whether the solution is forced or mandated. Now looking at NFC as a Mobile payment solution the first challenge is its short range nature meaning it can only be used as a proximity payment solution, that is why NFC works very well in both cards payment and mass-transit applications as an alternative to using cash. Now the question is would mobilizing NFC payment solution add value to the customer, remember people are adapting mobile solutions mostly because of the on the go abilities of mobiles, moreover NFC neglects the mobile Network meaning it no longer becomes a mobile commerce but a fixed commerce POS solution Indeed there is little benefit to the customer using an NFC mobile payment service over an existing card payment method, has to be at the POS and funds are transacted out of the same payment instrument, the card account. Could it be that waving a mobile phone across an NFC reader is really much easier and desirable than waving a wallet or card over the same reader. Also comes the cost to companies to adapt the NFC system into their payment system. Their employees should also get training to work with the NFC technologies. For the process to work phone companies need to accept the transaction, the banks and payment processors need to be on it too to work. Another major obstacle is the ownership of the security element of the NFC transaction ecosystem. The secure system will work like a safe inside the phone. As we have already seen NFC neglects the Mobile Networks and usually mobile networks take the security ownerships. How will someone who stole a mobile be stopped from transacting using NFC As we can see from above there is a lot of investment needed for a company to adapt Mobile NFC as a payment solution. Experience also shows that creating behavioral change particularly when it comes to payments must provide the consumer with a clear benefit over what they are used to otherwise they simply wont use it, particularly when they are using a solution that works. History and human nature tells us that unless there is some demonstratable reason to change created by a perception of value people will naturally gravitate towards what they are familiar with.
  15. 15. 15 Now lets look at NFC as a mobile marketing tool. The short range nature means it works very well as a proximity marketing tool. You can easily create NFC tags and start Mobile NFC Proximity Marketing campaigns. As we have seen earlier on NFC works on passive devices meaning the NFC tags can be placed on posters, products packaging, newspapers or anywhere consumers can access the tags and tap to get the campaigns. This makes NFC a very useful tool for creating Mobile Marketing Campaigns. A major challenge to the NFC Mobile payment solutions was the initial investment for companies to adapt the payment solution. Contrary for Mobile Marketing companies the only investment is the NFC app to create tags. Companies has an opportunity to use Pay As You Go options on companies who outsource already established applications to create tags. One example is SMSP NFC tool on the SMSP platform outsourced by Bluevibe Africa a partner of Cytech ltd in Africa. ( Another challenge faced by NFC as a mobile solution was its neglecting the Mobile Network, but on Mobile Marketing this is a cost advantage as it reduces the cost of running campaigns as companies wont go through Mobile Network Operators to run campaigns. Also according to Mobile marketing standards this is a great advantage because customers choose to receive campaigns by tapping on to the tags themselves. No mobile numbers are required. They can combine NFC tags with Quick Response ( QR ) Codes in their campaigns. Providers of such platforms offer training and support which means NFC Mobile Marketing adoption investment is very low. Mostly all that is needed is an innovative Mobile Marketer. So it seems Mobile NFC technology is truly made for Mobile Marketing. The major challenge so far for marketers is penetration rates using NFC, especially in most of Africa largely because Smartphone penetration is still low. So for now companies will have to adapt the X media ( Multiple media) were they combine SMS,NFC,QR Codes, and Web Forms in their marketing campaigns. Interestingly to note is the new SMSP platform launched by Cytech limited at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2013 (MWC13) which have the
  16. 16. 16 capabilities to combine SMS,NFC, QR codes and web forms on marketing campaigns.( ) This allows you to create more engaging and dynamic marketing campaigns and give extra incentives to customers by giving them the opportunity to choose the method they will opt into campaigns. As for me I wait for that day in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole when consumers will just tap on magazines, newspapers and product packages to get promotions and information. But as we can see there are more benefits to using NFC as a Marketing tool than any other functions, so its high to time you open an SMSP platform account and test to see the many things you can do with the platform. I believe by now you can see that truly the world arena has changed, but fortunately the game has just begun and its time you take your stand to position your self in the mobile space. Now that we have seen that the latest technology are heading mobile and that companies that lag behind in taping into the mobile space will be outdone by those who do. Customer loyalty will be a reward for those companies that become interactive with their consumers and maintain a personal relationship with consumers through strategic well planned mobile marketing approaches. Lets now look at Question 2 : How can your company join the mobile game and position yourself in the mobile space? For Mobile Marketing campaigns to succeed they have to be well planned just like any other Marketing strategy using any other medias. But for your Mobile Marketing approach to work I will highlight some guidelines which you should always follow to create a lasting relationship with your customers. Remember a successful Mobile Marketing Strategy succeeds at the onset not at the end.
  17. 17. 17 Guide 1, For any new approach to succeed or reach scale it should have value proposition for the customer. Only well thought real benefits for the consumer will influence adoption of your campaigns. Don’t think on the view of your company but always put yourself in the eye of the customer and you will have a preview of how the consumers will view your campaigns. Think what will persuade consumers into your campaigns and calculate your goals in line with customer expectations and needs. 2) Build a compliant database of happy customers by inviting customers to opt-in to your campaigns. Make sure the customers understand what they will receive from you and the terms of the campaigns. In terms of Web opt-in make sure you clearly communicate what people are opting in for to ensure customer satisfaction. 3) Be honest. Only send what you promised to every customer. This means you should not send anything to customers using contacts from another companies database, or from your previous campaigns. This will only result in low conversion and more opt-outs. To understand this think of how many times you are bored by receiving many messages from a Mobile Network Operator without your permission. Allow me to highlight that this is an abuse of customer information. So always keep this rule of thumb if you want to maintain customer loyalty. Only send messages to legally obtained opt-in numbers. 4) Add your text marketing policy to your website for easy access 5) Include multimedia in your campaigns for better customer engagement and action 6) Follow marketing laws especially for marketing based around alcohol, tobacco and marketing directed towards children under 13 7) Never send messages at odd hours. Sending messages very early in the morning or late at night can lead to many opt-outs. Find times which leads to higher conversion rates. This makes the next point a must or very essential. 8) Have a proximity Marketing strategy. This allows you to communicate to people who are near your premises and increase your conversion rates.
  18. 18. 18 You can also visit the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) or Internet and Mobile Marketing Association (IMMAP) to see regulations that govern Mobile Marketing and best practices. Below are just some examples to help you think of something you can mobilize. Business cards, vouchers, flyers, coupons, brochures, invitation cards, photo advertising, promotions, notices, maps, Menus and the list goes on and on. Just think of any campaign you want to run and mobilize it and you are ready to start your campaigns. You can adopt Rewards and Loyalty campaigns. Other option includes using the platform to create independent mobile payment platforms. And when companies have risks of counterfeit products EXAMPLES OF MOBILE MARKETING Business cards Companies can send mobile business cards to customers. People lose business cards but don’t lose their phones. Send custom business cards that leave a lasting impression. Invitations Send mobile business invitations. Another interesting mobile use is to invite o people to receive an invitation app with reminders to constantly remind them of the invitation. Sales Promotion Grab everyone’s attention by sending an exciting ecard announcing your sale or special promotion and make sure it gets attention right away Launch eye capturing advertising campaigns to increase product awareness. Mobile voting and customer feedbacks Companies may also introduce mobile voting whereby they can carry mobile surveys to get feedback from the customers or subscriber on their platforms. This will allow them to tailor their products and marketing towards the needs of their customers and achieve better sales. The interaction will also increase
  19. 19. 19 brand awareness and customer loyalty. This will allow companies to learn what your customers think and want and capture their cell info at the same time Mobile Coupons Invite customers to opt-in to receive coupons Photo messaging Used to advertise a product. Effective when selling cars or real estates Loyalty and Reward campaigns Invite customer o opt into your database to receive promotion and campaigns and you carry your campaigns to them and you reward their loyalty by giving them vouchers and coupons they can redeem whilst you attain more sale. Reward loyalty intelligently and strike a balance between revenue increase and loyalty. Reward can also be used by awarding certain prices and discounts for every nth customers who …….. Fight Against counterfeit Products. Put an NFC tag on all your products and a SMSP generated code on packages of your products. Customers will verify the originality by tapping onto the tag or sending the code on the package to a shortcode. Payment systems. The SMSP can be used for coming up with Mobile payment system for your online products and others services. Near Field Communication (NFC) tags and Quick Response (QR )Codes The tags and codes can be placed on packaging, posters, newspapers, magazines and any place with easy access to consumers. The above examples are just a preview of the types of campaigns you can carry. All you need is to Think Big and Go Mobile!!!
  20. 20. 20 QUESTION 3 WHAT TOOLS AND PRODUCTS CAN HELP YOU IN YOUR MOBILE MARKETING STRATEGIES? I am going to explain some of the best products in the market to help you position yourself in the mobile space. First lets look at factors that affect Mobile Marketing tools/applications: 1) independence from Mobile Network Operator (MNO‘s). This will give you total control of your campaigns and deployment. This will have cost benefits on your campaigns, and gives you total control on your campaigns 2) Cost advantages. Low setup and adoption cost 3) Dynamic- support for variety of mobile devices. This allows you to give your customers freedom of choice to choose the type of media they want to use and allow everyone to receive the same content regardless of their device type. 4) interactive capabilities and ability to influence customer participations 5) Easy to adapt the latest technologies and future advancement. 6) Support and training program to help you succeed 7) Relevance to variety of companies in different sectors I would like you to find Mobile tools which offer Mobile Marketing features and compare functionality against the above factors and any other factors you may think of. After doing a thorough research and comparing different tool with relevance to developing nations the following tools topped my lists. I must admit I didn’t get an opportunity to test all the applications and tools out there but based on studying the products features and specifications and information available on a number of products I believe the products below are the best in the market at the moment.
  21. 21. 21 No1 Bluevibe ( ) a proximity marketing solution that combines Bluetooth and WiFi marketing. Also equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities. it supports practically every mobile device including the latest mobile devices produced. Being the first and only tool that allows you to offer internet via Bluetooth it allows you to turn your premises into hotspots to offer free internet services and allow your customers surf internet whilst at your premises and communicate your campaigns with them at the same time. Bluevibe also comes installed with simple tools to create your own mobile applications to help brand your company using interactive mobile apps. As you can see from the above description Bluevibe use of Bluetooth and Wifi supports almost every mobile device out there. NFC capabilities allow you to create a n NFC campaign. Available as a software solution and hotspots it give you a cost effective choice. Hotspot comes with Online and standalone modes, the online modes allows you to offer free internet and in most developing economies this will be an attraction to give consumers all the reason to get near to your business. The Bluevibe product come with full support and training to make sure your Mobile marketing strategies go live and succeed. Almost any company will find a reason to smile with Bluevibe. It also comes with an easy appcreator which is a very easy and efficient tool that companies can use to create interactive branded mobile apps and brochures. What I loved most about Bluevibe is that it is the first and only tool that allows Bluetooth web access. In developing countries where mobile broadband penetration is still low and most people don’t have high tech devices Bluevibe will give companies a real competitive advantage. The Wifi support makes it advanced at the same time to support advanced tools which have Wifi I would love to mention that this is a must have product for any company anywhere in the world.
  22. 22. 22 Bluevibe stands on no 1 cause it is hard to find a competitor with similar capabilities and fulfill the consumer value proposition and allow companies to carry proximity marketing campaigns at the same time. Surely this is a must have and it gives you power to manage your campaigns online from anywhere in the world using a web tool named Bluevibe Manager. Bluevibe allows companies to create mobile Website and also set local website on hotspots. To see all the function you have to use it yourself to fully appreciate my words. SMSP Platform ( ) SMSP –a powerful mobile marketing tool used to design, create and manage SMS based services and campaigns. Allows you to invite your customers to Opt-in to your campaigns and keep them in your database using SMS and you will communicate your campaigns directly to people who have opted in. Allows you to carry a range of services, campaigns and promotions using SMSes. The 2013 version turn SMSP Platform into an X Media or Multi Media Platform by combining SMS,NFC, QR codes and web forms on marketing campaigns. This allows you to create more engaging and dynamic marketing campaigns and give extra incentives to customers by giving them the opportunity to choose the method they will opt into campaigns. Another reason why this platform comes second on the lists is its cost advantages. All you need is to log in to start a campaign. You can log in using your Gmail and hotmail. There are different License options to choose from. (To see these options go to and go to Licence Options). It also comes with support packages to ensure you succeed on your strategies. Believe me this tool is suitable to engage customers anywhere in the world at any time and in ways that are sure to get attention. It comes which many tools that helps you plan your campaigns and it can be tailor made to meet your requirements
  23. 23. 23 My third and last tool I am going to discuss is for those who want to send a bulk or group SMS to all their customers at the same time. PROSMS ( - A web based tool for offering Mass or Group SMS from the internet to Mobile phones. Allows you to communicate with all or a group of customers with a single SMS. The above tools are produced by Cytech Limited and are available in Africa through Bluevibe Africa located in Zimbabwe. Bluevibe Africa also provided Mobile Marketing consulting services and also provides Mobile Advertising services and consultancy services. Below here are some Questions to help you understand Mobile Marketing and to answer some of the Questions you will be required to do some additional research . 1. Define Mobile Marketing and explain ways your company can benefit from Mobile Marketing 2. What are the benefits of using proximity marketing? 3. Why should every company that wants to survive in the future consider establishing a mobile strategy to their overall organizational strategy? 4. How can your company join the game and position yourself in the mobile space? 5. What are the guidelines/rules of the mobile game? 6. What tools and applications can help you to go mobile? 7) What is NFC? And why is Mobile NFC a very influential tool for Mobile Marketing? 8) What QR Codes and how can you use them in Mobile Marketing. 9) Give a list of 10 things your company can mobilize
  24. 24. 24 11) What are the main factors influencing people to go mobile from the traditional mediums? 12) Write a short essay analyzing between E-Marketing and M-Marketing 13) Write an essay explaining how your company can adapt to the mobile Game and the benefits that awaits your company from the adoption? 14) Explain how your company can use Bluevibe and SMSP platforms and the benefits they will gain. Below is an area to write some notes you will want to use NOTES ON MOBILE MARKETING ………………………………......................................................... ......................................................................................... ......................................................................................... ......................................................................................... ......................................................................................... ......................................................................................... ......................................................................................... ......................................................................................... ……………………………….........................................................
  25. 25. 25 ………………………………......................................................... ………………………………......................................................... ………………………………......................................................... ………………………………......................................................... ………………………………......................................................... ………………………………......................................................... ………………………………......................................................... ………………………………......................................................... ………………………………......................................................... ………………………………......................................................... ………………………………......................................................... ………………………………........................................................ Now Think Big and Go Mobile!!! Wish you the Best with every step you take.
  26. 26. 26 © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved Written by Bluevibe Africa. A leading Mobile Marketing company in Africa and a Supplier of Mobile Marketing tools, Bluevibe, SMSP, ProSMS in partnership with Cytech ltd.,, This book was written for people with knowledge in Marketing and people who have interest in Mobile Technologies Acting on information contained herewith entails you have reasonably considered the contents of this book and have carried your due diligence on coming up with your decisions Feel free to contact us on for comments and reviews or Consultation in Mobile Marketing. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will help you go mobile. +263 773555887 / +263 772812967