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LMA We First slides

  1. 1. 1. Global Recessionseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  2. 2. 2. Consumer Distrustseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  3. 3. 3. Connected Citizensseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  4. 4. 3. Connected Citizensseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  5. 5. 3. Connected Citizensseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  6. 6. 3. Connected Citizensseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  7. 7. 3. Connected Citizensseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  8. 8. Clients and customers want a better world, not just better widgets.seminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  9. 9. 8 of global consumers believe that business needs to place at least equal weight 6% on society’s interests as on business’ interests. Edelman 2010 GoodPurpose® Studyseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  10. 10. Social Media and The Law GEOGRAPHY: Universal access is partly why social media and the Internet have been difficult to fit into one field of law. JURIES: Lawyers are pulling information from social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to see what companies, brands, or affiliations jury members might have. EVIDENCE: In terms of legal evidence, social media is a lot like e- mail made public. LEAD GEN: Social media was most effective at creating offline relationships. BRANDING: Social media is helping lawyers establish a brand and identity.seminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  11. 11. Can you ignore social media? “I n-house attorneys now are using new media platforms to deepen their professional networks; to obtain their legal, business, and industry news and information; and to enrich their social and personal lives. M ost importantly, they expect that trend to accelerate in the future.” Greentarget 2010 Corporate Counsel New Media Engagement Surveyseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  12. 12. So are you ready to be social? Define Purpose and Core Values Distil into Emotional terms Craft a Manifesto Write a Vision Statement Commit to Purpose Align Internallyseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  13. 13. 5 Essentials Social Platforms Blog Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Linked In You Tube Channel Content (re Products/Services/Purpose) E-commerce (Offline/Online/Mobile)seminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  14. 14. 3. Connected Citizensseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  15. 15. 3. Connected Citizensseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  16. 16. seminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  17. 17. seminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  18. 18. “L awP ivot will charge both lawyers and startups to use it. I f the company can pull this business model off, it will have devised a way to not only intercept fees lawyers sometimes collect for consultations but also collect fees from those lawyers themselves. I f that doesn’t scream brilliant, we don’t know what it does.” Mashable, March 2011seminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  19. 19. 1. Community Buildingseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  20. 20. Brand Content/Values: Expedition 206 ‘Open Happiness’seminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  21. 21. Brand/Consumer/Causes: Pepsi Refresh Projectseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  22. 22. Brand Community Architecture : Nike & Livestrong Foundationseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  23. 23. Brand Community Architecture: Nike & Livestrongseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  24. 24. 2. Contributory Consumptionseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  25. 25. Brand/Consumer Partnership: P&G supporting causes in alignment with brand core valuesseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  26. 26. Contributory Consumption: Zynga uses the sale of virtual goods for earthquake reliefseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  27. 27. 3. Brand Collaborationseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  28. 28. Brand Cooperation: Brands support First Lady’s ‘Let’s Move’ Initiativeseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  29. 29. Brand Collaboration: Nike GreenXChangeseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  30. 30. Brand Coalitions: Patagonia-led coalition of apparel brands addressing sustainabilityseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  31. 31. Brand Building Social Strategies/Tactics B l o g : Allowing individual attorneys to to co-author the brand’s/firm’s message. See: ctemploymentlawblog.com C u r a t e : Become a source of news creating, aggregating and filtering industry news and matters related to your specialty letting the information flow both ways. @dnajd R e f e r r a l s : Use social media to connect with colleagues and thought leaders for client referrals by finding, following and engaging with blogs in your area of expertise and geographic area. See: @nikiblack B e h u m a n : Show your personality and humor so people want to work with you. See: @FAquilaseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  32. 32. Goodwill Building Social Strategies/Tactics Crowdsource ideas or funds or IP Collaborate with competitors/cross sector Build contribution into real/virtual consumption Launch/partner with employee volunteer programs Use social platforms to trigger donations/actions Use online platforms/mobile apps for credibility/reachseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  33. 33. Added Return on Investment Employee Retention Intellectual Property Research & Development PR Reputation Management/Word of Mouthseminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  34. 34. 1. The future of profit is purpose. 2. Brands must become community celebrants not celebrities. 3. Marketers must become data traders in social emotion.seminar@wefirstbranding.com #LMALA @simonmainwaring
  35. 35. T h a n k Yo u , L M A . Twitter: @simonmainwaring Email: simon@wefirstbranding.com For the slides, email: slides@wefirstbranding.com To be part of the first everW E F IR S T S O C IA L B R A N D IN G S E M IN A R , see Morgan at the back of the room!